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To begin with, watch this: All I’m Offering Is The Truth…Nothing More.

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Here at DumpDC, we are dedicated to following the fast-growing secessionist movement in the united States of America.

Notice how I wrote “united States of America.” This is how Thomas Jefferson referred to the group of seceding colonies in the Declaration of Independence. He did not declare or even hint at a new 13-member nation. Quite the contrary. He declared the colonies to be sovereign nations first, anticipating a loose confederation of the several states to follow.

I won’t take the time in this introduction to chronicle the complete history of secession in North America. It’s obvious that the English colonies seceded from England in 1776. The Confederate States of America tried to secede in 1861, and failed. So, secession’s batting average in America is .500.

Still pretty good.

Secession is on the lips of many Americans today. When they look at a Federal Government that is spinning wildly out of control, state secession begins to have an allure as a remedy.  America has gone from a nation of sovereign states with a carefully defined Federal Government to a nation where states are but subservient territories of a rapacious, tyrannical ruling entity that entirely ignores any restrictions on its power.

I’m opening this blog up to guest commentators, guest writers and a lively debate about secession. If you want to be an article contributor, please send your articles to: russlongcore@gmail.com

I’ll start the debate by posting some of the articles I’ve written over the past months. Some of these articles have also appeared in The Libertarian Enterprise and LewRockwell.com.

Let us, as ladies and gentlemen, keep our debate and discourse civil. I’m the Editor, so your comments and articles will have to get past me before they appear on the blog.

The DumpDC Fundamental Principles

Here is a logical, reality-based, consistent set of principles…a set of eyeglasses…a worldview or set of preconceptions…through which all of life can be processed.

It starts with four overarching dicta:

1. Don’t steal.
2. Don’t enslave.
3. Don’t commit fraud.
4. Treat individuals as individuals.

You cannot disagree with my opinions without disagreeing with at least one of these precepts.

On Personal Liberty

No person should initiate the use of force or fraud against any other person. Every person has the right to exercise sole dominion over his own life and property so long as he does not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to do the same.

On Human Governance

In human governance, every effort should be made to maximize individual liberty and protect property rights. However, once any compulsion (force) is introduced to advance any social good, whoever introduced the compulsion has accepted in practice, that the “good” is whatever the strongest (those with the guns, jails and the ability and power to impose fines) say it is.

Regulation, and the voting directly or indirectly for any regulation, is the ethical equivalent of slavery.

Taxation, and the voting directly or indirectly for any taxation, is the ethical equivalent of theft.

There is no alternative, coherent position which, for example, seeks justice, equity or more efficient markets. All other positions are a degradation of individual liberty to one degree or another.

Every other position I hold is founded on, or consistent with these fundamental principles.

Your comments are welcomed at this site. I do caution you to think before you write, as I do not suffer fools gladly.

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Russell D. Longcore, owner and editor of DumpDC, also owns Master[iece Energy LLC, Abigail Morgan Austin Publishing Company and Cornerstone Claim Services in Marietta, Georgia. I invite you to look over my other websites:






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  1. Paul Bonneau says:

    Russel, take a look at my article here:


    Thought you’d be interested.

  2. Bill Miller says:


    I wish you well and appreciate the great thought-provoking articles you’ve already posted. I’m certainly glad I found your site this morning.

    I also have two secession oriented websites I have recently started, and I will be adding DumpDC (love the name!) to these services later today.

    Just for your information, my two services are:

    which is simply a frequently updated news feed on all things secession and

    a service designed as a course on the examination of the right we have to a government of our own choosing.

    Thanks for your efforts in this very important issue.


  3. The ultimate secession is individual secession. There are only two types of human beings.

    One type just wants everyone to leave everyone else alone and these humans are students and advocates of the Philosophically Mature Non-Aggression Principle.

    The other type refuses to leave others alone and these humans are the Mobocracy Looter Minions with their hoards of bureaucrats, jackboots, and mercenaries that perpetuate the perpetration of the loot and booty gravy-train.

    You are either the one…or the other.

    • Dean Striker says:

      I’m already underway with Personal Secession at
      and plan very soon to get that link spread via email to my friends and asking they pass to their friends and so on.

      Have had a bit of communication with Mr Longcore, and he sounds a bit skeptical of course. My own concern is that secession with merely find the states assuming the unconstitutional roles now happening at the Fed level.

      Whatever, utter collapse is now unavoidable, and if we are to avoid more of the same Force in the future, we need to be planning for better before it actually finds us in the abyss.

  4. Matt Beaven says:

    The snake on the, “DONT TREAD ON ME” image represents Satan. Gen 3:15, “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.” This is a foreshadow of Mary and her seed, the Christ child. I want to vomit every time I look at it.

    • chris says:

      the snake was a rattler and was to note to the world if they were to attempt stepping upon this nation they will be bit.

  5. dumpdc says:

    Lighten up, Matt. It’s a coiled snake, not the devil. It is supposed to convey a threat to tyrants, not anything else. The Virginia State flag shows a warrior with his foot on the neck of a tyrant and the words “Sic Semper Tyrannis” (thus to tyrants). Means what it says.

  6. Scott says:

    I’m a conservative with strong libertarian leanings. I currently live in the People’s Democratic Republic of California and am VERY unhappy with the likes of Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein et al. Short of moving out of California (any suggestions would be appreciated)can I secede from my State?

    • dumpdc says:

      Scott: Best that you relocate to a secession-minded state like Texas. But while you’re still living in the PDROC, join the Texas Nationalist Movement at: http://www.texasnationalist.com. Only $20 for a membership. Good luck.

      • Scott says:

        Thanks for the suggestion. I’m becoming more aware of the secesionist movement in Texas, which is one of the few places that PCism hasn’t taken hold the way it has in other places. I’m also taking heart at seeing members of the Tea Party movement taking more action, even here in the PDROC. There’s still some hope for the country. “The People” will only put up with so much; let’s hope it doesn’t come too late.

    • Yes you can move out. And please do.

