Secession and Foreign Policy

By Russell D. Longcore

Watch the evening news, or your favorite cable/satellite news show, and you cannot miss stories about the foreign policy of the United States. Washington has been the single most destructive nation on the planet as it relates to having relationships with other nations. Not only does DC arbitrarily turn friends into enemies, but it causes other nations to go to war against each other.

You DO know why Washington does this, don’t you? It is not about spreading freedom and liberty far and wide. It’s not even about oil. It’s not about democracy, fighting communism, fighting Islam or supporting Israel.

It’s all about chaos.

DC is the world leader in Chaos. Washington foreign policy constantly foments disruption and instability. It does it while wearing the mask of diplomacy.

And why is it all about chaos? One reason. Keeping the US Dollar as world reserve currency. You see, at the beginning, when DC originally made a deal with the Saudis to clear all petro purchases in Dollars, the US was the only post-WWII nation with a strong economy, and the Dollar was still backed by gold and silver. There was no need for chaos since nations were glad to use our currency. But then Nixon shut the gold window in 1971, and the Dollar began its descent into Monopoly money. Now that the Dollar is fast becoming worthless, Washington must keep the world in chaos to protect its Dollar’s position as world reserve currency.

It’s a game of musical chairs, in which the guy playing the music has a gun, and when the music stops, somebody gets shot…like Saddam Hussein and Mohamar Gaddafi.

Most of the time, Washington is so breathtakingly clueless in foreign policy that it’s comical. They make me think of the old 1960s spy comedy, ”Get Smart,” starring Don Adams and Barbara Feldon. Maxwell Smart was a cross between Inspector Clouseau and James Bond.

By the way, Agents 86 and 99 worked for CONTROL, a DC-based CIA clone. Their arch nemesis was KAOS, an international organization of evil.

Here is the KAOS emblem. A vulture sitting astride the globe. Sound like any bunch of politicians you know? This emblem would be perfect on military berets for the US troops scattered around the world.

KAOS aka Washington

Fifty years later, the roles have reversed. Washington is KAOS and the rest of the world is working to wrest CONTROL away from Washington.

The very serious, very not-funny part of Washington’s foreign policy is that it usually results in death and destruction on a global scale. Want examples?

1. The entire Middle East is collapsing. The mainstream media tagged this with the cutesy name “The Arab Spring.” But the media used the wrong definition of “spring.” They meant green shoots and all that new growth rot. The REAL definition that has been demonstrated by the Muslim populations is the kind of spring used in a trigger. It stores kinetic energy indefinitely and releases it explosively. Sounds like the Middle East to me. DC has thrown its pet dictators to the wolves, the very guys who kept a lid on the region for most of the past 50 years. Those regimes primarily repressed Tribalism, which defines the region. So now that the tribes can seek their own ways, they are free to express their seething hatred of Washington (NOT America…they LOVE American culture) for the decades of ruthless violence against them by the DC puppets. DC is confused. How could those people be so ungrateful?

2. Washington is quietly introducing American troops into the African continent. And look at how many nations are in civil wars. Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Cote D’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Rwanda are all in shooting conflicts. From the Mediterranean to the Cape of Good Hope, Washington works to keep things off kilter.

3. Iran. This nation of over 74 million has proven to the world that it is not enriching uranium for weapons, but for medical technology. DC and Tel Aviv can’t stand it. Washington has three carrier task forces in the Persian Gulf trying their level best to provoke an attack. Curiously, the White House doesn’t recognize the overt statements made by Russia and China that any attack on Iran would be answered by those former Cold War enemies.

4. Asia. Washington has a defense treaty with Japan that dates back to the 1940s. Japan and China both claim the same islands in the South China Sea. DC does military exercises near the Chinese coast just to piss them off. DC has a treaty with Taiwan for defense. China claims Taiwan as its own, but hasn’t pushed the subject. One day it will push BOTH subjects, perhaps at the same time. Washington will have a decision to make. The Chinese have lots of Sunburn missiles that can send the American fleet to the bottom of the ocean, and the America Navy knows they have no defense for the Sunburn. Yet Washington still bluffs and blusters toward China.

5. Afghanistan, Pakistan, India (they call themselves Hindustan)…for that point, ALL the nations that have STAN in their names somewhere. All tribes with artificial national boundaries lain over them. The world’s largest tribe, the Pashtun, some 40 million of them, are spread out all through Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the other Stans. The American diplomatic corps, led by the CIA, are keeping the Stan-ian peoples against themselves and also against America. By the way…before American troops arrived in Afghanistan, the Taliban had effectively eradicated the poppy industry. Now, only ten years later, fully 90% of the EARTH’S heroin is grown in Afghanistan once again, and the world banksters launder the money.

