Life in FRONA

By Russell D. Longcore

In many articles that I have written about secession, I have referred to a state that secedes and becomes a new nation. Many times I’ve called it New Texas for want of a better name. But from this moment forward, when I talk about the perfect example of secession, the new nation will have a new name…The Free Republic of North America. Its acronym will be FRONA.

I imagine that you readers, clever as you are, could come up with a better name. And if you do, I may change the name. After all, this is only a cherished dream at this point.

I chose “Free Republic” to mean that…FIRST…we will be free. That comes before anything else. It is our first principle above all else. The government of FRONA will be organized to protect the individual liberty and property rights of every individual.

The “Republic” form of government in FRONA is not the old republic you know. It is a new form of governance. It is modeled after a corporation. The republic in the USA may have started out well-designed in the Constitution, but was bastardized over time to become unworkable and corrupt. The American republic is now dead. The New Corporate Model of Governance is vastly different than the US Constitution in one major way. Every person who becomes a citizen in FRONA has to sign a contract and pay a fee in pure silver. Every citizen is a shareholder in the national government.

The US Constitution has no legal authority over any individual since it is neither a contract nor a treaty. Further, a legal obligation cannot be passed down from generation to generation without the consent of the recipient. A FRONA citizen has a legal contract with his national government that lasts until he forsakes it or until his death. Yes…a FRONA citizen can give up his citizenship simply by cancelling his citizenship contract.

The “NA” part simply shows the location of the nation on the globe.

Just in case you don’t click on the link above to learn about the Corporate Model, here are some highlights of The Free Republic of North America.


The money of The Free Republic of North America is the Frona. There will be the gold Frona, the silver Frona and the copper Frona.

The first thing that you must do is to stop thinking of gold and silver coins in terms of their value against other currencies, such as the Dollar. Coinage is a function of weight, not price. The national law regarding money would require any minted coin to display its purity and weight, but no value. And the law would proscribe the penalty of death for anyone minting fraudulent coins or altering coins (clipping or shaving).

In FRONA, goods and services will be priced in WEIGHT, not dollars. A pound of steak might be priced at 0.25 ounce of silver. A gallon of gasoline might be priced at 0.10 ounce.

There will be no national money and no national currency. This prevents FRONA from debasing the money and stealing from the citizens. The free market will decide what the medium of exchange is. Common sense suggests that gold, silver and copper coins will become money, and likely silver and copper coinage will be the most widely accepted medium of exchange for day-to-day transactions. (Actually, in the technological age in which we live, the digital transaction will likely be the most utilized medium of exchange.) The FRONA constitution will prohibit itself from declaring legal tender laws. If the FRONA Treasury wants to issue gold and silver coins it may do so, but enjoys no monopoly or control. It would have to compete in the free market like all other minting operations.

FRONA Banking

The FRONA constitution will prohibit fractional reserve banking, and will require all banks to maintain 100% reserves. This prohibits banks from creating money out of thin air like the present global system does. Anything less than 100% reserves is fraud, and will be prosecuted as a felony.

The Central Bank will not exist in FRONA and will be prohibited by law. But in a practical sense, having a central bank only benefits a nation with its own currency. So why bother?

FRONA Contracts and Law

FRONA’s government will hold contract law sacred. The very constitution of FRONA is a contract. The FRONA government will start out with a clean slate as related to criminal and civil law and will not have libraries full of onerous regulations and silly-assed criminal law like drug laws. This gives FRONA an enormous competitive advantage as it begins its existence.

Strict privacy laws will be enacted to protect the privacy of individuals. There will be no tax treaties with other nations of the globe…certainly not with the US.

FRONA Taxation

FRONA has only one source of revenue…a national sales tax of 10%. No property tax, excise tax, duties, tariffs, ad valorem tax, estate tax, corporate tax, income tax…NOTHING but the sales tax. From that revenue FRONA operates its very limited governmental duties. And, because the FRONA citizens own a share in their government, each citizen could receive a dividend check if FRONA has a surplus at the end of the year. Try to wrap your mind around THAT.

“But what about roads, education, law enforcement, courts and stuff?,” I hear you say. First, why do you think government should be involved in any of that? Cannot the free market satisfy those needs better? There are a lot of government programs that would evaporate if they were forced to find a market who would pay for them. Goods and services that have no market willing to pay for them cease to exist. And, if you are not getting taxed like in the USA, you might have enough money to pay your own way.

