Secession and Foreign Policy

September 30, 2012

By Russell D. Longcore

Watch the evening news, or your favorite cable/satellite news show, and you cannot miss stories about the foreign policy of the United States. Washington has been the single most destructive nation on the planet as it relates to having relationships with other nations. Not only does DC arbitrarily turn friends into enemies, but it causes other nations to go to war against each other.

You DO know why Washington does this, don’t you? It is not about spreading freedom and liberty far and wide. It’s not even about oil. It’s not about democracy, fighting communism, fighting Islam or supporting Israel.

It’s all about chaos.

DC is the world leader in Chaos. Washington foreign policy constantly foments disruption and instability. It does it while wearing the mask of diplomacy.

And why is it all about chaos? One reason. Keeping the US Dollar as world reserve currency. You see, at the beginning, when DC originally made a deal with the Saudis to clear all petro purchases in Dollars, the US was the only post-WWII nation with a strong economy, and the Dollar was still backed by gold and silver. There was no need for chaos since nations were glad to use our currency. But then Nixon shut the gold window in 1971, and the Dollar began its descent into Monopoly money. Now that the Dollar is fast becoming worthless, Washington must keep the world in chaos to protect its Dollar’s position as world reserve currency.

It’s a game of musical chairs, in which the guy playing the music has a gun, and when the music stops, somebody gets shot…like Saddam Hussein and Mohamar Gaddafi.

Most of the time, Washington is so breathtakingly clueless in foreign policy that it’s comical. They make me think of the old 1960s spy comedy, ”Get Smart,” starring Don Adams and Barbara Feldon. Maxwell Smart was a cross between Inspector Clouseau and James Bond.

By the way, Agents 86 and 99 worked for CONTROL, a DC-based CIA clone. Their arch nemesis was KAOS, an international organization of evil.

Here is the KAOS emblem. A vulture sitting astride the globe. Sound like any bunch of politicians you know? This emblem would be perfect on military berets for the US troops scattered around the world.

KAOS aka Washington

Fifty years later, the roles have reversed. Washington is KAOS and the rest of the world is working to wrest CONTROL away from Washington.

The very serious, very not-funny part of Washington’s foreign policy is that it usually results in death and destruction on a global scale. Want examples?

1. The entire Middle East is collapsing. The mainstream media tagged this with the cutesy name “The Arab Spring.” But the media used the wrong definition of “spring.” They meant green shoots and all that new growth rot. The REAL definition that has been demonstrated by the Muslim populations is the kind of spring used in a trigger. It stores kinetic energy indefinitely and releases it explosively. Sounds like the Middle East to me. DC has thrown its pet dictators to the wolves, the very guys who kept a lid on the region for most of the past 50 years. Those regimes primarily repressed Tribalism, which defines the region. So now that the tribes can seek their own ways, they are free to express their seething hatred of Washington (NOT America…they LOVE American culture) for the decades of ruthless violence against them by the DC puppets. DC is confused. How could those people be so ungrateful?

2. Washington is quietly introducing American troops into the African continent. And look at how many nations are in civil wars. Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Cote D’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Rwanda are all in shooting conflicts. From the Mediterranean to the Cape of Good Hope, Washington works to keep things off kilter.

3. Iran. This nation of over 74 million has proven to the world that it is not enriching uranium for weapons, but for medical technology. DC and Tel Aviv can’t stand it. Washington has three carrier task forces in the Persian Gulf trying their level best to provoke an attack. Curiously, the White House doesn’t recognize the overt statements made by Russia and China that any attack on Iran would be answered by those former Cold War enemies.

4. Asia. Washington has a defense treaty with Japan that dates back to the 1940s. Japan and China both claim the same islands in the South China Sea. DC does military exercises near the Chinese coast just to piss them off. DC has a treaty with Taiwan for defense. China claims Taiwan as its own, but hasn’t pushed the subject. One day it will push BOTH subjects, perhaps at the same time. Washington will have a decision to make. The Chinese have lots of Sunburn missiles that can send the American fleet to the bottom of the ocean, and the America Navy knows they have no defense for the Sunburn. Yet Washington still bluffs and blusters toward China.

5. Afghanistan, Pakistan, India (they call themselves Hindustan)…for that point, ALL the nations that have STAN in their names somewhere. All tribes with artificial national boundaries lain over them. The world’s largest tribe, the Pashtun, some 40 million of them, are spread out all through Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the other Stans. The American diplomatic corps, led by the CIA, are keeping the Stan-ian peoples against themselves and also against America. By the way…before American troops arrived in Afghanistan, the Taliban had effectively eradicated the poppy industry. Now, only ten years later, fully 90% of the EARTH’S heroin is grown in Afghanistan once again, and the world banksters launder the money.

6. Europe. Yes, even Europe. You see, the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund have their headquarters just a few blocks from the White House. Flooding the earth with QE3 unlimited digital dollars destabilizes the Euro.

