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The Second Amendment: Does Anybody But Me Understand It?

Islam Must Be Expelled From The West

DumpDC Is Endorsing Hillary Clinton For President

Conservatives Aren’t…Are They?

Stop Voting 2016!!

The FRONA Corporate Model of Governance

Bread And Circuses: America’s Growing Desire For Socialism

The Constitution Is Too Small

Secession, Immigration and Multiculturalism

Cowards and Criminals in State Government

Musings About Donald Trump

Secession: It’s All About Timing

Secession: The Redress of Grievances

Liberty or Utilitarianism: Which Will You Choose?

You Should Be Buying Silver NOW!

Veteran’s Day 2015

FRONA Protects Human Life

Gun Control and The Second Amendment (Updated)

Memorial Day 2015: How About A New Meaning?

DumpDC Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

one last look at the real economy before it implodes part 5 of 6

one last look at the real economy before it implodes part 4

one last look at the real economy before it implodes part 3

one last look at the real economy before it implodes part 2

one last look at the real economy before it implodes part 1

American Race Relations

Secession and the Power of the Sword 2015

Ron Paul: The Collapse Is Close

Secession: Ron Paul

Secession: The American Tradition

Secession Is Libertarian

Secessions Begins At Home

Herding Cats

Secession: The Reasonable Option Everyone Resists

The Death Of The Dollar 6 of 6

The Death Of The Dollar 5 of 6

The Death Of The Dollar 4 of 6

The Death Of The Dollar 3 of 6

The Death Of The Dollar 2 of 6

The Death Of The Dollar 1 of 6

All I Want For Christmas Is Secession


How To Secede from The USA

Gun Control Update

Flash Editorials December 1, 2012

The Asian Pivot Already Happened

Here Is How To Secede From The Union

The Society Of Libertarian Entrepreneurs

Taxation in FRONA

Thanksgiving in FRONA?

Two Choices

Flash Editorials November 16,2012

Keep Moving Folks…

State Secession and Sovereignty Part II

State Sovereignty and Secession Part I

Flash Editorials November 9, 2012

Happy About The Election Results?

Voting In FRONA

A Surrender Of Sorts

Flash Editorials November 2,2012

Escape From America

Introducing Solavei

Who Should Be Washington’s Worst Enemy?


FRONA and Jobs

The FRONA Constitution


Secession and Foreign Policy

Secession and Money

It’s Demand, Stupid!

QE3: The Beginning Of The End

Vote, If…

Catalonia Bluffs Secession In Spain

Obama’s Daily Meal

Slavery vs. Citizenship; What’s The Difference?

The Attitude Of An Anarchist

The 20 Ton Whale

The Secession Paradigm

Secession: Who WILL Be First?

The Last Election

Why Do We Obey?

Ammo: Isn’t It Obvious?

DumpDC is Back

Happy Third Anniversary Dump DC

Flash Editorials May 5,2012

We Are Not Powerless: Resisting Financial Feudalism

A Taste Of Realism

Secession Solution


Flash Editorials April 28, 2012

The False Idol Of American Democracy

Stop Voting!

The Shot Heard Round The World

Flash Editorials April 21, 2012

The Need To Lynch Zimmerman

What Are Liberals Liberal About?

Conservatives Aren’t

Nuclear Power Secrets Revealed

US-Israel War on Iran: The Myth of Limited Warfare

The Principle Of The Gold Standard Part 10

Flash Editorials April 14, 2012

Some Things Detwaddled

The Principle Of The Gold Standard Part 9

The Principle Of The Gold Standard Part 8

The Principle Of The Gold Standard Part 7

The Principle Of The Gold Standard Part 6

The Principle Of The Gold Standard Part 5

The Principal of the Gold Standard Part 4

Flash Editorials April 7, 2012

The Principal of the Gold Standard Part 3

The Principal of the Gold Standard Part 2

The Principal of the Gold Standard Part 1

Understanding The Slave Mentality

Is Secession Sedition?

Ron Paul Ends Presidential Bid

Flash Editorials March 31, 2012

The Receding Tide

Flash Editorials March 24,2012

Escape The Matrix

Ockham’s Razor and Secession

China’s Secret Plan Revealed!

Flash Editorials March 17, 2012

The Case For The Non-Revolutionary Ownership Of Guns

Spinning Business As Usual

I Am Not A Patriot, I Am A Patriot

Constitutional Quizzery

Flash Editorials March 10,2012

John F. Kennedy And Energy Independence

A Tale Of Two Tales

Remember The Alamo

Flash Editorials March 3, 2012

Faiths And Public Affairs

Among The Terrorists

What If Democracy Is Bunk?

