Rethinking Romans 13

August 24, 2011

By Greg A. Dixon
© 2011 WorldNetDaily

(Editor’s Note: I am posting this because so many readers are evangelicals. Most Christians celebrate Independence Day with flag-waving, but don’t recognize that the acts of the colonies and the founders violated King George’s laws flagrantly. Churches should be the state’s worst enemy, not its most fervent supporter.)

In recent years, Christians have interpreted Romans 13 as a command for unlimited submission to government by God. Many proponents of this belief have sat passively by, in the soft pews of their place of worship, while evil has triumphed in most areas of family and church life. In our pacifistic smugness, many have allowed government to become god without even knowing.

Yet, when confronted with the true meaning of Romans 13, absurd accusations are shouted in religious rhetoric toward those who would dare to break an unjust law or even to question the almighty government. The opponents of unlimited submission to government are deemed as rebellious, anarchist and disobedient. However, there is no practical, historical or biblical consistency in the shallow agreements of these simpletons.

First, unlimited submission to government is not practical. For a philosophy to be a valid philosophy, it must be consistent. As a result, it does not make practical sense to blindly obey a tyrant like Adolph Hitler or deem a law such as abortion-on-demand a legitimate law just because one’s government says it is public policy. However, if Romans 13 teaches unlimited submission to government, then we must obey and acknowledge all laws, good and bad, as the will of God. If all governments are of God, then all laws are of God. This in not practical from any point of view.

Second, it is not historical. Our founding fathers recognized and understood tyranny and despotism. They perceived the ultimate end of the king’s actions. Thus, they besought George III to relent in his persecutions and implored him to uphold his covenant agreement.

In July of 1774, our forefathers met in Fairfax County, Va., and considered ways of forcing Great Britain to redress American grievances. George Washington and George Mason were the instrumental agents in drafting what has come to be known as the “Fairfax Resolves.”

Ponder for a moment Resolves five and six:

“Resolved that the claim lately assumed and exercised by the British Parliament, of making all such Laws as they think fit, to govern the people of these colonies, contrary to the first Principles of the Constitution, and the original Compacts by which we are dependent upon the British Crown and Government; but is totally incompatible with the privileges of a free people, and the natural Rights of Mankind; will render our own Legislatures merely nominal and nugatory, and is calculated to reduce us from a state of freedom and happiness to slavery and misery.”

“Resolved that Taxation and Representation are in their nature inseparable; that the right of withholding, or of giving and granting their own money is the only effectual security to a free people, against the encroachments of Despotism and Tyranny; and that whenever they yield to one they fall prey to the other.”

All of the Resolves are loaded with bullets that explode against a tyrannical and despotic government. The “shot that was heard around the world on Lexington green was loaded in the “Fairfax Resolves.” How can one make that statement? After pleading with George III to uphold his covenant agreement and after seeking for a redress of grievances, the “coup de grace” is plainly stated in the 23rd Resolve:

“Resolved that it be recommended to the Deputies of the general Congress to draw up and transmit an humble and dutiful petition and remonstrance to his Majesty, asserting with decent firmness our just and constitutional Rights and Privileges, lamenting the fatal necessity of being compelled to enter into measures disgusting to his Majesty and his Parliament, or injurious to our fellow subjects in Great Britain; declaring the strongest terms of duty and affection to his Majesty’s person, family and government, and our desire to continue our dependence upon Great Britain; and must humbly beseeching his Majesty, not to reduce his faithful subjects of America to a state of desperation, and to reflect, that from our Sovereign there can be but one appeal.”

In simple terms, the Resolves offered George III two obvious choices. One was to fulfill his covenant obligations and be the king and ruler to the American Colonies that he had agreed to be or, second, to prepare for war. George III was asked to reflect upon the fact, that if he did not keep his end of the covenant, there could “be but one appeal.”

Last –and most important — it is not biblical. Daniel disobeyed Darius and went to the lions den. The three Hebrew children broke the law for not bowing. The parents hid baby Moses from Pharaoh. Rahab lied to protect the Hebrew spies. The Apostles went to prison for preaching Christ in the authority of Heaven. Paul and his followers in Acts 17 did contrary to all the decrees of Caesar in order to make Jesus the King. Even Jesus lived in direct opposition of the political religious leaders of his day and went to the cross for us.

Romans 13 is a treatise by Paul and the Apostles on the institution of model government. As we rightly divide the word of truth and take this passage in its total context, we will discover seven truths:

1. Good government is ordained by God.

2. Government officials are to be good ministers who represent God.

3. We the people must obey good and godly laws.

4. As we relate Romans 13 to America, our Constitution is the higher power — not the IRS tax code.

5. Good government is not to be feared.

6. In America, we are to pay honor and custom and constitutional taxes to whom it is due.

7. Government is to protect the righteous and punish the wicked.

As a result, we have a practical, historical and biblical mandate to fervently disobey any unconstitutional laws and all government officials who cease to be good ministers of Jesus Christ. God almighty is the only power that deserves unlimited obedience.

Greg A. Dixon is the senior pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple.

“Come Out Of Her, My People”

August 23, 2011

by Chuck Baldwin

(Editor’s Note: I wrote the article “Who Should Be The State’s Mortal Enemy? about this very subject. Chuck, a pastor in Montana, frames the subject in more religious terms than I did. If you like a good sermon, read on.)

It is no hyperbole to say that the vast majority of today’s
churches do not remotely resemble the New Testament pattern. In the
first place, the Church was never intended to be a government
corporation! Yet, that is exactly what every 501c3 non-profit
“religious” organization is: it is a government-created
corporation. In the eyes of the government, pastors, elders, and
deacons are not pastors, elders, and deacons; they are corporate
officers. And put to the test, virtually any and all of these
so-called “pastors,” “elders,” and “deacons,” will confirm
that they are corporate officers. So, right out of the gate we must
understand that we are dealing with government corporations and
corporate officers, not with New Testament churches, pastors, elders,
and deacons.

Pray tell, where do you find anything in the New Testament about
churches joining with the State, or being incorporated by the State,
or being required to submit to the State? It’s not there! The 501c3
corporation status has turned the Lord’s Church into mere creatures
of the State.

Therefore, please remember, when you “worship” inside these
government corporations, when you give your tithes and offerings to
these government corporations, you are NOT supporting “the Lord’s
work.” You are supporting the work of the State. You might as well
be paying taxes; it amounts to virtually the same thing. The same is
true for all these TV preachers. They are all 501c3 incorporated!

This is why many pastors do not speak out on the burning issues of
the day. This is why neither he nor his church will take a stand for
anything. This is why he won’t “get involved in politics.” He is
a corporate officer of the State, and he will not jeopardize his
standing as such.

I don’t care how “nice” the preacher is! It matters not how
knowledgeable you think he is of the Scriptures. It doesn’t amount
to a hill of beans if he knows Hebrew and Greek and how many degrees he has behind his name. If he is a corporate officer of the State, he
will never preach the “whole counsel of God;” he will never be
willing to stand in front of his congregation and tell “the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him God.” He
won’t do it! Why? He knows he is a State corporate officer, and he
knows where the line is drawn. Ditto for the church deacons and
trustees (I mean, corporate officers) that support him.

If the so-called “Religious Right” would get as excited about
replacing these government-toadies (called pastors) that we have in
our “churches” and putting honest-to-God, tell-it-like-it-is,
fearless prophets in their pulpits as they are about replacing a
“liberal” and putting some so-called “conservative” Republican
in the White House, we really could have revival in America! The
problem is not the White House; the problem is the church house!

Is it any wonder that the donor base for these religious-talking
Republican politicians is mostly identical to the donor base for these
religious-talking government corporations called churches? They are
Siamese twins! This is why the “Religious Right” will never offend
the GOP establishment: they are both sucking from the same teat! And
the sow providing the milk for both is the federal government, via its
non-profit corporation status, corporate welfare programs, and endless cash for the Warfare State.

Just look at the behavior of the people attending these government
corporations. What do you see? Gossip, slander, backbiting, nosiness,
jealousy, resentment, bickering, judgmentalism, and downright hatred
is rampant! Church splits are commonplace. These government
corporation “Christians” will betray their brothers and sisters
for far less than thirty pieces of silver.

