Flash Editorials October 1, 2011

October 1, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

International: The German Parliament voted overwhelmingly to authorize more bailouts for European Union members. What the hell are they thinking? Germany’s economy is just about the only one of the 17-member EU whose economy isn’t in the toilet. But that won’t last long at this rate. Remember…16 leeches…1 host.

International II: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was rushed to a hospital with reported kidney failure. Hugo’s also been battling cancer lately, and it looks like he might be assuming room temperature soon. What will happen to communism in Venezuela without Chavez?

The Nation: Alabama’s strict immigration law was upheld in the court of Chief U.S. District Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn. Her ruling will begin requiring public schools to determine the legal residency of children. She also gave authorization for police to detain people, stopped for any reason, if they are suspected of being in the USA illegally and can’t produce proper documentation. The Obama Administration’s collective panties are in a wad. They certainly don’t want to handle immigration, but they can’t stand anyone else doing it. Kind of like a girl with a stalker ex-boyfriend.

The Nation II: Anwar al Awlaki, an American citizen and Muslim cleric, was assassinated IN YEMEN by a CIA drone. Barack Obama personally ordered this murder. Three others were killed in the attack. Awlaki was afforded no due process as any American citizen deserves. No effort to arrest this man was made. Barry became this man’s judge, jury and executioner. Children, can you count all the ways that this is wrong? Last time I checked, ordering a hit on another person is First Degree Murder. But I guess when you’re in the DC government, it’s OK. By the way, just exactly when is it OK for military personnel to disobey an unlawful order? If this incident doesn’t qualify, nothing does. Are there any Oath Keepers in the military?

Religion: Next Wednesday, the US Supreme Court will hear an argument about a religious organization’s exemption from “anti-discrimination” laws. It started when a teacher at a Lutheran school fell ill and was out of work for seven months. The school hired a replacement and asked the sick teacher to resign. She sued. The religious school holds that it should not be held to the terms of the American With Disabilities Act. Why should THEY get a special break? ALL of us should get to ignore DC more.

Economy: For the first time in over five months, this week’s new unemployment claims DROPPED to only 391,000. Whew!! The recession must be over now. Oh wait…391,000 people lost their jobs and filed new jobless claims since last Thursday. Guess they don’t think the recession is over. For them, it’s just beginning.

Business: In a stunning display of cowardice, Ford Motor Company pulled an ad at the suggestion of the White House. In the ad, customer Chris states that one big reason he bought the F150 pickup is that Ford had not accepted TARP money like the other American carmakers. The White House wants the TARP bailouts to be perceived as good public policy, not a move worthy of shame and criticism. So Ford bent over the couch and took one for Barry…maybe FROM Barry.

Sports: In late August, the Atlanta Braves were 8 ½ games out in front in the quest for the National League wild card berth for the MLB playoffs. Since then, the Braves lost 13 of 18 games and their season is over. This was a collapse of mythic proportions. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the Braves lost this on purpose…and I don’t know better. By the way, the Boston Red Sox also collapsed just like the Braves. With the socialist way that the MLB owners run their businesses, nothing would surprise me.

Entertainment: Dr. Conrad Murray, physician to dead pop star Michael Jackson, goes on trial this week in LA on charges of Jackson’s “murder.” Don’t expect justice in this trial, no matter what you think that means. But the trial is serving as a boon for DC, since the trial diverts the attention of the American sheeple away from the criminal activity of the president and Congress.

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