Thoughts About The Tuscon Murders

January 16, 2011

by Russell D. Longcore

Last weekend, a young man named Jared Loughner took a pistol to a political gathering in Tuscon, Arizona and shot nineteen people. Six of them died. He was captured, taken into custody and remains in jail pending trial.

Those are the facts.

For the past seven days I have read and watched some of the most ridiculous analysis and commentary I’ve ever seen about what we Americans should think about this tragedy. The political spinning by both “liberal” and “conservative” camps has been dizzying.

Here is what I’ve gleaned from this blizzard of propaganda.


The general opinion about the shooter Loughner is that he is insane. After all, only insane people commit heinous acts of violence, right? But ask yourself…isn’t that just pigeon-holing murderers so we don’t have to deal with the reasons for their actions? The right answer here…Yes, it is. So, that leads us to look carefully at the murderer’s life.

Most murders are committed by sane people. Seldom are murderers found not guilty by reason of insanity. Murders are usually crimes of passion between people who know each other. We know from news reports that the Congresswoman and Loughner were acquainted. He worked on her political campaigns on two separate occasions, and Rep. Giffords is a Democrat. That tells you about Loughner’s political beliefs. The Congresswoman had a link on her website to Loughner’s Youtube account…one of only two links posted.

We do not know the shooter’s motive for his actions. It could be as simple as spurned affection. But stop believing the media hype and look at his basically normal life. It is possible for opinionated, reasonably intelligent people to look around them at their culture and be horrified. It is likely that when those people speak up about what they observe, they will be considered weird or dangerous by others. It is possible for people to witness government fecklessness and criminal federal malfeasance and feel powerless to stop it. And it is possible for sane individuals to lawfully purchase a firearm and ammunition and then use it in the commission of multiple murders.

There have always been those among us that kill indiscriminately. There are those among us that kill discriminately, meaning they murder certain people on purpose. There will always be those among us that will kill in the future, regardless of the gun laws. Violence will never go away. But in light of events like the Unibomber, Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidians, the Oklahoma City bomber, Columbine High School, the Virginia Tech slayer, the Fort Hood mass murderer and now this murderer, we would be well served to observe the phenomenon called “blowback.” Blowback is the intelligence community term for the violent, unintended consequences of a government operation that are suffered by the civilian population of the aggressor government. To the civilians suffering it, the blowback typically manifests itself as “random” acts of political violence without a discernible, direct cause for the provoked revenge against them.

A Federal government operating within its Constitutional strictures would not cause blowback. A rogue Federal government like exists in the USA, oppressing its citizens and pouring forth unending tyranny, is in for more and more blowback in direct proportion to its own lawlessness.

The value of Ruling Class human life

According to FBI stats, there were 15,241 murders in the USA in 2009, and FBI officials expect the 2010 numbers to be about the same. That translates into an average of 293 murders per week. Tuscon had 35 murders in 2009, an average of one about every ten days. Phoenix had about 60 murders in 2010, averaging a little over one per week.

But there were no parades for those dead people. Politicians from Washington did not fly around making eulogy speeches for those 15,241 murdered individuals. The television talking heads did not try to lay the blame for their murders on talk radio, or Tea Party leaders, or hate speech.

For the most part, all those 15,241 people got was a newspaper headline and a paragraph or two in print, and a 30-second story on the local nightly TV news show. Those deaths are irrelevant. Those deaths go largely unnoticed. Those deaths are simply a footnote of crime statistics on a report somewhere.

They are not considered individuals…not unless they are a member of the Ruling Class. Only the murders of members of the Ruling Class, or murders that happen when Ruling Class members are shot at the same time as non-Ruling Class individuals are important. Those who work in police and fire departments…also a part of the Ruling Class…think the same thing, too. When law enforcement or fire personnel die “in the line of duty,” the funerals are elaborately staged. The processionals to the graveside are filled with government vehicles with lights flashing, and the ceremony often includes 21-gun salutes and Scottish bagpipes wailing “Amazing Grace.”

Members of the Passive Class…the Rest-of-the Country Class…don’t get packed auditoriums on a college campus filled with mourners, gawkers and rubber-neckers that came simply to see the speaker from the Ruling Class deliver a eulogy and a policy speech rolled into one. When they are murdered without a member of the Ruling Class involved, they inhabit that place in the American eye that does not see them or notice them.

This horrible event in Tuscon will not be the last example of blowback that we witness. Washington is the drowning man who grasps those that would save him and takes them down with him. The flood of tyranny coming from Washington in its final days will cause much more blowback, and the Tuscon murders will pale in insignificance to the blowback we will see in the future.

We at DumpDC work tirelessly for the day that some sovereign state of the Union ends the tyranny of Washington and secedes from that Union.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

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