    • Hey You says:

      I was born in east Los Angeles many, many years ago, when California was the land of opportunity. However, when my little business was hassled by the (I guess it was called appropriately) the Bureau of Equalization, I left. That was in 1988. Now, living in NV.
      I figure that I have been spared paying state taxes to the tune of several tens of thousands dollars. Not too bad, and the living is easy, provided that one stays out of the sun in July, August & September. However, NV state is getting problems. I don’t think that it’s on the right road since the mob left and the teachers union and the culinary union have taken over.
      In fact, if I were looking to relocate, overseas looks good. I’d sort-of fit in Europe, but I think that Asia will provide more opportunities.

  7. James Pizzadili says:

    Another option for freedom lovers is Alaska. We’ve had an Alaska Independence Party for years, and Wally Hickel once got into the governor’s office under the AIP brand. I just spoke with a friend who spent time in California tending to his parents, and his first comment was that with it’s oppressive cop presence, random road blocks and checkpoints, etc., Cali is clearly a police state.

    • Scott says:

      I’m pretty sure California is its own little universe. The thing is, it’s only the big metropolitan areas that are truly leftist to one extent or another, San Francisco being the obvious and worst example. The rural areas are far more conservative and Republican in nature, but, unfortunately, that’s not where the voting power is.

      Alaska is a good choice for those who can stand the weather and resultant isolation during the winter months.

  8. Jen says:

    James is quite right, California is overrun by what can only be Federal money to create an oppressive police state. Very sad to see your small town deluged with police and checkpoints on the the 4th of July, Independence Day, and people out to simply enjoy themselves. It is no mystery why California is so broke; the taxpayer gets hit on both sides- police action and citizen lawsuits to clear them of wrongful arrest or harrassment.

    It is no longer a matter of right or left political leanings, it is simply no attention anymore to Constitutional law.

  9. Scott says:

    Where I am in Orange County (immediately south of Los Angeles County), I’m not necessarily seeing an overabundance of police and police action (although we have recently had our fair share of controversy lately with ex-Sheriff Corona), my main concern, as noted by other comments, is the overabundance of crippling laws and even more crippling overspending. California’s economy is one of the worst, in no small part due to the way the political system is set up. Ah, those good old Democrats and their “tax & spend, spend, spend” mentality. It’s no wonder California is broke!

  10. Thanks, Russ, for building this site. I have been keeping my eyes open for other secession-minded people and web sites. Like many, I am convinced the Empire is doomed and hope that secession will increasingly be discussed as an alternative to going down with the ship. I live in rural California, and I look forward to sharing ideas with other forward-thinking Californians; as much as I despise what the leftist-liberals have done to this state, I have lived here all my life and can scarcely imagine living somewhere else.

  11. Russ,

    Please let us copy your text.
    That’s how we and you will grow.
    At present i seem to be blocked from copying any of
    your stuff here for further distribution.

    D. Morrisseau
    802 645 9727

  12. Paul Sclave says:

    Many good points. But a couple of others to ponder:

    1. South Carolina shot the first bullets in the Civil War.

    2. Regardless of #1, when will people who argue your position confront the contradiction between all the talk about tyranny and liberty when it comes to government, but no talk about liberty and tyranny when it comes to owning human beings–slavery, remember that?

    3. The leadership of the South was quite open about saying the Civil War was about slavery.

    4. Are you in favor of slavery if that’s what white people in a state vote for?

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear Paul Sclave:
      1. Yes they did.
      2. If you’ll take a moment and read the Montgomery Constitution of 1861, you’ll see that slavery was actually outlawed in the CSA.
      3. Which leaders, quotes please? Secession was about tariffs among other things.
      4. Slavery violates the Non-Aggression Principle, so is the antithesis of individual liberty.

  13. Great site, great motto. Please add me t’ yir list-a kindred spirits. I will lank yir blog over at mine, The Colorado Confederatarian.

    S. Jones

  14. At Paul:

    1) Lincoln deliberately provoked South Carolina into firing by maintaining a federal garrison (i.e. a foreign military presence) on SC soil. SC fired first, but it was the north that ultimately invaded the south. Lincoln never recognized southern secession, which means he violated the constitutional injunction against making war against the states.

    2) Slavery is indeed tyranny against individuals; however, slavery was not the primary issue leading to war. Most people, unfortunately, have an oversimplified view of the war along the lines of south=slavery=bad, north=freedom=good, when in fact there were pro-slavery elements and Jim Crow laws in the north, and abolitionists and free blacks in the south (including blacks serving in the Confederate armed forces). Slavery was ultimately doomed on economic merits alone — this is why the institution was abandoned in every other part of the western hemisphere. Why did America alone require a fight to free slaves? Because it wasn’t about slaves.

    3) Lincoln was very open about shipping blacks off to their own country somewhere else. Lincoln had no use for the black man other than as a convenient political tool.


  15. Scott says:

    As I understand it, slavery was only a side issue; the real issue was State’s Rights and how the Federal System was trying to deny them these rights.

    As I also understand it, despite what the current educational system is teaching our children (or NOT teaching them), the Emancipation Proclomation only applied to areas NOT under Federal Control, that slaves were to be freed only in areas not under Federal Control. This was used by Lincoln as a method of economic warfare against the South, and that any slaves under Federaly Controlled areas were not to be freed.

    Much of what Lincoln did during the war was, after the fact and a close inspection, illegal, such as the suspension of habeus corpus and the holding of individuals without charge for rather lengthy periods of time. Actions such as these were deemed “necessary” to the war effort and would have immediately been challenged if not for the war.

  16. Scott says:

    On another point, I agree with jenkinsbrigade that Lincoln believed that the black man and the white man could not live side by side, this being supported by his own notes and letters. As stated, he believed in the idea of sending as many blacks as practical to Liberia or other points in Africa.