Flash Editorials February 27, 2012

The Federal Reserve Cartel Part V: Solutions

The Federal Reserve Cartel Part IV

The Federal Reserve Cartel Part III

The Federal Reserve Cartel Part II: The Eight Families

The Federal Reserve Cartel Part I: The Eight Families

Hard Boiled Is Back

Stop Messing Around And Buy Silver

Flash Editorials February 18, 2012

Left-Right Paradigm Is A Hoax

The Illegals: Another Angle

Flash Editorials February 10, 2012

Regulatory Democracy

Flash Editorials February 4th, 2012

How Will The American Economy Die?

Newt Gingrich? Really?

A Dollar Cataclysm Is Imminent

Flash Editorials January 28, 2012

The Persian Gulf Is Boiling

Flash Editorials January 14, 2012

Advice to a Generic Candidate

A Constitutional Agenda For Social Conservatives

Flash Editorials January 7, 2012

Look Behind The Curtain

Famous Urinals I Have Known

I Need A Hero

Flash Editorials December 31, 2011

Create Wealth With A Home-Based Business

All I Want For Christmas Is Secession

Flash Editorials December 24, 2011


First Principles and Politics

Flash Editorials December 17, 2011

The Exodus Begins

Chicagoland As The 51st State

Flash Editorials December 10, 2011

Hide Your Assets In Cash

Flash Editorials December 3, 2011

It’s Comedy Friday

Bill Buppert Interviews Russell Longcore

Justice At Last

State Sovereignty Ron Holland

Whose Fuse Is Shorter?

Flash Editorials November 26, 2001

The Russian Bear Is Back

Before You Give Thanks Today

Flash Editorials November 19, 2011

Presidential Timber

Gadhafi’s Gold Money Plan Would Have Devastated Dollar

Flash Editorials November 12, 2011

Secession and State Banks Part II

Secession and State Banks I

Secession In Italy?

Secession Versus Balkanization

Flash Editorials November 5, 2011

The Lost Decade

OO Rah

What Are Unalienable Rights?

Flash Editorials October 29, 2011

Evangelicals, Politics and the Kingdom of God

Confessions of an Actual Man

The Evil 1%

Flash Editorials October 22, 2011

AWA: Americans With Attitude

Anarchism s. Anarchy

Flash Editorials October 15, 2011

The Second Amendment: Does Anybody Get It?

The Fourth Reich: Germany Rises Once Again

Flash Editorials October 7, 2011

A Fatal Self-Absorption

It’s The Money, Stupid

Flash Editorials October 1, 2011

Contentment Without Religion

Could Tuesday 9-27 Be False Flag Day?

A Tale Of Two Sponsored Killings

Rick Perry’s Lost Debate Opportunity

Flash Editorials September 24, 2011

Secession:Timing is…Everything

Secession: Solution to the Washington Debt Threat

Are Evangelical Christians Warmongers?

Flash Editorials September 17, 2011

Massive Default Is The Best Way To Fix The Economy

Bravery Hurts

Fight The Narrative

China, The American Colony

A Culture In Regression

Why They Hate Us

Flash Editorials September 10, 2011

Armed Robbery or Taxation: Which Is Better?

Dave Ramsey Hates Gold

It’s Over

An Intrusion Of Reality

Legal Obedience

Guys…Learn To Dance

Flash Editorials September 3, 2011

The Era Of Aircraft Carriers Is Ending

Elderberry Press vs. Random House

How Did I Get This Old?

Romney And Perry:What Does America Want?

Could Secession Become A Real Austrian Opportunity?

The Resistance Is Growing

Flash Editorials August 27, 2011

Stupid, Stupider, Stupidest

Conservative Neanderthals and Rubes

Rethinking Romans 13

Come Out Of Her, My People

Glenn Beck and Texas Independence

Flash Editorials VI

Secession and Predictability

An Op-Ed Piece About Texas

Do I Hate All Things Green And Union?

Texas As A Safe Haven Nation, Magnet For Wealth Preservation 2

Jesus For President In 2012

America and the Gold Standard

The Next Crash Will Be Much Worse Than 2008

Mining For Gold

Flash Editorials V

Not Good

Pre-Secession Action for States

Ten Reasons Why America Will Not Recover From This Depression

Peering Into The Portfolio Pit

It Is All Bullshit Until One State Secedes

Flash Editorials IV

Let Me Be King For Just One Year, Part II

Secession is Just Give And Take 2

The Fiat Dollar Debt Democracy Experiments Have Failed

Deception and Debt Ceilings: Spend Now, Cut Never

Secession: Here Is How To Secede From The Union

Slouching Towards Guatemala

Secession and the President/Overseer/Savior

Government Bonds For Kids

Bankrupt US States: Why Not Secede?

