They Have To Lie…It’s Required

By Russell D. Longcore

I watched the presidential debate Tuesday night from Hofstra University. This is actually the first debate I have watched from start to finish. I have a few thoughts, as you might expect.

Read the following text very carefully. Once you get a few words in, you will likely recognize it.

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers fro the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any For of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

This is from Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, paragraph two, the first two sentences. Look at the photos below. The text above is behind the candidates on the wall as artwork.


Bye now…we’re going to go braid each other’s hair and talk about boys.

While I was searching for these two photos, I discovered the same artwork in many of the “debate” venues going back many years. So I’m thinking that the Presidential Debate Commission used the D of I words over and over at debate venues.

Who cares? You should.

Those two sentences are ALL ABOUT REBELLION AND OVERTHROW of a tyrannical, despotic government. Later Jefferson writes that it is the DUTY of The People to “throw off such Government.”

Such powerful words and phrases should make the heart of every politician quake with fear of a People in their righteous indignation rising up and throwing off such government. It’s almost as if Washington’s power structure is saying “we DARE you” to the electorate. Or perhaps they are simply pointing out what chumps and suckers the American citizens are.

Instead, The People Fear the Government. The politicos brazenly hang the quote up behind themselves as wall art and blithely go about their despotic business. And what is that despotism, eloquently exhibited last evening by both candidates?

It Is Never Ending LIES in public. Then doing whatever the hell they like. Remember the old saying, “Hypocrisy is the homage that vice pays to virtue.”

Last night, both candidates lied every time they spoke. They were well-done lies…cleverly spoken lies…but lies nonetheless. Both candidates were Artful Dodgers last night. They spoke in wide generalizations and used connotation words…but almost NO SPECIFICS. Further, every subject touched last night concerning what each candidate would do is entirely outside whatever Constitutional restriction may have ever existed. In fact, the word “Constitution” was not used by either candidate, the moderator nor any person asking a question throughout the entire televised event.

Dear Readers, the entire American political system is built upon lies. To wit:

• The Constitution is our guide
• The Dollar is strong
• Banking is ethical
• America must defend itself abroad
• Voting is crucial to our political system
• Social Security and Medicare will be saved
• The unemployment rate is less than 8%
• Quantitative Easing helps America
• Anyone in the military is a hero
• Iran is working toward nuclear weapons
• China is a currency manipulator
• Politicians create jobs
• Washington wants to fix the immigration policy
• Israel is our ally
• And the list goes on and on and on

The American political system REQUIRES adherents to lie. Our monetary system, which is fiat currency and fractional reserve banking regulated by the Federal Reserve, is a total fraud. Any banking system that permits, even enforces a reserve amount less than 100%, is a lie. So, if you support a system built upon lies, does it not naturally flow that you must lie to maintain the system? Truth would bring the system down.

What would Americans do if the Presidential candidates told the truth about that list above?

• The Constitution has been dead since the early 1800s.
• The Dollar is going to collapse because Washington has borrowed too much, printed too much paper money and decoupled the Dollar from any underlying hard metal. The nations of the world are rejecting the Dollar as world reserve currency.
• Fractional reserve banking allows banks to create money from thin air.
• America is going bankrupt supporting troops around the globe and funding unnecessary military technology and hardware. Over 4,000 men died in combat in the Middle East for nothing.
• Social Security and Medicare are going insolvent and will accelerate.
• The real unemployment rate in America is over 20%.
• Borrowing half of the amount Washington spends is insane.
• Military personnel that obey unlawful orders are not heroes.
• Iran is only developing fissionable materials for electric power and medical technology, and that has been proven.
• China owns Washington entirely and DC knows it.
• Only the free market creates jobs, politicians only get in the way.
• Washington and its contributors LIKE illegal workers and don’t want to change it.
• Israel manipulates the White House and Congress at will because Israel knows that Christianity wants Jesus to return as the Messiah.

Wouldn’t we all expect that the American people would rise up and throw off such Government? No. There WAS a candidate that DID tell the truth about all those issues. His name is Dr. Ron Paul. Look where he is today.

Sadly, after 59 years on this planet, and an adulthood of watching politics in America, I hold no such hope. Americans don’t care. In fact, Americans LIKE being lied to. It that were not so, why would Americans enthusiastically support men like Obama or Romney, Ryan and Biden? Why would over 100 million go to the polls in November and vote AT ALL?