The FRONA Military

Every person between age 18 and age 55 becomes a member of the FRONA militia. It’s in their citizenship contract. The militia is a defensive force managed by the FRONA national government and organized at a county level. Every militia member is trained and qualifies as a rifleman, and every member keeps a battle rifle in their residence…a full auto battle rifle with no less than 1000 rounds of ammo. Those militia members who are not physically capable to be a warrior can perform necessary administrative functions. But we all serve our nation in the Swiss militia model.

My friends, do not think me a utopian or one who looks at his world through rose-colored glasses. Every government in world history has eventually oppressed its citizens. Nearly all of them have debauched their currencies. FRONA will have the potential to morph into tyranny over time. But with some of the organizational protections built into the founding documents, FRONA stands an excellent chance to be the best method of governance ever designed by a human mind.

Gentle Readers, in the days to come we will explore the other requirements of a new government in The Free Republic of North America. This will force each of us to stop thinking about a government of fifty states, and begin to embrace concepts worthy of a NATION dedicated to individual liberty and property rights. This is an alien concept to most Americans, since we have all grown up and lived under continuously encroaching tyranny belching out of the DC sewer pipe.

Liberty, however, is like the morning dew…new every day.

Secession is the only hope for mankind to enjoy individual liberty and property rights in North America.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Copyright 2012 Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly given, provided full credit is given.

23 Responses to Life in FRONA

  1. Richard says:

    There’s one aspect to FRONA that you have forgotten to mention and it’s a big one: Who governs in FRONA? Who’s in charge of the militia? If the government is modeled after a corporation then it must have a CEO. Is he elected or is he appointed by a board of directors? Most corporations are far from democratic and run more like dictatorships. Maybe you should take FRONA back to the drawing boards. I don’t think you have thought this through very well.

    • dumpdc says:


      This is an overview, not a detailed blueprint. We will get to details in later articles. BTW, the last thing we want is a democratic corporation. Russ

  2. David Snyder says:

    While I consider death for counertfeiting a little harsh,I do agree with the the rest of your ideas.

    • dumpdc says:

      Mr. Snyder: I consider a person who steals from everybody at once worthy of death. If you are a highwayman and steal from me once, my loss is limited to your individual act. That doesn’t merit death, but punishment and restitution. Thanks for writing, Russ

  3. James Johnson says:

    A State IS a Nation. The “new” nation is not new because the newest State in this Union is about fifty-three years old. I would hope that any member state that decides to leave this Union would decide for itself how it would fund its operation. The newly independent state should, through its republic form of government, decide what a bank or credit union reserve requirement should be. A one-hundred percent requirement would mean failed banks and loans would be rare.

    • dumpdc says:

      Mr. Johnson- I see you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution. Yes, Hawaii was a nation before it was stolen by Washington. But Alaska was not a nation. It was purchased from Russia in 1867. Most of the states west of the Mississippi were US territories before achieving statehood. Perhaps we are splitting hairs. But ALL the banks in the fractional reserve system deserve to fail, and loans would indeed be rare. You say that like it would be a bad thing. Anything less than 100% reserve is fraud. Deal with it. Russ

      • James Johnson says:

        We must have time to get used to not loaning or borrowing money. I am a Texas Nationalist and hope that Texas leaves this poisonous Union before it hurts us too badly. If I were able to cause Texas to be as I wish we would leave the Union now. Texas would have a ten percent flat rate income tax with a zero bracket above ten thousand dollars per year, and we would close the border with Mexico. English would be the sole official language. A voter would have to prove who they are before they could obtain a ballot. Homosexuality would be a felony. Adultery would be a class A misdemeanor. Illegal entry into the State of Texas would be a “State Jail Felony” for the first offense and a third degree felony for the second offense.
        I am not a Libertarian as you are, or an Anarchist as Kunmiester is because ethics (AKA morality) requires laws against evil behavior. Various states would have their own laws so you would probably have a state that you would like better than Texas.

        The Union has become poison and must be dissolved before the member states are killed by the poison.

