The Death Of The Dollar 6 of 6

First Thessalonians 5:3 says: “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”

Could 2015 be the year that we see The Death Of The Dollar? Watch this final part of a six-part series. But before it’s done, start buying one-ounce silver coins and any size gold coins you can afford.

2 Responses to The Death Of The Dollar 6 of 6

  1. Choir Loft says:

    There are several sources of bleak predictions of our financial future – of which this is one. Others include Biblical prophecies, like the Harbinger and Shemitah, as well as their cousins on the lunatic fringe. But legitimate financial advisors, who have nothing to sell except their opinion, seem to agree. Everybody seems to paint a bleak picture and most point to the fall – September or October. The only ones who seem to disagree are media types and their puppet masters from the Federal Reserve.
    Is there no one with a valid positive outlook?

    and that’s just me, hollering from the choir loft…

  2. Dean Striker says:

    I had, but totally cancelled, my parallel website at, because sites trigger wordpress logins to themselves rather than to my domain sites and

    Therefore, it would be far preferable to have your notices to your own domain Then I’d also like to see you accommodate comments/blogging on your domain! Perhaps Discus commenting might better suit your purposes? I’m not using Discus on my websites at present, but I do like it’s “noticing” features

    Your viewpoints along with your domain are right at the top my list, but help us with the tools with which us fans can boost you. I know you are busy with also running your newer business, but we need to have better ways of working with and for you!

    Best Regards

    Dean Striker (M101 is now merged into NoRuler, domain may be dropped someday)

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