In the Free Republic of North America, we start out with truth. We write a truthful Charter. We establish a truthful government with limited, MEASURABLE duties. We outlaw a central bank and require 100% reserve banking. We create the Frona, a money of gold, silver and copper. We establish a citizen militia that stays within our borders.

Because FRONA is established in truth, our leaders cultivate and practice habits of truthfulness. Truth is revered and required to live in FRONA. Truth is the yardstick by which all human action is measured.

That is what you get when there are standards and morals in your country.

Secession is the only hope for mankind to enjoy individual liberty and property rights in North America.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Copyright 2012 Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly given, provided full credit is given.

21 Responses to Liars

  1. Wildflower says:

    good blog piece

    thank you for it all

    want to be adopted?

  2. Jean says:

    Meaning no offense, go back and look at how the Declaration is being used. Subliminally, it’s being used to PROVE how RIGHT this process is. How it is CORE to our ESSENTIAL LIBERTIES, if you will. The Declaration is being used to grant tacit approval – if you’re an American, you’ll choose one of them, as it’s been defined in our Declaration of Independence! {Please note, I am following the hyperbole, I know the format of our government was laid out in the Constitution, and was then adulterated. But our laws were menat for a moral people – not what we are now. I just want to address the obvious strawman / red herring ahead of time.}

    Personally I don’t see FRONA happening at all – I don’t mean to dispell dreams or aspirations, I agree with the intent – but that same human element that makes half the population unwilling to vote, and some percentage criminals (opportunists), or politicians (legalized thieves)… These same defects afflict us all. Some people think that DC is good… (I’m guessing they’ve never been there, or at least never gone outside tourist areas. Very different in NE Quadrant, and NorthWest Quadrant can get REALLY rough. Nice around the monuments, though.)

    It’s for the same reason revolution and secession are unlikely, and is laid out well in a few other pages:

    And while I can’t find it, the best was an anlysis of why revolution, secession, etc. are unlikely to happen by the vast majority of people: What is the turning point? When do we decide enough is enough? Nazi Germany didn’t start exterminating people as soon as they came to pwoer; it was a gradual progression, gaining power, offering hope, building war materials, deploying propaganda, etc, etc, etc. Had they been elected to power and announced they would disarm and arrest the Jews, no one would have tolerated it; but over time, worsening conditions, inducing helplessness combined with hope – q.v. “learned helplessness” – We ended up with WW2.
    This progression was known to the ancient Greeks (Socrates, IIRC – how societies form and devolve, from mobocracy to monarchy to tyranny to oligarchy to aristocracy to democracy to mobocracy (anarchy) again). Nothing new under the sun. The American sheeple will accept their pain because everyone knows, other sheep have it worse…

    The only solution is violence, and that doesn’t go well regardless. The dystopian fantasies need to be united: Judge Dredd + 1984 + Brave New World+ Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome + The time Machine + Freejack, put it in a blender, hit frappe – then take out the scum that floats to the top, bake it together: intrusive laws, crushing poverty, anarchy in some areas, excessive wealth in some areas, government-supplied drugs to keep the populace sedated (Likely in the food and water – think of how GMOs might interact with flouridated water, a la Michael Keaton’s “Batman” -> not a single source, but a million sources of contamination which then interact to form something new: each human turned into a chemical reactor on their own.

    And yes, we all wear tinfoil hats here. 😛
    Ever hear that truth is stranger than fiction?

    We have TOO MUCH information; TOO MUCH stimulation (so no one reads books); impure/processed food (creates new crises requiring government intervention -> naked power grabs), crippling taxes on HONEST wealth creation/salary (more government intrusion/power/control due to increased criminalization of the populace: criminality is the only way to get ahead, though, and the law makes it impossible to avoid comitting X felonies per day -> Everyone is a criminal, just need to catch them in the act -> more laws, more restrictions, more police, drones, cameras, etc, etc, etc….)