7. Amazingly, Washington does not appear to be presently interested in anything happening south of the Rio Grande to the tip of South America. A few hot spots exist in places such as Venezuela, but the rest of the Americas seem to be in Washington’s blind spot.

The Presidential candidates are locked in a desperate circle jerk, each trying to convince a credulous electorate that he can best lead America as it tries to lead the world. They miss the obvious truth that the world no longer wants America to lead.

Hey Washington! Want peace? Close most of the world’s embassies. Bring ALL the military troops home. Cancel most treaties. Cancel ALL foreign aid. Tell everybody you just cannot afford to be the world’s cop any more. Let the nations sort out their own problems. Presto!! Peace!!

How does all of this affect Secession?

In a newly seceded nation, formed by sensible people who were dedicated to individual liberty and property rights, a new money system would arise on a local level. The new nation would not have a national currency. At the most individual level, buyers and sellers would decide what medium of exchange they would use for their transactions. It could be gold coins, silver coins, bulk precious metals, digital money, paper currency, or some system of barter. The new nation would have money that it collected through taxation. And if the national Treasury wanted to mint and issue money, it would have to compete with all the other forms of money in the free market.

The new nation will not have a reserve currency. So it will not have the potential to commit fraud against other nations with its money. The new nation will be dedicated to doing business with the other nations of the world in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect. And that is just like most of the nations of the world.

Think about nations like Switzerland, Iceland, Sweden, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, Panama and Canada. For decades each has minded its own business, not invading neighbors, not fomenting chaos, but simply existed and thrived. The only times that any of these particular nations have had problems is when they have come in contact with American foreign policy.

Secession by multiple states of the USA is the only way to establish peace within and peace with other nations. Washington will never stop its chaos until the Dollar collapses, hyperinflation ensues, and the USA is no more.

May the collapse of the Dollar come quickly. I would like to see liberty in my lifetime.

Secession is the only hope for mankind to enjoy individual liberty and property rights in North America.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Copyright 2012 Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly given, provided full credit is given.

Secession and Money

September 26, 2012

By Russell D. Longcore

I have an acquaintance in the Patriot Movement name of Sam Kerodin. Sam has a website at Sam is hardcore, to say the least. I respect him and his efforts.

The name of his blog is derived from the Three Percent. Historians state that about three percent of Colonials took up arms and challenged King George in the Secession of 1776.

Recently, Sam and some friends have brainstormed a terrific idea to start a new firearms manufacturing company named III Arms. They will begin manufacturing the 1911 pistols and battle rifles on the AR platform.

They have also taken a decided step toward secession, as they intend to create a liberty community in the New American Redoubt. They have chosen Idaho as their new home. The weapons manufacturing facility will be at the center of their new Galt’s Gulch-like planned community, named The Citadel.

In a recent posting at Three Percent Patriots, there was a recommendation to look at the Lakota Nation and what they are doing about money. Specifically, the Lakota Sioux nation has a link to the Free Lakota Bank. This South Dakota bank is setting up bank accounts that only accept precious metals coins for deposit and the bank has a 100% reserve requirement. So this bank is repudiating the fiat money system AND the fractional reserve system at once. Kudos to Free Lakota Bank.

The bank links to a mint at, where you can trade in your Federal Reserve notes for gold, silver or copper coins of .999% purity. The concept is excellent. The design of some of the coins is flawed. If you look at some of the coins, you will see that they have a stamped value. There is a one-ounce gold coin that says “Two Thousand” on its face. I saw another Silver coin that had the Dollar sign ($) in the design.

Very bad. Very bad indeed.

Washington might consider these coins to be counterfeit currency. And you know that one counterfeiter with guns will run all the other counterfeiters out of business. Ask Bernard von NotHaus of Liberty Dollar how the Feds regard alternate currencies, even when your currency are strictly warehouse receipts. Federal prosecutors successfully argued that he was trying to pass off the silver coins as U.S. currency. Coming in denominations of 5, 10, 20, and 50, the Liberty Dollars also featured a dollar sign, the word “dollar” and the motto “Trust in God.” He was convicted and got a 15 year prison sentence.

Here is the lesson about money for all lovers of liberty and advocates of secession.

In a new nation/state, freshly seceded from the United States of America, it will be crucial to establish a new monetary system. Anything even remotely resembling the American money system will fail. The new nation/state must utterly forsake legal tender laws in favor of the free market.

The free market is perfectly capable of determining what will be used as money. In the Colonial days of the 18th Century, the most prevalent money used was the Spanish Silver Dollar. It was one ounce of silver. It was ALL ABOUT the weight, not the value.

The Coinage Act of 1792 stipulated that a US Silver Dollar contain 374 ¼ grains of .999 pure silver. The first thing the Act did to screw up the money was stamp various values on the coins, such as $5,$10, $50 and so on.

The Act also prescribed the penalty for counterfeiting as death. I like that part.

But I digress.

If new nation/states are going to be successful with the Power of the Purse, they will have to allow the free market to determine what money is and what its value will be.