  17. JD says:

    In response to your paper on The Fort Hood Texas Terrorist attack,I only have this to say about the war with Islam, as a veteran and the brother of one wounded in Iraq, Do you actually believe that the Muslims will allow you to live in peace and worship and live as you see fit? If so what evidence is there to support that notion, since all I see in the latter part of the Koran points to the opposite conclusion that they will fight us whether we want the war or not until we are all dead or enslaved under Sharia law because for them that is the will of Allah.
    Likewise if succession is attempted, whether morally correct or not, whether it is leagal(which I believe it to be)or not, even if it is the will of the people as it was in 1861 and duly voted upon, Do you expect the federal govenment to allow a peacful transition? Obamas ego is easily as inflated as Lincoln’s,plus he needs the tax money from all(57)states to pay for his social programs. One mans ego and lust for power combined with a disregard for rule of law put six hundred thousand men into the grave by 1865, if secession is attempted especially under this regime, why would the result be any different?
    The Law of un-intended consequences comes into play here, and all words are meaningless unless you have the will to live and if need be die by them. When you speak of seccession remember that you may be non-violent but Uncle Sam most certainly is not.Cecession by any state would precipitate an overwhelming military response and with emergency powers granted by Congress, The Constitution would effectively be suspended not only in the states that seceeded but for the rest of the country as well,Leading into complete despotism. The only way a dictatorship was avoided at the end of the War Of Northern Agression was by the death of “honest” Abe. Reconstruction was bad enough without him ministering to the south as he saw fit. What would you do if this were to come to pass and many good men on both sides left orphaned families in the wake of a discussion that you helped start.Could your conscience bear that, and would an attempted secession at this point in history actually aid those who would strip us of liberty by giving them the emergency they need to further bloat the powers of the federal government.
    Please don’t forget that all American soldiers swear an oath to the Constitution first and foremost, and fight not to impose our will upon others but rather to prevent others from imposing their will upon us. The only horror war holds for a soldier is defeat.

    • dumpdc says:

      JD: If you read my other articles, you’ll see that I do not recommend the act of secession until after the economic meltdown just over the American horizon. A crippled DC will have problems preventing secession.

      Read Secession and The State Militia.

      Think of all the challenges inherent in secession and then offer solutions, not just criticisms.

  18. Mike Carl says:

    Dear Dump DC-
    What is needed is clear intent and single-minded focus. Digressions into historical perspectives do not lead us forward. They keep us rooted in the past, stuck in the same multitude of differences (and stuck in our egotistical knowledge). At some point, the Puritans and the Cavaliers had to set aside differences to repel the Crown. They were able to focus on common ground.

    If we are to dispel DC, to have liberty, so must we work from common ground. What is needed is a step by step guide to secession, maybe one for each State, tailored to each State’s Constitution. A recipe, if you will. Recipes, like successful projects, have timelines, hard deadlines, as in bake for 90 minutes. The secession movement needs this step by step guide with deadlines. Otherwise, it is just rhetoric. And DC thrives on rhetoric. Deadlines demand focus.

    Many of us do not want DC telling us what to do, what to think. Many of us do not want religion telling us what to believe. Remember, the First Amendment says “freedom from” before it says “freedom of”. A wise approach. Biblical parables and coiled-snake fantasies to not help the secession movement. For many of us, they too, are digressions.

    Focus, both group and individual. Please, a recipe for the group approach is ultimate. As for the individual focus, it is whatever we see as our personal niche. You write well, and provide a great web page. Keep it going, link it to the major web pages, get exposure. I would not have found you, except for visiting Lewrockwell.com. Not a big-hit website.

    I live in the Pacific Northwest. By this time next year, I will be living in Texas. Texas for three reasons. One, its strong secessionist sentiments, two, its State Constitution, and three, a trade school. My individual focus will be grassroots, County organization.
    Best, Mike Carl

    • dumpdc says:

      Even with articles written and posted at secession friendly sites with fellow-traveler readers, I must lay some groundwork in history for the uninformed. I’ll work on the playbook later. There are also many other working on strategy.
      If you’re serious about Texas, pry $20 out of your wallet and join the Texas Nationalist Party NOW. Go to: http://www.TexasNationalist.com

      • Hester says:

        Dear Mr. Carl,
        I have read your reply to DumpDC and find it both interesting and frightening. The frightening part comes at the beginning when you say, “Digressions into historical perspectives do not lead us forward.”

        My dear young man, have you not heard of a man named Winston Churchill? He had a quote that has become nearly a mantra to me and time and again has proven itself most worthy. It is this, “Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”

        In other words, learn the mistakes that were made previously and find better more efficient ways of making a point, seceeding from the union or whatever your intent for your life may be. Don’t keep re-inventing the wheel. Looking at a mirror to the past will gain you a window to the future. If you are diligent enough, you may walk through the door of the future with a toolbox that will give you what you need to make your point and that of thousands or more with the same intent in such a way that it cannot be ignored. (ok, slightly Jeffersonian, but I hope you can see what I am saying.)

        This is why Civics should be taught in schools, public and private, on every level. Our children have been “dumbed down” and so do not have the tools to make the moves that will inevitably be necessary. All they know comes from reality TV shows, playing Halo and facebook (I’m generalizing, I know). We need to teach our children the mistakes and the triumphs of the past so that they can find their way into the future with a clear- minded, well thought out approach and be prepared for contingencies along the way. We need to teach them how to be strong, productive leaders and protectors.

        I hope Texas has what you are looking for and wish you well in trade school, which I imagine you have finished by now.

        Hester in PA

  19. Russell — I’m a freelance reporter writing a book about secessionist movements in the US. One of the most interesting and consistent movements is in Vermont, whose members recognized at the outset of the Bush Administration that federal overreach, corruption, war-making, incompetence, stupidity had gone beyond the acceptable (it was never acceptable, but Bush did the country a great service to reveal how rotten the federal center had become). The Vermont movement is still going strong, as vigorous in opposition to Obama as they were under Bush, seeking as always to separate from the federal behemoth. My question: where were the “red-state” secessionists when Bush, whose administration was a serial violator of the “sacred” constitution, was president? Seemed there was not a word to be heard of complaint.