    I could go on, but I’m sure I sound looney enough already. Please bear in mind, though – NONE of this means CONSPIRACY. It can ALL happen individually. Town Sherriff needs more capacity to enforce laws, say against drugs. How does he control the drug shipments he knows are going through town? (And we’ll argue that this is valid, not manufactured drug trafficking.)
    Well, step 1 might be long-range cameras. Cameras are cheaper than drones, say. So we know how many cars are coming and going, and watch for the same cars passing through town, which are NOT registered in town. Next up, software: image recognition, facial recognition, etc. Do these cars have the same drivers each time? If not, we have targets; if so, we have smart criminals – but some get caught via past records / existing warrants from the facial recognition software. And no one outside of the sherriff’s office knows about this yet.
    Next step, traffickers up the ante – losing too many shipments, but cost:benefit shows no reason to change the route – CEO of the trafficking network doesn’t go to jail. He can recruit an easy dozen drivers, buy new cars – all cost of doing business. but now he sees an excessive cost developing, he’ll look into how to deal with this small-town sherriff: More weapons, maybe bribes, maybe murders, offering higher pay to drivers due to higher risk, etc. Some of these cause a response from the sherriff’s office: Budget for guns; more officers; Federal assistance, maybe; fewer “rights” because the honest citizens don’t need to worry, etc, etc, etc.
    Now we see traffic cameras used for law enforcement; more cameras; coordination across jurisdictions; more heavily-armed smugglers & more heavily armed (and heavy-handed responses) from the sheriff’s office and perhaps a new police office, perhaps a new SWAT team is needed, etc, etc, etc.
    No conspiracy, just escalation in a tiny locale – but the citizens are assured their government (sheriff/police) are protecting them, so it’s passed with public acclaim until suddenly… there are police roadblocks, drone aircraft, “DUI” checkpoints, spurious porbable cause to search vehicles, drug dogs (some trained to give positive responses regardless of contraband), the police budget is in the stratosphere, the police are socially respected as nigh-godly, and guess what? The drug pipeline became too costly along the way, the route was changed, and yet – the police state remains, manufacturing events (false flag, planted evidence, actual events blown out of proportion), and STILL the populace is somnambulent… Another decade or so before people realize what’s happened, that the drugs are still available, but the dealers are telling customers, “Cost is up, supplies are an issue, and I need to go to X to get more than a dime bag… Sorry, dude, no more party favors.”

    But even the police state is acceptable, beacuse it’s SO MUCH WORSE in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, DC, Newark, Hoboken, Boston, etc, etc, etc. Besides, only the criminals have anything to worry about…

    People forget that most DUI checkpoints don’t arrest for DUIs. They are money-making gimmicks for the state. Same for the no-knock warrants served by SWAT at 3 AM on a non-violent offence – which may or may not even occur at the correct address, or A correct address – “A” correct address meaning there was actually something illegal going on… Even if they were at the incorrect address (Say, Cambridge WAY instead of Cambridge ROAD in the same town, same house number. Perhaps expected meth lab and found pot. Validity of drug laws out of scope for this.)
    And of course, we all know that a 3 AM disturbance is the cops barging in to deliver a warrant to someone and not a criminal breaking in to terrorize and/or kill us, so we always surrender to the bright lights blinding us instead of attempting to shoot whoever is screaming at us, to protect our family and our selves…

    this could probably be fisked pretty easily – but no one wakes up and thinks, “I’m going to make a police state.” It grows organically as people become used to the “increased security” or the “terrorist threat” or the “war on {whatever}”, because it’s worse elsewhere, like Sweden, Greece, Brazil, et al. Anywhere that’s not HERE. We just need to trust the sheepdogs who are here to “serve and protect” and deploy “adequate force” in that task of protecting us from the “wolves” amongst us… Which is ALL of us, regardless of society – the first objective of government is to GOVERN – to CONTROL – FRONA, DC, Cuba, China, Nazi Germany, the tools change, the STATE is the same.

    Sorry for the over-long comment, I didn’t find an email.

    • dumpdc says:

      Jean- I will tell you the same thing I tell other writers who send me long tomes about how secession won’t work…stop bitching about what won’t work and come up with some ideas that will. That is, unless you are satisfied with totalitarianism. Russ

      • Jean says:

        1. I AM satisfied with totalitarianism, IF and ONLY IF I’m in charge. 😉 And I’d probably abdicate soon enough that no one would notice a difference.

        2. I was trying to make the point that most people WILL settle for totalitarianism, regardless of who is in power.

        The only other method for “reform” is, shall we say, unsavory.