Ten Years Ago Portugal Legalized All Drugs

Property Rights

Marines In Somalia: Obama’s Newest War

Ideology and Compromise: Mutually Exclusive Concepts

Thank You For Your Service?

Flash Headlines III


Who’s Responsible For The National Debt

The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: Poverty

Return Of The Gold Standard As The World Order Unravels


The Combine

A Run On The United States Government

One Sentence Editorials II

Reality Calling

Now Is The Time To Get Liquid

Meet America’s 51st (Broke) State

Metaphors For a Post-Federal America

Who Is Serving Who?

The Essential Rules Of Liberty

One Sentence Editorials

The Rise Of The Barter Economy

Where Will You Go?

White Males

America’s Oil Price Inflation Crisis Is Yet To Come

The Declaration of Independence 2011

The Declaration Of Independence For Secessionists

Celebrate Secession!2

Politician Personality Disorder aka Sociopathy

Graveyard Of Empires

Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad Author Is Now A Prepper

Homosexual Marriage And Individual Liberty

The Criminal Congress of the USA

The USA: Too Big NOT To Fail

Social Security and Medicare: Ponzi’s Dream Schemes

Dreams Of The Gold Standard

A Cross of Gold Part 5 of 5

A Cross of Gold Part 4

A Cross of Gold Part 3

A Cross of Gold Part 2

A Cross of Gold

The New Barbarians Of Secession

We Need Levity!

Nine Infirmities Of The World Dollar Standard

What The Gold Standard Isn’t

What The Gold Standard Is

Why America Needs The Gold Standard

Daniel Webster: “To Overthrow It Would Shake The Whole System”

10 Tipping Points

NIA Releases US Economic And Inflation Update

Precedents For A Police State

Ann Barnhardt Dismantles Mitt Romney

After The Dollar: What Comes Next?

Humpty Obumpty And The Arab Spring

The Tragedy of Immigration Enforcement

A Review And Discussion of “Patriots”

Reflexive Patriotism: Last Refuge of a Scoundrel Nation

Why Texas Must Secede

What Happens When Greece Defaults

A Polity Of Castrati

Memorial Day 2011: How About A New Meaning?

Lunatic Fringe

Prosecute John Murphy

If Not Now,Then When?

On Patriotism

You Might Be A Psychopath If…


Islam: And Now Something Completely Different

They Are Bringing It NOW

Where are The Christian Churches When We Need Them Most?

Human Freedom Rests On Gold Redeemable Money

Time To Get Rich

The Inexpressibly, Unthinkably Obvious

The FairTax: No Thank You

The College Conspiracy

How The US Government Will Seize Your Retirement Account

Secession: An Answer To The Sovereign Debt Crisis

Saving The US From Collapse

Why I Don’t Fear Islam

Party Like It’s 1929

An Open Letter To Texas Governor Rick Perry

Mexico Quietly Buys Gold While Dollar Tumbles

Are You Credulous, Stupid Or Both?

The Agendas Behind The bin Laden News Event

Declaration Of Orders We Will Not Obey

Precious Metals vs. The US Dollar

The Sheriff: More Powerful Than The President

Manufactured News: The Death of Usama bin Laden

Constitutional Sheriff

The Final Word On The “Birther” Issue

Will Texas Politicians Ever Grow A Pair?

Secession As A Continuum

Smugglers As Heroes

Debunking Anti-Gold Propaganda

Secession And The Moral High Ground

Bad Time In Baltimore

Fractional Reserve Banking: The Biggest Bubble Of All Time

The Nanny State Can’t Last (Revisited)

Are My Horses Smarter Than Your Congressmen?

Texas Takes A Major Position In Gold

The Floating Dollar As A Threat To Property Rights

The Truth About Silver And Inflation

Fortify Yourself And Your Home Against Crime

The Nanny State Can’t Last

Movie Review: Atlas Shrugged

Morale To The Left, Morale To the Right And Not A Stop To Think

545 vs. 300 Million People

A Declaration Of War Is Given

The LEAVE Act: Better To Leave The Union

My Answers To A University Student

You Can’t Eat Gold

A Daughter Of Texas Speaks Out

Glenn Beck: Blue Ball Backfires, Ends Show

War: Another Great Reason for Secession

Lighten Up, People!

