Secession and Five Reasons Why Washington Can’t Retreat

January 12, 2011

by Russell D. Longcore

There is a new crop of legislators in Washington right now, bent on bringing Washington’s spending to heel. Let’s consider just a few reasons why Washington cannot retreat from its course. DC is a runaway train that cannot leave its tracks to take a new direction. It must fulfill its destiny to make the fall of Rome look like playtime at kindergarten.

1. Political philosophy

The first consideration for the new Republican House majority is that the Democrats control the Senate and the White House. No substantive piece of legislation has a snowball’s chance in Hades of being enacted in the next two years. All the House majority can do is try to embarrass the other party. Gridlock should not be confused with fixing Washington.

The overarching political philosophy in Washington is that the Federal goverment should be involved in every facet of human action. DC and the entire Power Class believe that the Constitution is irrelevant, and that Washington may do whatever it chooses to do without restriction. If you wish to argue with this statement of philosophy, please send us the name of one person elected that has never voted for some legislation that violates the US Constitution. I do not even think Dr. Ron Paul can measure up to this standard, but I could be wrong.

DC believes that every Federal dollar spent is necessary, or else why would they spend it? And cutting spending is a tacit admission that some Federal spending is not necessary, which betrays the underlying philosophy.

With this philosophy in place, most of the spending done at the Federal level violates the Constitution. So, when the aforementioned philosophy is the air that Washington breathes..the presupposition for all government action, how could they consider cutbacks? That would be tantamount to an admission that they have been committing crimes against the Constitution for decades. Can you imagine that happening?

2. Military spending

The Pentagon and the private industries that supply the military figured out long ago that in order to protect themselves from budget cuts, they would place manufacturing plants and suppliers in every state of the USA. The job base was widely dispersed throughout the country and hundreds of billions were spent everywhere. Consequently, when some Congressional crusader recommended budget cuts for the military, nearly every Congressman would be placed in the untenable position of voting in favor of eliminating jobs in his/her district. Same goes for domestic base closings. Entire economies get developed around a military base, and the closing of a base would mean economic devastation on a local level.

So, if Washington closed military bases on American soil, voters get pissed. If Washington stopped paying for weapons systems we do not now or may never need, voters lose jobs and get pissed. If Washington closes foreign military bases, they have to either bring home the troops to America and house them inside our borders, or they have to release them to be civilians again. One costs money directly, the other creates a spike in unemployment…and the voters get pissed, especially the soldiers now without a job. The US military is being used as a giant jobs program right now, and no one in DC wants to be responsible for cutting jobs.

And don’t forget…war is foreign policy by another means. Washington’s belligerence around the globe promotes our oil industry at the same time we are the world’s largest supplier of military hardware to all the other nations. Washington is not going to change foreign policy voluntarily.

Military spending will not be significantly cut by this Congress or any subsequent Congress.

3. Federal Borrowing

Washington now borrows about 50% of its budget annually. That means that of every dollar DC spends, 50 cents is borrowed. Washington is not ever going to slash its budget by 50% to live within its tax collections. Federal borrowing is entirely out of control. The Federal Reserve has been buying Treasury Debt to artificially prop up DC spending, which is like paying for an IOU with another IOU. Washington cannot even slow down its borrowing, and it will likely get worse because they have to keep rolling over old debt. At some point, Washington’s interest obligation will exceed its tax revenue.

4. The Dollar, banking and the Federal Reserve

The Keynesian economists in Washington have spread the disease of central banks, inflation and fractional reserve banking to every nation on earth. Every financial system, every currency on earth is entangled it the Washington web. There is no way to fix the system and Washington can only keep propping it up and kicking the economic collapse can down the road.

If the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, the dying economy would erode further and faster. If they lower interest rates any more, which are already near zero, they will be in effect paying banks to borrow money. So an interest rate increase is out of the question.

The world is swiftly moving away from the dollar, and moving toward a new world reserve currency. China is poised to use the renminbi yuan as the new reserve. The Federal Reserve and Treasury collude to pump trillions of paper dollars into the world economy, diluting the value of each existing dollar. Washington cannot forsake the dollar, or allow any other form of money to be legal tender. They have to ride this boat over the falls.

5. Entitlement spending

Over the years, most of the big spending programs have been amended to protect them from cutbacks. Many of them, like Social Security, Medicare, etc., have automatic budget increases built into the law. These programs affect a huge percentage of the population, and as the Baby Boomers age, more will be entitled. No politician wants to cut Grandma’s monthly check.

Secession is the only logical solution to these five unfixable problems.

The state that secedes most successfully will carefully craft a system of governance that severely restricts government action.

Secession formally ends any state’s relationship with Washington. Therefore, Washington’s debts cease to be any responsibility of that seceded state.

A seceded state, now a new nation, would have no Federal Reserve mismanaging its money.

A seceded state would have no social programs that steal money from one taxpayer to give it to another taxpayer.

A seceded state would only have a militia to protect itself from invasion.


Washington DC is a disease. It has become a plague upon mankind. Every nation of the earth has become sick with “DC-itis.” And when DC dies, many other nations will die soon thereafter. The effect on populations worldwide will be the worst plague to ever hit mankind.

But Secession is the Last Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.