Stop Messing Around And Buy Silver

(Editor’s Note: I learned a lot by watching this video. Haven’t I been recommending that you buy silver? This is one of those life-changing, paradigm-destroying opportunities. Don’t miss this. Watch this video and be prepared to change how you live. By the way, I don’t do any business with Kitco, They aren’t paying me. I’m just throwing them some love for sharing this video.

Remember this: In a properly structured nation with money backed by precious metals, there is no central bank or government to control the money. The money controls the government. There is presently no nation on earth that functions with a gold/silver standard. And the only way that liberty will live again anywhere on this planet is when a group of people band together and secede. But the first thing that has to happen is not secession. It’s getting the money right. Nothing else matters.)

One Response to Stop Messing Around And Buy Silver

  1. Richard says:

    Use a magnet. If you’re exploring pawn shops, neighborhood rummage sales and coin shops to acquire silver use a magnet to test the metal.

    A lot of old fake silver coins and even a few semi-legitimate ones are an alloy of iron and nickel with a smidge of silver thrown in for good measure. These coins will ‘stick’ to a magnet because of their iron content. .999 Troy measure silver is non-magnetic.

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