The Treasury Auction Shell Game

North Dakota: Halfway To Nationhood?

Secession and Energy Independence

And Now For Something Completely Different

BREAKING NEWS: Texas Legislature Votes To Secede From The USA

The Bureaucracies That Marijuana Feeds

12 Warning Signs Of US Hyperinflation

The Common Law Grand Jury: Secession’s Nuclear Weapon

Secession, State Banks And The Power Of The Purse

China Embraces New Nuclear Technology

A Brief History Of The United States

Beliefs Versus Knowledge

How To Know If You Are Having A Rational Discussion

Fully Taxated, Part III

Hawaiians Seek Restoration of the Lawful Hawaiian Nation

Arizona’s Lace Curtain Secessionists

What Does History Prove?

Texas Nationalist Movement Finds No Leadership In Austin

Tsunami of Inflation To Hit US With Japan Crisis

The Impotent Church and Romans 13

Fully Taxated Part II

Could Japans Disasters Collapse The Dollar?

Secession Movement Spreads Well Beyond Texas 2

Utah Considers Return To Gold And Silver Coins

The Run On US Debt Has Begun

Fully Taxated, Part 1

The Texas Declaration Of Independence

Recession Done Texas Style

Texas: A Safe Haven Nation For Wealth Preservation

Secession and Energy Independence: Texas Leads The Pack

Ron Paul: First President of New Texas?

Will The Texas Offense Please Take The Field?

Austin: Liberty Central or Little Washington?

What In Hell Is Wrong With You?

Arguing Over Symptoms While The Patient Dies

This Is Texas Independence Week

A Line In The Sand: The Texas Independence Rally

The Astonishing Genius Of Men In Tights

Authoritarian America

Schweitzer Calls ‘Nullification’ Bills In Session ‘Anti-American’

Piracy And The Free Market

Why Are Prices Going Up?

Economic Collapse, Israel and Secession

Apostates of Liberty

Washington Pisses On Our Shoes And Tells Us It’s Raining

Gerald Celente On Obama’s Budget: They’re Bankrupting The Country

Obama’s Bullet Train To Oblivion

Sen. Lee Bright: SC Should Coin Its Own Money

Noodles, Egypt and Secession

Is It OK To Be A Racist

The Perfect Business

The Will Of The People

Egypt, Liberty and Secession

Patriot Act Or Bill Of Rights?

How About Some Nice Hyperinflation?

Driving After Secession

The Right of Secession 2

Perhaps I’ve Been Too Harsh

Egypt: Preview Of America In 2015

The Elephant In The Room

The Bankruptcy Of American Colony/States

Revolution: Coming To A Nation Near You

The Template For Societal Destruction

Secession Five Years Later

The Last Days Of The USA

Expatriation: Top 15 Reasons To Relocate To Panama

Moving How Far Out?

The Texas Nationalist Movement: Foot Soldiers For Freedom

Sober Thoughts On Afghanistan

Carolina Friends of Secession: A Template for Secession

12 Economic Collapse Scenarios That We Could Potentially See In 2011

Essential Government Services In A Seceding Nation/State

America: From Colonies To Nations To Colonies

Our Choice: State Secession Or Washington Debt Depression

How Do You Divorce Your Government 2

Secession: Statesmanship Versus Politics

Null. Void. Of No Effect.

In Corrupt Global Food System Farmland Is The New Gold

Riots Spread As Global Food Shortage Worsens

Thoughts About The Tuscon Murders

Getting Everything You Can Out Of What You’ve Got

The Lunatic Plea For A Golden Anchor

Darwin Was Right

Secession and Five Reasons Washington Can’t Retreat

A Nation Of Truth Rejecters

A Destructive Crossroads

When Will The Renminbi Overtake The Dollar?

Secession For All The Wrong Reasons

Texas Went Into The Wrong Court Fighting The EPA


Do You Deserve Liberty?

The Looming Baby Boom Bust

DumpDC Predictions for 2011

The Secession Solution

Happy New Year – You Are Screwed

Why Islam Must Be Expelled From The West

The Free Market Gold Standard

Charity Should Stop Here

The Left’s Secession Obsession

The Brainwashed As Cannon Fodder

Wikileaks: A Big Dangerous US Government Con Job?

A Secessionist Christmas

The Day Of Reckoning

Chinese Chess

The Young Chinese Tiger And The Old Sick American Lion

Hawaii’s Legal Case Against The United States

Number One Reason To Buy Gold: The Politicians

Berlin 1934

Thinking About Expatriation? Watch This Video

The Decline And Fall Of The American Empire Part Two

The Decline And Fall Of The American Empire Part One

The Fix Is In

Nikki Haley “Pushes Back” Against The Feds

Montana Update

The Question Is

Natural Laws

Why Not Tax The Rich?