The motivating factor for most of these government corporations is
the same as it is for private corporations: money. Money drives
everything they do. The workshops, seminars, how-to manuals, etc., are all geared to making these government corporations more attractive and appealing to the donor base. Just as Jesus said to the moneychangers in His day, these corporate officers have turned God’s House into “a den of thieves.”

Why is it that today’s pastors and Christians are so clueless to
what is happening in front of their eyes? They say they are
“preaching the Gospel.” But they aren’t. What they are doing is
pulling the wool over people’s eyes by refusing to sound the alarm!
Why is it that as soon as the final “Amen” is spoken at the end of
a “worship service,” the first thing out of the mouths of most of
the men in attendance is something about sports? Why is it that so
many “Christian” women spend dozens of hours each week searching
the Internet in pursuit of whatever sordid information is floating
around out there about their “friends” and fellow church members?
It seems that today’s Christians are so ignorant of true Biblical
friendship, fellowship, and brotherhood that they don’t know what to
do with it even when they find it! Christian betrayal is epidemic!

A genuine New Testament church follows Jesus’ instruction to love
one another. A New Testament church yearns for genuine Christian
fellowship and brotherhood. A New Testament church prefers one another
and honors one another. A New Testament church desires truth–even
when it’s painful. And yes, a New Testament church is willing to die
for one another!

I have spoken with Russian Christians who endured the “purging”
under Joe Stalin. They told me about KGB agents bursting into a church
service with fully automatic weapons demanding to know who the pastor
was. They told me how when this happened, every man in the
congregation raised his hand. They told me about how when government
agents took men at gun point from the congregation, elderly ladies
were laying in front of the government vehicles. Can one imagine this
scene taking place in today’s churches?

I can see it now: government agents demand to know who the pastor is,
and every man in the congregation points AT THE PASTOR! Government
agents haul men out of the church and the old women applaud and get
patriotic goose bumps as they are taken away.

All across the Christian spectrum, people are beholden to the state.
Welfare checks, government pension checks, corporate welfare checks,
food stamps, medical benefits, etc., etc., ad infinitum. “My God
shall supply all your needs”? Who needs that promise? We have the
state to take care of us! “Sufficient unto the day is the evil
thereof”? Irrelevant! We don’t even know how to recognize evil
when we see it. “Give us this day our daily bread”? Antiquated
rubbish easily explained away by our brilliant corporate officers in
the pulpit. “Blessed are the peacemakers”? Forget it!
“Conservative,” evangelical Christians and preachers today are the
biggest cheerleaders, proponents, and apologists for spreading war,
mayhem, and death all over the world!

I would dare say that most of today’s churches and pastors have
never given a second thought to what the “church” is. The church
is not a building. The church is not programs and musicals, and
socials and recreational theme parks. The church is not restaurants
and bookstores. The word “church” means “called out assembly.”
Called out from what? Called out from state governance and control;
called out from worldly philosophies and principles; called out from
bondage and tyranny. That’s what!

Need I remind my brothers and sisters that the first reference,
chronologically, to the “church” is found in Acts 7:38 where
Stephen gave tribute to “the church in the wilderness”? Why was
the church in the wilderness? God had called it out of Egyptian
bondage. Hence, the word “church,” meaning “a called out

So, where is the called out assembly today? It has left nothing! The
assembly gathers together under the auspices of, and in the name of,
the state. It grovels before the state. It gears its messages to the
pleasure of the state. It keeps its congregants in the dark to the
illegalities, improprieties, and criminalities of the state. It seeks
the state’s approval and approbation. And when called upon by the
state, it will betray or sell out any preacher, prophet, or Christian
brother or sister.

You who say you love God, you who say you know what’s going on and
are concerned about your children’s future, you who say you desire
truth, how can you continue to support these 501c3 government
corporations with your attendance and with your tithes and offerings?
You are called to “come out.” So, why don’t you? These
government corporations are in bed with Babylon. And Babylon is not
our friend. It is enslaving saints all over the world. It is
persecuting the Bride. It is making war with God’s children. It is
drunk with the blood of pilgrims and patriots! How dare you sleep in
the same bed with her?

How did the Holy Spirit conclude the Book of Revelation? By
commanding us, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers
of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Rev. 18:4)

This unholy alliance between the Lord’s Church and Caesar, between
the Body of Christ and Beelzebub, between the fellowship of God and
the fellowship of Satan is plaguing our nation, our families, and our
future. “Come out of her, my people.”

Chuck Baldwin is a syndicated columnist, radio broadcaster, author, and
pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America
was founded. He was the 2008 Presidential candidate for the Constitution
Party. He and his wife, Connie, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Homosexual Marriage And Individual Liberty

June 28, 2011

by Russell D. Longcore

We can only hope that in a seceded state, the new lawmakers would have sense enough to stay away from this issue and allow people to live as they choose.

Homosexual marriage, or civil union, has always been kind of a mystery to me.

When I moved to Atlanta from a small town in Michigan in 1992, I had never even met a homosexual. Once I got here in Atlanta, I auditioned and was accepted into the Tenor section of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus. Out of about 30 tenors, there were only two or three of us that were not gay men.

Quite a culture shock for me…the conservative Christian who was always told that homosexuals would burn in hell. But I met and became friends with individuals, not a group. They were kind, and warm, and caring, and genuinely wonderful people. My attitude toward homosexuals was forever changed. I don’t ascribe to their lifestyle, but neither do I stand in condemnation. That’s someone else’s job.

I’ve heard comedians say, “The homosexuals should have the right to be as miserable as the rest of us married people.”

Why should homosexuals want the blessing and licensure of the State on their relationships? What’s the big draw… the big benefit?

It doesn’t appear to be that the homosexuals want to be taken too seriously. The folks that march in Gay Pride parades don’t appear to be concerned with the straight world’s acceptance of their chosen lifestyle.

Could it be that they are looking for a legal status that will provide them monetary benefits that they cannot get today? Like Social Security, Medicare, pension and health care benefits?

The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) communities already have the right to have any kind of legal relationship they choose.

The Evangelicals who spend so much time denouncing homosexuals say that licensing homosexual marriage will undermine the “sanctity of marriage.”


First, if you have a faith or religious tradition you follow that prohibits homosexuality, fine. Practice your own individual behavior within the confines of your own conscience. But the states and the Federal Government of the USA are secular in nature, not Christian. Don’t presume to force your beliefs onto others.

Second, marriage got its start as a religious ceremony. And marriage should remain under the auspices of a religion. The State has no vested interest in marriages per se.

Third, if marriage was as sacred as our society tells us it is, the state legislatures would not have passed laws that made divorce so easy. Besides, why should any state have any licensure of a marriage? Is it only for the easy fees it generates? Is there any real difference between a marriage license and a dog license or business license?

Seems to me that the essence of this issue is the sanctity of contracts, not the sanctity of marriage.

There is nothing I know of that prevents any two or more people from entering into contract with each other. Two people can go to an attorney and have a legal document drafted that deals with: legal duties to each other, community property and the disposition of assets, legal duties to children of the “union,” procedure for dissolution of the agreement (kind of a civil divorce), and any other contractual terms the parties desired.

When the contract was acceptable to all parties, it could be signed and notarized. No preacher or judge would have to officiate…that’s just the romantic myth that accompanies the process. And, there is no license fee for executing a contract.

This should be the normal procedure for two people, regardless of sexual preference, who wish to be married. EVERYONE should draw up contracts for their non-religious civil unions. The prenuptial agreement is just such a contract. Isn’t it amazing that the “pre-nup” seems to be only used by those with considerable assets to protect? This speaks to the ridiculous romanticism surrounding religious marriage. I’m all for romance, but marriage is supposed to be a religious ceremony. What happens in a divorce is the legal part of civil union, and should be planned before the union occurs. Anything else is a denial of reality.

If the partners of a civil union want to have a little ceremony and a celebration following, great! Nothing prevents it but their budget.

You never see two guys, going into business as a remodeling contractor, draw up a partnership agreement, and then go get a pastor or priest to bless their partnership. Homosexuals don’t need it either.

If homosexuals would stop thinking about being slaves of the State, they could actually become leaders to the rest of the population. They could enter into their own legal relationship agreements, and completely forsake the blessing of the State. Tell the bureaucrats to stay out of their relationships, as well as their bedrooms.