6. Europe. Yes, even Europe. You see, the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund have their headquarters just a few blocks from the White House. Flooding the earth with QE3 unlimited digital dollars destabilizes the Euro.

7. Amazingly, Washington does not appear to be presently interested in anything happening south of the Rio Grande to the tip of South America. A few hot spots exist in places such as Venezuela, but the rest of the Americas seem to be in Washington’s blind spot.

The Presidential candidates are locked in a desperate circle jerk, each trying to convince a credulous electorate that he can best lead America as it tries to lead the world. They miss the obvious truth that the world no longer wants America to lead.

Hey Washington! Want peace? Close most of the world’s embassies. Bring ALL the military troops home. Cancel most treaties. Cancel ALL foreign aid. Tell everybody you just cannot afford to be the world’s cop any more. Let the nations sort out their own problems. Presto!! Peace!!

How does all of this affect Secession?

In a newly seceded nation, formed by sensible people who were dedicated to individual liberty and property rights, a new money system would arise on a local level. The new nation would not have a national currency. At the most individual level, buyers and sellers would decide what medium of exchange they would use for their transactions. It could be gold coins, silver coins, bulk precious metals, digital money, paper currency, or some system of barter. The new nation would have money that it collected through taxation. And if the national Treasury wanted to mint and issue money, it would have to compete with all the other forms of money in the free market.

The new nation will not have a reserve currency. So it will not have the potential to commit fraud against other nations with its money. The new nation will be dedicated to doing business with the other nations of the world in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect. And that is just like most of the nations of the world.

Think about nations like Switzerland, Iceland, Sweden, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, Panama and Canada. For decades each has minded its own business, not invading neighbors, not fomenting chaos, but simply existed and thrived. The only times that any of these particular nations have had problems is when they have come in contact with American foreign policy.

Secession by multiple states of the USA is the only way to establish peace within and peace with other nations. Washington will never stop its chaos until the Dollar collapses, hyperinflation ensues, and the USA is no more.

May the collapse of the Dollar come quickly. I would like to see liberty in my lifetime.

Secession is the only hope for mankind to enjoy individual liberty and property rights in North America.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Copyright 2012 Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly given, provided full credit is given.

21 Responses to Secession and Foreign Policy

  1. Andrew Essen says:

    A very intuitive analysis with prognosis on which I personally must dissent. Although I have engaged your arguments before they have been summarily dismissed as irrelevant or off topic. However this is one topic I must as a matter of principle engage you on.

    Firstly the federal reserve is remarkably honest but overtly complex in it’s public representation or the public perception of it’s purpose or amorality.

    Let us therefore take on it’s face a simple declaration from the Chicago regional reserve…….In the United States neither paper currency nor deposits have value as commodities. Intrinsically, a dollar bill is just a piece of paper. Deposits are merely book entries. Coins do have some intrinsic value as metal, but generally far less than their face amount.

    Similarly with the New York regional division of the federal reserve….Currency cannot be redeemed, or exchanged, for Treasury gold or any other asset used as backing. The question of just what assets ‘back’ Federal Reserve notes has little but bookkeeping significance

    These are not arbitrary statements, they are statements of fact that are ignored for want of knowledge but the lack of will.

    The federal reserve in it’s research or policies that are generated from it enacted through marketing is just simply the manipulation of what they term herd behavior and shock tests. These things are nothing new, they are amoral and the subjugated target is unfortunately a willing participant through ignorance. It could be you it could be me, it could be simply the projected returns for inducing a behavioral response through conditioning. How do we know this, quite simply one needs to follow federal research and learn. More importantly learn what it already knows and what methods are used to achieve the outcome it deems necessary. These are not just matters of property, they involve policies which effect human fertility, demographics, law, food, security, food, moral values and even more importantly behavioral responses according to predictive analysis with market adjustments to tweak the path to victory..

    The significance of the dollar I believe you have fundamentally misunderstood by apportion of it’s value to GDP. GDP is not anything to do with the strength of the domestic dollar, There is as you perceive something strange about the dollar. That is the big bro of the dollar, Petro, and petro dollars are a commodity which make the domestic dollar a chameleon. Your perception of it’s nefarious uses is not without merit, to understand those things one would have to study ‘The first welfare theorem’, and more importantly understand human herd behavior. This is all mostly open to scrutiny, yet heavily disguised in math and complex formulas and at worse will reveal some of the most heinous crimes against American citizens not just those of other cultures. These involve the use of the chemical industry, both black market and medical with many other pathways that affect the very nature of American culture.