      • dumpdc says:

        Mr. Johnson – I am not a Libertarian, thank you. Libertarians are pussies. They still seek a political solution on a national scale. Anarchism won’t work because most people want to be told what to do. I am also a member of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Daniel and Cary are good friends. Neither Texas nor any other state will secede until after the economic collapse. Finally, the best way to get over credit issues that are based in fraud is for the fraud to stop instantly, not over time. Thanks, Russ

      • Joe Sixpack says:

        It’s a testament to the brainwashed debt slave mentality that people can’t fathom the idea of not being able to get a loan easily or at all.
        With minimal tax and the kind of strong economy it engenders you wouldn’t need loans to buy the things you want. All loans do is jack up the prices of the things you want to buy.
        Houses and land for example. If citizen A has $10k in hand but citizen B can borrow $20k and outbid him (and end up paying back $30k all in all) then the house that was originally worth $10k has just ended up costing $30k. The bank lending the money has effectively tripled the cost of the house while pocketing $10k.
        Did this intellectual heavyweight sleep through 2008? Massive loans can only be counterbid with even larger loans. The house on the market is just the same old house it ever was but suddenly we end up tacking a zero onto the price and paying it off for fifty years after we’re dead instead of saving for a decade and buying it outright.
        This “loans are good” mentality is so deeply engrained in our society that nothing but the big reset switch is going to get rid of it.

      • Mongoose says:

        Mr. Johnson, I believe you don’t grasp the idea of personal freedom. Your ideas about homosexuality and adultery being a crime are the exact opposite of complete personal freedom. If some one is homosexual, they have the right to be homosexual. No one is forcing you to be homosexual so there should be no problem. Adultery, while I believe it is wrong, is not and should not be a crime. Closing the border is not only impractical, it is stupid. In the form of government that is proposed in FRONA and the way taxation works, no one can escape paying taxes, meaning the biggest problem that we have with illegal immigrants now would not be a problem. In fact the more people paying into the sales tax the better. Plus, jailing some one who tries to cross the border is a big problem we have even now. Basically you are taking someone who has never payed taxes, putting them in an institution that pays for there room and board with, you guessed it, OUR taxes. The ideals you propose are more dictator like than you think and you are calling it freedom. Sounds a lot like the problem we currently have. So, you Mr Johnson are the Pot calling the kettle black.

  4. kunmiester says:

    You’re right about any government tending towards tyranny eventually, even your FRONA, but that’s not really a bad thing. With our ability to spread information these days, the slide down the slope won’t go nearly as far before being corrected.

    Government on this world has a half-life. As we move towards liberty, we will make it smaller and smaller until it ceases to exist. It’s not a one step process, it will take time for people to relearn how to live without government.

  5. alex says:

    Dump, this is a good beginning and I can see the resistance forming to such an idea. Have you read Hans-Herman Hoppes’ book “Democracy, the God that failed”? He states that our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc. simply don’t work in our present state. Can you comment on his work? Also, it may be that a Republic needs to be fairly small to work well, 250 million illiterates out of the 300 million population has brought us the current disaster. Thanks, Alex

    • dumpdc says:

      HH Hoppe’s work is excellent. When the Constitution was written, there were about 3 million people in the 13 states. Yes, republics work best in small doses. Russ

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  8. B Woodman says:

    Where do I sign up? I’m ready to go NOW.

  9. Matt Strictland says:

    Interesting idea but I suspect if it occurs it will be a short lived one. Without a proper professional standing army and a means to raise a mass amount of funds for the common defense, a nation will just get eaten by the next avaricous neighbor willing and able to spend fiat currency with ruthless intent.

    They will eventually want all that nice silver or your land or water and poof, the experiment is over.

    And yes a militia has value its only worthwhile aginst conventional forces in certain types or terrain, typically mountain or urban

    Other less ethical forces will eat them for lunch and in fact the only way to protect from the mass kill weapons of today is by having ones of you own and such arranegments are incompatible with a minarchist corp-gov.

    As for silver coins, having currency fraud be a capital crime is pointless. Its been tried over and over and over and fails to deter. Also with milled coins, clipping is not the issue. Debasing the quality of silver is. Thats much harder to detect and while its possible to do so, it pust a trust barrier in the transaction and slows economic momentum

    Certainly E Currencies could be done, this won’t reduce fiat currency , they’ll all be fiat and if FRONA is next to say Los Estados Unidas they may well take dollars anyway, leaving you vulnerable to the same dollar parasites. Quantity has a quality of its own.