        The act of secession might well work, for a time, but nothing happens in a vacuum, and I think that most people – inert when faced with totalitarian rule – will become an “organized” mob VERY quickly should the foundations be laid. I think the inert masses would react in fear and incite violence, just as a reaction to secession or civil war. More information, LESS education, fewer practical skills, no religious bearings, no answering for crimes: The people prefer their gilded cage, en masse, and will rebel against any attempt to force down that “red pill” that wakes them up.

        Don Quixote comes to mind.

        The potentially BEST solution, short term, is a Galt’s Gultch sort of country. That will last until TPTB decide to destroy it. solution to that is to hide inside a society, any society, and stay disentangled and free.
        That part I do not know how to do. Be a citizen of some minor nation? Travel the world indefinitely? How to get money (legally)?
        Each answer adds more questions.

        If we can do a secession, great. (I’ll probably end up behind enemy lines, but that’s why god gave us feet.) But I think it would play out as in “V” (V for Vendetta) – overwhelming force to crush the insurrection, leading to wide-scale revolution. the film did a very poor job of exposing the hardships of the country, and of what would follow that civil war, however.

        Totalitarian states always collapse under their own weight, evnetually. USSR, USA, won’t matter. The aftermath is the problem. If you’re willing to break the eggs anyway, wouldn’t a more direct solution be effective? though this may not be the bet forum to debate the merits…

        I am reminded of several captioned images, only the captions matter: “If voting could change anything, it would be illegal.” “Voting: The Slaves’ suggestion Box.” And from Stalin, “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

        Most people want their comfortable illusions – bread and circuses. The problem, I think, lies not so much in dealing with these inert masses, as finding a way AROUND them. Let them sit in their potty-chair (Idiocracy) and watch their “reality” TV, and a steady supply of beer and “food”, they’ll be happy. They’ll “rebel” only when you threaten them with actual WORK or EFFORT to achieve more than the base subsistence level.

        From that POV, it doesn’t matter where you live, what you want, what the laws are: The inertia of those around you is the problem, and most just aren’t interested in bettering themselves: Easier to tear down others.

        I think I’ve talked myself into an approach for me, though. I don’t really want to rule over others; I have enough trouble keeping my self under control, and have already found that people don’t want to be led (at least here in the US). Since I cannot remove the detritus from the society, I can remove myself from the detritus, then let the hoi-polloi whine away. No longer affects me. And once outside that rabble, the laws don’t apply anyway. The Cabinet members prove that… As does every cop out there.

        In that sense, does the flag even matter? Gadsden-Culpepper, Stars and Bars, Old Glory, even the hammer and sickle: All the same, just different BRANDS. The way to beat the brand wars is to opt out, yes? Maybe the same thing here, find a way to earn/maintain wealth that doesn’t result in a brand in our @$$ (AT&T, Verizon, Kraft, Monsanto, etc.) and go “walkabout”?

        Thoughts on how a personal secession might work? (Or is that beyond the scope of your blog? I’d prefer suggestions, but if that’s too far afield, google can hook me up, i’m sure. 😉 )

  3. Jean says:

    I lost a second overly-long somment, but I’ll summarize:
    FRONA, USA, CCCP, EU – what difference does it make? People being people, they are the PROBLEM. Beyond a certain scale, all accountability is lost – hence religion stepped in to fill the gap.

    Maybe that’s a better (more efficient anyway) method?

    (Disclaimer: I do not believe people are perfectable by outside law, nor by internal stuggle – but internal struggle works better, and relies on external force of religion and an all-powerful divine being of some kind. Anything coming from other humans is by definition corruptable – including the Bible, transalated from language to language with only the Church to translate and interpret – and that’s AFTER translation to the vulgar tongues, let alone Dark Ages.)

    BTW, unless the government answers directly – on pain of death – to the populace, it can and will grow, and insulate with bureaucracy – much like the rituals of European courts served to diffuse associations and make plotting rebellion difficult. Keep the Whigs against the Tories, the Angles against the Saxons, and that’s before talking court intrigues and jockeying for power…

    Depressing to think about. More damage is required in day-to-day life or people forget they are still nothing more than dust… (“Remember, man that thou arrt dust, and to dust thou shalt return.” – Ash Wednesday ritual of ashes.)

    • Jim Klein says:

      Jean, I didn’t have time to closely read your essays, but I did catch these two lines…

      “These same defects afflict us all.”