    Curious to hear back,
    Christopher Ketcham

    • Mark Thomey says:

      Dear Mr Ketcham:
      May I direct you to the League of the South as well. We’ve been around since 1994 (predating the SVR, I believe), screaming the idea of Southern independence to anyone who’d listen.

      The League was the only organisation in ‘red State’ territory during Bush’s terms saying that he, and the entire DC apparatus, was corrupt, despotic, and needed to be jettisoned. At our 2004 national conference in Montgomery, Alabama, which was about one month prior to the 2004 presidential election, our president, Dr Michael Hill, said that no self-respecting Southron could, or should, vote for a Republican. After all, they were the ones who invaded our once free country and took it, and our liberty, from us. And lest there be any misunderstanding, we have no use for the Democrats, either. The two ‘major parties’ are but slightly differing in style factions of the one, Marxist party that runs the DC regime.

      This is why trying to ‘reform’ DC by rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic every two years or so is a fool’s errand. The Democrats are radical Marxists while the Republicans are moderate Marxists. We Southrons who love liberty think it slavish to vote for a ‘kinder, gentler form of Marxism’ (Republicans) in DC as opposed to a more overt, radical Marxism (Democrats) in DC.

      Our vote is for independence! May God save and free the South! [><]

  20. Redman says:

    Howdy! Just found the website via LRC.com and am glad I did. While some continue to be mis-informed about our (USA) history, it seems progress is being made as judged by some of the above comments. Let us hope more progress is made especially with our youngsters and may I recommend “Conceived in Liberty” by Murray Rothbard as an excellent starting place. It is the contest of ideas that will determine our fate but those ideas must be based in truth, logic and facts. A vision without action is but a dream; in order to succeed, we must walk the talk. We must have a clear vision of our goal and then be willing to act to bring about that goal. Today, I fear, we have way too much talk and far too little walk! But, maybe the times are a’changin. Maybe folks are beginning to awaken from their slumber and realize they are being enslaved by their neighbors, both locally and in D.C. Nullification and Secession may be the only viable paths back to liberty but clearly, something’s gotta give. I just hope it is not too late and that we are not trying to close the gate after all the horses have gone.

  21. Guy Schum says:

    I live in Northern Virginia, just six miles from the US Capitol. Some of us still refer to this as occupied Virginia. I am, Lord willing, going to have my 64th birthday next month. I am, as far as I know, among the last of the Conservative Friends (Independent Quakers), meeting here in the east. During the Vietnam War, I refused to serve in the military and worked rather in a civilian hospital. Looking upon the state of things now, 40 years later, I am not sorry in the least for my dicision.

    This president fancies himself to be the reincarnation of A. Lincoln. I have no doubt that if there were but one state taking the route of seccession, that he would call for 75,000 troops to move upon it. And, I have no doubt that the army would comply, obey, and do so.

    From my office window, I can see the old campgrounds of the Federal Army, mostly Vermonters, who took this part of Virginia as a staging area to move inland, more deeply into the commonwealth. I have often mused that it was not really so long ago, and thought what I would have done had I lived then.

    I know that were a similar dynamic take place today, I would not fight. However, I believe I could in good conscience serve as a medic or in another non-combatant role for a seccession force, were it to come to that.

    Although I am at heart a peace-lovingl man, there are to my mind, not enough gutta-percha walking sticks in existance needed to break over the thick skulls of all of the congressmen and senators who so well deserve it. And, if I cannot wield the cane, I believe that Christ will forgive a momentary lapse of my Christian forbearance, if I agree to hold the coats of those who can while they do!

  22. JM says:

    I am with you 100%. This is the only answer to stop this out of control federal government who used to represent the people. I work in healthcare so what is going on now in congress is very very important to my friends and I and has to be rejected. I have many fellow MD’s and others ready to legally do what it takes to keep our freedoms. I will check back often to keep updated on your progress. Also let us know how we can help. Keep going strong and you will be remembered in history.

  23. Jeff D. says:

    I heard you on the Mike Church show yesterday and was very encouraged to find that you are a fellow Georgian! I’m sure you know of our candidate for Governor, but just in case you don’t, his name is Ray McBerry. Please check him out and please help as you feel led. Ray’s site is; Georgiafirst.org

    Thank you,

  24. The first thing to do is secede your kids out of the government schools.

  25. Carol Moore says:

    Check out Secession.Net for views on radical political decentralism, with secession as the main strategy.

  26. Jim says:

    Let’s not forget to opt out of the Federal fiat money system whenever we can.

  27. Go Russell Go!


    We are Individual Sovereign Human Beings and we should fight against any who would infringe upon our Lives, our Liberties, or our Properties!

    John and Dagny Galt
    Starving The Monkeys, Owners Manual For The Universe!(tm)


  28. Tim Wallace says:


    Kudos to you for an insightful and informative blog. It’s been a real encouragement to see you get some well-deserved exposure on LewRockwell.com. Keep up the great work!

    Tim Wallace

  29. Dan says:

    Make sure everyone checks out the FreeStateProject.

  30. OldDog says:

    Dear Friends,

    Put on your thinking cap, and remember that “past events are proven facts”, and more reliable than the main stream media’s presentation of filtered and manipulated news items. Be Open Minded, objective, unbiased, impartial and ready to gather new evidence and research important topics. We have to be prepared to listen to conflicting opinions and viewpoints that are different from our own in order to understand the good and valid arguments on all sides of a controversial issue.
    Draw conclusions on the basis of the best available evidence! This important skill is more difficult to master than most people realize. It requires insight and knowledge into: (a) the subject matter, and (b) the process of critical thinking, so we can evaluate diverse sources of input and determine the sources that constitute the best evidence.
    Lifelong learning is an ever-expanding universe of endless possibilities!!! But!!! Be aware of, and alert to those hateful people who would sell you on the idea we deserve happiness and prosperity without the responsibility of working for, and protecting it.
    Even the experts in critical thinking skills can learn from the best available modern evidence and significantly improve their lifestyle, longevity, health and happiness, (and sometimes new information flies in the face of conventional wisdom that has long been accepted as “truth” for many decades by the mediocre masses).
    [A Nation Beguiled] discusses a number of highly controversial subjects and often presents counterintuitive thinking about complex issues that have long feedback cycles. We are sometimes critical of the conventional thinking of organizations that continue to propagate obsolete misinformation, despite well-documented new research. In this respect, we are proud when we are called “confrontational.”
    Our goal is to inform intelligent people about our own research and our multiple-source information integration. We seek to educate open-minded individuals about alternative points of view, based on the best rapidly evolving evidence. We make no attempt to badger any particular individual, and offer interesting information that you can discuss with your financial planners, friends and family. We encourage you to develop your own critical thinking skills, in the pursuit of freedom from tyrannical governance.