In the beginning of the nation/state, I predict that the most obvious coins will be the initial money. That will be American junk silver and coins from other nations, such as Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins, silver bars, Krugerrand gold coins and gold bars. Those weights are already in the possession of individuals, and will jump-start the new economy. More choices in free market money will emerge quickly.

Private mints will spring up that issue precious metal coins in various weights and various purities. The reason for this is to facilitate transactions of varying size, even down to pennies. In a new nation, 100% copper pennies will still be a good idea, since copper is an accepted money unit now. The spot price for copper is presently higher than the face value of US copper pennies. But remember that those prices are denominated in US dollars, which are going to dissolve in hyperinflation soon.

With the advancement of technology, a bank like The Free Lakota Bank could accept precious metals deposits, and people could use a debit card to transfer weights to other depositors in business transactions. A person could carry a pouch of coins or a debit card or both. The bank could issue paper money redeemable in precious metals, but that would be up to the free market to decide. The new national government WOULD NOT have a national currency.

The only law that seems necessary in the new nation/state’s constitution regarding money would be a criminal penalty for counterfeiting, which is basically an act of fraud and theft. I still like the death penalty for this.

Secession is the only hope for individual liberty and property rights in North America.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Copyright 2012 Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly given, provided full credit is given.

It’s Demand, Stupid!!

September 23, 2012

By Russell D. Longcore

(Editor’s Note: This posting is the 900th post here at DumpDC. Thanks to you readers.)

Hardly a day passes here in the ol’ USA that we don’t hear a politician talk about “creating jobs.” This presidential election will be decided on the state of the economy, and a high unemployment rate will have a direct effect on the final vote numbers. And here is today’s money quote: All of the people that talk about creating jobs have no practical understanding about economics and free enterprise.

Jobs will not be created here in The United States of America unless and until the US Congress controls government spending and rolls back regulations. US Corporations took their manufacturing offshore because of the Federal government’s interference in commerce. Manufacturing will not return to the USA, or grow organically in the USA, until Washington and its voluminous regulations are swept away. It is the US government that affects demand in a negative way. And there can be no job creation without creating demand FIRST.

This dreadful misunderstanding about jobs and demand offer a golden opportunity for secession. A new nation, freshly seceded from the USA, would have no onerous regulations and burdensome taxation. It would have an instant competitive advantage over the USA. With proper planning, that new nation/state could be a magnet for manufacturing. Imagine a US manufacturer that was seriously contemplating moving its operations to China. But that company sees a business-friendly environment in a New Texas nation here on the North American continent. It could save millions by moving operations a few hundred miles, as opposed to 10,000 miles. And many of its workers might jump at the chance to move with the company to a New Texas nation where individual liberty and property rights are protected.

“Demand” is “the desire to purchase, coupled with the power to do so.” Another definition is “the quantity of goods that buyers will take at a particular price.”

There is plenty of demand in the USA. Remember that even if the US unemployment rate is 25%, that means that 75% of the workforce is still working. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not minimizing the plight of the unemployed. But even the unemployed still demand goods and services to survive. DC and the Fed want to return the American economy to a level of demand that was built upon a bubble. More about that later. This economy needs to return to a market-based economy, not one bloated and distorted by fiat money and zero percent interest rates.

Look at that first definition of demand. The underlined part is very important. A person may have desire to make a purchase, but have no power to do so. The two conditions combined are true demand. No entrepreneur ever made a dollar by creating a wonderful product that no one bought.

Curiously, no politicians talk about “creating demand.” They only talk about job creation. The word “job” has become a connotation word. It is used to manipulate the hearer by causing the hearer to associate that word with some societal memory of what the word USED TO MEAN. And because those same politicians control the numbers coming out of the various three-letter Federal agencies, they can make the job numbers look any way they choose.

The explanation of a “job” is so elementary that it should have been featured in Schoolhouse Rock back in the day…right along side “Elementary My Dear,” “I’m Just A Bill” and ”Conjunction Junction”.

The dictionary defines “job” as: “a post of employment, such as full-time or part-time.” But that doesn’t tell a very good story about the building block of a job, which is human labor.

One human being may enter into an agreement with another human being to perform a task in exchange for some form of value…or even with no remuneration. That is labor being used in a task.

There are all manner of variables that come into play. Intelligence, physical strength, agility, use of the five senses, and time are just a few. But each variable either increases or diminishes the value of any individual’s labor. For example, a man who qualifies to be a professional athlete may not qualify to teach particle physics, and vice versa.

An individual increases his value to an employer through training and experience. The more training and experience an individual possesses, the higher his or her value to any employer.

Now, let’s get into labor from the standpoint of the free market. Labor is one of the components of any product or service. Other components are raw materials, capital, overhead expenses and profit. At some point, when the product or service is priced for sale, all these components must be added in.