    • dumpdc says:

      Mr. Essen- my first comment is how distracted I was when I read your text, and noticed that you do not know the proper use of the word “its.” Your use of “it’s” is the contraction of “it is.” You mean to use the possessive “its.” I am not one of the grammar police, but come on. More comments about your content later. Russ

    • dumpdc says:

      Mr. Essen-

      Where in hell did you get all you’re (just kidding…) comments about intrinsic value of the dollar, Fed policies, anthropology and GDP? I know I’m good, but I don’t think I got all that into my article. Bottom line is that the Dollar as World Reserve Currency, used within the fractional reserve banking system in which money is created from the ether, is the raison d’être of Washington, and has been since WWII. Thanks, Russ

      • Andrew Essen says:

        That my dear friend is self evident but what is not so evident is that any threat, just as the policy of underpinning a failed polit-bureau type system will result in your failure to succeed in any attempt of undermining it, even the remotest threat. The domestic credit system and it’s high street retailers shall never be allowed to fail. Sadam (Iraq) wanted to peg his currency in Roubles, just as any other despot who chooses chooses to do will fail, Iran currently cannot be attacked directly for its sovereignty as would be those nations who hold allodial title within the global framework of international piracy. In the higher echelons of the OEDC as it is with the UN,(federal reserve, IMF) for that matter, the globalized vision is a reality, albeit with demographic mandates for regional security. Any threat to security which primarily is in the commodity of oil in reserve, allocated or undiscovered will be met with force anywhere and at anytime. Perhaps if you have not seen it already would you consider finding the following Federal research documents from those you will follow a very enlightening trail of research until they are sequestered for security reasons.

        On demographic and fertility controls through finance we have

        Fiscal population growth- working paper 604 – Titled ‘Efficiency with Endogenous Population Growth’

        On the Robustness of Herds∗V.V. Chari and Patrick J. Kehoe
        Working Paper 622 May 2002

        Optimal Monetary Impulse-Response – Functions in a Matching Model Brett Katzman, John Kennan, and Neil Wallace –
        Working Paper 595 September 1999

        Consumer Bankruptcy: A Fresh Start – Igor Livshits, James MacGee,and Michele Tertilt∗
        Working Paper 617 Revised January 2003

        Boomerang Kids: Labor Market – Dynamics and Moving Back Home∗ Greg Kaplan
        Working Paper 675 October 2009 *1992

        Sales and the Real Effects of Monetary Policy∗ Patrick J. Kehoe and Virgiliu Midrigan
        Working Paper 652 April 2007

        Facts and Myths about the Financial Crisis of 2008?
        V.V. Chari, Lawrence Christiano, and Patrick J. Kehoe
        Working Paper 666 October 2008

        and most importantly

        If Exchange Rates Are Random Walks Then Almost Everything We Say About Monetary Policy Is Wrong
        Fernando Alvarez, Andrew Atkeson, and Patrick J. Kehoe∗
        Working Paper 650 March 2007

        These are primers on ? [domestic] monetary controls and their predetermined or expected outcomes, more specifically the math and research to prove the theory. Most often secretive congressional ways and committee material, especially on which policy outcomes are determined. There are reasons far beyond the scope of my or your argument in this thread. Regardless should you happen to read those documents you may understand the missing ‘link’ a little better.

        I personally have little time or even the webspace to endear people to understand me. For example if we say Rome, most often people will associate soldiers or Caesars with Rome, but the concept of Rome in it’s entirety is an historic human event or cultural abstraction. Peoples and cultures come and go, thus the word Rome becomes a metaphor for an event in which all things that concern it are summed in the one word. Events within the metaphor have an allegory that sadly is much missed and therefore blinded to repeat the same. In my learning I associate Sparta with Rome and Rome with Christians then it follows that America is Rome or it’s modern reincarnation., all the same purposely created cultures, same hierarchical structure same people, same events and the same outcomes. History repeats itself, perhaps a little more technologically sophisticated Albeit people with ipads, egos to match and things that count other things much faster.

        Finally I am drawn to repeat the works of Plato – Tell me where you come from and I will tell you, who and what you are.

        from the bible – You shall know them by their number.

        and most finally the high priest Judah (100 a.d.) ‘He who reads the bible literally is a fool.’

      • dumpdc says:

        Mr. Essen- I am also drawn to something. I am drawn to not publish any more of your goofy ramblings. Russ

      • Andrew Essen says:

        That is a wise choice, considering you are a state plant.

