A Declaration Of War Is Given

April 13, 2011

by Walter Burien

(Editor’s Note: The fact that Washington and most states refuse to even acknowledge the existence of the CAFR funds should tell you something…they don’t consider this YOUR MONEY. In my opinion, the only time the assets will come into play is AFTER the dollar collapses. Then, the value of those assets will only be pennies on the dollar. So, if Washington and the states COULD solve their financial problems by using the assets in their possession…and they don’t or won’t…what reason could you think up to explain their unwillingness?)

I have listened to many of the different media heads and ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC, PBS programs closely for the last three weeks as the so called “budget debates” takes place. The one issue that is as basic as it gets when it comes down to any budget discussion there has not been one mention of. In the absence of not a mention in all respects of that issue it makes the “budget discussions” a 100% complete charade.

Each and every one of us whether being in poverty or a billionaire when we discus our annual or monthly budget for home or business will discuss with our significant other or business partners two basic issues:

#1. Our normal operating expenses; planed expenses for any project we are working on or intend to implement; and any standing balances we plan on keeping as time passes.

#2. What our standing investments are that we have; account balances of all liquid cash; and our income we expect to get from all sources with all sources being our investment, salary, sales, and other sources.

In the “budget debates or discussions” we have been watching the issues presented that are saturating the air waves through the talking heads; news; and media programs almost exclusively, if not without exception, have only talked about; discussed; or presented the topic of #1 above.

In the real world of our personal and business lives this type of behavior and conduct excluding mention and serious discussions of #2 would never happen under any circumstances. On a business level in discussions with partners it would be considered fraud and an actionable offense for criminal malfeasance and removal of the partners responsible for such an omission. On a personal level the same would break up a marriage or close friendship.

Here we have the intentional participation of the syndicated media and the entire political body doing exactly the same with the omission of #2 and doing so: knowingly; willingly; and intentionally whether eagerly in planned participation (the majority) or out of fear of reprisal (the minority). I will add one meritorious exception of a house speaker Bruce Hana from the State of Oregon here:

Folks, the media and political charade taking place, it is all a masterful selective presentation designed to maintain the well entrenched void in public comprehension of the absolute basics of #2 and thus the obscene wealth and power derived staying intact and at the disposal of the inside players. Massive wealth that in this serious omission the public has been spoon feed all but mention of over the last six or seven decades as it grew and captured it all by investment whereby it gives the definition of actionable fraud of no equal by said intentional orchestrated omission.

If a complete accounting was presented to the public of #2 above held by both local and federal government, the world would then be established as being a much different place then we have been led to believe it is. The parallels that this revelation when and if shown and comprehended by all would equal I do not need to go into here, we all know what the true picture would present upon conclusion of disclosure being cognitively presented.

The War that is needed here with a barrage assault from all fronts on the media and political body is for immediate; clear; and in-depth; and open discussions to take place per #2 above. I emphasize that only liquid investment assets be addressed and NOT hard physical assets. All physical assets are to be held and ONLY liquid investment assets and the massive annual returns derived therefrom are to be looked at for reallocation for other use to resolve any “budget shortfall”.

My conservative estimate of standing domestic and “international” liquid investment holdings held by both federal and local governments collectively at this time is between 90 to 110 trillion dollars.

The immediate war and assault by email; letter; phone call; and protest rally barrage I request against the media and political body is that the issues of #2 be equally included in all discussions and presentations. The following are specific categories that are applicable to the discussions per any political local or federal body and are general categories that may exclude other holding accounts that may be needed for inclusion in the discussions when identified.

For the public to be played as total idiots with the exclusion of the massive wealth held in the #2 arena it is unacceptable under any terms of the rules of engagement of a country supposedly ruled by We The People:

1. What are the standing collective investment asset balances held both domestically and ” internationally” by general purpose government and enterprise authorities. Included should be the firms and management funds where held globally.

2. Identifying what specialty investment funds are held that are not included under the categories of general purpose government or enterprise authorities but are still held or overseen by the same.

3. Being that government keeps records of their standing investment assets and true gross income from all sources as depicted in their own Annual Financial Reports of which the names given to the same are: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report; Annual Financial Statement; or Annual Financial Report, that the clear mention of the same be made with the comment made that ” All residents of that City; County; State; or School District should carefully review their local government’s report of the same”. For federal it is called: Consolidated Financial Statements or Financial Report of the United States Government.

For local governments a Google search using quotes around the name of the report and then the name of the local government on the search line will bring up many. I note that there was an intentional void created in your thinking not to hear about these reports being that if you looked; learned; and comprehended what is shown therein the job of treating you as a complete idiot with the spiel you are intentionally spoon fed from the media and political bodies would not be such an easy job to do. And yes it is a job on their part DUE TO THE MONEY INVOLVED and the power / control it breeds within the back halls and behind the closed doors of government AND the media.

I make no light statement as to the importance of this request of War and assault as stated. Many may have a hard effort in comprehending what they are looking at in these reports BUT there are many that have the background in finance or business that will catch and comprehend what is shown. The ramifications of comprehending by even a small majority of We The People shall have the impact to turn the tide of events towards a direct and continued benefit for We The People and our futures.

I make special note of remedy upon the public learning and comprehending the scope of the wealth involved and held within government being my suggested application of the TRF for the inevitable elimination of all taxation: TaxRetirement.com A four point initiative linked on the front page shows the basics for turning that tide.

Circulate this request to all that you know and ask them to join the War. Compose your own letters and emails to the media and political players making it clear that further omission in the discussions of the basic issues of the liquid wealth as stated above you consider intentional fraud by omission in combination with their “selective presentation” crying broke and bankrupt utilizing the psychological tactic of fear mongering misdirection to extort more wealth from the people and that continuing to do so in perpetuating such fraud by omission and selective presentation may and could have severe, unexpected; and dire consequences.

Simple mention of the above starts the ball rolling. A fever pitch of mention can create a landslide of affirmative action for correction in the true behalf of We The People.

The intentionally maintained void in public comprehension must and needs to be filled at this time. There is no alternative that is acceptable. A declaration of War is given.

Sent for your information and your action, truly yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr. – CAFR1.com
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936