Every individual has expenses to maintain his existence. Most of the expenses are discretionary. Even expenses such as food, shelter and clothing…which seem on the surface to be life-essential…are discretionary, since the individual chooses the quality of food, shelter and clothing he or she will accept. And once the individual makes these choices, he/she gets to determine the value of their labor. Valuing labor might even come before choice about expenses. Most of us have to adjust our living expenses to our income.

It is the value of labor that is paramount here. An individual must trade his time for remuneration. He must trade enough time to earn enough remuneration to satisfy his budgeted expenses.

Here’s an example. We have two people who need $500 per week to live (no taxes figured in this example). Both people have identical amounts of time, which is 168 hours per week (24 hrs/day x 7 days). Person A is an 18-year-old high school graduate with no job skills or job training. He probably qualifies for a minimum wage entry level job, which would pay him $7.25 per hour. At that rate, he would need to work 69 hours to earn $500. Person B is a 22-year-old college graduate with no skills or job training. Yet because of his education, B qualifies for a job that pays him $25.00 per hour. Person B can earn his $500 in 20 hours.

What happens to A if his employer will only allow him to work 40 per week? He would have to get a second job to reach his requirement of 69 hours.

Both employers priced their product to make a profit. In the example of A, the employer could make a profit on A’s labor at $7.25 per hour. In B’s situation, the employer was profitable at $25/hour.

This works the same way if persons A and B are self employed. Labor is labor. It is not a job.

Our government educational system…and even most of the private schools, who teach students much the same drivel…has done a masterful job over the past 75 years of leaving students economically retarded by omitting this basic information about the free market. Over the years, most of the population has come to believe that a job should provide them with this mystical notion of a “living wage.” That economic fallacy is exactly why the US Congress passed minimum wage laws so many years ago.

Most people I’ve met believe that they should only have to get one job…or one business. The wealthy leverage their time and money and develop multiple streams of income.

Very few entrepreneurs go into business with the goal in mind of putting people to work. Most entrepreneurs start businesses to earn a living for themselves and their families, and/or a return on investment for their investors. Most entrepreneurs see an opportunity to fill a demand. Employing others is a by-product of creating a product or service that someone will pay for.

And that leads us back to the title of this book. “It’s Demand, Stupid.”

Either a politician is lying about job creation, or that politician has no understanding of the simplest explanation of business. Politicians love to brag about the numbers of jobs THEY created. First, they didn’t create DICK. Second, all jobs are not equal. As we’ve seen in our example above, jobs vary wildly in value for a variety of reasons. So the crude number of jobs is irrelevant. In very recent numbers that came out of the Obama Administration, they crowed about job creation, but a very large percentage of those jobs were low-paying jobs in the Service sector.

Friends, job creation is a fool’s errand. The only thing that matters is creating demand and the power to make purchases to fulfill the demand.

Thanks to the Washington crowd, demand will probably not return to the United States. It certainly will not return to pre-recession levels of economic activity. Remember that much of the demand that our nation has experienced over the last 50 years came from government policies that created FALSE demand…or “bubbles.” The mortgage bubble, the S&L bubble, the Tech bubble, the real estate bubble…all created by Congressional edicts. And now we are in the debt bubble and just about to enter the hyperinflation bubble. And have you noticed what happened to all those bubbles? THEY ALL BURST and left misery for us all.

The re-creation of demand is yet another reason that Secession is the only hope for mankind to enjoy individual liberty and property rights in North America.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Copyright 2012 Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly given, provided full credit is given.

QE3: The Beginning Of The End

September 16, 2012

By Russell D. Longcore

The Federal Reserve flushed the toilet Thursday…and by extension Washington and the US economy are beginning to pick up speed as they circle the drain.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced Thursday September 13th that the Fed would be buying $40 Billion per month in mortgage-backed securities indefinitely into the future. The reason he gave was to “see more progress (in job growth)”. He said “the program should increase downward pressure on interest rates,” supposedly to encourage more home sales and refinancing.

When challenged about low interest rates hurting savers, Bernanke said the low rates help the value of homes. What he does not say is that the entire housing market is built upon a balloon of debt, and that home values are only where they are today because of inflation.

The Federal Reserve is a private consortium of banks whose sole reason for existence is to maintain the solvency of the banks. Buying mortgage-backed securities won’t help you and it won’t help me. But it will strengthen the bottom line of the member banks. Also remember that banks that participate in the fractional reserve system (ALL BANKS) have basically only one product…loans. Abraham Maslow said, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Banks only see one thing…debt.

And hear me loud and clear. This is not all of QE3. The Fed will quietly continue to print TRILLIONS of dollars and flood the world with them. Today’s announcement is akin to a magician distracting you with his left hand while the magic trick is being done with his right hand.

I want you to understand how dreadfully serious QE3 is. QE1 and QE2 were stimulus packages that utterly failed. But 1 and 2 were limited in amounts. QE3 has no outer or upper limit. The Federal Reserve will print as much money as they desire or need to keep the charade going. That means that hyperinflation is both guaranteed and imminent.