    • Roger Young says:

      Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man,
      Talking nonsense and confusing you the best I can.
      Though I try and try to clearly write, you still won’t understand,
      ‘Cause I was born a ramblin’ man.

      • Andrew Essen says:

        No you are a consumer, the Lord had nothing to do with my rambling, in fact you will find little to do with the Lords work in any works at the hand of man. Apart from platitudes to your leadership and following the party line, do you have any points on which you specifically wish to speak to or are you devoid of individual thinking and bleat with the sheep.

        It is even more disingenuous of you to ignore the point and statement from the federal reserve itself, I quote word for word from your master…”In the United States neither paper currency nor deposits have value as commodities. Intrinsically, a dollar bill is just a piece of paper. Deposits are merely book entries. Coins do have some intrinsic value as metal, but generally far less than their face amount.’ Are you saying they are rambling too ?, or do their words have an invisible and indefinable quality that makes them godlike and accepted.

        Therefore I state again the federal reserve is remarkably honest, understand the difference and what it means. I will translate it for you – [neither paper currency nor deposits have value as commodities] domestic currency has no value outside the united states as a commodity. – it is scrip, like iron coins only as good as those who will trade it. Petro dollars back domestic currency as those are dollars backed by oil. Understand the difference or is it too complex for you.

      • Roger Young says:

        Yes, I already understand well the concepts you have just described. My point is that you, despite your knowledge, are an extremely poor communicator. If your audience (in the case of this site, above average in intelligence and being informed) does not grasp your message, then it is YOUR failing as a communicator that your message is not received- NOT your audience.

      • dumpdc says:

        Mister Essen- The Fed is honest? the very term “quantitative easing” is used to confuse listeners. Kind of like when your car dealer calls your car loan “negative equity.” The last thing the Fed could ever say is that it is honest. If they were honest, they would say that they are creating digital dollars out of thin air and flooding the world with them. Essen, if you want to keep posting here, stop your rambling inane posts. Stay on topic. I am the Editor and I still have veto power. Russ

    • DAN III says:

      My dear Essen….there is not much of your comments I need to read once I read your second paragraph. The Federal Reserve is neither “federal” nor do they have any “reserves”. They are an unconstitutional entity and thus a.fraudulent and CRIMINAL organization. “Honesty” is not in the vocabulary of Bernanke or Greenspan.

      In your mind the US Constitution is nothing but a “damn piece of paper”. Is that why you ignore it and support the illegal Federal Reserve ?

      DAN III
      “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

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  3. Steve says:

    Note to Essen: Its time to get back on your meds.

  4. Jim Klein says:

    Aw c’mon, Russ. There’s still room for humor in these times, at least for a few more months. If you scratch him, where are we going to get gems like these…

    “These things are nothing new, they are amoral…”

    “The question of just what assets ‘back’ Federal Reserve notes has little but bookkeeping significance…” [Ha, that’ll be news to the next generation of slaves!]

    “…behavioral responses according to predictive analysis with market adjustments to tweak the path to victory.”

    “…and their predetermined or expected outcomes, more specifically the math and research to prove the theory.”

    I mean, really—do they have comedy clubs that offer this stuff?

    Here’s the whole theory in three words: “People aren’t people.”

  5. Hey You says:

    The comment that the Federal Reserve is “honest” is curious. I suppose that one needs to define “honest” to make sense of that. One of the definitions for honesty includes “fairness” and having “integrity”.

    Is it fair (honest) for an organization which has the power to debase currency to do so, thus undercutting those who try to save some of the fruits of their labors? Is it fair to chip away at savings which could be used to fund new enterprises in favor of maintaining other enterprises? Is it fair to cause prices to rise by diluting present currency values so that the pay of those employed lose purchasing power? Is it fair for an organization to stiff those who lend money to it by debasing any pay-back.

    I suppose such consequences aren’t considered by people who have the power to unimaginatively pursue single minded theories. Private people who follow such unfair (dishonest) practices are correctly looked at as thieves and lacking in integrity. Should those running a powerful organization be looked upon any differently?

  6. RICHARD says:

    NBC News –
    Brian Williams has a promotional spot in which he states with all due professional seriousness that “we have an awesome responsibility to explain these very complicated issues to the American people.”

    Thank you Brian for your effort. Can you teach me how to tie my shoes too?

    but that’s just me, hollering from the choir loft…

  7. It is past time for serious discussions, and submitting Articles of Secession listing grievances against the central government will start them.

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