Flash Editorials November 9, 2012

November 9, 2012

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By Russell D. Longcore

Welcome to Flash Editorials for November 2, 2012. I am Russell D. Longcore, owner and editor of DumpDC. Flash Editorials is presented by http://www.DumpDC.com. DumpDC is the world leader in secessionist thought. We show the world that secession is the only hope for personal liberty and property rights on the planet.


This past week has been one for the record books. Something MAJOR happened on Tuesday. The daily traffic I get now at DumpDC.com is five times what it was on Monday. I wonder what could have caused that??? Let’s go to the news!

By the way, I use cuss words in this video. So if cuss words offend you, don’t watch this video. You’ve been warned.

The Nation I: Mr. Obama won. Deal with it.

Why did Barry win? Simple. The Republicans made a mildly convincing argument that America should fire Mr. Obama. The Republicans did not make a convincing argument that America should hire Mitt Romney.

Karl Rove actually said: “The October surprise was an act of God. Hurricane Sandy interrupted Mr. Romney’s momentum.” So what he must be saying is that God wanted Obama to win.

I wrote a brilliant analysis of the election and posted it on Thursday. You can just scroll down from here and read it. But, if you were educated in government schools and mostly get your information from TV, I will take a moment or two and spoon feed you. Open wide…….

No one in America has fronted the ridiculous notion that Mitt was the best man that the Republicans could find to be the presidential candidate. He just outspent and outlasted the others. And his campaign staff, in league with the Republican National Committee, blackballed Ron Paul.

No one in America has fronted the ridiculous notion that Americans rejected Mitt as president because they rejected his core beliefs. That is because nobody knows what Romney’s core beliefs are. He was the Chameleon Candidate. Reminded me of the 80s hit record “My Obsession” by Animotion. In the chorus, the singer sings, “you’re an obsession, you’re my obsession…who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me?”

Mitt would be anything you needed to get elected. Remember he ran for Senate against Teddy Kennedy in 1994 and got clubbed. He’s been doing anything he can to get elected to some office for 18 years. He got the Massachusetts governorship in 2002, only serving one term. That was enough to enhance a resume.

Think about the HUGE thing that Romney AVOIDED in his campaign… Obamacare. If he had solemnly vowed to abolish Obamacare as President, he probably would have won. Senior citizens nationwide are scared of getting their benefits cut under Obamacare. Even though he invented Romneycare in Massachusetts, he could have made a convincing case that what works on a state level does not translate to 315 million people…especially when Washington runs it. Or, if his ego wasn’t so enormous, he could have repudiated it entirely.

Think about Mr. Obama’s own words about his “one-term” presidency. Mitt should have beat Barry about the head and shoulders with that for months. But nary a word was heard. I never saw one clip of that video.

Think about the debates. Romney pulled his punches over and over, refusing to go for the jugular on issues like the Benghazi Embassy deaths or the unemployment rate…or even simple things like the price of a gallon of gasoline.

In Texas Hold-’em parlance…Mitt was not “all in.” He was not willing to get some blood on his hands, so to speak.

And American politics is a blood sport. Republicans are not willing to play rough. In NASCAR there is a saying…”Rubbin’ is Racin’.” A NASCAR driver has to be willing to swap a little paint with other cars or he will not win. But Republicans are not willing to get mean or use a little saucy language. They are not willing to get up in somebody’s face and raise their voices. Give me a candidate who would tell a reporter to “fuck off’ when he asked a stupid question. Republicans are too Goddamn afraid of what the media will say about them. A week ago, the media was all a-twitter because Obama used the word “bullshitter.” Not that they were critical, mind you. Romney would have never used that word ‘cause he is scared. Give me a candidate that would use some four-letter words in a speech. And give me a candidate who can speak without a teleprompter…a candidate who had such deeply-ingrained core beliefs that he could defend them on the fly. Ron Paul didn’t need a damned teleprompter. He spoke from his heart, which is where his core beliefs are.

Democrats are always willing to get down in the mud and mix it up. I’m not saying it’s right…just saying that if you know that the rules of the game are that there really are no rules, the one who wants it most usually wins. Barry was fighting for his political legacy and his place in history. Mitt Romney was running to enhance his resume. Who wanted it most? I leave it to you.

But also keep in mind that Romney is the guy that got beat by McCain who got beat by Obama in 2008. He got the Nominee Runner-up trophy in 2008. This year, he gets the Miss Congeniality tiara. Romney is only the best that the oligarchy could find to do their bidding. It is over for Mr. Romney and his quest for the White House.

Did you watch “The Matrix”? Neo was “The One.” Apparently, Mitt is not The One.

The big joke is that The One doesn’t exist. Obama is not The One. He is merely “A Current One. “

Both men are textbook Sociopaths.

So, what are you going to do over the next four years? You may not be happy, but are you going to just bitch about it, or are you going to take control of your own life? Don’t you think that NOW is a good time to seriously consider secession?

The Nation II: My friends at the Texas Nationalist Movement tell me that their website traffic….at TexasNationalist.com…and memberships have exploded since Tuesday. Some of the major talk radio stations have interviewed TNM president Daniel Miller about secession. I saw one online survey at KYFO 790 am in Lubbock that 88.73% of respondents are in favor of secession. The question they asked was…”Should Texas Secede?” That’s all. Three words. I love Texas.

By the way, I will be on the radio with Susan Payne from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm on WJCN, 1360am in Philadelphia on Monday the 12th discussing secession. Tune in or stream the broadcast live.