John Williams, owner and editor of, predicts that hyperinflation will hit America in 2014. That is 15 months from now. That means that anything that is either greenback currency, or any investment tied to Federal Reserve currency, will very rapidly lose its value.

Let me lay out the scenario for you:

1. There is no fix for Washington’s runaway spending. Even if Washington confiscated ALL the income generated in the American economy, DC would still be insolvent. If DC cut out all government spending except Social Security and Medicare, they would still be insolvent. There is no way to bring the system back into fiscal correctness where DC only spent what it takes in.

2. The Federal Reserve cannot even acknowledge or discuss the truth about the spending problem. If the Fed admitted that QE 1 and 2 were failures, they could certainly not justify QE3. And if they admitted that they can do nothing else but continue to issue more fiat money, they would expose the entire world financial system as the counterfeiting scheme it truly is. If the Fed chairman confessed that everything he has done has failed, he would likely get fired. Remember what Paul Volker did 30 years ago. He allowed interest rates to rise until they were north of 20%, and it brought some needed correction into markets. What Volker did worked. What Bernanke has done has not worked. But he cannot now turn an about face and do what Volker did. Bernanke believes in regulating interest rates at nearly zero percent, which only enriches the banksters and punishes anyone who is an investor or saver. Investing and saving is where capital comes from. And there are trillions of dollars in cash in America’s business that the businesses refuse to invest because of the Fed.

3. There will be a worldwide debt selloff.Think about your own situation. If you had a wad of cash stashed under the mattress, and you knew that it would quickly become worthless, what would YOU do? You would try to spend it or trade it for something of value. Nations are no different. Nations are people…governments are people. When the rest of the nations of the world that hold US Securities understand that QE3 will flood the world with dollars that are worth less and less, those nations will begin accelerating their selling of US Bonds. But who will buy them? The rest of the world understands the scheme, because kings and governments have debauched their monies for millennia. The world financial system today relies upon inflation simply to keep going. And DC and The Fed know that they can pay their debts with Dollars, even though they are becoming worthless. But the inflation rate will now begin to accelerate until it is a fire that cannot be quenched.

4. The Fed is the buyer of last resort. They MUST buy the debt held by the world.Why? (A) To prevent anybody holding US securities from selling too many too fast. Dumping securities would cause a global bond collapse. A “collapse” is what happens when the prices of bonds fall precipitously (too many bonds for sale at once) at the same time demand dries up. That means that nobody wants US Securities at any price. And all the nations…all the massive institutional investors…ALL know this. But as in #3 above, bondholders are going to know that the money they get paid for the US securities will be worth less and less. (B) Eventually, when Washington holds its monthly bond auctions, there won’t be any buyers…that is, except the Federal Reserve.

5. Here comes hyperinflation. All our lives we have accepted an inflation rate of 3-4% a year as normal. As QE3 moves forward, inflation (which is actually now at about 8-9% per year) will quickly change to 8-9% per month. Shortly, 8-9% per week will jolt us. And THEN it will get worse. If you don’t know what happened to the money in Zimbabwe, do a Google search. A couple years ago, I bought 160 trillion of Zimbabwe money and it cost me $3.00. That will happen here in America.

Hyperinflation destroys the lower and middle classes. Think about it. If you are a middle class person, working and earning a living, you only have just so much discretionary income in your budget. You may even have no discretionary income in your budget, and your outgo exceeds your income. If prices double on the things you buy to survive, what will you do? But think about the upper class…the wealthy. They can more easily ride out a doubling of prices, since their living expenses are a smaller percentage of their income and assets. Inflation has always been the cruelest way for governments to steal from their citizens, and it has been done for millennia.

6. Then cometh the collapse of the West. Unless you get your assets out of anything that is tied to the US Dollar and into gold and silver and other hard assets, YOU. WILL. LOSE. EVERYTHING. At some point, anybody selling anything will stop accepting Federal Reserve notes in payment. But before that, America will descend into chaos, violence, crime and death on a level never before witnessed.

7. From the ashes of this historic cataclysm, groups of individuals will form that want to establish new nations of their own. And when DC has collapsed, and its counterfeiter The Federal Reserve loses control, there will be little to prevent secession and liberty.

If you do not believe that this scenario can happen or will happen, I invite you to tell me about a reasonable alternative scenario in which America digs its way out of this morass.

The year 2014 is only 15 months away. Washington and the Federal Reserve are your enemies. They only care about their own survival.

The only thing you should be concerned about right now is CAPITAL PRESERVATION. FORGET RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Get out of your 401K and IRAs. Take the penalties and get your cash. Get your money out of anything and everything that is tied to the US Dollar. I recommend that you buy a big safe for your home from Liberty Safes. I recommend that you take your cash and buy 50% gold, 30% silver and keep 20% in US Cash.You can afford to manage 20% of your savings as hyperinflation begins, but you cannot afford to lose 100% of your money. Put your hard assets in the safe. Get smart!

Secession is the only hope for individual liberty and property rights in North America.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Copyright 2012 Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly given, provided full credit is given.