Tax Policy For A New Nation

A Troublesome Document: The Declaration of Independence

You Can Fool All The People Pretty Much All The Time

Conversations With Bob

Ebenezer Scrooge and Economic Freedom

Wave Goodbye To Internet Freedom

Wikileaks: Who Does The Truth Hurt?

Black Friday: A Taste Of Economic Collapse

The Secession Party

The TSA and the Pussyfication of America

Money As Debt

Fun With Fred And Lord John

Let’s Invade Mexico

Stop Worrying About Words On Paper

Before You Eat Your Thanksgiving Feast

We Must Peaceably Dismantle The United States

Lessons Learned on a Weekend Trip

Vermonters Vote Overwhelmingly For The Empire

Arranging Deck Chairs On The Titanic Continues Unabated

China Scorns US Funny Money

Moving Before The Economic Collapse

Quantitative Easing Explained

If You Can’t Touch It, You Don’t Own It

Homeland Security Trying To Shut Down Air Travel?

Dr. Bernanke Gets A Phone Call

The GOP Wins: Now What?

Where Are You On The War On Drugs?

Hyperinflation Part IV: Great Depression Coming

Hyperinflation Part III

Hyperinflation Part II

Let’s Attack Iran!

Hyperinflation Part I

Fed’s Quantitative Easing To Starve Middle Class Americans

Can Liberty Be Advanced Through Violence?

Secession: The Cure For Electile Dysfunction

The Tuesday Elections Changed Nothing

What’s More Important: Liberty or the Entity That Protects It?

La Fuente on a Slow Afternoon

The End of Liberty

A Movie That Gets It Right

An Open Letter To The People Of Texas

Getting Back To The Real Constitution: Fagetaboutit!

A Plus B Equals Your Worst Nightmare

Feasibility and Realities of Secession

To The Tea Party:Go Screw Yourself

2010 Is Just Deck Chair Politics On The USS Titanic

The Next World Currency: The Chinese Yuan?

Thwarting Tyranny With Bullets

These Are Not Negotiable

I, Pencil

Secession and a Place Called Snake Hill

One Nation Under God And Its Child Soldiers

The Next Two Years

Stop Voting!

Israel and Secession

Oil Exploration, Energy Independence and Secession

Betraying The Oligarchs

12 Ominous Signs For World Financial Markets

Gold And Silver Correction Happening NOW

The Tipping Point For Secession

Washington’s Next Target: Your Retirement Savings

Race To The Bottom

Asiatic Adventurism, Part III

Asiatic Adventurism, Part II

Asiatic Adventurism Part I

Wistful Thought Of What Might Have Been

I Am Fed Up With Constitution Worship!

Rules For Radicals

What Is A Three Percenter?

What In The Hell Is Wrong With You?

Secession or Expatriation: The Only Answers To Martial Law?

What Would Life Be Like Under Martial Law?

Big Doins’ In Juarez

Prepare For Hyperinflation Part Two

Prepare for Hyperinflation

The Pledge To America: A Sucker’s Bet

Who Are The Experts On Gold?

The Choice Between Two Americas

Patrick Henry and Frederick Douglass Speak

Lunatics to the Left, Lunatics to the Right and Not a Drop to Drink

Tribes Vs. Individuals

Does A Constitution Make A People Free?

Individual Secession

Why We Are Moving To Montana

Thomas Jefferson Speaks

Gold 1980 vs. Today, and Obama’s $50 Billion Recovery Killer

If At First You Don’t Secede

Is Silver Manipulation Over?

Secession: How To

A Review of “Nullification,” by Dr. Thomas Woods

The Impact Of Fiat Money As the World Reserve Currency

A Requiem For Reason

Tick Tick Tick: The Economy Bomb Part Three

Tick Tick Tick: The Economy Bomb Part Two

Glenn Beck’s DC Rally and Secession

Tick Tick Tick: The Economy Bomb Part One

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Gold Standard

Have You Ever Heard Of MMS?

The Hardest Decision of my Life

We Need A Revolution, Not A Movement

How Did I Get This Old?

