Flash Editorials October 22, 2011

October 22, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

International: On October 14, 2011, Barack Obama sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, informing the House that he has deployed combat troops to Central Africa. Quoting CNN: “Subject to the approval of each respective host nation, elements of these U.S. forces will deploy into Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.” Once again, a president violates the US Constitution with impunity. This is an impeachable offense, dear readers. Every president since Truman went into Korea that has committed troops without a Congressional declaration of war has committed an impeachable offense. There is no justice in America.

International II: Here is a list of the nations in which Washington is presently involved in hostilities. And when I use the word “hostilities,” it’s a euphemism for undeclared war, murder of those who resist American invasion, as well as innocent lives snuffed out by American military efforts.

• Iraq
• Afghanistan
• Pakistan
• South Korea (a 60-year-old cease fire in place)
• Libya
• Yemen
• Somalia
• Central African Republic
• South Sudan
• Uganda
• Democratic Republic of the Congo

And these are just the ones we know about. There are military assets…like Seals or Marine Scout Recon teams…inside other countries collecting intel.

International III: Moammar Gadhafi got himself shot to death on Thursday. On The CBS Evening News Friday they showed video of the creepy dead bastard lying in a meat locker with Libyans taking photos of his corpse with their cellphones. How the mighty have fallen. Curious, though. Three years ago he was considered a Washington ally. Sucks to be Washington’s friend. Ask Saddam and Osama. Oh, wait…

The Nation: CNN sponsored yet another Republican presidential candidate’s “debate” Wednesday night. The most comical part was the introductions. Jim Dick Perry came out to the middle of the stage and struck what could only be described as a gunslinger pose. You’ve all seen a western movie where a guy takes a wide stance with both hands extended like he had a six shooter on each hip and he was ready to draw. Well, that was the Perry pose. It looked entirely ridiculous. Then the candidates took turns beating up on Herman Cain for the laughable 9-9-9 program, and then everybody else jumped Mitt Romney for a while. The winner of this debate? Barack Obama. This bunch of dictator wannabes is a traveling circus act, with at least 17 more appearances over the next year, coming to a town near you.

The Nation II: The Obama Administration is killing a part of its own Health Care plan. The comically-named “Class Act” was the long-term care section of the legislation. After two years, they can’t figure out a way to make it work financially. So Obama’s pulling it by executive order. When government can’t make a program work when they can print money, it must have been bad. You don’t think there’s more in that law that won’t work, do you?

The Nation III: On Friday, Barack Obama announced that all military personnel in Iraq would leave Iraq by the end of 2011. Really? The largest embassy on the planet is in Iraq. Over 1,000 people work there. Who will be guarding it? Iraqi troops? Yet another bald-faced lie from Barry. Oh…by the way. Last week, the Iraq government refused to issue immunity from prosecution to US military personnel. Now, what would soldiers need immunity for? I heard a disabled soldier interviewed on Friday on a local talk radio station about the troop withdrawal. He said that the loss of his legs and the death and casualties the military sustained was all for nothing. Now you’re catching on, Son.

Religion: Harold Camping, the Oakland, California preacher, predicted that Jesus would return to earth last May 21st. No show. His latest prediction is October 21st…yesterday. Another no show. So Camping’s batting 1,000…all wrong. Millions of Christians and Catholics believe that Jesus is coming back to gather the faithful in the sky. So Harold, while a little kooky, is right in the mainstream of Christianity. That should be the most scary takeaway from this story.

Business: China is making strategic inroads in the Canadian energy industry. The China Investment Corporation, a $300 Billion sovereign wealth fund, recently chose Canada for its only overseas office. They are focusing their efforts on the Athabasca shale oil fields in Alberta…only a few hundred miles north of the American border. But they have also inked deals with Russia, Iraq, Australia, Kazakhstan, Brazil and Venezuela. China will soon be the second largest economy on the planet, and they are making sure they have the energy resources to grow. Meanwhile, America restricts or outright prohibits domestic energy production and screws up the entire Middle East oil producing region.

Economy: Another 403,000 new unemployment claims this week, dear readers. That’s equivalent to all the people in Milwaukee, or Stuttgart, or Boston, or Oklahoma City (not including their metro areas) losing their jobs in A WEEK. The number has barely fluctuated week to week for over SIX MONTHS. What does that tell you about what’s happening in America? No predictability means no growth.

Sports: World Series. Ho Hum.

Sports II: Last Sunday, Indy racecar driver Dan Weldon was killed in a 15-car pileup at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. On the same day, driver Danica Patrick quit Indy racing to spend more time driving in NASCAR races. No matter what you say, race fans watch high-speed races for the wrecks, just like hockey fans like the fistfights.

Entertainment: Lindsey Lohan appeared once again before a judge this week after violating her probation conditions yet again, as she had not showed up for community service 9 times. Judge Stephanie Sautner did not remand her to jail, but ordered to report to the Los Angeles Morgue for 16 hours of community service before her next court hearing November 2nd. When Lohan arrived Friday morning, the first dead thing she encountered was her career.

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