    After fifteen years of studying Christian Theology, and six more on the birth and death of America, I have concluded that damn few men impress me.

    Russell D. Longcore is an exception!

    I can think of nothing anyone living in America can do that will be more productive than reading every word on this site. https://dumpdc.wordpress.com

    As an introduction to a brilliant mind, and for your convenience, I am including the first article below. Here is much to reflect on, and research.
    Warm Regards,


  31. Artuad says:

    I am glad to discover this website. Like so many others who wish to take their personal liberty back from increasingly oppressive governmental control, I have started to research issues regarding succession, which inevitably means also looking into southern state succession of the past, and its causes. While admittedly not relevant to current justifications for succession in light of the out of control federal government, there is something that I have never been able to understand regarding the tariff and/or slavery as a cause debate. When I read the Declaration of Succession of South Carolina, for example, it only references slavery as the cause, never tariffs and other causes. Why then shouldn’t I take the state’s actual Declaration at its word when it cites the primary cause for its succession so clearly? I apologize for this digression. I have no problem in separating the issues of slavery and state’s rights. But for me the question is of relevance to the entire knot of historical issues I am trying to explore and understand and seems to go to the heart of why some might recoil at the very mention of succession. I am not looking for an overly nuanced sugar coating or revisionist history, but an objective argument why the primary cause of the Civil War/Northern Aggression wasn’t primarily what state declarations in fact said it was. Can anyone comment or refer me to a source that addresses this issue?

    Greatly appreciate the site. Again, apologies. Thank you!

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear Artuad:

      The word is S E C E S S I O N…not succession. I would recommend that you read ALL of the Declarations of Secession of all of the states of the Confederacy before coming to a conclusion about their motives for secession. Having said that, I offer this statement: The words “State’s rights” means something. A sovereign state may do what they wish, even make it legal to own slaves. Part and parcel of true freedom is the freedom to do something that others hate.

  32. In response to your paper on The Fort Hood Texas Terrorist attack,I only have this to say about the war with Islam, as a veteran and the brother of one wounded in Iraq, Do you actually believe that the Muslims will allow you to live in peace and worship and live as you see fit? If so what evidence is there to support that notion, since all I see in the latter part of the Koran points to the opposite conclusion that they will fight us whether we want the war or not until we are all dead or enslaved under Sharia law because for them that is the will of Allah. Likewise if succession is attempted, whether morally correct or not, whether it is legal (which I believe it to be) or not, even if it is the will of the people as it was in 1861 and duly voted upon, Do you expect the federal government to allow a peaceful transition? Obama’s ego is easily as inflated as Lincoln’s, plus he needs the tax money from all(57)states to pay for his social programs. One mans ego and lust for power combined with a disregard for rule of law put six hundred thousand men into the grave by 1865, if secession is attempted especially under this regime, why would the result be any different? The Law of unintended consequences comes into play here, and all words are meaningless unless you have the will to live and if need be die by them. When you speak of secession remember that you may be non-violent but Uncle Sam most certainly is not. Secession by any state would precipitate an overwhelming military response and with emergency powers granted by Congress, The Constitution would effectively be suspended not only in the states that seceded but for the rest of the country as well,Leading into complete despotism. The only way a dictatorship was avoided at the end of the War Of Northern Aggression was by the death of honest Abe. Reconstruction was bad enough without him ministering to the south as he saw fit. What would you do if this were to come to pass and many good men on both sides left orphaned families in the wake of a discussion that you helped start.Could your conscience bear that, and would an attempted secession at this point in history actually aid those who would strip us of liberty by giving them the emergency they need to further bloat the powers of the federal government. Please don’t forget that all American soldiers swear an oath to the Constitution first and foremost, and fight not to impose our will upon others but rather to prevent others from imposing their will upon us. The only horror war holds for a soldier is defeat.

  33. J. Michael Maile says:

    Sounds like Congressman Paul (R-Texas) is your man. Start at the top (elect him for president) and work your way down.
    J. Michael Maile

  34. angie says:

    Having posted not one but two rather kind hearted comments to your site I have discovered that this is truly a waste of time for me to only be mocked and made fun of every time a reasonable comment is made.I am sure you won’t have the “blue balls” to post this but if you do…haha. Thanks for nothing…angie

    • dumpdc says:

      Here I am, Angie…proving the deep azure hue of my testes. Your comment will remain posted. We will allow the other readers to make their conclusions on the tenor of our comments.

  35. Jeff says:

    Okay here goes..I get the idea. Now where do i sign my name to this new declaration already?