Homosexuals, stop trying to curry the politicians’ favors, and show the rest of us a little taste of individual liberty.

Forsake state-approved “marriages” forever! Utilize contract law for civil unions, and enjoy your lives together in whatever form you choose!

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Ann Barnhardt Dismantles Mitt Romney

June 8, 2011

(Editor’s Note: Ann Barnhardt is a fresh new face on the liberty opinion blogosphere. Ann is in the investment counseling business, and you can find her at: Barnhardt Capital Management Inc.)

I saw another video Ann did, in which she attacked Islam. She read passages from the Quran, which she had bookmarked with strips of bacon. After each quote, she tore the page from the Quran and burned it. Kind of makes that kook preacher from Florida look like a candy-ass. I nearly spotted from laughter. The Islam video is below my comments, which are below video #1. Anyway, enjoy getting to know Ann Barnhardt, and read my comments after the video.)

Here is the text of an email that I sent to the lovely Ms. Barnhardt after viewing the video:

Dear Miss Barnhardt:

Watched your delightful tantrum about Mitt. Excellent. I do want to challenge your worldview in a couple points.

1. You said something to the effect that conservatives can’t stand Marxists. But I want you to acknowledge the reality of national presidential elections. 40% vote for Republicans, 40% vote Democratic, and usually the swing vote plus or minus 5% decides the election. Therefore, the people who call themselves conservatives that vote Republican are just as much Marxist sympathizers as the greatest majority of voters. Roughly 90% of American voters have no real problem with Marxism, since both parties offer Marxist candidates and America chooses one. I contend that if conservatives actually had core values that could not be bought, one of two things would happen: (a) a true conservative national political party would emerge, and a true conservative would run for Prez. The Tea Party is not that third party for true conservatives…they just like to think they are. Or (b) the conservatives would stop going to the polls, holding their noses, and voting for the candidate that the party presents to them. Vote numbers would plummet by half. Neither of those eventualities will ever occur. Washington is broke, the electoral system is hopelessly not fixable.

2. Saving the United States from the certain economic tsunami heading for our shores is not going to happen, either. You are in the perfect business to see this unfold on a global level. Debt is unsustainable and going higher. The rest of the nations of the world are in cahoots with Washington on the fiat currency and fractional reserve banking, thereby defrauding the population of the planet. At some point, somebody somewhere is going to f**k up and sell off too many T-bills, which will cause a run and collapse the world bond market. Or, the nations of the world will simply stop buying Treasuries, which will collapse the dollar. Or perhaps some other nation of the world will decide to cut its losses and try to look out for #1 and default on all its debt. What….like the IMF is going to repossess the country?

The only hope for individual liberty and property rights in North America is SECESSION. But I also contend that secession is too hot for any politician right now. No state will secede from the Union until AFTER the economic meltdown. Missing meals tends to focus minds. Once Washington collapses, America will go the way of the USSR in 1989. State after state will secede and become new nations. Some will do it right and some will just fashion themselves as little Washingtons. But states like Texas have a real chance to actually make it as a new nation.

I’d like to see you put your formidable intellect and energy behind the dream of secession. I have been writing about secession now for over two years at That’s not much, but it seems to be more than most. I’d be delighted to have you visit my website and peruse the Archives to see what I write. I can tell you this much. Your political views are EXACTLY where I was when I moved to Georgia in 1992. I didn’t embrace the concept of secession until the mid-2000s.

Keep hitting hard, Ann. You are a breath of fresh air in a world of putrefaction.

Russell D. Longcore

Where Are the Christian Churches When We Need Them Most?

May 21, 2011

by Mark R. Crovelli

(Editor’s Note: Paragraph one of this article quotes Thomas Aquinas about the church’s mission on earth. Unfortunately, the church would not know truth if it fell into a vat of it. The church’s mission on earth has always been the perpetuation of the church and nothing else. That its devotees are of limited intelligence only serves to make the church’s mission easier to accomplish. I wrote Who Should Be The State’s Mortal Enemy? Read that too.)

One of the most important functions of religious faith, observed St. Thomas Aquinas, is to allow people of limited intelligence and people with limited time for study to know important truths about God without having to investigate them personally. After all, few ordinary people are in a position to spend years rationally investigating the tenets of their faith, so, if they are to have any chance at finding Truth during their lives, they need to have it prepackaged for them to swallow on faith alone with the assistance of the Church.

This infinitely wise observation is just as true today as it was in the thirteenth century, and the Christian churches would do well to remember it during these especially turbulent political and economic times. In fact, with the world’s masses aflame with revolutionary ideas at the very same time that governments are going bankrupt, the need has never been greater for the Christian churches to remind their unthinking, gullible, and emotional flocks of what is true and just and good. If they fail to do this, and right quick, there is a very real and dangerous possibility that the Christian masses will get swept away by exciting and profoundly immoral ideas that will doom Western civilization for the foreseeable future.

Specifically, the Christian masses desperately need to have the foundations of Christian ethics beaten into their dense skulls to keep them on the right path during these hours of intellectual temptation. Since many of the ideas floating around the world right now are both alluring and morally dangerous, the Christian masses need a simple set of criteria by which to judge what is right and what is wrong. Fortuitously, God was provident enough to provide Christians (and Jews and Muslims) with a list of ten moral criteria so undemanding that even the most intellectually challenged among them should be able to determine right from wrong.

The list contains two ethical commandments of especial importance today because of the extreme danger that the Christian masses will unthinkingly violate them. The first and most important is that it is wrong for Christians to kill people. One would think that the Christian masses would have been able to memorize and abide by this simple proscription in the two thousand years that Christians have been walking the Earth, but apparently the density of the mass man’s mind continues to defy penetration. Christians in recent years are definitely no less likely to kill than any other peoples, and the danger is that they will kill even more frequently in coming years as economic and political conditions deteriorate further.

Thus, the Christian churches must intervene right now to remind the Christian masses that it is wrong to kill human beings and it is wrong for other people to kill in one’s name. The Christian flocks are increasingly angry, frightened, and impoverished by the political classes’ extravagances, and the temptation will only grow to take out their frustrations on other groups of people, such as the wealthy, Muslims, immigrants, or even their own neighbors. This is all the more true today, when it is so easy to aid in killing other people simply by voting. The majority of Christians do not need to bloody their own hands by shooting unarmed women and old men, for example, but they do irreparably stain their consciences by supporting such killings and paying for them with their tax money. And let’s not forget about the hordes of professional “Christian” killers (i.e., “soldiers”) that are presently plying their bloody trade in the three immoral wars that the supposedly “Christian” West is prosecuting in the Middle East.

The task of reigning in Christian killing before it gets even more out of hand will be impossible, however, unless the Christian churches simultaneously reign in their flocks’ nationalistic sentiments. Like most peoples today, Christians have come to worship their own governments with religious fervor, a serious Christian sin in its own right. They thus do not view killings by “their” government soldiers and police as morally analogous to killings by rapists and robbers. Unless this nationalistic moral blindness is corrected by the Christian churches, or by human reason, by emphasizing that the lines drawn on maps identifying different countries are completely morally irrelevant, Christians will never curtail their killing, because they will inevitably view government-sponsored killing of “other people” as somehow morally acceptable. Without help from the Christian churches, the unthinking Christian masses will continue to value, not human life as such, but their “own” people’s lives, and to hell with the rest of the people of the world.

The Christian churches must also urgently emphasize that Christians should not torture, imprison, beat, or otherwise physically abuse other human beings. Nor should they countenance such depraved activities done in their name by their governments. This proscription follows directly from the prohibition against killing, because to put a man in a cage deprives him of his life and dignity during that time just as surely as killing him would, and torturing him makes him envy the dead, which is worse than actually killing him. It should go without saying that Christians ought not to do these things or accept that they be done in their name with their tax monies, but the Christian masses keep approving of them nonetheless. This will only increase as political and economic turmoil increases, and the Christian churches will be morally responsible to a certain extent if they do not do all they can to head it off now.