The Nation III: CIA Director and former Brigadier General David Petraus has resigned as CIA Director, citing getting caught in an extramarital affair. Curious to me that this comes out only AFTER the election is over. This is the CIA. They’re spies. Anybody want to try to convince me that this was not known about before Tuesday? Next question that comes to mind is: Was he “outed” to get rid of him after the Benghazi Embassy incident, and allowed to resign with some modicum of dignity? Watch this story folks. It will last about three weeks and then die.

The Nation IV: Let’s revisit Tropical Storm Sandy. I’m kind of surprised that DC did not try to postpone the elections on Tuesday. But nothing came of all the rumors about martial law and election postponement. Maybe we give the dickheads in DC more credit than they deserve.

International I: The words “renounce citizenship” are now the fastest growing search terms at Google.com. Curiously, Google’s own analytics say that the searches came from such places as Washington state, California, Texas, Georgia, Florida and most of the states of the Eastern Seaboard. Folks, I have been telling you and I’m telling you now. Your choices for liberty are (a) move to a state where secession will likely occur, or (b) escape from America and expatriate. And to do nothing but bitch and do Google searches is also a choice.

Business: A couple weeks back, I learned about a new business concept called “Social Commerce.” We all know about Social Networking and how big it has become. The use of websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others has exploded in just a few short years. Remember, Facebook launched in 2004. So in eight years, it has become the giant it is now, with over 1 billion worldwide members.

“Social Commerce” is simply gaining access to the vast numbers of eyes looking at Social Networks for business purposes. Now, the traditional method of gaining that access is advertising. But advertising on social networks is not working out as well as expected. Facebook thought they were going to make a killing selling ads to business who wanted access to all those eyes. But Facebook’s stock price has gone from its IPO high of $38 to today’s price around $19.

Turns out that social network users don’t like ads any more than they do on TV. I want to see a show of hands. How many of you record TV shows…even sports events…to view later? And how many of you fast forward through the commercials? That’s what I thought. You ALL DO. So, how can a business take advantage of Social Networking?

Referrals. Networking. Word Of Mouth advertising…the most powerful and effective form of advertising in existence. And Word of Mouth advertising costs nothing. Think about this. You went to a movie you liked and you recommended it to friends. You ate a great meal at a restaurant and told your friends. That is Word Of Mouth advertising. But let me ask you this…did the theater or restaurant pay you any commission when your friends spent money there? Of Course Not!!

So how can you harness the power of Word Of Mouth advertising for your business? An even better question is…How can I start a business using Social Networking and turn in into Social Commerce?

That question leads me into tonight’s commercial message. Would you like to learn how you can make all your social networking PAY YOU! Let me introduce you to a new company named Solavei. Solavei just launched nationwide on September 21, 2012. They have created a company that will allow YOU to refer your friends and relatives and make money by doing it. You don’t have to sell anything. Simply post messages and links and let your friends family and acquaintances look for themselves. If they like what they see and make a purchase, you get paid!!

Solavei’s first Value Proposition is this: Unlimited talk, text and data on a 4G nationwide network for $49.00 per month. No Contract. No Credit Checks. No Deposits. You can bring your phone and phone number with you. And enrolling takes about 5-6 minutes online. I saved $46 a month by switching! That’s $552 a year and I’m getting more that I got with ATT.

Think about this: Cell phone service is a life-essential service that nearly every person from age 10 to age 100 has. And mobile phone users will not voluntarily give up their phone service. What would they do? Get a land line? That requires credit checks and deposits. So phone bills…like utility bills…will get paid every month even if other expenses get cut or eliminated altogether. That makes the business recession-proof.

Solavei’s business model is this: Refer people you know to Solavei. When those people sign up like you did, you will receive monthly commissions as long as those new customers remain Solavei customers. Solavei even has a plan whereby members can have their mobile phone service FOR FREE. How many people getting free phone service are going to switch to another carrier? NONE! No other phone provider can beat FREE, can they?

To learn more watch the two videos below. Then sign up TODAY!!

What is Solavei? from Solavei on Vimeo.

The Solavei Vision

Solavei Vision from Solavei on Vimeo.

Economy I: The number of actual initial unemployment claims filed under state programs, unadjusted, totaled 355,406 in the week ending November 3rd. This is an increase of 14,489 from the previous week. In the same press release, the Labor Department “seasonally adjusted” the number to show that it was 8,000 lower than last week. At least in this case, the lies are published for all to see. And the mainstream media publishes the lies the government gives them, not the actual number shown just ONE PARAGRAPH below the lies.

Sports Part I: The Atlanta Falcons have a 8-0 record in the National Football League. They did not look sharp last Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys, but they still won. Ugly wins still count. This Sunday they take on the New Orleans Saints at the Superdome in “nawlins”. My wife and I were in the city for Mardi Gras this year. Nothing like New Orleans. Quick story. Julie and I were sitting in a seedy bar about a block off Bourbon Street one rainy afternoon and we engaged in conversation a long, lovely young lady sitting next to Julie. She handed her business card to Julie and invited BOTH of us to come to the “gentlemen’s club” that night were she would be workin’ the pole as a dancer. Sometimes my real life exceeds my fantasy life.

Finally, in Entertainment: Not a damned thing worth talking about happened in entertainment this week, but a couple headlines caught my eye. First, Shakespeare specialist Kenneth Branaugh was knighted by Queen Elizabeth this week. And most important of all…The Firefly series celebrates its 10th anniversary this weekend with a Firefly marathon on Sunday on The Science Channel on your cable or satellite provider. Awesome….

That’s all for tonight. Thanks for watching. I am Russell D. Longcore. For all of us here at Dump DC: Good night and good luck.

Dump DC: Six Letters That Can Change History.

Copyright 2012: Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.