DumpDC Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

DumpDC Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

By Russell D. Longcore

Yep. You read it right. DumpDC is endorsing Hillary for President.

Our Next President?

Our Next President?

Now, let me lay out my argument so you can see the genius of this position.

Remember that the overarching reason for the existence of DumpDC is to promote state secession from the United States of America. So if you are reading this article, expecting me to promote the health and wellness of the USA, stop reading right now. You will not find that here.

The accepted premise for the every-four-year presidential dance is to find the best person to be President. Isn’t it? But out of 320 million people, there are usually only about 20 or less that take it seriously enough to commit to becoming a potential candidate. Most assuredly, these candidates cannot be the best the nation has to offer.

Are these few people TRULY the best, most qualified candidates to become President of the United States? How do Americans determine who is best? How does each political party determine who is best?

There seems to be a separation here between perception and reality. Most VOTERS think that the President is the leader of the entire Washington government, the embodiment of the Executive branch of the Constitutional government, the leader of the political party from which he/she springs, and the leader of the nation. And who would be the best person to occupy this Oval Office chair? Wouldn’t it be the person who sticks most closely to the Constitution, our founding document?

Let’s not bullshit each other here. Let’s acknowledge the reality of how DC works. The elected officeholders in Congress and in the White House all take an oath of office in which they swear to “protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Then they spend most of their time violating that Constitution.

They vote to spend hundreds of billions of dollars annually that are authorized nowhere in the Constitution. They enact unconstitutional laws. They created gigantic bureaucracies that over time have mushroomed into the liberty-stealing, money-wasting, entitlement-growing leviathans we have all come to despise. They foment wars and conflict all over the globe as an extension of Washington’s foreign policy. And finally, they work in concert to spread inflation around the planet by borrowing and spending more and more and more.

So, if we are going to be intellectually honest about the workings of Washington DC, and the kind of person who makes it work the way it actually works…we need to stop seeking candidates who SAY they support the Constitution. We need to look at those candidates’ experience…not what they SAY, but what they have actually done in their political careers. And therefore, we need to find the candidate or candidates whose experience most closely matches HOW WASHINGTON ACTUALLY WORKS.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present for your consideration, the most qualified candidate for the Presidency of the United States in the past 50 years…

Hillary Clinton.

Just look at this resume.

Hillary grew up in the home of a politically active Republican, her father Hugh Rodham. She was also a volunteer in the campaigns of Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon. So she has been on both sides of the political landscape.

Wellesley College feminist – got a BA in Political Science. Her senior thesis was a critique of the writings of Socialist political activist Saul Alinsky, who wrote the book “Rules For Radicals” in 1971. Hillary begins her migration into being a government “policy wonk.”

Yale law degree – by 1972, she had moved philosophically to the Democratic Party, and she and her fiancé Bill Clinton worked on the campaign staff for Presidential candidate George McGovern. She and Bill married in 1975.

Partner in Rose Law Firm – by 1975 Bill was Arkansas Attorney General, and she joined the prestigious Rose Law Firm. She worked mostly on intellectual property law and patent infringement. So she has a smattering of experience of actually owning a business.

Governor’s wife – Bill becomes Governor of Arkansas in 1978. She was First Lady of Arkansas for twelve years. Governors are the CEO of a state, much like a President, and during those twelve years, she was an insider to running state government.

First Lady of the United States – Bill became president in 1993, and for eight years, Hillary is First Lady. Once again, a cunning lawyer is at the apex of power…without having to get elected. But by now, she is an old hand at statewide and national campaigning, having campaigned with Bill for decades.

New York Senator – Another campaign, this time for herself, which she wins handily in 2000. She keeps her Senate seat until 2008.

Presidential Candidate – Hillary campaigns for the Democratic Presidential candidacy in 2008. Barack Obama wins, she loses. She tastes defeat.

Secretary of State – In a brilliant political move, Obama picks her as his Secretary of State. Obama neuters a political enemy and she becomes the face of US foreign policy all over the planet. No other candidate has this kind of diplomatic experience.

Immune to Scandal – Remember all the “bimbo eruptions” of Bill’s presidential candidacy? Remember Gennifer Flowers? Remember the murder of Vince Foster? Remember Benghazi? Remember Monica Lewinski and Bill’s blow jobs in the Oval Office? Remember the email hard drive that she had wiped clean to destroy any evidence against her unlawful use of an email account other than the State Department account? There is no scandal so low or tawdry that it will divert Hillary from what she wants. In a government in which most of what you do is unlawful, a conscience is a bother.

Unencumbered by Conscience – refer back to the last paragraph. Scandals like Benghazi and the murder of Vince Foster point to a political sociopath of world-class proportion. And remember… ALL politicians are sociopaths. Read this link. link Politician Personality Disorder aka Sociopathy If the perfect Presidential candidate is an advanced sociopath, Hillary is your girl.

Let’s Look At Hillary’s Competition.

I will not go though the individual candidates, but let’s consider them as a group. There will be a couple Governors, which will be OK, since each of them was a state CEO. There might be a Vice President. There are a few Senators, have not been in the Senate very long. There may arise a Congressman or two. And there might even be a doctor who thinks he wants to be President, and has absolutely no experience whatsoever.

NOT ONE of the Republican candidates is serious about radically transforming Washington into a place that honors the Constitution. If even ONE of the candidates pledged to return DC to only spending money authorized by the Constitution, he might be worth support. But you and I know that every one of the Republican candidates wants to attain the Presidency of the US…just as it is, without much change. And even if one of the candidates DID make Constitutionality his cause, 535 members of Congress would fight it, along with every lobbyist who makes his living from unconstitutional spending.