The second important ethical precept that the unthinking Christian masses urgently need to be reminded of is God’s prohibition against stealing. It is unequivocally wrong for Christians to take property from other people without their consent, and it is equally wrong for them to encourage or to pay other people (e.g., tax collectors or mob strongmen) to do the same thing. Like the prohibition against killing, God’s prohibition against stealing is about as clear as man could possible desire: “Thou shalt not steal.” One might be tempted to think that the Christian masses would be able to comprehend something as simple as that, but apparently God vastly overestimated the mental abilities of His progeny. The Christian masses accept stealing, by governments in particular, just as much as any other people, and they tend to particularly approve of stealing from (i.e., taxing) the rich. They apparently think that it is morally acceptable for their government to take money from rich people by force just because Jesus was poor and defended poor people. The fact that Jesus’ own Father explicitly forbade them to steal – even from rich people – does not seem to enter into their moral reasoning. The Christian churches desperately need to undermine this invidious tendency before the increasingly impoverished and desperate Christian masses fall on their rich prey with a vengeance. Failure to head this tendency off will doom Western civilization for the foreseeable future, as the rich take flight with their capital to places that actually care about God’s Commandments. The loss of this valuable economic capital at a time when it is most needed to rebuild after the government created recession will send the Christian West back to the stone age.

Along a similar vein, there is an urgent need for the Christian churches to remind their mindless flocks that it is immoral to counterfeit money. It is just as wrong for me to print fake money to buy your car, for example, as it would be for me to steal it from you outright. The need for the Christian churches to emphasize this ethical precept does not, however, stem from a danger that the Christian masses will resort to the printing press themselves. Instead, the danger lies in the likelihood that the Christian masses will have their entire life savings and livelihoods wiped out by profoundly immoral economic idiots working in collusion with government who believe that prosperity grows on trees. Again, one would think that the Christian masses would already be aware that counterfeiting money is sickeningly immoral and economically destructive, but Christians of all stripes have done virtually nothing to stand up to this form of robbery. This testifies, yet again, to the appalling stupidity of the Christian masses – even when they themselves are being victimized, and the desperate need for the Christian herd to be morally guided by the Christian churches.

One hopes that the Christian churches will begin to lay seeds in the minds of their followers that will counteract these deadly immoral trends. With economic conditions deteriorating and political “leaders” plumbing new moral depths, the need has never been greater for the Christian churches to lead their herds back to the ethical path laid by Jesus and His Father. And that means, first and foremost, that the Christian churches must do their best to stop Christians from killing and robbing other people. One shudders to think that the Christian Churches even need to be reminded of something as fundamental as this.

Mark R. Crovelli writes from Denver, Colorado.

Copyright © 2011 by

Why I Don’t Fear Islam

May 12, 2011

by Tom Baugh
Starve The Monkeys

(Editor’s Note: Welcome back, Tom! Great to have another brilliant think-piece by you. Dear readers, I’ve heard it said that the banco-nationalists intend on bringing down Western Civilization, and intend on using radical Islam as their foot soldiers and enforcers. After reading this article, you might agree. However, remember that a state that secedes, establishes hard money and a militia, will never be subjugated by the one-worlders.)

The title of this article is inflammatory all by itself, isn’t it? And that’s the point. We, even, or especially, in the LibertySphere have been conditioned to think that Islam is the greatest threat to humanity. And, like fans at the big game, we think no further than the artificial conflict which plays out before our eyes every day. The recent rash of spam emails with funny little cartoons about the killing of Osama are but one aspect of this Big Game. Sure, our leaders on both sides of our non-existent political spectrum have been careful to hold Islam itself at arm’s length from blame, but that’s all part of the ground rules.

There’s no political campaign more effective and enduring than one that seems to spring from the individual soul. The campaign against Islam is the finest piece of political astroturf in history, and serves to unite even the most liberty-minded of us underneath the banner of a rapacious federal government we have learned, by experience, to dread and despise. “The lesser of two evils,” we console ourselves, while feeding our children into the jaws of the machine of lifetime servitude to mounting public debt, or in too many cases, youthful death or dismemberment fighting a fabricated enemy for the end purpose of increasing that debt.

I know, I know, we’re all aquiver about the ills of Islam, including abuses against women and children, beheadings, terroristic bombings, political imprisonment, the horrors of sharia law and the dreaded looming specter of Islamic anti-Semitism.

Let’s open our eyes a bit, and take a wider view, shall we? It won’t hurt a bit, and then you can go back to dreaming. If you’ve read any of what I’ve written before, and don’t yet understand the real font from which all evil in our world springs, then go ahead and drift off now. Nighty-night, ye noble fool.

OK, so now that it is once again us adults, let’s discuss some of these ills of Islam. First of all, the woman thing, as it were. This topic deserves an article all its own. I’m working on this one for later publication, as a kind of public-service self-help guide on the topic for Muslims, but here’s a preview: you Muslim boys need to give the virgin thing a rest, fellas. For most practical purposes, slightly used women in the here and now, given a sufficiently sweet disposition, are perfectly serviceable. And stop being so damn jumpy about skin. If some sweet thang gets you boys fussing at each other and makes you lose your religion, that’s your fault, not hers. Learn how to get ’em under control using positive reinforcement, and it’ll all be good. I’ll toss you boys a few tips later, including that young bride concept, but that’s enough on the topic for now. Now back to our general audience.

Changing sexual gears, the rumors about Islamic homosexual pedophilia are indicative of defectives in positions of power, not Islam. While Islam does feature subjugation of women as an arguably negative point, I don’t think that homosexual pedophilia is in there anywhere. No, just like it isn’t in Catholicism, yet priestly pedophiles lurk behind every rectory, were we to believe the popular media about them. So, dear reader, either believe stories about both faiths, or believe none. Or, come to the conclusion that power attracts those who wish to exercise unchallenged control over their fellow man, and that pedophilia is the extreme of that character defect. For those Constitutionalists out there, you probably better not look too closely at the personal lives of a lot of Congressmen, either. It would be just as absurd to say that, because some prominent Muslims or Catholics are pedophiles, that pedophilia is a characteristic of Islam or Catholicism, as it would be to say that pedophelia is written into the Constitution because some Congressmen enjoy little boys on your dime.

Beheadings? They just lack our sophisticated execution machines. And, unlike Texas governors, those boys don’t mind getting their hands dirty personally. Sure, a lot of them wear masks or hoods while they do it, but when is the last time one of our own state executioners went on a talk-show circuit? Or for that matter, a DEA or DHS agent?

Next on the list is terroristic bombings. Let’s set aside the historical fact that the best way to get your people to demand sending their children off to war is to off a lot of their own countrymen in some grand spectacle. In the modern age, it helps to be able to get a lot of impromptu video from many angles, too. Another good tactic is to blow up a lot of the other guys to get them mad as hornets at you. Intelligence organs such as the CIA, MI-6, Mossad and the erstwhile KGB, got a lot of their budgets for just this kind of intrigue. Oh, sure, they may not get their hands dirty directly, but there’s always some psychopaths out there who can be talked into doing just about anything. And some of these psychopaths even think they’re doing the patriotic thing at the time.

Along these lines, the fact that suicide bombings have started giving way to remotely-detonated IEDs may be indicative of several things: a) the world’s anti-Muslim intelligence services are running out of self-destructive easily-manipulable psychopaths, yet lack the literal guts for the taking on the work themselves, b) the threshold of give-a-damn is too high now for these intelligence services to keep up the propaganda tempo any other way, c) or actual Islamists have gotten smart and are learning to build in organizational growth by sidestepping the virgin sales pitch. This last possibility is heartening, since it indicates a moderation of the most negative aspects of Islam in favor of a strategy which has some legs on it.

Oh, did the idea of the CIA, MI-6, or more particularly, Mossad, blowing up your baby soldier hero in Iraq or Afghanistan for political currency piss you off? That’s the point, of course, to make sure that your loss now requires you, just like teenage abortioner, to take an unthinking political stance for life lest ye live in unconsolable regret for your loss. What you should be pissed off about is the system which exists to grind all of our children into slaves, or at the very least, makes such an outcome possible or even probable. This possibility raises an even more disturbing specter which we’ll explore in a future article.

