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By Russell D. Longcore

The title is what cops say to gapers and rubberneckers at accident scenes. And I’m telling you that this story about secession petitions is a non-story. But I could be wrong. Happened before…

I was on the air Monday on WJCN 1360 am in Philadelphia from 3:00 to 4:00, being interviewed about secession. Loved it…caught some drive time listeners. The host, Susan Payne, was all excited about the story she had seen about secession petitions that have been sent to the White House. She mentioned a Washington Post article about the petitions. She asked me to comment.

I read the Washington Post article which quotes excerpts from the Alabama secession petition. Then I went to the website and actually read all the petitions. And nearly all of them are written incorrectly, beginning thus: “We petition the Obama Administration to Peacefully grant the State of _______ to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own new government.”

That is not the method whereby a state secedes. This is tantamount to an employer asking his employee for permission to fire the employee. Although the petitioners and signatories are sincere in their desires, they exhibit a breathtaking ignorance of history, law and the Constitution. I am also a product of government schools, but I did not stop reading books when I received my high school diploma. So while I would like to blame Federal schools for the mind-numbed populace, the numbing was self-inflicted by “Them The People.”

Reminds me of the Pink Floyd song, “Comfortably Numb”… “Just a little pin prick…..”

There are certain states that do not need to ask permission to secede from the Union because the Federal Government in Washington DC is not a party to the agreement between the states. DC has no standing, as they say in court proceedings. Any state properly secedes when it prepares an Ordinance of Secession and presents it to the other states.

An Ordinance of Secession is not a petition. It is a declaration of independence that revokes and dissolves the union between that state and the other states.

I can assure you that these petitions are not being taken seriously in Washington. Fact is, they welcome the diversion from the CIA Petraeus story.

A crucial point sprang into my bourbon-sotted mind as I wrote this article. The US Constitution was written and ratified (allegedly) by the thirteen sovereign nations that were the original thirteen colonies that fought and won the First North America Secession of 1776. Get it? Thirteen nations…not 50. Later, West Virginia was carved out of the State of Virginia by Lincoln and his cronies. Texas was a sovereign nation when it was granted statehood. And Hawaii was a sovereign nation that was overthrown by DC and stolen. ALL THE REST of the states that now exist WERE NOT NATIONS prior to their statehood. Some states were formed when sovereign nations actually DONATED land to the Federal Government. Most of the states were TERRITORIES, and not sovereign nations. And the territories were owned by Washington DC.¹

A reasonable argument could be made that any current state that was not a sovereign nation at the time it was granted statehood might have a difficult time seceding from the United States of America and getting shed of Washington. Understand that I am not an attorney, and I’m only offering my opinion on this date. I have not read the State Constitutions of any of the US States. More information may come to me that will cause me to change this opinion.

Looks to me like Texas is the front runner in the race to be a new nation!

Dump DC: Six Letters That Can Change History.

Copyright 2012: Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

¹ Wikipedia – List of US States by Date of Statehood

14 Responses to Keep Moving Folks. Nothing To See Here.

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  2. Jared says:

    With all due respect, Russell, these petitions – with all their flaws – have more than likely done more to help along the actual possibility of secession than DumpDC has been able to do in 3 years. No, they are not perfect, but we need to be finding ways to build off these, not point out the imperfections. You and everyone else who has been agitating for state secession all along should be jumping for joy over this.

    It’s just amazing to me how many folks on our side are taking the time to nitpick at these petitions, rather than trying to seize the opportunity to turn them into something meaningful. The number of signatures may not mean a hill of beans to the White House or DC, but they can do wonders in the hearts and minds of the people in these states. While it’s true that we need to point out that actual secession must come from another channel, it would behoove our cause to fully endorse the signing of these petitions as a PR tool for secession.

    • dumpdc says:

      Jared- You may rejoice in the fact that the petitions exist, and that they have gotten lots of press. OK. DumpDC is the premier secessionist website on the planet. If we do not point out the correct ways to secede, who the hell will? I will definitely not endorse these petitions. I will keep writing just like I do now. Thanks for writing to us. Russ

  3. Michael Hill says:

    The other 37 States have the same rights, including the right of secession, that the original 13 have. It’s called the “equal footing” doctrine.

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear Michael- If you were to write an article about the “Equal Footing Doctrine,” I would be delighted to feature it here. We get north of 3,000 visitors a day. Perhaps that could help your own efforts. Cheers, Russ

  4. Mary Washburn says:

    My thinking is this, Russell.

