Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got

January 15, 2011

Logical, Practical Baby Steps Toward Survival and Secession

If you have been reading the articles posted here at DumpDC, you have read about the impending economic collapse. But sometimes all this gloom and doom, although accurately predicted, can be overwhelming. And when you feel overwhelmed you may just give up, thinking all is hopeless.

So today, I’m offering some common sense steps you can take to become as prepared as you possibly can become.

First, remember that none of us know when the s*** is going to hit the fan (WSHTF). We cannot accurately predict dates when events will occur. Let’s just do what we can until those days transpire. As legendary businessman A.L. Williams said, “All you can do is all you can do.” Let’s just hope that all you can do is enough.

1. Begin this week buying silver coins.

I started buying gold and silver about ten years ago when the price was $300 an ounce. Today’s gold prices are above $1,360 and will go higher. Ten years ago silver was about $15 an ounce. Today I’m buying silver at $35. It will go higher too, but it’s much more affordable for the average person. Make a commitment to yourself to buy as many silver coins as you can each month. If that’s only one coin, that’s better than doing nothing. Always try to buy coins that are 99.99% pure silver. Do not buy collector coins because the collection value melts away when you are using the coin for money. No one will care if it’s rare. Only the purity of the silver will matter.

Survivalists might disagree with me about placing this recommendation as number one. They might say that stocking in food, water and weapons are more important. But my opinion is that hard money will buy all those things, but only if you have hard money. Sure, you may be able to buy supplies cheaper now before the crash. But hard money is king and you’d better have it in your possession after the crash.

Gold and silver coins are actually money. Paper “money” is not money…it’s currency. When you buy gold and silver coins, you are exchanging your paper currency for real money. You are taking the value still found in your currency and storing that value in real money. As time goes by, it will take more and more paper currency to buy real money.

Do not sell gold and silver you already own. The carnival barkers on TV and down your street looking to buy your old jewelry will pay pennies on the dollar, and they will hand you paper currency as payment. That is backwards and foolish. Don’t fall for that scam. Tuck your old jewelry away as a stash of value.

Where to buy? Check coin dealers in your area as well as pawn brokers. You can even go online and find dealers with great prices. I recommend buying coins face to face with a dealer and only using cash. Why create a paper trail of your purchases?

2. Sell some stuff

You have personal property around your home that still has value that you are not using anymore. Electronics, furniture, tools, CDs, DVDs, even collectibles. Sell your extra stuff to raise cash. Then use that cash to buy even more silver.

Thank God for Ebay and other auction websites! It gives all of us great tools for selling our unwanted personal property. But if you’re not Internet savvy, just have a yard sale.

3. Start storing food and supplies

By selling off some old stuff, you’ll have more storage space. Make a special storage space in your home and being to buy extra food. Start with canned goods. Buy food you already like. Canned vegetables and meats are great. Then buy some paper products, like toilet paper and paper towels. If you are going to buy bulk items like rice or pasta, you’ll need sealable food containers for them. Don’t forget toiletries, like soap and other cleaning products. Buy some chorine bleach, which can be used to purify water. Buy canned juices, cake mixes, pudding, etc. My point here is to begin to put aside extra supplies toward the day that you can no longer just run to the store for stuff you need. That day will surely come whether you believe it or not.

4. Own firearms

If you do not already own a firearm, you are a victim waiting to be victimized. In the days following the collapse of the American financial system, crime will be rampant as desperate people do desperate things to survive. So, not only do you need to own firearms, but you need to become proficient in their use. Go to the gun range and learn how to use your firearm. Start now buying quantities of ammunition for your firearms. Having one box of ammo is not enough. Ammo is cheap. Buy 1,000 rounds or more for every different firearm you own. Make your ammo purchases at a gun shop and use cash, no credit or checks. No paper trail.

5. Get out of debt

Do everything you can to pay off debt of any kind, especially debt that is tied to collateral, such as your house or car. Last thing you want is to have your collateral repossessed or your home foreclosed.

How about consumer debt? In 2010, I heard financial guru Suzie Orman tell an Oprah Show audience to not worry about paying off consumer debt. She actually said that if you had to choose between credit card debt and house/car debt, choose house/car debt because it is secured debt. The credit card companies may be able to ding your credit score, or even sue you for the debt, but they cannot foreclose or repossess because it’s unsecured.

6. Increase your income

If you make more money, you can get prepared for disaster quicker. But making more money isn’t all about disaster preparedness. Have you ever heard of the concept of “having a Plan B”? Most people concentrate on just their present source of income, like their job. That’s Plan A. As most of you have noticed lately, jobs can go away unexpectedly even if you’re a great employee. Having more than one source of income lowers your risk of losing your major source of income.

The best “Plan B” you can have is a home-based business of your own. You can make great money, and having a home-based business opens up a source of tax deductions you never had before. You can write off thousands of dollars of business deductions…IF you have a business.

Most average people do not know how to properly evaluate a business opportunity. So, they make bad choices, lose a bunch of money, and come to the conclusion that being in business doesn’t work. But what if there was a simple way to evaluate ANY business opportunity before you jump in and risk your capital?

I’ve got the answer for you. I have a free video for you to watch. Click on At the homepage, look to your left and find “Watch Brilliant Compensation.” Most of you should choose “English Live” and click “GO.”

If you want to learn more about how to make money in the energy business, contact me through the ExploreFreedom website. I’ll give you a hint…energy is one of the only truly recession-proof industries in America today. Is YOUR job recession-proof?

7. Do a security check at your home

Most folks live day to day with a false sense of security. They have no awareness of their surroundings and are surprised by robberies, car jackings and burglaries. But breaking into a residence is pretty easy. Have you made it easier for burglars inadvertently? Here’s quick checklist:

• Trim shrubs away from door and windows. Shrubs are good hiding places.
• Place a motion sensor exterior light next to every exterior door.
• Invest in a monitored security system for your residence. Make sure ALL openings have a sensor, even second floor openings.
• Reinforce your exterior doors to make them harder to bust open. I wrote an article at my insurance blog HERE.
• Install deadbolt locks with LOOOONG screws that sink into the framing behind the door frame.
• Don’t leave ladders and tools outside your home for obvious reasons.
• Get a concealed weapons permit and carry a pistol at all times.

8. Start planning where to live

When we reach The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI), will you want to live in a state that takes its orders from Washington DC, or will you want to live free? Spend the time NOW deciding where you want to live. Get out of the cities, which will be the most dangerous places of all. You might even consider choosing a state NOW and moving there before TEOTWAWKI. The other option is to expatriate and live outside the USA. That’s a very attractive alternative. But if you wait until TSHTF, Washington might not let you leave.

9. Spread the word

Friends don’t let friends stay ignorant. Discuss these concepts with those you love. Be prepared to take some criticism.

10. Face some tough decisions.

Remember the story of the Little Red Hen. Her friends did not want to help her prepare, but they were sure ready to help eat what she had worked for. Keep this in mind when, after you have sacrificed to be prepared, your family, neighbors and friends want to latch onto you for survival. What will you do if they discover that you have a stash of supplies and money and you don’t want to share? Will they come try to take it by force? You’re going to have to make some tough decisions then.

Jesus told a parable in Matthew 25:1-12 about ten virgins, five wise and five foolish. Read it HERE.


Don’t allow your mind to be overwhelmed by the prospect of economic collapse. You can begin TODAY to change your life and be prepared for the worst. But no one can make you do this. It has to be your decision.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

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