Or, did the idea of a maturing Islamist strategy upset you? Well, again, that’s the point of your having been propagandized. We, as a reliable pool of soldier-breeding voters, tend to want to classify our enemies as either evil or stupid, or some combination of these. The idea of an enemy learning and growing with a determined and winnable strategy is too upsetting to comprehend, isn’t it? Why do you think that is? Answer that for yourself, and you will understand all. Now back to the list, we’re almost to the good stuff.

Islamic political imprisonment? Talk to a tenth-year marijuana incarceree in one of our modern gulags-for-profit and ask him what he thinks about that. Try to pick a quiet spot out of the traffic flow near the front gate while they let actual murders, rapists and thieves out to keep the quotas up. Worse, we don’t even try to lock up any of the banco-terrorists who cause all of this crap in the first place.

Sharia law? Well, well, well. That is the big boogie-man, isn’t it? I admit, it is frightening to think that one would live in a system of laws dictated by religious beliefs rather than reason and respect for the individual. I have news for you: Jeffersonian freedom is long dead, and was never actually implemented even in his time.

The entire drug war, and the leverage it gives the government over everyone through the threat of unconditional property seizure on a whim, is self-imposed sharia law. But control of substances doesn’t stop, or even start, there. In many states you can’t buy liquor, or in some cases, any alcohol, on Sundays. Alcohol and tobacco have been heavily regulated and taxed since the inception of this land of the free; said taxation having been sold to the populace as necessary for moral reasons. Never mind that fermentation, a scientifically miraculous food-preservation gift from God, has been lauded since Biblical times as necessary for survival for millions in hard times, and good health for all in moderation. This could explain, of course, why such an important and universally accessible staple, in all its forms, is a necessary regulatory component in the plans of tyrants of all faiths and financial orientations.

Marriage, whether straight, gay or polygamous, is heavily regulated for reasons of faith. Yet, few stop to ask why relationships are the government’s realm in the first place. Again, control this necessary aspect of human life, and it becomes much easier to control the rest.

We have faith in a financial system that allows mass theft in front of our eyes; we defend this system thinking that it protects and benefits the long-dead small businessman. We believe that all healing comes in a pill or from a machine and punish the heretics with the regulatory power of the state. We believe that tossing an aluminum can into a green bin or a blue bin really makes a difference, and ostracize those who don’t care. We have faith in the official version of events, and demonize those who question. We believe that in a crisis the military and the police will be on the right side, and so attack with the most venomous bile any competing reasoned thought.

We have faith that universal female suffrage is good and noble. Yet, at any given point in time, including on Election Day, more than fifty percent of women are functionally insane as a natural and delightful consequence of biology. Huh. Maybe the Muslims have a point in not letting them vote. We see what happened to the country after that little sacrament started.

Most people in this country, including most of the self-labeled liberty-minded, revel in their own brand of sharia law, and act, in their own petty ways, as its street-level enforcers, searching about for stones at the slightest breach. This includes, of course, women of both genders who had their sacred ox gored by that previous paragraph.

Sharia law is already all around you, but one cannot recognize a prison if it is in the shape of one’s choices. You have been placed in a Judeo-Christian-Enviromento-Feminized cage, and then taught in school, at church and at work to make decisions which keep you safely within it. The political conflict which you think exists between major factions is merely a play to keep you blind to the reality of your imprisonment.

The only difference between the Islamic sharia cage and our Amerikan cage is that the shapes are different. You are caged, either way. It is entirely likely that many Muslims enjoy the comfort of their cage just as much as Christians enjoy theirs. If you can see the cage at all, and disdain either one, you are in a precious minority.

From our list of the perils of Islam, this leaves only Islamic anti-Semitism. The term anti-Semitism has become so laced with emotion and ingrained response that had the Holocaust not happened, the Ruling Classes, of any faith, would have paid dearly to cause it, so perfect is this shield from criticism. Permanently demonizing the Germans was an important side-effect. Coincidentally, the Germans are the only European race which had for millenia successfully withstood the same banco-Roman empire which murdered that upstart questioning Nazarene. What would Jesus do today? Bitch-slap some bankers (or in those times, “money changers”), of course, but I digress.

Each time anyone writes about the evils of banco-nationalism, the easiest and most effective deflection is to label the author as anti-Semitic. Similarly, any criticism of Israel or its establishment is brushed aside with the same ease.

The banco-nationalists have spent centuries and hundreds of millions of lives building their empire, now with intelligence and special operations forces completely outside the scope of what we think of as civilian control, and propaganda organs willing to spew whatever spin is needed to keep you fighting for them. They aren’t about to give all that up for something so reckless as truth.

The most important truth to understand, and the one that these financial terrorists fear the most, is that Islam is the only force on the face of the earth which has, as one of its core tenets, direct opposition to banco-nationalism.

That one reason is why Islam has been defined as our enemy. All the rest is spin.

Just as the Holocaust was such an effective propaganda coup that it was worth six million Jewish lives (a number highly in dispute. Ed.) for these banco-nationalist monsters to attain, the demonization of Islam is a similarly worthwhile investment. It is one thing to demonize the normally peaceful Germans. Most Germans, although they don’t mind opening a can of Peitscheesel when necessary, really just want to go back to being quietly efficient and rocking out to Rammstein. It is an entirely different thing to demonize Islamists, who have the capacity for manufacturing an endless stream of multi-national Truly Bad Guys, who know, in their heart, that, at least on the banco-nationalist issue, they are on the side of good.

Islam did not change the bankruptcy laws in 2005 and 2006 while simultaneously changing the financial lending rules. Islam did not then extend millions of personal and business borrowers a Hobson’s choice of escalating variable interest rates and balloon payments (many of which have yet to pop). Islam did not deliberately withhold lending in 2008 to then cause desperation and panic as millions of households and businesses struggled to provide the banco-nationalists their tons of flesh. Islam did not bankrupt and then cast thousands of families into the streets and destroy millions of jobs to increase their suffering and thus their political and financial malleability. Islam did not grievously wound or kill tens or hundreds of thousands of bread-winners through stress-related strokes, heart attacks and suicide or destroy their relationships. Islam did not then demand, and receive, a trillion dollars of tribute, or more, for the financial terrorists who deliberately precipitated this crisis in a time of presumed war against terror. Islam does not continue to profit even today on the suffering of people who had their lives, and the lives of their children, destroyed for the benefit of an evil few.

Islam did none of these things. Islam could not do any of these things.

Film at eleven, and coming soon to a neighborhood near you when more and more capable people in this country have had these banco-nationalist vermin steal everything they own. And then be forced to watch the mindless populace cheering those monsters on in the name of capitalism and free trade while waving the federally reserved flag. It only takes a whisper then. And whispers are all around. Whispers, from the right mouth to the correct ear, are a very powerful thing.

It is this same reactionary energy, which catapulted Marxists to power around the globe in the twentieth century, that will catapult Islamists to power around the globe in the twenty-first.

Stealing from people in the name of law, enslaving generations of children, (physically or fiscally) and hollowing out the souls of mankind for the profit of a wealthy few is a crime against humanity which must one day be adjudged. Marxists adjudged this disparity and established the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and too many other equally repressive regimes to list, on the ruins of wealthy places plundered by past banco-nationalists. That plunder was protected by first the power of the British Empire and then later the American. In either case the uniformed human tools of this oppression thought they were doing the right thing, while wrapping themselves in warm thoughts of home, mother and flag. As did I at one time.

This is the “Great Satan” of which mullahs speak; the unchecked ability of the powerful to steal and destroy lives, foreign and domestic, backed by millions of unthinking Americans willing to send their children into death or poverty, and armed with nuclear weapons.

We wonder why so many people can follow the siren song of Marxism or Islam. Islam is just more effective at recruiting those who have suffered injustice as their message rings more true. And, like the horrifying nano-bot of science fiction, it is self-replicating. For once you understand this one tenet of Islam, the absolute forbiddance of the banking industry, you learn how to whisper that magic phrase which rings true only in the ears of the distressed and victimized.

Which is why, if we stay the current course, Islam will probably win. Because the Great Satan has finally started devouring its own.

This is why I don’t fear Islam.

No, I fear something worse than Islam.