      “People being people, they are the PROBLEM.”

      My request is simple…could you please speak for yourself and not everyone else? You don’t know a thing about me for one, and I’m sure not very much about the 7 billion other people.

      Interestingly, you yourself come up with why secession IS possible…

      “It can ALL happen individually.”

      Well, alrighty then. If that’s true for the Bad Guys, then surely it’s true for the Good Guys, right? While I don’t know you either, my guess is that you’re working from a fundamentally flawed premise—that humans and human life are innately evil. The truth is exactly the opposite—human life is ALL that the good consists of, at least here on Earth.

      Indeed, we have to actually work to create the evil!

      • Jean says:

        While it’s true I don’t know the entire human population, I also do not need to eat the whole apple to know it is rotten.
        There are “good” humans out there. I’ve met some. But many are so tied up with self-interest and gain – look out for number 1- they won’t give a shit about hurting you.
        That only makes them human, not (necessarily) evil.

        Opting out, whether by beating the game or escaping the madness, seems like a good idea.
        Being too good to offend when offended does not give one the moral high ground however; it merely shows you’re an easy mark.

      • Jim Klein says:

        “But many are so tied up with self-interest and gain – look out for number 1-”

        Thanks for confirming my hunch…you’re working with a faulty fundamental premise. Maybe read “Man Alive!” over at

        “The good” MEANS self-interest and gain.

        “they won’t give a shit about hurting you.”

        Uh, no. When you work with a faulty premise, you draw faulty conclusions. When one cares about oneself, one WANTS to get along with others. One WANTS to derive benefits from the value they offer. One WANTS to offer value in return.

        Why? Because when one values oneself, the most important thing is being the best person one can be. Stealing, looting, mooching–just generally treating others as some different sort of creature than oneself–leads to self-loathing, and self-loathing is the WORST thing one can experience.

        But that wouldn’t matter unless one valued oneself in the first place. You’ve fallen for the con of the ages, along with most everyone else. When people wake up, the dawn will come.

      • Jean says:

        I do not think it is a faulty premise – some people’s self interest revolves around hurting and harming others. They may benefit from harming you, too – they undermine you or interfere with your project at work. After all, there’s only ONE promotion available…
        There may be an issue with definition of terms here. I disagree that self-interest and gain are innately good, which seems to be YOUR premise – correct me if I’m wrong.
        So, would you concur that “Greed is good”? After all, it’s in MY self interest to be wealthy, correct? If I’m wealthy ENOUGH, I can perform great acts of charity to those who do not have ENOUGH.

        Make sense so far? Examples are Bill Gates and Donald Trump. VERY wealthy, acted in their own self-interest, able to give billions to charity if they choose (Not going to look up actual numbers, but the Bill gates Foundation gives a great deal every year, and Donald Trump donates a great deal every year. Precise numbers are irrelevant.)
        So – who decides when I have ENOUGH? The bum with his hand out on the street, who refuses to get educated or work at a job? Someone who dropped out of high school, say, without even being in the criminal element (so no alternative income stream or drive, ever). Or would someone like Donald Trump decide? Or Barack Obama? Hillary Clinton? A second-grade teacher from a parochial school? Public school janitor? YOU?

        I believe we must own the product of our own work. Anything else is a swindle by those who would control (rule) us.Tithing comes to mind – Mother Church swindling her flock to ensure she always has enough money – gold chalices, tabernacle, Bishop’s crozier, patens, incense (real incense from the tree resin), etc, etc, etc.
        No different from Mother USSA tithing 30+% of our income, except the Church’s tithing holds ransom your immortal soul, while the Secular God holds hostage your life. Don’t believe me, just try not paying your taxes, if you’re not “connected.”

        Now, tell me again: Are other people actually out to exchange value, effectively interacting in a free market? That seems to be your premise, which dovetails very nicely with the Liberal premise that no one commits crime without being poor, crazy, or other victim of circumstance. This is DEMONSTRABLY wrong, by the way – which is why sites like this EXIST. and Police one (you’ll have to google it, but that’s a PRO-police site – see how they talk about us as “civilians”… Then tell me all people are inherently GOOD again.)