Any Democratic Party candidates will flog the same issues that Hillary does, so then the Dem race becomes a popularity contest.

The Conclusions

1. The Federal Government in Washington is going to collapse when the US Dollar is replaced as the world reserve currency.
2. State secession is the highest and best solution to end statism and re-institute individual liberty and property rights.
3. Bringing DC to collapse as soon as possible will cause secession.
4. In order to accelerate the collapse, the best president will be the person who is the most pro-government and most anti-liberty.

Hillary Clinton is the obviously superior candidate to accelerate and preside over the end of the United States Of America.

DumpDC enthusiastically supports Hillary Clinton For President.

14 Responses to DumpDC Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

  1. s423dr says:


    • Andrew Essen says:

      In a system of devils is it always better to choose the least of perceived evils. Progressive thinking does not necessarily mean we must vote for something with the idea that we gain a benefit. The ethical argument follows the American mindset with fully not understanding the revolving door of the senate and judiciary, The federal government calls the American consumer a Lockean thinker and predicts its policies to be disbursed among the multitude accordingly. Hilary has a mandate, they all do and it is not in your best interests to embrace the doctrine of convenience for reality. It is better that you understand that as they all deeply know. That if the franchised consumer voter knew what they were really up to, they would as reportedly attributed to Bush Sr, be chased down the street and lynched in an instant. So what is it people cannot believe of these sociopaths with an ethic that has a mandate derived and administered from the club of Rome. Choose your poison well for there are many agencies with many tools to ensure you drink of it.

  2. M B says:

    I can’t do it Captain! I just can’t

  3. Bud Wood says:

    Your essay, here, is both perceptive and right-on. For months I have had the same opinion. Athough that opinion seems at odds with the consensus, I agree that it makes a lot of sense.

  4. Knuck says:

    Grease the skids!

  5. dharrison14 says:

    I agree 100%. As it stands now, we are on a course of fundamental transformation of the USA, trading individual liberty for the collective good, reliance on self for reliance on government, the confiscation of personal wealth for redistribution to those who did not earn it, the world’s best private medical system to forced participation in Obama Care.

    Over the last 100 or so years, the USA has been drifting away from a Democratic Republic with 50 strong states, to a Democracy with strong Federal government and weakened states. Our mostly corrupt political class has been trading votes for goodies many decades now, and as has been pointed out, children will always vote for Santa Claus, and the children are perilously close to out numbering the elves (Taxpayers), which will be voted into perpetual servitude soon. To quote Jefferson:“The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

    The unvarnished truth is far too many people will vote themselves the the blood, sweat and property of others in the name of “fairness”, too many fall into the easy trap of class warfare, and rather that get off their posteriors and make a living they plunder the the wealth of those perceived to be wealthy by legalizing theft!! It is for this reason the founders abhorred Democracy and insisted the USA was a Democratic Republic with QUALIFIED voters. It’s obvious that the USA, as it exists today, is rapidly accelerating toward a Marxist totalitarian state. The NSA and Homeland Security could implement a Soviet style state at the direction of a rouge president and willing or passive congress under the cloak of National Security and we the people won’t know until the trap is sprung. Can anyone see a light at the end of this tunnel that has a happy outcome? Like a school of mad Piranha feverishly devouring the carcass of some hapless victim, the growing dependent class in America is devouring the wealth of the most powerful, productive country the world has ever seen. THIS IS BY DESIGN! The strategy of breaking the U.S. financially via social giveaway programs was devised over 40 years ago by Statist Utopians and their liberal, leftist lackeys.

    It’s imperative that as many states as possible secede as quickly as possible with the U.S. constitution as the governing document, and form a union of Constitutional states, true to the original intent of the founders.

    As repugnant as the dissolution of the USA is, one recognizes that occasionally a wound is so great a limb must be amputated to save a life. I’m open for someone to tell me I’m wrong and explain how we can insure the survival of the Constitution and our Republic otherwise.
    Dan H.

    • DAN III says:

      “insure the survival of the Constitution”

      Dan H, the Constitution is DEAD. Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5. Read it. Then look at the usurper in the West Wing. What more does one need to know ?

      The Constitution is DEAD !

  6. Still trying out here. But agree time is short. Best of luck to all of us.

  7. Ned says:

    Worse is better, Comrade, worse is better. Hillary all the way. An enthusiastic thumb up.

  8. tom daly says:

    Genius. Sheer genius. I like it. You slay me. This is great.

  9. I agree. She must be elevated to Her Majesty at once. There are a few others that would be better, for example I saw the new favorite “Prius” bumpersticker “Obama 2016- Now More than Ever!”

    But Hilliary will do.

  10. Paul Bonneau says:

    The corollary was that Ron Paul would have been the worst possible candidate, a position I argued here (a while back, of course):

    I agree, Hillary is best for the job. One other point: if there is any one person who can make a better gun salesperson than Obama, it is Hillary.

    The guys over at Western Rifle Shooters appear to be warming up to the notion of President Hillary. It makes sense when you think of it.

    Although I have to say, I will have a hard time voting at all, since I gave up on the practice.

  11. Paul Bonneau says:

    How about bumperstickers to put on your car? Something like, “Vote for Hillary – We need a Revolution”. Think up your own, keep it pithy…

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