I fear a system which makes an Islamic takeover possible. I fear a system which made a banco-nationalist takeover possible. I fear a system which can be perverted by any group into inordinate power by a few. Islamic, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, atheist, it doesn’t matter. Religion doesn’t matter in this equation, either. Hetro, homo, metro or undecided. Monogamy, polygamy or autogamy, feminist or macho, misogynist or misandrist. Bankist or Marxist. Rightist or leftist, liberal or conservative, progressive or regressive. Hell’s Angels or Heaven’s Demons. Pick any “ist” you wish. Any one of them in control of this machine of death and accelerating poverty is a bad thing.

That system is the one first conceived by Hamilton’s masters to ensure that a Shay’s Rebellion would never again protect the rights of the individual against the wealthy. That system is the one propagandized by the Preamble and Bill of Rights to hide the unconstrained power which lurks within Presidential control of state and local militias, checked only by legislative and judicial branches, which are in turn checked by nothing meaningful, as even your vote is smothered by propaganda under the control of New York-based and banker-backed media.

That local or state militia is your only possible salvation. But the Constitution, which you mindlessly worship, hands that power to the President alone, specifically so that you would be powerless to resist the banco-nationalists who wrote it. Sooner or later, after hearing messages of well-meaning tolerance from our currently elected masters, our countrymen will elect Islamic congressmen, Islamic senators, or, incredibly, even an Islamic president. And those guys will appoint and confirm Islamic Supreme Court justices. Afterward, you will have only yourselves to blame for the outcome.

But could any Islamic horde or banco-nationalist lawyers stand against your local or state militias without the power of the national government to protect them, a protection for the powerful which reduces all of us to individuals denied the right to band together for self-defense?

Now imagine fifty, or a hundred, or a hundred and fifty such states and militias, populated by men who, as the Founding Fathers of the Revolution intended, stood against any enemies, foreign or especially domestic, who threatened them. Quite a difference from the system where the cowed masses comply with any affront their national government deems necessary, just as the Founding Lawyers of the Constitution intended. They might as well have been Founding Mullahs, so perfect is the central power against you. And so helpless will you be against the coming infection unless you kill the Constitutional vector first.

Wave your banco-nationalist flags, my friends, and wonder why each victory seems to march us closer to the Islamic doom you fear. Widespread secession is your only hope, but that is the one path from which you flee in your Constitutional faith. Deprived of central control and power, secession leaves banco-nationalism fatally wounded, and along with it the reactionary energy which fed Marxism, and which now feeds Islam.

Yes, there will be consequences to secession. Some states, such as Michigan, will fall to Islam. Similarly, some states will fall to Christianity. Others will be reduced to cesspools of wounded bankers feeding on each other at last. But each of these will be powerless to infect the rest. Some states will fail of their own accord and become pits of despair which the good will flee. A few will prosper and act as beacons to the others. Far better than this vast gray paste of compliance we currently enjoy, don’t you think?

It really is that simple. Our centralized national power, essential to banco-nationalist control of our lives and fortunes in order to secure the blessings of imaginary liberty for themselves and their posterity, not yours, is our biggest weakness in the face of encroaching Islam. To fight one, you must first destroy the other. And then we all win.

Still clinging to that “damned piece of paper”, as one of our favorite Islam-fighting Presidents put it? Then get ready to pledge allegiance to those “Stars and Crescents”.

Tom Baugh is the author of Starving the Monkeys: Fight Back Smarter. He is also a former Marine, patented inventor, entrepreneur, professional irritant and a homeschooling parent.

My Answers To A University Student

April 11, 2011

By Chuck Baldwin

(Editor’s Note: Also read Who Should Be The State’s Mortal Enemy?)

I often receive inquiries from college and university students.
Contrary to the thinking of most older adults, I find a sizable number
of today’s youth much more constitutionally aware than are their
parents. I’ve traveled all over America and spoken to thousands of
high school and college age young people. My observation is this: the
youth of America have not rejected the message of liberty and
constitutional government; they haven’t HEARD the message of liberty
and constitutional government. When they do hear it, as often as not,
they embrace the message enthusiastically. If the Ron Paul Revolution
of 2008 proved anything, it proved that!

Recently, a student from a prestigious university wrote me with a
short list of questions for a thesis he is writing, which is entitled,
“The Effect of the Evangelical Movement on the 2008 Presidential
Election.” He reads my columns and was motivated to ask me to
contribute to his report. I am using today’s column to answer his

Question: “What, in your opinion, is the best way for the
government and religious organizations to interact?”

Answer: The best way for government and religious institutions to
interact is the same way that government and virtually all
institutions should interact: by the government staying the heck out
of their business!

Unfortunately, government at every level has grown into a monstrous
Nanny State that intimidates, coerces, and almost controls practically
every institution and organization (public and private) in America.
The number of government bureaucracies and enforcement agencies at the local, State, and federal levels is so gargantuan that it is
impossible to accurately keep track of them all. And it seems each
agency and department’s sole job is to justify its own existence by
harassing, intimidating, and manipulating individuals and
institutions. Nothing is different regarding religious institutions.
In order to stay on the smiley side of government (especially the
IRS), religious institutions have largely become the sheepish slaves
of the state.

Question: “How do you think the government keeps religious
organizations from affecting policy?”

Answer: I KNOW how the government keeps religious organizations from
affecting policy: through the IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporate
tax-exempt status that practically every church in America submits to.

The now infamous 501(c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) goes back to 1936 (the seeds of this Venus Fly Trap date back to
1872). But then-Senator Lyndon Johnson was the Dr. Frankenstein who, in 1954, unleashed this monster upon America. His motivation was: he did not like the way pastors and churches were opposing his liberal agenda, and he wanted to use the power of law to silence them. He, therefore, introduced verbiage to the IRC that churches were
prohibited from influencing political legislation and supporting
political campaigns, or risk losing their tax-exempt status.

Over time, fear of offending the 501(c)(3) criteria of the IRC has
been used to intimidate pastors and church leaders to the point that,
for all intents and purposes, they are “scared silly” to try and
affect meaningful change to government policy. The result: 300,000
evangelical churches are almost totally impotent to impact or change
American culture, societal conditions, or the political landscape.

Question: “Do you think an evangelical Christian organization
should have a political extension (i.e. lobbyists) of itself on
Capitol Hill?”

Answer: There are numerous organizations associated with the
“Religious Right” that have political lobbyists on Capitol Hill.
There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this. The problem comes when
the organization and lobbyists themselves become part of the “good
old boy” network that seems to be intricately associated with
cavorting with the power elite. What normally happens is, in order to
maintain the organization’s “seat at the table,” it quickly
compromises the principles that originally created it. And pretty
soon, instead of influencing Capitol Hill, the organization finds
itself influenced and manipulated by Capitol Hill. In essence, that is
the sordid story of how the Religious Right, which was so powerful
back in the 1980s, has become the impotent entity that we see today.

Question: “How do you think Christians use their faith to make
political decisions?”

Answer: Most Christians would have you believe that their faith is
very instrumental in making their political decisions. However, just
the opposite is true: the average Christian’s politics is void of
any genuine Christian faith. It seems, therefore, most Christians base
their political decisions on the principles of “pragmatism,”
choosing the “lesser of two evils,” or based wholly on political
partisanship. The last two Presidential elections are prime examples
of this unfortunate reality.

Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly supported George W. Bush in his reelection bid in 2004, despite Bush’s egregious departure from
conservative, constitutionalist principles throughout his first
administration. They, then, continued to blindly support Bush
throughout his second administration as he continued to promote
globalist, big government policies and agendas.

During the election of 2008, Christians supported big government CFR
candidate John McCain, even though McCain has a career track record of betrayal to true conservative principles. Notable Christian leaders
such as Focus on the Family’s James Dobson supported McCain, even
after publicly promising to “never” support him.

Over and over, election after election, Christians prove that they
will not let their Christianity get in the way of their politics.

Question: “How did evangelicals and conservatives have an effect on
the 2008 presidential election?”

Answer: As noted above, Christian conservatives, on the whole,
supported John McCain, even though they knew he would never be
faithful to conservative principles. However, in spite of the support
of evangelical leaders, many grassroots conservatives and
constitutionalists could not vote for McCain in good conscience. For
example, many Ron Paul conservatives voted for third party candidates
such as Bob Barr or myself, or didn’t vote at all. And this was true
of many conservative independents, as well. As a result, Barack Obama
won handily.