    That being said your core idea, smaller nations is sound.

    I suspect most polities are too large these days. Overreach is a chronic problem throughout history.

    How it will be is another topic though, suffice it to say, if the USA mimics the fall of the USSR and splits apart it will present a rath of new challenges and opportunities. If it should happen I doubt I’d want to live in FRONA even though the Heinlien meets L. Neil Smith ideology appeals to me on a certain level I’d prefer something more robust and see the need for an active state.

    Regardless its good to someone thinking about other arrangements. Thats the first key really, can’t get what you want unless you know what it is.

    • dumpdc says:

      Mr. Strictland-

      What have you been smoking? Switzerland does not have a “professional standing army” and they have been free for 700 years.

      The militias in Afghanistan kicked the USSR’s ass, and are now kicking the USA’s asses. The media calls them the “insurgents.” But they are just militias.

      If debasement of the coinages happens, it is already pretty easy to detect. And a death penalty is always a good deterrent, no matter what you say. Your “trust barrier” comment is hilarious. When the Dollar inflates and loses value, what the hell are you trusting? The only trustworthy money is precious metals money.

      Fiat currencies cannot exist where there is no central bank, metal-backed money and 100% reserve banking. And economic momentum needs to be slowed to the pace at which there are no bubbles distorting the market.

      In the event of the breakup of the USA, I agree with you that you should stay in the USA. FRONA needs people that can think, or if they cannot think, at least follow those that can think. Thanks for writing, Russ

      • Matt Strictland says:

        Sorry to piss on you Wheaties.

        The US may fall into a wreckage a bit but its not going to be Mad Max

        As such may I suggest a better analogy than Switzerland , try Israel since you’ll be a small country with a small population (very few people want what you want) and odds are you’ll be surrounded on all sides by hostile powers.

        Not to put too fine a point on it, if the former US (call FORMUS) decides to force you back into the polity or if any of the other possible States (which could include several
        ethnostates, a “3% Militia” state,FORMUS , a number of succeeeding republics or depending on location who knows even Mexico or Canada) decides to use the heavy stuff and targets schools, toads, bridges, food distribution, that kind of thing unless your militia has the tools to defend itself you are screwed.

        The US does not right now say destroy countries, you can’t sell into a necropolis after all not to say other nations won’t. I doubt the hypothetical ethnostates are a threat but FORMUS is if you unlucky enough to be southward as may well be Mexico. Simply send waves of refugees to bleed you dry. This worked very well in the current State (shifting the population from White to Mixed) and they have for a time manpower to burn. Heck FORMUS could do this.

        Even if they choose not to attack you, little stops them from embargoing outgoing trade and screwing your economy

        So what I am saying is if you somehow pull it off, be prepared, I fully trust in your goals neutrality and desire to avoid war but other way not be. To paraphrase here, you may not believe in war and invasion but it may believe in you.

        As for bimetalism, even the Swiss dropped it (back in 1999) and recently have debased the Franc simply so other can buy their surplus production (here)

        if FRONA is to trade with its neighbors, you find bimetalism to be a big barrier. No one from a fiat state (and thats everyone else) can afford your stuff and they might not even take True Dollars outside the black market which won’t support a large modern economy. Now if you are not, its a great asset to you nation.As for the rest, testing and all that. We will agree to disagree. It won’t matter for electronic transactions anyway.

        Regardles of all that, I appreciate the spirit of you goals. I won’t be part of it but if you pull it off, I wish you peace, freedom and

      • dumpdc says:

        Mr. Strictland- Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. Thanks for taking the time to write. Russ

  10. yarnball says:

    I just found this site and will need to think all this over. I do think one way US went wrong was by not honoring the States. Each STATE should have been its OWN experiment. Then there could have been the State that okayed pot and the one that outlawed homosexuals. People could then choose to live in the place that met their personal values/desires. I think one of our problems is the Federal government trying to make us all “the same” instead of letting local people make decisions that work for themselves. I’m a “bitter gun-clinger” myself and would love to be surrounded by like-minded people!

  11. James of Arlington says:

    Various metals will change value because of demand and supply. Basing a currency on metals would be difficult. If you base your currency on various foods then you would still have the value of the different foods changing because of demand and supply. How can we have a stable currency?

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