  36. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! Jason

  37. chris says:

    great article. To add we can’t just say we want change. Lots of fools chanted that last presidential election and look how that turned out. We need to carefully lay out the plan on reconstruction of a government which will benefit our prodnigy. If we are to have a government we need to fund it. We can’t ignore that ugly fact. But it needs to be funded in a fair impartial method. All the current taxes are at the whim of corrupt politicians. Poliitical corruption has been with us since the beginning of time and will be in the future, therefore taxation cannot be in their hands at all nor in the hands of the voters, they are too easily lied to. Property tax is also in control of corrupt government persons and not acceptable. I can only understand that two major problems which inflict so much injustice is the monied dynasties which pass from generation to generation and that money is used to abuse those who are the producers. I have no problem with an industrious person, as maybe Bill Gates having the use of his wealth his entire life. I mean all of it, no property tax, no income tax, no sales tax, no scams whatsoever. Upon his and his spouse death, the extate would then go to the tax bodies to pay for his use of roads, airports, defense etc. That wealth rolling over would impart such justice over the current system that it would be a major improvement in 90% of the people of the land. The only other source of revenue would be the impost and expost tax. I believe if liberty were reinstituted in this land productivity and innovation would so eclispe the other parts of the world, heavy export taxes would not interfere with the sale of the quality, different products we would have to offer. Government people would only have to administer the collection of funds for the building and administration of roads, defence and few other task government would be in charge of.We would not need the large standing army which has overburdened the people. So the amount for stockpile of munitions etc would be low. Government must not ever be involved in education again. Most of the arenas of their involvement have been catastrophic.

  38. Hey You says:

    Yesterday I “attended” a webinar by financial guru, Dr. Stephen Leeb. His main thrust was that all commodities prices are increasing. He singled silver out as the most important commodity in our industrial society. Usually, financial guys don’t get so intense. He went so far as to suggest that the USA government would call in silver because of its industrial importance – like gold was called in during1933.
    My guess is that about 80% of silver holders will meekly comply. But, it won’t take as much as 20% to initiate a rebellion.

  39. Dirk Drekster says:

    Go for it Texas! It can’t get any worse but it certainly will all the same. I found the following joke letter on the Internet. Hope you find blue humor amusing and that it has not already been declared illegal by Congress, (which Davy Crocket encouraged to go to hell) TSA and Janet the Mad Nipper from Another Planet Politano:

    A Genetic Hebrew Curses at Oblama over Return to 1967 Borders Statement

    Hey, who is this guy Oblama? Because, you know, he sure ain’t the Barack Obama many USA Jews and others voted for in 2008! This is what I think of him in Hebrew:

    1. Ta ase’li tova! You have no beitsims, and you acted like an absolute kus.

    2. Such a harah fal-tzan rosh tahat you resemble, in my humble opinion!

    3. How can anyone be so dafuk barosh?

    4. Maybe that kussit you married got control of you since ima shelcha meta.

    5. You have become like such a mas-tool, makat zayin mamzer I am forced to say shak li batahat, nim’as li, red-li me’avrid.

    6. I hope that you don’t tisaref b’ azazel for treating the Israeli people like zevel ofot and common zonahs but if you will excuse me for saying so, you behaved like a total shmenah.

    7. I don’t know why you ostensibly act as one who noshech kariot but I find it extremely tipesh kmo naal.

    8. As certain other politicians you have, in my view taken the route of an ignorant zayin brain.

    9. So please stom ta’peh and stop acting like such an ill-informed benzona.


    One very frustrated American citizen with Jewish genes who implores that you al ta’atzben otti any further and stop acting like a yeled kaka but instead be an adult American president of whom we do not have to be ashamed!

  40. Steve says:

    Love your website. 2 questions. How does one state that seceeds, protect itself from being invaded by Venezuela without the might of the U.S. armed forces? Second, what if China begins to build nuclear weapons and delivery systems in Venezuela? Sometimes you have to attack a country that is far away to prevent the attack on you? How does one state do that? I have a getaway plan that involves leaving the U.S., but wouyd love to stay here if it were safe and free. steve

    • dumpdc says:

      Steve- (1) Venezuela? Why Venezuela? Are they going to invade Montana or Texas? And why would they invade? And let’s talk about the “might” of the US military. They can’t even beat Afghan warriors with AK-47s and IEDs. States protect themselves with militias. (2) Chinese nukes in Venezuela is the least of a seceded state’s worries. Nobody worldwide is going to invade a seceded state. Did anyone invade Russia when it seceded from the USSR? (3) If you have a getaway plan, perhaps you should use it very soon…or move to Texas. Russ

      • Steve says:

        I respectfully disgree. A fractured United States can easily become a target of invasion. China is using all its soon to be worthless dollars to buy resources around the world. After the collapse of fiat currencies, it will be easier simply to take it from weak nations. The ideal situation is for the seceeded states or regions to band together to maintain a military to defend our borders; something the current Washington hacks seem to be unable to do.

    • sarum says:

      Here in AZ we know that we have already been invaded. Maybe if our troops came home we would have a fighting chance of enforcing the Constitution!

  41. olddog says:

    Russ’ reply to Steve is short and sweet! There is no god-damned justification for preemptive attacks on other Nation’s, and your comment shows a remarkable ignorance of how the media industry has brain-washed you. Sadly, you have lots of company. The only justified murder at this point in time would be getting rid of the international Bankers. Bomb the bastards out of existence! No other country of innocent people will bomb another Nation. That atrocity is reserved for governments like ours.

  42. sarum says:


  43. chris532008 says:

    it s not likely this government has turned against the people in this land , they would still ignore their obligation, it is the responsibility of the people to use cash for purchases to unfund this governmnet so a replacement may be establisheed to perform the functions of a legitimate government

  44. ralph lauren shirts says:

    The crux of your writing while sounding reasonable in the beginning, did not work well with me personally after some time. Somewhere within the sentences you were able to make me a believer unfortunately just for a short while. I however have a problem with your leaps in assumptions and you would do nicely to fill in all those gaps. If you actually can accomplish that, I would undoubtedly end up being amazed.

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear Mr. Shirts- I’m all about amazing folks, so you’ll have to be specific about my assumptions and leaps. But before you reply, I recommend spending time in our Archive and reading further. That usually clears up people’s questions. Cheers, Russ

  45. LGore says:


    It is my intention that this information be of great help to you and of interest to your readers.



    Much gratitude for all that you do.

    Lidisset Gore
    Monroe County, Pa.