Question: “Why do evangelicals typically align themselves with the
Republican Party?”

Answer: I was the Executive Director of the Florida Moral Majority
back in the 1980s, and I witnessed the marriage between the GOP and
Christian conservatives up close. Without a doubt, the two terms of
President Ronald Reagan is the single biggest reason why Christian
conservatives are so enamored with the Republican Party today. Before
Reagan, the GOP was seen (properly) as a political extension of Big
Business. The Democrat Party was seen (properly) as a political
extension of Big Labor. Christians were critical of both parties and
approached each candidate on a more individual and objective basis.
Example: without a doubt, Christian conservatives elected Democrat
Jimmy Carter in 1976. Ronald Reagan changed all that. He obtained
almost god-like status in the thinking of many evangelicals.
Therefore, ever since Reagan, GOP stands for “God’s Own Party”
in the minds of many evangelicals. As a result, no matter how liberal,
socialist, or globalist a Republican Presidential nominee might be
now, most evangelicals will support him or her, simply because there
is an “R” behind the name. Mark it down: if the GOP nominates the
big government globalist chameleon and serial adulterer Newt Gingrich
as its Presidential candidate in 2012, most evangelicals will support

Question: “In your opinion, do you think it’s wrong for clergy to
endorse politicians from the pulpit, or in another leading function
within the congregation?”

Answer: Absolutely not! A clergyman did not lose his American
citizenship when he was ordained to the ministry. Again, this goes
back to Johnson’s 501(c)(3) monstrosity. Pastors have been duped and
intimidated into believing that they have no right to express their
personal opinions or convictions from the pulpit. This is historical
and constitutional balderdash!

Can one imagine colonial preachers John Leland, Jonas Clark, or John
Witherspoon being told by any State official what he could or could
not say, or what his church could or could not do, or whom he could or
could not support? What a joke! These men explained, extolled,
extrapolated, and engrained the Biblical Natural Law principles of
liberty so deeply into the minds and hearts of their congregants, that
when the time came, those Christian patriots stood on Lexington Green
and Concord Bridge and fired that shot heard ’round the world.

Question: “Is there a way that a church can become both a spiritual
and political organization? If so, which path do you think is best?”

Answer: Churches are not political institutions; they should never
desire to be. However, they are promoters of truth. And truth is
truth, whether it finds itself in the political arena or any other
arena. Pastors and churches are obligated to be faithful to the truth,
and let the chips fall where they may! The problem is, many pastors
and churches have purposely avoided truth when it butts up against
politics. Their fear of the IRS, or of being considered “politically
incorrect,” or of, perhaps, offending church members has made
cowards out of many of them. And as a result, our country is in the
calamitous condition that we see today.

Chuck Baldwin is a syndicated columnist, radio broadcaster, author, and pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded. He was the 2008 Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party. He and his wife, Connie, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Beliefs Versus Knowledge

March 25, 2011

by Russell Longcore

I wrote this article after watching a short video by Michael Rivero, Editor of Some of the words are his.

One should never believe anything. According to the dictionary, Belief is “the confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof.” Beliefs are an enslavement mechanism. When you are a small child they take you into Sunday School where they teach you to believe religious myths. They take you into schools where they teach you to believe in benevolent government myths. Just those two areas of myth…religion and government…form your world view and craft your presuppositions…the glasses you wear to look at the world. And from then on, the people in charge of maintaining those myths have you under their control. Because your personality grows up around those core beliefs, you become the thing you believe in…I AM a christian, I AM a Republican, I AM a Muslim. Your own identity becomes submerged beneath your belief systems. You are held in enslavement when you believe that the government is working for your benefit and with your interests in mind. You are a slave when organized religion of any stripe influences you to behave in any particular manner. Beliefs are the chains that hold free minds in slavery. No chain of iron ever held a human being tighter than the chains of their beliefs.

Believe nothing just because a so-called wise person said it.

Believe nothing just because a belief is generally and widely held.

Believe nothing just because it is written in ancient books.

Believe nothing just because it is said to be of divine origin.

Believe nothing just because someone else believes it.

Prove your beliefs by you yourself testing and judging what is true. At that point, your beliefs become knowledge.

Knowledge is “awareness, consciousness, or understanding gained by experience or learning.”

Avoid beliefs. Free yourself from beliefs. Your beliefs are your worst enemies. True human freedom is found in knowledge, and knowledge begets wisdom.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

The Impotent Church And Romans 13

March 17, 2011

By Chuck Baldwin

(Editor’s note: The importance of this article cannot be overstated. The churches of America…and the people that attend them…represent everything that is ill about America. Jesus called his people “sheep” for a reason, and the reason is that sheep are easily led and stupid.)

There are over 300,000 evangelical Christian churches in America.
That equates to tens of millions of professing Christians and hundreds
of thousands of Christian ministers. Think of the church sanctuaries,
educational facilities, schools, camps, radio broadcasts, television
programs, colleges, seminaries, preschools, youth retreats, etc., that
grace America. In some communities there is a church building on just
about every corner. In spite of this massive exposure to the modern
Church, however, the nation has been left virtually unaffected,
uninfluenced, and unimpressed.

In fact, one could make the argument that while America’s churches
have experienced unprecedented growth in membership and wealth during the last half-century, the country as a whole has simultaneously
nose-dived into corruption, deception, socialism, and even an
increasing federal despotism. How can this be? Where is the influence
for God, for good, and for liberty from these hundreds of thousands of
churches and multiplied millions of professing Christians–not to
mention billions of dollars raised and spent by these religious

For all intents and purposes, the modern American Church is
pathetically impotent! Not only has the American Church failed to
influence the nation to any significant degree, it has proven itself
to be ineffective in influencing its own membership!

Professing Christians today can be some of the most hateful,
spiteful, mean-spirited, slanderous, and vindictive people on the
planet. And I could give personal testimony as to just how
treacherous, disloyal, and cowardly these people can be. I can truly
understand why so many unsaved people never darken the door of a
church. After all I have seen and experienced inside the Church, I
don’t blame them.

How did this happen? It wasn’t always like this. In Colonial
America, churches were, without a doubt, the most influential,
powerful institution in the country. The Great Awakenings of the 18th
and 19th centuries were certainly among the most significant events in
early American history–literally changing the course of the nation
for decades. But not only has there been no “awakening” in the
20th (and now 21st) century, the Church seems to be totally
ineffectual–and content to be so.

Think of the power and influence of the prophets of old. Shoot! I can
even remember hearing powerful hell-fire-damnation preaching when I
was a youngster. I’m old enough to remember the brush arbor
meetings, the citywide revival crusades (when real revival broke out),
and the “saw dust trails.” Yes, I even remember attending revival
meetings in the very last Billy Sunday Tabernacle in Winona Lake,

Those days are gone!

Today’s churches are much about political correctness, preachers
stroking their congregations with sugar and honey, building financial
empires, prosperity theology, entertainment, social networking, and
fun and recreation. Some of the best politicians that money can buy
are not in State capitols; they are in church pulpits!

Again, how did this happen? Quickly, I believe there are two main
culprits: 1) the 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt corporation status
taken by most churches, and 2) the erroneous
Obey-The-Government-No-Matter-What interpretation of Romans chapter 13. These two monsters have all but destroyed real Holy
Spirit-controlled, fearless, history-changing revolution-Christianity
and turned it into this milquetoast religion we see today.

I will deal with the 501(c)(3) problem at another time. For now, I
want to focus on the Romans 13 problem. I just completed a four-part
video message series on “The True Meaning of Romans 13.” We put
all four video messages on ONE DVD. We did this so people could obtain
all four messages conveniently and inexpensively.

In this four-part video series, I delve deeply into the entire Word
of God to clarify the scriptural teaching of submission to civil
government. Scores and scores of Biblical references are examined. As
no Scripture is of any “private interpretation,” it is necessary
to research the entire Bible to properly interpret any passage,
including Romans 13. And that’s exactly what we did.

This four-part video message series might just be the most relevant
and important series I have ever delivered. Rather than trying to use
this series as a “fundraiser,” we put all four messages on ONE DVD
so people could afford to obtain multiple copies. I truly believe the
proper interpretation of Romans 13 could bring a revival of freedom
and liberty to these United States of America. I believe the proper
interpretation of Romans 13 could result in a spiritual revolution,
akin to what was experienced in Colonial America.

