DumpDC Is Changing Once Again!

DumpDC has had a roller coaster ride in 2014. Got hacked. Somebody shut down DumpDC back in September and I did not know about it for about two weeks after it happened. Took me three months to sort it out, and I am not convinced that we have solved all the issue. We may have lost a bunch of articles…still looking for them.

We are roaring back into the fray.

So bookmark http://www.DumpDC.com

DumpDC will be changing its look and feel. And you will have access to the Archive, which contains literally thousands of articles on SECESSION.

Thanks for following DumpDC since 2009.

Russell D. Longcore
Owner and Editor

3 Responses to DumpDC Is Changing Once Again!

  1. Dean Striker says:

    So pleased to see you getting DumpDC back together. I was so disappointed to watch your focus drift from secessesion to your business. I have long seen you as our leader in the good cause.

    I also went thru some hairy times with hackers over a year ago, who managed to virtually shut down my no-ruler.net, and it cost me a couple of long scary months to get it all back together. FWIW, ’twas plugin WordFence that enabled getting things back to normal and keeping it straight. Well worth the small price.

    We of the Liberty bent are all on a long hard road with miles to go before we sleep! I’m with you!

  2. Charles Kimbrough says:

    So Russ. Do we know who hacked this site? Was it the Republicans or the Democrats or both. After all they do work together. Always remember and never forget it has been Republicans and Democrats working together that have put this country in the horrendous shape it is in. Communo-Corporatists all.

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