An Open Letter To American Law Enforcement

Decoupling Now, Currency Crisis Soon

Your Secession Reading List

Recession Texas Style

Chasing The Gold Standard

Why Government Shouldn’t Build Roads

Educating The Masses

The New Secessionists

Easter Island Wants To Secede

The Ground Zero Mosque Flap: Masterful Prestidigitation

Tom Baugh At The NC “Restore The Constitution” Open Carry Rally

Teach Your Kids To Shoot

America Has Fallen And Can’t Get Up

The Case For And Against Natural Law

States, Not Supreme Court, Must Decide Law And Protect Freedom

Freedom and Illusion

The End of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

US is Bankrupt And We Don’t Even Know

The Georgia Governor’s Race: Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

US To Train 3,000 Offshore IT Workers

Do You Like Cops?

Did Rush Limbaugh Read My Letter?

Japan: America’s Lost Decade

Neo-Secessionists: Too Much Talk, Too Little Action

Same Sex Marriage: Forget The Constitution, Look For The Underlying Issues

Police and Military Working Together To Oppress Americans

Abolishing Slavery

The Right Of Secession

Secession: It’s All About Love

What The Kosovo Ruling Means For Canada: Trouble!


Churchill Heir Describes Mission To End the USA: The Interview with Jonathan Sandys

The Time IS NOw

Dear Rush Limbaugh

Secession and Ockham’s Razor

Is YOUR Income Recession Proof?

Tactics To Turn The Tide Part 3

Kosovo Secession Decision Reinforces Legality of Secession

Psychopathy Legitimized

Tactics To Turn The Tide Part 2

Tactics To Turn The Tide Part 1

The Stink of Secession

Edwin Vieira On Secession, New World Order And The American Republic

China’s High Wire Act: Working Without a Net

Don’t Send That Outraged E-mail

Louisiana: Washington’s Red-Headed Stepchild

Empty Store Shelves Coming To America

Just Who Are The Extremists Anyway?

Secession and the Competition for Maximum Liberty

A Declaration of Independence For Ohio

A Short Note About Nullification

Pennsylvanians…The Case For Secession

The Many Benefits of Secession

Secession Ideas Enter The Georgia Governors Race

14 reasons why the US government will never have a balanced budget ever again

Suiting Up For A Post Dollar World

Nullification Is For Sissies

The US Dollar Falls By Fall

Texas v. White

The Declaration of Independence 2010

General Stanley McChrystal

An Open Letter To the G-20 Nations: We Apologize For Obama

Gold Reclaims Its Currency Status As The Global System Unravels

The Gulf Oil Disaster and Hurricane Season: A Ring of Fire?

Supreme Court Ruling Criminalizes Speech In Material Support Law Case

Functionally Sovereign? Or Just Sovereign?

Secession and Legal Tender Laws: DC and Bankers Win, You Lose

The EPA Can Go To Hell, And I Will Go To Texas

Staying Away From The Federal Courthouse

Learn About The Oregon CAFR:Prepare To Be Shocked

Cracking the Silence About CAFR Assets

Non-Violent Secession is Possible, But is it Probable?

State Sovereignty In The Face Of Ruin

Don’t Bet Against China In Fight Over Afghan Minerals

Secession and The War On Drugs

Arizonans Dare To Defy The Feds Again

The Fair Tax Bites

How To Make Elected Office Less Desirable

In The Summer of 2010

Secession and the Overton Window

No Militia In Your State? Appleseed Project Turns Patriots Into Riflemen

Maintaining Your Standard of Living: Why Inflation Matters

Precious Metals Decoupling: They Told You So

Do Not Doubt Bernankes Ability To Create Inflation

50 Statistics About The US Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

Texas Secession: A New Nation Without Taxes?

Make A Cash Stash

Ron Paul On Secession

Achtung! Germans To The Rescue

Solving Immigration in a Seceding State

Leaving America

Hugo Salinas Price On Silver-Backed Money

Put Gold And Silver in Your IRA or 401K

What Is Freedom

Memorial Day 2010: How About A New Meaning?

All You Need Is About Four Percent

How Many Times You Gonna Wash That Duck

Time To Get Serious About Secession

Secession Scenario: Here Is How To Secede From The Union

Rand Paul: The Tea Party Can Have Him

Tom DiLorenzo on Secession

The Breakup of the US is Inevitable

In Arizona The Lines of Secession are Being Drawn

Elena Kagan: A Secessionist’s Dream Justice

The Second American Revolution Has Begun

A Look Into The Sociology and Nature of Secession

20 Things You Will Need To Survive When The Economy Collapses

The Myth That Justice Is Blind

The Law, by Frederic Bastiat

Happy First Birthday, DumpDC!

The World Economy is Beginning To Unravel

The New Secessionists

New York Who?