To order my four-part video message series, “The True Meaning Of
Romans 13,” on ONE DVD, go to:

The True Meaning of Romans 13

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, as we try to keep pace with

If the preachers of America would begin trumpeting the true meaning
of Romans 13 and exposing the evilness of the 501(c)(3) non-profit
corporation status, I truly believe America’s churches could once
again become the dynamic force for good and for God that they once
were. I pray this video message series will somewhat help accomplish
the first half of this revival formula.

Just imagine what could happen in this country if 300,000 churches
truly taught the Biblical, Natural Law principles of liberty and
submission, and would disentangle themselves from the enslaving
tentacles of the IRS! Imagine what could happen if only 30,000
churches would do it! If God would deliver Israel with Gideon’s 300,
I wonder how many churches it would take for God to deliver America?

(c) Chuck Baldwin

Chuck Baldwin is a syndicated columnist, radio broadcaster, author, and
pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded. He was the 2008 Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party. He and his wife, Connie, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Revolution Coming To A Nation Near You

February 3, 2011

or, Why Democracy Doesn’t Work In Most Of The World

by Russell D. Longcore

Events in Tunisia, Egypt and other Islamic nations are instructive. That is, if you don’t take your instruction from the Main Stream Media and Washington.

Revolution in Islamic countries is not going to result in democracies…whatever the hell THEY are. Washington has been propping up ruthless dictators for decades, and DC doesn’t want freedom, they want obedience. The only way Washington will support a “democratic government” is if DC chooses the candidates. Look what DC has done to undermine the Hamas government elected in Palestine. And will Washington cast aside their favorite thug Hosni Mubarak to support Mohamed El Baradei, the Nobel-Prize-winning former Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, who told the world that Saddam Hussein did not have nuclear weapons nor the ability to build them? Not likely…and certainly not voluntarily.

The Obama Administration appears confused by the events in Egypt, and powerless to effect change there. No matter what choice DC makes, it will be wrong. Except for one choice. DC could stop all foreign aid to Egypt. When donkeys fly…..

This is a reprint of a September 20, 2010 article entitled “Tribes v. Individuals.”

For most of recorded human history, people have organized their lives into tribes. The most recent forms of tyrannical governance around the world seek to either subjugate or destroy tribes. But those tyrannies don’t seem to understand tribes fully, even though tribalism is sprinkled throughout their lives.

I’m writing this to explain why you should care about tribes, and how your everyday life is affected by tribalism.

For the purpose of this article, I am going to loosely define the word “democracy” as “any form of governance that allows its members to vote on outcomes that affect the members.” So under this definition, even communist governance qualifies as democracy. And communist countries have not been any more successful dealing with tribes as any other democracy.

For the purpose of this article, the word “tribe” is defined as “a social group comprising numerous families, clans, or generations together with slaves, dependents, or adopted strangers all having a common character, occupation, or interest.”

The western democracies have the individual, the rest of the world has tribes. In democracies, individuals are sovereign. Citizens look for freedom in individuality. But in tribes, the tribe itself is sovereign. Tribesmen find freedom in the group…for the group. Tribes are not democracies, tribes are hierarchies. Tribes have a pecking order, and every member finds its place in that pecking order.

What characteristics define tribes?

• Warrior pride: Tribesmen are not soldiers, they are warriors. “Warrior” is their vocation. They fight for personal, family and tribal honor.
• Perpetual warfare: Tribes are in a constant state of war with other tribes. That is the story of the tribes of the American plains, the tribes of Africa, the tribes of the Old Testament, and the tribes of the “Stans”…Afghani-stan, Paki-stan, Uzbeki-stan, Kazakh-stan, Kyrgyz-stan, Tajiki-stan, Turkmeni-stan.
• Hostility to all outsiders: stems from the quest to perpetuate the tribe. Outsiders threaten the purity of the tribe.
• The obligation of revenge: Time means nothing to a tribe. To the Arabs, the Crusades happened yesterday.
• Suppression of women: Women are not normally allowed to be warriors, but stay within their traditional roles as wives and mothers. Tribes are patriarchic because warriors and tribal leaders are mostly men.
• A code of honor rather than a system of laws. Street gangs are little tribes, and this is the way they function…just like the Watusi and the Hutu of Africa.
• Extreme conservatism. Tribes hate change. Tribes revel in the old ways, and constantly protect the old ways from change.
• Unity with the land: Tribes know how to live off the land, not exploit it. This also means that tribes can subsist in desperate poverty while they fight the invader over time. No invader can defeat the poverty of the tribe.
• Patience: They know from centuries of experience that the invader usually wants immediate benefits, but eventually, they will tire and leave. This is the perfect soil for revenge, since no one stays on alert forever, and revenge can be exacted generations later.
• Capacity for hatred, which is distilled from the entire tribal experience.

Tribes around the world operate within these strictures to a greater or lesser degree. Tribes are the bedrock of human governance…the lowest common denominator of sorts. When some leader decides to unite the tribes under his own leadership, he attempts to build a nation. William Wallace of Scotland tried this, failing in his quest to unite the clans against England. He couldn’t get them to stop tribal squabbles long enough to throw off the tyranny of the English king.

And throughout human history, ambitious leaders have tried to defeat and domesticate tribes…many times to their own peril. Consider the Afghan tribes.

Afghan tribes killed Cyrus the Great of Persia, they defeated Alexander the Great in the 4th century, they defeated the British Empire twice in the 19th century, they defeated the Soviet Union’s Red Army in the 1980s, and are now in the process of kicking the American military’s asses.

Washington is now trying to subjugate the world’s largest tribe, the Pashtun of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Pashtun numbers over 40 million people. DC will not succeed with a couple hundred thousand soldiers on the ground.

Why should you care about tribes? How is your world affected by the tribe?

One of the reasons that Islam is so popular in the world’s tribes is that Islam and tribes have identical values. Islam was created by a tribal leader. Tribal virtues are Islamic virtues. So Islam and the tribe have identical values, and give the same psychological payoff to the adherents. Islam is tribalism writ large. Islam layers on the expansionist evangelical element to tribalism it never had before. Now the warrior code mixes with the hostility to everyone outside the tribe, and now the outsiders are infidels to conquer, subjugate or kill. This is not to say that all Islamists wish to kill infidels, any more than all Christians wish to kill unbelievers. But both are evangelical and both have fringe elements that are hostile to outsiders.

Curiously, Westerners love tribalism in some ways, and fight against it in others.

Westerners teach their armies tribal virtues. The West teaches their police tribal virtues. Football coaches teach their players tribal virtues. But then when it comes to interaction with the tribes of the world, the West seems to forget tribal customs and characteristics entirely. Washington DC doesn’t seem to even notice tribalism’s hostility to democracy as it attempts to force democracy upon the tribes of the Middle East. Consequently, America became embroiled in a war with Middle Eastern tribes from which it cannot extricate itself without admitting defeat…an admission that the haughty DC cannot abide. The USA cannot ever subjugate the Arab and Persian tribes, no matter how much money they waste, nor how many years they keep troops on the ground. So, if you have friends or family in the US military, tribalism affects you because the US military can NEVER defeat the tribes. Your family and friends are simply the raw flesh fed into a meat grinder. And your income, stolen from you at the point of a gun, is burned up in an effort that can never succeed.

Things are the way they are with tribes and we are not going to change them. There will likely NEVER be a successful, long term representative democracy in Islamic countries because democracy is about the individual, and Islam is about the tribe.

So, when some state of the Union secedes, and begins to interact with the other nations of the world for trade, it should understand what tribes understand:

• Power: tribes understand superior power. If you have it, you gain advantage. But they also understand…
• Time.
• Other Tribes: they know tribalism, so they know how tribes function.
• A Deal: Look around the world at tribes. They are all shrewd negotiators. They love a good deal. Deals have mutual benefits.

Any new nation, born of secession, should work with tribalism and not against it. That sensitivity to a culture not its own will stand the new nation in great stead with tribes, and will build a reputation as a trustworthy nation. Such a reputation sets it apart from the dastardly American government in DC.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.