  46. chris532008 says:

    would be great if you could go back over what you wrote, and then learn something from it. If the government is teaching your children its history, they are teaching what they need to control the people. government school should not exist as it is an evil. most government programs are evil. government serves its self interest which is the opposite of the general public best interest. If private interest is doing the teaching, at least some people are getting to the truth to temper the situation of what history has shown us, things getting corrupt and out of line.

  47. Perhaps I should just leave it alone. But, I guess my own sense of what’s important won’t allow me that freedom. On November 29, 2009 at 2:29 pm Randy Allgaier wrote: “Yes you can move out. And please do.” And you had the good sense to correct his spelling. You said: “Perhaps you could rub two brain cells together and spell “squeamish” correctly in the subtitle of your blog.”

    Really now: I have no idea what went on to provoke you to such an arrogant and petty response, but, you lost me on that one. I didn’t feel like going any further. I have been on the Internet since before it was the Internet. The one thing that pisses me off more than all the ranting you and others do about whatever the fear of the moment may be is to see some idiot correct someone else’s spelling.

    The power of the “net” man, is not in the ability to learn to spell or use spell checkers. Rather, it is the sum of the collective content of our thoughts, desires, our needs and it’s ability to focus our attention on reality. It is the most powerful tool common man has ever had to to effect change. Use it wisely.

    Sarcastic criticism is easy, mostly doesn’t even use the two brain cells you are fond of and alienates. As hard as it may seem sometimes to ignore ignorance, it can only be dispersed with sound information and silent (I said silent) consideration of the basis for it’s existence. Harsh words have no place in such work.

    I’ll check back in a couple of years to see if you have learned the lesson.


    • dumpdc says:

      Dear Don- Mind your own business. Or start your own blog and make your own rules. If you come to DumpDC you will see my personality in my writing. For better or for worse. Thanks for writing. Come back soon. Russ

  48. MD says:

    Charlie Daniels recently mentioned in the Tennessean the South might secede and so many good hard working Americans would more than willingly fall in line to build a new government with conservative values that represent we the people.
    Lets face it we do not share the views of New York,
    California, and many other liberal states.
    We wish to not be dependent on government for our next meal, or health care,and housing .
    We believe in hard work, free enterprise,and putting God back in our schools and government.
    With God we will be successful

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear MD: I hate to be the one to wee-wee on your Cheerios, but God has been here in America all the time and look at the mess America is in. We have to do this ourselves. Russ

  49. Hester says:

    One thing we seem to forget is that our forefathers came here to escape religious persecution that was happening in other countries. Here, we could have freedom to believe as we see fit. For this reason, we have the separation of church and state.

    Religion is a personal thing – whether one practices a particular faith or none at all. That faith may be their moral compass. However, to base our Government on it is to obstruct that freedom of religion because it tends to place one religion above another, which is not what the freedom of religion is about. And in no manner should any one religion be touted over another. It is divisive and creates more of what we already have – animosity between fundamentalist factions and mainstream factions and atheists and deists all of whom have a right to practice (or not) as they see fit without unfairly pushing it on others.

    Keep our religion personal and out of Government. Let it guide our thoughts and actions, but don’t let it become a bullet in the heart of the future of our country. We need to be able to create a country that will uphold the whole of the people’s rights, not just the few.

    I was at one time a pastor. I have seen first hand the cruelty and hypocrisy that comes about when people of differing (or even of same) beliefs can’t agree to disagree. This is not what Jesus taught when he said to “Love your Neighbor”. This is one of many reasons I left the ministry. My faith in God is no less, but my faith in man pales in comparison.

    When I look ahead to where this country is headed, I see possibilities, but only if we put our religious beliefs in our vest pocket and tend to the needs of the people to be governed fairly and properly and get rid of the mess and those who have worked so hard to make it over the past 40-50+ years, whether we do so by secession or not.

    “In God we trust” has appeared on U.S. coins since 1864 and on paper currency since 1957. “Under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954. I much prefer the original “E Pluribus Unum”
    which means “Out of Many, One”. It allows for ALL citizens to be included instead of only those who believe in the God of Abraham.

    Hope you can understand where I am coming from. Being inclusive instead of divisive will make ALL the difference in the world when it comes to the future of this nation. Until we reach that point, our dreams of USA or FRONA will continue to buck some outrageously though headwinds. I kinda like it here and would very much like to see us successfully get through this mess and come out with a stronger, more freedom worthy nation of people who can stand together and make it work, and work well, to the benefit of all.

    Just my opinion… I’m not speaking for anyone but myself and I’m open to listening to other folks thoughts, ideas and good honest discussion without yelling, screaming or gnashing of teeth.

    • dumpdc says:

      Mr. Hester-

      a few notes.
      1. it is the Federal government that was prohibited from establishment of a state-approved religion by the first amendment. The states could establish any religion they chose. Virginia, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina and Maryland were Anglican. Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut were Congregationalist. The remaining colonies did not establish a state religion.
      2. We don’t need a “country.” We need a North America full of new nations.
      3. The Pledge of Allegiance was written by a self-avowed socialist preacher Francis Bellamy in 1892. And any pledge of allegiance to the state places your God in an inferior position to the state. He says “thou shall have no other gods before me.” So, should a Christian recite the Pledge of Allegiance?
      4. There is physically, fiscally no possibility that America will survive in its present condition. Instead of wishful thinking you better get off your arse and start prepping for the worst.
      5. Secession is totally divisive. All this talk about inclusion is mealy-mouthed liberalism and compromise. Secession is nut-cutting time.

      • Hester says:

        Russ – Thank you for an honest reply. I’ll be honest, though I have read quite a bit, it’s been all over the place as far as content and I’ve obviously not read all that there is out there on the beginnings of our country and certainly, there is much that is not taught in our schools. Probably because “they” don’t want us to know. That’s why “civics” is no longer on the high school menu of classes.

        Secession, without a doubt will take care of the Pledge of Allegiance problem. I’ve never considered myself a liberal, though I am not ultra conservative either.

