The Logical Solution to American Race Relations

The Logical Solution To American Race Relations

by Fred Reed

Editor’s Note: Fred Reed is likely too smart for any room into which he walks. This article honors logic and true human nature, not political correctness.)

The Logical Solution to American Race Relations

2 Responses to The Logical Solution to American Race Relations

  1. Bud Wood says:

    The big question is why didn’t those planters pick their own cotton. We collectively would live in much better surroundings. But, as often is observed, the sons pay for the sins of their fathers.
    I live in a small town, about (80 miles) from the nearest metro area. There are caucasians and hispanics and a few orientals here, and we seem to get along very well. Thus, it appears that there has been a somewhat natural separation of many of us from the predominately black underclass.
    I believe in what I term “ancestor memory”. You may call it instinct. Regardless, it seems my past memories tells me that different people represented threats. And present observations tell me that some different people represent cooperation. It appears that I have made a correct decision, moving here.

  2. Choir Loft says:

    As a victim of the ‘knock out game’, I think I can clearly agree with the opinion of those who believe the level of anti-white violence is rising. One of the reasons its rising is that there are no cool heads prevailing in the ranks of negro congregations. When Martin Luther King died, all sanity died with him. The negro ‘movement’ is more like something from the bowels and fist than the head and heart. Political opportunists like Sharpton and Jackson fan the flames of hatred and division rather than peace and coexistence.

    We deserve what is happening to us because our sympathy for black types allows them to justify any act for any reason. Unfortunately the backlash will be as counter productive as the negro offense. No one will win when revenge rules the day. Forgiveness must be preceded with admission of guilt and a genuine desire for peace. That will not come in the foreseeable future.

    and that’s just me, hollering from the choir loft…

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