Secession and the Impossible Constitutional Convention

Times Square Bomb: A False Flag Operation?

Arizona, immigration and racial profiling: Liberal panties are in a wad

Gulf Oil Spill Disaster: The Trigger of American Economic Collapse?

The Poverty of Political Discourse Part 3

The Poverty of Political Discourse Part 2

The Poverty of Political Discourse Part 1

A Keener Whiff of Revolution

Secession and Immigration

Renouncing American Citizenship

Arizona Immigration Law

Obama’s Eligibility: Here’s Your Sign

A Rich Fool Enters The Governor Race in Georgia

Lone Star

Plan For Freedom

Is Secession an Act of Sedition?

Secession is Just Give And Take

Are The DC Criminals Really Nazis?

Secession or Declaration of Independence Part 5

Secession or Declaration of Independence Part 4

Secession or Declaration of Independence Part 3

Secession or Declaration of Independence Part 2

Secession or Declaration of Independence Part 1

If It Quacks Like a Duck

Hawaii Independence: Get the TRUE Story

The REAL Nature of Politics

The Ship of State: Ship of Fools

Bob Parsons’ 16 Rules For Success

Credulity: One Major Enemy of Secession

Who Owns The United States Part 2

Parting Company

Criminal Congressional Compromise

America, How Much More Will You Accept From The DC Criminals?

America, Prepare For An Avalanche Of Taxes

Zen and the Art of Secession

Richard Hamblen and Gun Rights

Tom Baugh At 2010 Liberty Forum

When To Shoot The Colonels: An Oath Keepers Reality Check

The Texas Secession Convention of 2010?

Is The United States Still a British Colony?

Repeal and Replace: The Blindness of the GOP

Health Care Legislation: The Future of Health Care in America

A Constitutional Convention? Surely You Jest!

Senators Draw a Bullseye On American Citizens

Movie Reviews: the Hurt Locker and The Green Zone

Vermont Secession Strategy

When Will The Texas Offense Take The Field?

The Constitution and an Insurance Policy

National ID: Who Will Resist?

President of Tenth Amendment Center Agrees On Secession With DumpDC

The New Corporate Model of Governance

The Compact of Free Association: How Seceding States Might Band Together

Hooray Lew Rockwell!

Texas, Don’t Let Little Vermont Show You Up!

True vs False Militia And Why The Difference Matters Part 3 of 3

True vs False Militia And Why The Difference Matters Part 2 of 3

True vs False Militia And Why The Difference Matters Part 1 of 3

Oath Keepers and Oath Takers: Does It Really Matter?

Bonds? What Bonds?

The Secret Government That YOU Maintain

Armed Robbery or Government: Which is Better?

And While We’re On The subject Of Music

The Star Spangled Banner: A Flag and Song For a Warrior Nation

The States Can Stop Obama

Sound Money and Limited Government

What is Secession?

One Nation? Under God? Indivisible?

A Nation Without A Country Part VI: Stacking The Deck

A Nation Without A Country Part V: Crisis Secession

A Nation Without A Country Part IV: A Civilized Secession

Secession and Joe Stack

A Nation Without A Country Part III: Warm Live Hands

Secession and the Government of Wolves

A Nation Without A Country Part II: The Second Shot

A Nation Without A Country Part I: Understanding The Battlefield

Secession and the President/Overseer/Savior

Texas As A Safe Haven Nation: Magnet For Wealth Preservation

Secession Is In The Air

Secession: A Solution To The Washington Debt Threat

Mass Inflation Ahead: Save Your Nickels!

Secession And Citizen Opposition

Secession and the Power of the Sword

Secession and the Power of the Purse

Edwin Vieira and Timothy Baldwin: Both Wrong on Secession

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Debra Medina For Governor of Texas

Choose Wisely

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States Rights Protesters Rally For Change At Capitol

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How Many Shoes?

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Movie Review for “Avatar”

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Punish The Big Banks, Reward The Small Banks

Physics, Metaphysics The Consciousness Connection Part Four

America’s Insatiable Desire For Socialism

Physics Metaphysics:The Consciousness Connection Part Three

Physics Metaphysics: The Consciousness Connection Part Two

Are We Being Watched By Uncle Sam’s Minions?

Spirit of 76 Movie Review

Physics Metaphysics:The Consciousness Connection

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To Throw Off Such Government

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Dear Glenn Beck: How About One Week For Nullification?