        I am familiar with “prepping” to a point and trying to read all I can find. That is why I come to this site. I have tried to get through the articles, but it takes time to read it all. Are there particular articles that would be beneficial to read before any others? Could you please direct me to them so I can get a better basis on which to build. I would seriously and sincerely appreciate it.

      • dumpdc says:

        Hester, my man- Go to the Archive and scroll to the bottom. Start in 2009 and begin reading your way up. Russ

  50. William Titus says:

    Russ, I find your four overarching principles admirable, but problematic. 1) Don’t steal 2) Don’t enslave 3) Don’t commit fraud and 4) Treat individuals as individuals

    1) You ignore mankind’s ever amazing ability to justify their actions.
    Most of those milking the government feel as if they are owed what they get. The military industrial complex feel as if they are providing an essential service. Public union employees believe they are worth every penny. Only those citizens that see their actions for what they really are will be good members of a new government and sadly, I see no other way of an enlightenment other than a return to our Christian roots. Calling sin what it is and having the epiphany that we are sinners with evil desires is the only remedy that I see.

    2) Enslavement takes many forms and it has been part of human existence since the beginning of recorded history. While our nation likes to believe we have wash our hands of this evil, we have just exchanged it for a rigged financial system where worthless fiat currency is lent out for interest by a fractional banking system and a tax code takes the labor of productive citizens and transfers it to the non-productive. Can one really establish a new, modern state without a welfare “safety net”, a fractional banking system, a fiat currency and a burdensome tax system?

    3) Fraud is either subtle or stark. What is fraud to one man, means not fully disclosing to another. You know…buyer beware! Certainly, some forms of fraud are blatant, while others not so much. Obviously any new sovereign states that result from a secessionist movement could do better, but what I’m getting at is that the principles you espouse are not so easily achieved, defined or codified.

    4) Politics, politics, politics — democracies and republics depend on coalitions to achieve, maintain and wield power. We must find principles that unite us to achieve that coalition and keep it together. That means grouping people, making them loyal and having them know there’s something in it for them. Its how all coalitions have been formed and maintained and I see no way around it–even in a new state. To think otherwise is not to deal in reality.

    Yes, we need to breakup this union. Yes, I salute your efforts. I just feel as if these over arching principles need to be discussed as many of them seem as unattainable given the realities of mankind and politics.

    Dr. William D. Titus

    • dumpdc says:

      Thanks, Doctor-

      1. These are principles, not laws. They are not commandments etched in stone by the hand of the Almighty, they are principles. Core principles. Things to die for. I ignore nothing, Sir. Man’s ability is not amazing, its tragic. Summary of #1: there will be a gigantic reset of values at the economic collapse…some worse, some better. But your suggestion that Christianity is the answer does not resonate with me. God has been involved all along, and look where we are. This we must do ourselves from our humanity, not from your religion. And I am one that believes that vices are not necessarily sins.
      2. Yes, a state could be formed with no fractional reserve banking, 100% reserve requirement, no national money, a prohibition of central banking and no safety net. They did it in 1776. The national sales tax would not be burdensome. You must go into my Archive and read all the articles about FRONA.
      3. Of course my principles are not easily achieved, define or codified. Neither was your Bible. And plenty of people ignore it. The sanctity of contracts bolsters the concepts of fraud and truth. In FRONA, contracts are sacred.
      4. Blah, blah, blah…politics. Sounds like you are promoting more compromise. I am opposite. I believe in educating folks then giving them a choice where they want to live. If our newly seceded nation meets your approval and you are willing to sign a contract and pay a fee, then you can be a citizen. If not, move somewhere else.

      Finally, I spend a lot of time discussing the principles in myriad ways. People learn lots of different ways. Some never learn at all.

      Thanks, Russ

  51. Vincent Mortreux says:

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Vincent Mortreux. I am the Senior Producer for TF1 French Television’s Washington Bureau.,

    We would be interested in doing a TV evening news story about the secessionist movement in the US.

    Who would you recommend that we speak with for an on camera interview? Also, given that we are television, are you aware of any upcoming events that we could cover to illustrate this story?

    As you may know, TF1 is the largest European television network with an audience of nearly 8 million. Its newscasts can be seen on television in most French speaking countries, as well as on the Internet worldwide.

    If I may provide you with further information, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at VMortreux@aol.com or by phone at (202) 223-3642.

    I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

    Best regards,


    Vincent Mortreux
    S. Producer, TF1 USA
    2000 M Street, NW, Unit 1023
    Washington, DC 20036
    (202) 223-3642

  52. Richard Poppe says:

    What political and military capital do you possess to pull off such an historical event without being wiped out by the US military? Sounds like a lot of talk with no workable strategy.

  53. Becki Pavlik says:

    I want to divorce the government of the United States. I stumbled upon your website after Googling for “How to Divorce the Government’. I am nobody special and yet I am everybody special. I have a video prepared to upload to Youtube, a tweet ready to post on Twitter and a blog prepared to launch all at the same time. For a kazillion reasons, for a kazillion empty campaign speeches and a kazillion broken promises, I am done.
    I am not a fighter, I am not looking for a state or organization to stand with me. I love my country and love my flag. But my government is no long the same thing as my country and my flag.
    I am a 61 year old average American woman that has worked her entire life. I’ve raised a family and had a son in the military. I have never asked for anything from the government. I have supported their decisions with what they have taken out of every paycheck. I can’t think of a single reason why I should trust a government that is billions of dollars in debt to know what is in my best interest. I have lost my income, my job and health insurance and now am on the verge of losing my home. Every government program I have researched for answers or applied for, I do not qualify. I did not work long enough at the job, I made too much money or too little, I’m too old or not old enough, I’m too educated or not educated enough. I’m tired of going in circles and getting the run around. I’m just done.
    I want a divorce from the government of the United States and I want to charge them with misconduct. I want back what they’ve taken from me with interest. I want to make my own decisions without their interference and without retribution, even if I have to stand alone.

    I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but unlike our government, I mean what I say. I will find a way.

    Obviously, I need a REALLY good attorney and of course, I can’t afford that either!

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