Thanksgiving in FRONA?

November 22, 2012

by Russell D. Longcore
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Before you give sit down at your big feast today, take a look at this article from Thanksgiving Day 2011.

Before You Give Thanks Today

Now let’s talk about holidays in the Free Republic of North America (FRONA).

The big Fall harvest feast, otherwise known as Thanksgiving Day, has its roots in a Puritan celebration of harvest that began in the 1620s. And throughout America history, it has been celebrated on various dates. But it was enshrined as a national holiday by none other than US President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 by a presidential proclamation that Thanksgiving Day be observed on the final Thursday of November. His reason for embracing the official Thanksgiving Day was said to be an effort to create some kind of unity between the North and the South. At that time, the Confederate States of America not being all that keen on Lincolnian edicts, ignored the bastard. After Reconstruction, Thanksgiving Day was finally observed in the states of the former Confederacy also.

So, I’m thinking that the folks that populate FRONA will not be all that keen on continuing with American national holidays, and will have a desire to create their own national holidays. And the harvest festival may continue because it is so ingrained in our collective consciousness. But the FRONA government will not declare any day to be a national holiday simply because the FRONA national government will understand that its role is not to be the parent of the People. So I would submit that we citizens of FRONA come up with a fitting reason for giving thanks in the fall harvest season and designate a day for giving thanks to our Creator. And I also submit that the reason for a FRONA Thanksgiving is that we have seceded from the US Union and become a sovereign nation, and that FRONA stands entirely against the tyranny that smothers the rest of the world.

But let’s not confuse this holiday of gratefulness with our own Independence Day. We should also have a day of celebration that coincides with the day that we submitted an Ordinance of Secession to the other states of the Union and peacefully asserted our sovereignty as a nation once more. That should be the greater of the two holidays.

You can be properly grateful that you have a big “turkey day” and have spread a table of delicious food to be enjoyed by family and friends. But nothing else should eclipse celebrating the acts of men in which they take upon themselves their duty to throw off a government that has become an enemy of liberty and an engine of tyranny…to once again organize a government that “provides new guards for their future security.”

Happy American Thanksgiving Day, everyone.

Secession is the only hope for mankind to enjoy individual liberty and property rights in North America. Who will be first?

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