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The State Electronic Gold Currency Plan

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The Money Issue May Be The Establishment’s Achilles Heel In Its War On Islamic fundamentalism 7

The Money Issue May Be The Establishment’s Achilles Heel In Its War On Islamic fundamentalism 6

The Money Issue May Be The Establishment’s Achilles Heel In Its War On Islamic fundamentalism 5

Fort Hood Murders: What Won’t Be Discussed

The Money Issue May Be The Establishment’s Achilles Heel In Its War On Islamic fundamentalism 4

The Money Issue May Be The Establishment’s Achilles Heel In Its War On Islamic fundamentalism 3

The Money Issue May Be The Establishment’s Achilles Heel In Its War On Islamic fundamentalism 2

Cowardice in State Government

Taxation In The New Texas

The Money Issue May Be The Establishment’s Achilles Heel In Its War On Islamic fundamentalism 1

Secession: Timing Is Everything

Non-Aggression Principal and Vice: Where’s The Crime?

Writing a New Texas Constitution: Avoiding Inherent Flaws

The Zero Discount Value of Gold

Texas as a Safe Haven Nations, Magnet for Wealth Preservation

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas Exhales: Judge Justice Dies

Freedom’s Destruction by Constitutional De-construction

What Would a Truly Free Nation Look Like?

Podcast on Secession and Nullification

National Universal Health Care: Could It Work?

State Secession: Who Will Be The Enemies Of Secession?

Will Austin Become Liberty Central or Little Washington?

Secession and the Gold Standard

The Constitution: The God that Failed

The Texas Declaration of Independence

How I got my Moniker and State’s Rights

Recruiting: Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

Recruiting and the Texas Nationalist Movement

Secession Movement Spreads Well Beyond Texas

Question Authority Always And Forever

Why I Joined The Texas Nationalist Movement

How Much Money Do We Need?

Money, Inflation and Slicing a Pizza

Nullification: The Nuclear Option

The Southern national Covenant

Cognitive Dissonance, or American Life in the 21st Century

The Stockholm Syndrome For States

Whether Secession or Nullification, We All Want Freedom

Decentralization For Freedom

Reasons For Texas To Secede

Secession Five Years Later

How is America Going To End?

Secession is the Future: An Interview With Kirkpatrick Sale

Let Me Be King For Just One Year

Declaration of Independence: The American Revolution

Non-Territorial Secession

Federalism Secession Lite

Secession vs. Revolution

American Secession Independence Movements

Secession Goes Mainstream

State Secession: Could A State Survive As A Nation?

Celebrate Secession

Jeff Knaebel Statement

State Secession: The Redress of Grievances

Secession: Is There Any State That Could Successfully Secede?

In Diversity Is Freedom

Secession and Desertion: One
Spawns the Other

Census and the Case For Secession

The Empire Strikes Back

In Secession Treason?

Expatriation thoughts

Life in Vichy America

Oath Keepers: Sentries On The Wall

Memorial Day 2009: How About A New Meaning?

Long Island Secession

Tenth Amendment Showdown

Personal Sovereignty

A Parting Of The Ways, Moving Toward Freedom

The 50-State Secession

Two Party System: A Two Headed Snake

South Wins!

The Absense of Outrage

Federal Stimulus Package will Not Fix The Economy

Gun Control and The Well Regulated Militia

Is America A Democracy?

Stop Voting!

Who Should Be The State’s Mortal Enemy?

What Are Liberals Liberal About?

Conservatives Aren’t

Recession: The Cure Not The Disease

Could Government Already Own Businesses?

The Grandest Ponzi Scheme

Could The US Federal Government Collapse?

US Disintegration by June 2010?

Banks and Bailouts: Your Federal Government At Work

The 2009 Declaration of Independence

America’s Tea Parties: Fantastic or Futile?

How Do You Divorce Your Government?

Liberty Or Utilitarianism: Mutually Exclusive Ethical Systems

2 Responses to Archive

  1. Dean Striker says:

    Thank you for this page, Russell. The best of your early articles, at least in my view, is can be found more easily now. The best part of that is not about writing a new constitution, but about the entire basic premises of founding this country and it’s constitution are flawed beyond imagination, and therefore of no force and effect.

    Might be shaky in a “legal sense” but it surely gives us all a better platform from which to view everything else.

    I am working to split that article and republish in two parts on You’ll get word when it’s published.

    Thank you!

  2. dumpdc says:

    Thanks, Dean. But the article has been updated on March 18th. Check it out!
    The plan is not shaky in any legal sense, since it hasn’t been written yet. But with the abject failure of the constitutional republic here in America over the last 234 years, a paradigm shift needs to happen. This idea can work if people embrace it.

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