        Some percentage of the population is born specifically deviant or defective. These people will always exist – psychopathic from birth, they feel no remorse for evil actions, no empathy, no sympathy – they are incapable of it, mentally deficient in a legal sense. They KNOW they are hurting others; they just don’t care. This is the type of child who murders small animals, and as an adult will be a serial killer or mass murderer, just because. They are a small but known portion of the population. Hurting others IS their self-interest. And by definition, if they want something you have, killing you is an acceptable way to obtain it.

        Yet all people are born good?
        Who are you trying to con here? Do you live in the civilized world? Obviously you don’t live in the UNcivilized world, or you couldn’t lie to yourself this way: reality would make you see otherwise, or go extinct. Civilized world would have formed with Adam and Eve if humans were born inherently good, and most (all?) the major religions, and most minor ones, would be out of work. Crime would not exist; Cain and Abel would not be known… you get the idea.

        Have you ever lashed out in anger? Perhaps had a rough day, gone home and yelled at the wife / children / dog? Picked a fight with someone over nothing, or even something that on any other day, you’d ignore? Those emotions play a part in our actions, too.

        I’ll concede people are not born inherently EVIL, generally (born psychopaths an obvious issue), but I think like most animals, we are born inherently SELFISH. Without selfishness, we inherently STARVE. Law of the jungle made manifest: if you don’t kill something and eat, you die. This does not preclude feeding the pack (society: TRIBE) at the same time: we recognize strength in numbers, and cooperation. Our current society (multiculturalism) is cobbled-together, enforced conforming to “anything goes.” So, if I am a Thug (plural Thuggee, an Indian religious “cult” dedicated to worshiping the goddess Kali in her destructive form, and wiped out by / during the British colonial period), I should be allowed to strangle people as a sacrifice. It’s my RELIGION, I am ORDERED to do this. (And they need to be strangled, BTW, as spilling blood starts rebirth, instead of destruction.)

        Our Judeo-Christian heritage makes this whole thing repugnant in America, but as a key counter-point, Islam converts by the sword or by demographic conversion: They either wage war to convert the infidels, or they move in and proselytize to convert, and then when the infidels band together to suppress this conversion and demographic influx, they are permitted to wage JIHAD on their OPPRESSORS. (Surahs – look ’em up. 😛 )

        Are we to forgive the effective genocide of Native Americans due to smallpox and “fire-water” (whiskey)? The consistent creation of treaties followed by forced relocation to reservations is undoubtedly proof of the inherent goodness of humans…

        OK – how about “Be All That You Can Be”, or “Be your Best”, closer to what you said…
        Well, was Cassanova a GOOD man? HE was the “Best person he could be”, at least WRT womanizing.
        Kervorkian is being the best DOCTOR he can be, which happens to include killing people who wish to die. IS he a sinner… or a saint, for ending their suffering and releasing them from decrepit mortal shells?
        Is the best soldier the one who kills the enemy? Or the one who makes it so the enemy never attacks? Or the assassin who kills a general, stops the invasion? Etc, etc etc.

        You claim I am starting from a flawed premise; I’d suggest you are doing the same, the idea that EVERYONE is good, and will want to give maximum value for maximum gain (not necessarily monetary). Usually, people seem to want to GET the most while giving THE LEAST. I worked tech support – any clue how many people read the manual? I’m now doing Quality Assurance at the system level (performance engineer – make system faster and able to handle X users). Most people don’t understand it – so every project starts by explaining WHAT we do, HOW we do it, WHY we do it. Why its different from “Does it work?” type testing, which is black and white (Yes / No). It’s ALL greys. But we get all sorts of IDIOCIES, from users, developers, vendors. Favorites are, “Of course the system can handle more than one user. What do you mean, AT ONCE?” (online payroll system.) “We need it to handle 1,000 concurrent users.” (After tests prove it can’t handle 5 users) “Three users is the maximum load we’ll have…”

        Get the idea? Never underestimate the power of human stupidity… And while it might be good to never attribute to malice what is most easily explained by stupidity, don’t DISMISS malice out of hand, either.

        Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and watch your people carefully.

      • Jim Klein says:

        “You claim I am starting from a flawed premise;”

        Yes, I did.

        “I’d suggest you are doing the same, the idea that EVERYONE is good, and will want to give maximum value for maximum gain (not necessarily monetary).”

        I wrote what I wrote, not what you imagine I wrote. I wrote, “‘The good’ MEANS self-interest and gain.” This says absolutely nothing about how many people are good, let alone that everyone is, nor does it comment on the actual nature of self-interest and gain.