Vote, If…

September 15, 2012

by Michael S. Rozeff

(Editor’s Note: Also read Stop Voting! If you vote, you are a part of the problem, not a part of the solution.)

Vote in the upcoming U.S. elections if you want to endorse, approve of, and support a power beyond your control and over which you have no control whatsoever, a power that can

…tax you to any extent it wants to and by any means it chooses to,

…take any amount of your wealth and transfer it to whomever it pleases or use it for any purpose it pleases,

…draft you into a fighting force if it decides to,

…tell you what to eat,

…control who appears on ballots,

…borrow any amount of money,

…itself decide what is legal for it to do,

…enter warfare with anyone it chooses whenever and wherever it chooses,

…interpret the Constitution as it sees fit,

…regulate any product in any way it chooses,

…regulate commerce no matter how insignificant,

…take property for any use it wants to,

…search you at its pleasure,

…restrict your ability to own weapons,

…restrict your ability to defend yourself,

…make it a crime to own weapons and defend yourself,

…make it a crime to use a wide range of drugs,

…make it a crime to buy many goods or produce them,

…control all communications,

…control all transportation,

…arrest you without warrant,

…spy on you by any means it chooses,

…postpone elections and declare martial law if it chooses,

…hold you in prison without trial,

…kill you,

…in short, pass any law it pleases and enforce it on you and against you.

Vote in the elections if you wish to stand up for, confirm, subscribe to and sustain a power that holds you in its grasp and can hold you totally in its grasp if it so decides.

A vote for either the Democrats or the Republicans is a vote for this power, which is the power of either party and both parties together.

Vote in the elections if you have been brainwashed into thinking your vote makes a difference.

Vote in the elections if you have been brainwashed into thinking a vote for a given party makes a difference.

Vote in the elections if you have been brainwashed into thinking that this is your duty, or that this is a patriotic act.

Vote in the elections if you have been brainwashed into thinking that you have no right to complain unless you vote.

Vote in this election if you think you are voting for the lesser of two evils, rather than thinking you are endorsing evil and have another option, which is not to endorse evil.

Vote in the elections as a statement that you kneel before, acknowledge and accept a power that controls your life, your liberty, your property, and your pursuit of happiness.

Vote in the elections as a sign and confirmation that you place little or no value on your life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness, and that a power beyond your control may do as it wishes with you.

Vote in the elections if you want to endorse and confirm your own status as a slave who is subject to this power.

Vote in the elections if you want to acknowledge that you are little more than a trained dog whose freedom is limited and controlled by its master.

Michael S. Rozeff is a retired Professor of Finance living in East Amherst, New York. He is the author of the free e-book “Essays on American Empire: Liberty vs. Domination” and the free e-book – The U.S. Constitution and Money: Corruption and Decline.

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Catalonia Bluffs Secession In Spain

September 14, 2012

by Russell D. Longcore

Catalonia is not serious about secession.

In a recent Time Magazine Online Article, The northeastern Spanish territory of Catalonia is once again threatening to secede from the nation of Spain. Catalonia is the most wealthy area of Spain. but is also under the heaviest debt load.

Catalonia and the Basque territory of northeastern Spain are long known for their desire to be independent. And they have long been denied their liberty.

Catalonia is basically saying to the government of Spain, “We’ve spent more than we earn, and we can’t service our debt. So you need to lend us more money so we can make our payments.”


Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s the same song the rest of the world is singing. And when I say “the rest of the world,” I mean the West. China…a creditor nation, is buying up gold and mining gold as fast as they can.

Any fifth grade homeschooler…not government school kids…knows that you are in trouble if you are using one credit card to pay the minimum interest payments on the rest of your credit cards.

Let’s take Catalonia’s threat to its logical conclusion. The Madrid government tells them to take a hike. Then what? Even if the national government allowed them to secede without armed intervention…what is Catalonia going to do?

Are they not still indebted? What about that? The choices are (a) default and tell the creditors to pound sand, or (b) keep paying their debt service. Now, if they were not sending tons of money to Madrid, they might be able to make their payments.

And what money are the Catalans going to use? The Euro? Are they going to create their own money? What would that be? Any money not 100% backed by gold and silver is fiat money, and they are right back in financial trouble again.

Nope. I’m throwing the bullshit flag on Catalonia. All they are trying to do is extort money from the rest of Spain and the European Central Bank.

Secession is the hope for humanity. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

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Obama’s Daily Meal

September 12, 2012

by Russell D. Longcore

Watch this video. it is unedited except for length. The money quote takes six seconds and comes at the 0:22 mark.

Barry Soetoro, alias Barack Obama, speaks truth that he may come to regret.

If I ran the Romney Election Campaign, I would lead every TV and radio spot with those six seconds of video or audio. I would save the last six seconds of video or audio and finish with Barry’s quote. Every spot I bought and ran between now and Election Day in November would feature Barry’s own words. I would wedge my message in between those quotes. Because, Dear Readers..nothing else that Mitt could say…no empty promises…no false hopes…no clueless lies about what he will do as President…could be as important as making sure the American people hear Barry verbally signing his own pink slip.

