Obama’s Daily Meal

September 12, 2012

by Russell D. Longcore

Watch this video. it is unedited except for length. The money quote takes six seconds and comes at the 0:22 mark.

Barry Soetoro, alias Barack Obama, speaks truth that he may come to regret.

If I ran the Romney Election Campaign, I would lead every TV and radio spot with those six seconds of video or audio. I would save the last six seconds of video or audio and finish with Barry’s quote. Every spot I bought and ran between now and Election Day in November would feature Barry’s own words. I would wedge my message in between those quotes. Because, Dear Readers..nothing else that Mitt could say…no empty promises…no false hopes…no clueless lies about what he will do as President…could be as important as making sure the American people hear Barry verbally signing his own pink slip.

This quote should be the daily shit sandwich that is force fed to the Democratic candidate.

Here it is again.

Remember my prediction. Mitt Romney in a crushing victory. That is not an endorsement. It is more like your doctor coming into your exam room and announcing that the cancer you have is incurable. Your choices for treatment are radiation or chemotherapy. Both will be unremittingly painful and neither will save your life…and you only have a short time to live.

Are you prepping for the worst?

Copyright 2012, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted provided full credit is given.

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