        That’s a bit much to cover in detail on Russell’s blog, but if you’re really interested, the big clue was this…

        “Because when one values oneself, the most important thing is being the best person one can be. Stealing, looting, mooching–just generally treating others as some different sort of creature than oneself–leads to self-loathing, and self-loathing is the WORST thing one can experience.”

        You see, stealing a million bucks might be a gain in a sense, but it’s not gain in any self-interested sense. Why? Besides the fact that very few people would want to live as a thief as a simple pragmatic matter, there’s the bigger problem that treating others in a manner differently than you believe you ought to be treated involves misidentifying the other party as inherently something different than you.

        The function of our senses and brains is to identify. Hence any misidentification is de facto “wrong” in both senses of the word. It’s incorrectly integrating something about reality (here, that another person should be stolen from but the actor shouldn’t be) and so does NOT produce gain for the actor, any money acquired notwithstanding. That is, it’s NOT a self-interested action and so is wrong in the other sense as well.

        Chew on that a bit and see if you have any (brief) questions. BTW you corrected your own false premise when you wrote, “I’ll concede people are not born inherently EVIL,” which is rather different from what you wrote earlier.

        Lastly, as far as everything being “grey,” you might want to visit an industrial factory or even clearer, the aftermath of a speeding train hitting a car. Trust me, there’s nothing “grey” about either; they’re as black-and-white as could be.

  4. Jean says:

    Found the article mentioned, re: how we will / will not rebel/secede/do what’s necessary:

    Title is “GRADUALLY, THEN VERY RAPIDLY” and is apparrently re-posted from Via Simon Black of SovereignMan blog. Sorry if i’m spamming.

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  6. Jim Klein says:

    Jean—“The way to beat the brand wars is to opt out, yes?”


  7. Chris says:

    No one is taught to write that way anymore,let alone recognize and read it. Our public scoolzs have suceeded in dumbing down the hoi polloi to all-time lows.
    My bet is that most people that have been watching the “debates” these last few years have not even noticed it.
    Remember ” cerulean blue” from an x-files show?…

  8. alan w. mullenax says:

    Fuck you Russell.

    There’s nothing wrong with our constitution. What’s wrong is that evil men have taken control.

    I’ll cut you some slack brah. There’s nothing that says a state can’t secede. In fact, if a state decided to do so, I might support it.

    But be careful my friend. Should you work to bring about the demise of my country through thought, word, or deed in order to further your secessionist agenda, I will kill your ass.

    If your secessionist ideals are so great, implement them now and demonstrate to all of us how wonderful they are.

    Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear Mr. Mullenax-

      In a battle of wit, you are unarmed. I have posted your overt threat on this website so that my readers can see it. First, I already have someone in my life that has sex with me. So, thanks for your kind offer, but I must decline. Second, if you have not read Lysander Spooner’s “No Treason,” you are pitifully ignorant about the Constitution. Third, don’t call me “brah.” Plainly we are not brothers. Fourthly, I don’t have any intention of bringing about the demise of your country. But some of us may band together in one geographic location…a state… and secede from your country. Your friends in DC are using their thoughts, words and deeds to bring about the demise of the USA. They don’t need my help and it appears that they have your unflagging support. And even though secessionist ideals ARE in fact great, they are not practical until the demise of your country happens…the economic meltdown of the US Dollar…that will throw your country into chaos. By the way, what happened in 1776 was a secession. What happened in 1860 was secession. One was successful, one was not. Batting .500 is a pretty good average. Finally, you are cordially invited to come to my home and see if you have what it takes to shut me the fuck up. Thanks for writing, Russ

    • Jim Klein says:

      “Should you work to bring about the demise of my country…”

      Wow, Alan. Is that an overt claim of ownership…”my country”???

      Are you claiming ownership of the land, the people or both?

      I think you’re saying, “the country which I like to consider being mine” or maybe even, “the country of which I’d like to be a member.” Is that right? Well alright, that’s cool. Is it okay if I consider my little homestead as mine, or do you need to fantasize about owning that too? Just wondering, cuz at some point I’m gonna ask about my life itself, not just the homestead.

      You see, I think I own THAT. Do you disagree?

      And is it okay if Russell, or anyone else, wishes to be a member of some other country, state or community? If not, WHY NOT?

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