This quote should be the daily shit sandwich that is force fed to the Democratic candidate.

Here it is again.

Remember my prediction. Mitt Romney in a crushing victory. That is not an endorsement. It is more like your doctor coming into your exam room and announcing that the cancer you have is incurable. Your choices for treatment are radiation or chemotherapy. Both will be unremittingly painful and neither will save your life…and you only have a short time to live.

Are you prepping for the worst?

Copyright 2012, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted provided full credit is given.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Slavery vs. Citizenship: What’s The Difference?

September 10, 2012

What Does It Mean to Be A Slave?

By Eric Peters

Debating the merits of a particular government policy or proposal with authoritarian-minded political opponents is pointless – if you’re hoping to persuade, at any rate. Far better to ask them a few apparently simple questions – and force them to confront the disquieting answers about the authoritarian nature of the political and social system they support.

For instance, you might ask what their view of slavery is. Is it morally wrong to own another human being? Probably, they will say it is wrong. Now ask: What does it mean to be a slave? Usually, they will tell you it means being the property of another. Now ask the killer follow-up: What does it mean to be the property of another?

Point out that it means having control over another person’s life – control of his actual person, his body. His mind, even.

To be in a position – to be entitled – to use violence to enforce compliance.

A slave is not at liberty to act as he wishes to act. He must do as he is told – and if he does not, he can expect physical punishment and that punishment will not be considered assault. The slave must accept his punishment.

There is no appeal, no recourse. He must bow low and submit – or risk the repercussions, which ultimately include death.

His only hope is escape.

The slave, most obviously, owns nothing – because he controls nothing. He may be allowed to use things. But the owner of these things – himself included – is someone else. Someone else gets to say yes – or no. When – and where. How – and how much. The slave has no real say – in that he is never in a position to say no. Not without consequences raining down upon him.

He merely obeys. Because he must obey.

The fact that his hands may hold the scythe does not mean the scythe is his. The fact that the effort of his body cuts the wheat does not mean the wheat is his. He is permitted to keep a portion. In principle, because in fact, the slave owns nothing that may not be taken away from him. At any time, for any reason. And he is powerless to do anything about it.

The slave’s dwelling, the clothes he wears – even his very body – are subject to arbitrary control against his will by another person or persons. This is the essence of what it means to be a slave.

Be sure your opponent accepts these points – which he must accept, because to not accept them is not unlike refusing to accept that 2 + 2 = four.

Now ask him whether he (or anyone else he knows) is free to determine the course of his own life. Or do others set down terms and conditions which he must obey?

Is he free to do business with whomever he chooses to do business? Or is he told exactly with whom he must do business – and under what conditions?

May he travel freely? Or is he required to travel with permission – and only under certain conditions? Must he carry ownership papers with him wherever he goes? And is it not true that if he is caught without these papers, he is subject to arrest and imprisonment for that reason alone?

Is he free to raise his children as he considers best? To teach them as he sees fit? Or must he teach them things others decree he must teach them?

Is he even free to choose whom to marry? Or must he submit to the authority of others in even this most personal of life’s choices?

Is he free to defend himself when accosted by strangers? Or must he submit to these strangers, if they wear a certain type of outfit? (Did not the overseer also wear a certain type of outfit?)

May he own things?

More precisely, is he permitted other than conditional use of things? For instance, that which he may think of as “his” home. If it is in fact “his,” then surely that means no one else has legal claim to it and cannot take it away from him once he has paid the original seller in full. Ask him about the large payments he must make to others every year, forever, in order to be allowed to remain on “his” property. Remind him that plantation slaves also had homes – in the sense that they were allowed conditional use of dwellings. Dwellings ultimately owned by someone else. The slaves were permitted to use these dwellings so long as their labor provided enough return to the true owners of the dwelling. A slave who refused to work – who declined to make payments in the form of his labor then (and tax payments now) would soon discover who the true owner of “his” dwelling really was.

Just as today.

Ask whether he is compelled to give up whatever portion of the fruits of his labors others decide they are entitled to – and how this differs from the slave in the field being forced to pick cotton for the benefit of others . . . .

Ask him what he thinks will happen if he declines to hand over the fruits of his labor… .

Ask whether he is at liberty to do as he wills even with his own poor body. May he freely choose to treat his body’s ailments as he sees fit? Or will he be chained and jailed if he treats himself in other than the “lawful” manner?Ask whether he knows that he may be forcibly taken from his home if he declines to be “treated” in the manner prescribed by others.

Who, then, owns his body? His very person? If I have the power to compel you to do – or not do – then is it not a fact that to some degree at least, I am your owner?And in that case, are you not a slave?

The control need not be vicious or even mean. The owner of a beloved dog is no less the owner of the animal by dint of the fact that he treats it kindly and tends to its needs. The dog is not at liberty to come and go as it pleases. It is allowed to use certain items – an old sofa, for example – and not other things. It does not own anything.