    The citizens who care have gone every route possible to stop this train wreck with NO HELP from the mainstream media. None was expected so no one was surprised. Worse than that, every governmental office, department, agency, and our courts turned deaf ears to legitimate pleas. EVERY section of our “government” was deaf. What the public WAS surprised about was that so many of our mainstream “leaders” are so totally incompetent, non-caring, ignorant, or otherwise distracted that they dropped the ball completely and allowed our nation to be outwitted by a bunch of street thugs in business suits.

    When our government, our leaders, DO NOT respond, what would you have “the people” do? Roll over and play dead? Surely you have not recently been in the regular citizens’ shoes. This is NOT reducing any citizen’s attention away from the Libya problem, but is a result of and a call for SOME DECENT action on the part of what we laughingly call LEADERS.

    I believe those of us who ARE interested in the petitions are taking PEACEFUL strong exception to what is going on in DC rather than seeming to approve and rather than resorting to violence.

    You are a strong voice, and I respect you for that. This article, however, felt like a low blow we did not need.

    • dumpdc says:

      Ms. Washburn- Sorry to hear that you think this is a low blow. I consider it a standard. If I do not write about what the proper way to secede is, who is going to? Cheers, Russ

  5. Ken says:

    These petitions amount to poking the beast with a stick. So some groups of slaves ask their master to let them free. How do you think DC will respond? But O & his minions will take the opportunity to spread the propaganda that states can never seceed, for any reason.

  6. Jackson says:

    I have researched the claim, often made by Texans, that only Texas was an independent nation prior to joining the Union. It’s a Texas Tall Tale, and it’s not true.

    You’ve done much better by recognizing Hawaii. That one’s pretty obvious. But American history is a lot more complicated. Here are a few others.

    Vermont was a independent Republic for quite a while before being admitted as the 14th State. They coined their own money, had their own legislature.

    California declared independence as “The Great Bear Republic” prior to joining the US as a State. The period of independence was short lived, but it did happen. The Bear on the California state flag is an homage to this short lived period.

    The Bonnie Blue flag, beloved by secessionists everywhere, is famous for being used in the Civil War, but actually predates that conflict and was originally the flag of the Republic of West Florida, which was also short lived.

    While no states have seceded from the USA successfully, several territories have. Cuba and the Phillipines were both trust territories of the USA at one point. Now they are independent nations. Some of the island nations in the Pacific have transitioned to full independence in the last 25 years, from trust territory status. Specifically:
    the Republic of the Marshall Islands (MH)
    the Federated States of Micronesia (FM)
    the Republic of Palau (PW)

    And of course there are various Indian nations that had different levels of recognition and reality before their conquest by the USA.

    What happens to the Indian reservations in places like Wyoming if they secede? The tribes have treaties with the Federal Government, not the States in most cases. The remaining Indian nations are largely a creation of the Federal government. Would newly freed States feel any need to honor those agreements? Would Indian Nations within the borders of a newly Sovereign States recognize the authority of that state?

  7. reinkefj says:

    I would point out that only North Dakota has a “state bank”. That’s an essential part to leave the USA. The Federal Reserve System and the US Dollar need to be “corrected” in order to be prepared for independence. The big question is will the Federal Gooferment roll tanks to hold the Union together? Personally, I think NH will be the first one out. The Free State Project is making headway. (imho)

    • dumpdc says:

      Mr. Reinke- No, DC will not roll tanks. The beginnings of secessions won’t happen until after the economic collapse. After that, DC will allow anybody who wishes to secede to go peacefully. Russ

  8. Andrew says:

    ‘I would point out that only North Dakota has a “state bank”. That’s an essential part to leave the USA. The Federal Reserve System and the US Dollar need to be “corrected” in order to be prepared for independence.”

    I will not migrate to a state which allows a central bank to exist.

    Money and banks should be subject to the discipline of competition and profit / loss incentives of free markets. I personally favor weight-designated units of silver and gold, and I reckon they would emerge as the currencies of choice quite naturally and in short order.

    Alternative virtual currencies such as bitcoin, while lacking certain properties of ideal money, might also arise to fulfill temporary or specific market demands,such as anonymity, imperviousness to physical theft, and instant transportability regardless of distance.

    The relevant point is that any coercive entity, such as government, should be barred from meddling in the market for honest stable money, other than to adjudicate contracts and enforce laws against fraud and theft.

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