It is owned.

Neither did the plantation slave own anything. And many had benevolent masters – for example, Thomas Jefferson – who tried to treat them with kindness, as they saw it. Who saw themselves as parents of subnormal adult children in need of guidance – and restraint. This benevolent treatment, however, in no way made the slaves other than slaves.

Behind the gentle guiding hand, always the whip.

As it is today – with the exception that today’s slaves are unaware of their condition and imagine themselves to be free. Its subtlety is its genius. Instead of individual plantations, there is one consolidated plantation called “our country.” But we are owned nonetheless.

It is immaterial that we are not normally chained… if the chains may be put on at the first hint of disobedience.

That we are allowed use of more (and nicer) things than the slaves of the past does not in any way change the fact that they are just as owned (because just as controlled) by someone else – and may be taken away at any moment, if the true owners so choose.

Our cotton fields are the cubicles of the modern office; our overseers called by different names. But their job is what it has always been: To make sure we toil, submit and obey. And if we do not…

Well, we all know the answer to that one.

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The Attitude of an Anarchist

September 9, 2012

by Tom Finnigan

Editor’s Note: This is the finest description of anarchy I’ve seen. Enjoy, but embrace anarchy.

Anarchy is about attitude as much as philosophy. Below is a contrast between a conservative attitude toward government and the anarchist’s attitude toward government. Do you have the attitude of an anarchist?

Conservatives show deference toward political authority; anarchists show defiance toward political authority. Conservatives respect politicians; anarchists revile politicians. Conservatives see voting as their patriotic duty; anarchists see voting as a waste of time. Conservatives feel an emotional attachment to democracy; anarchists think democracy is a farce. Conservatives think the Constitution is sacred; anarchists think the Constitution is a dead letter. Conservatives would feel honored to meet the President; anarchists would feel like showering after meeting the President. Conservatives love Ronald Reagan because he believed in smaller government; anarchists despise Ronald Reagan because he enlarged the government. Conservatives see sex scandals as an embarrassment to the nation; anarchists see sex scandals as entertainment for the nation.

Conservatives take pride in U.S. history; anarchists deconstruct U.S. history. Conservatives are moved when they hear the National Anthem; anarchists just want to start the game already. Conservatives pledge allegiance to the United States of America; anarchists declare independence from the United States of America. Conservatives think unity is important; anarchists think unity is dangerous. Conservatives detest draft dodgers; anarchists admire draft dodgers. Conservatives grieve for soldiers killed in wars; anarchists grieve for civilians killed in wars. Conservatives disparage conscientious objectors; anarchists are conscientious objectors. Conservatives think dissent is unpatriotic; anarchists think dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Conservatives ridicule conspiracy theorists; anarchists are conspiracy theorists.

Conservatives fear an out-out-of-control population; anarchists fear an out-of-control government. Conservatives think drugs are destroying society; anarchists think the war on drugs is destroying society. Conservatives respect government law; anarchists respect natural law. Conservatives think it’s wrong for people to pick and choose what laws they want to obey; anarchists feel a moral obligation to disobey unjust laws. Anarchists might help a teenager trying to score some beer; conservatives would threaten to call the cops. Conservatives worry about what their neighbors do behind closed doors; anarchists worry about what cops and prosecutors do behind closed doors.” Conservatives think everyone should pay their taxes; anarchists think no one should pay their taxes. Anarchists feel excited about breaking the law; conservatives feel guilty about breaking the law. Conservatives feel safe in the presence of law enforcement; anarchists feel threatened in the presence of law enforcement. Conservatives grieve for the federal agents killed during the Waco siege; anarchists grieve for the civilians killed during the Waco siege.

Conservatives fear instability; anarchists fear tyranny. Conservatives value order; anarchists value freedom. Conservatives think about what’s practical; anarchists think about what’s right. Conservatives want to take over the State; anarchists want to smash the State. Conservatives want reform; anarchists want revolution. Conservatives fear extremists; anarchists are extremists. Conservatives take interest in elections, budget proposals, and constitutional amendments; anarchists take interest in secession, nullification, and civil disobedience. Conservatives worry about what would replace the existing political order; anarchists are willing to roll the dice.

The attitude of an anarchist can be summarized as follows: contempt for politicians; rejection of nationalism; disrespect for the law; and a willingness to make radical changes to the status quo. If you share these attitudes, you might be an anarchist. If you reject the philosophy of anarchism, you should still consider adopting the attitude of an anarchist if you want liberty. Attitude is more important than philosophy when it comes to rousing the masses from their slumber. Eastern Europeans did not erupt against communism because they had recently learned about Mises’ economic calculation argument. They did it because they were tired of living in a police state and weren’t going to take it anymore. The attitude of an anarchist says, “Don’t tread on me.” It is inspiring. It is contagious. It is the hope of humanity.

Tom Finnigan lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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