The 20 Ton Whale

By Russell D. Longcore

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “the 800-pound gorilla in the room?” The phrase is usually used to describe some huge problem that no one will talk about.

The video I’ve posted below is not that gorilla. The content of this video is a 20-ton Blue Whale in your back yard kiddie pool. It’s so big that it obliterates and obscures the pool. All you will see is the whale. But it is dying in your back yard, and pretty soon, you’re going to have to do something about a dead whale.

What am I talking about? Simply this. As you watch the snake pit that is the Republican National Convention…and if you watch the Democratic Convention, remember that NEITHER PARTY can balance the Federal budget. They talk about it but THEY ARE ALL LYING.

It’s not that there is no political will to do it. It is fiscally IMPOSSIBLE to fix the Washington budget debacle.

And let me point out some demographic information that directly affects the FACT that it is impossible to ever balance the Federal budget again:

1. Unemployment: REAL unemployment in America is about 22%. You cannot wring taxes out of unemployed people. Besides, most of those people that are unemployed are middle class, and the middle class doesn’t pay income taxes anyway.
2. Missing Americans: The Roe v. Wade decision happened in 1973. Even by the most pro-abortion count from the Guttmacher Institute, over 54 million people were murdered before birth in America over the last 39 years. That is a lot of people not living, and not earning, and not paying their taxes.

Dear Readers, you will be SHOCKED by the TRUTH in this video.

Secession is the only hope for liberty on the North American continent.

DumpDC. Six Letters Than Can Change History.

15 Responses to The 20 Ton Whale

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  2. Jackson says:

    Well do you honor your debts or not? Think carefully before answering. Even many revolutionary governments eventually decide to honor their debts.

    If you answer yes, then I fail to see how secession changes the equation much. Breaking $15 trillion into 50 pieces (sized by population perhaps) still leaves everyone owing boatloads of money.

    Or, is the idea we leave the debt in DC when we split. How is Argentina doing these days? They are among the most notorious debt deadbeats among nations.

    • dumpdc says:

      Jackson- I do pay my debts. But I don’t pay YOUR debts. There is no piece of paper existing in this world that has my signature on it giving anybody in Washington power of attorney to place me in debt. The DC debts are not mine, and they are not yours. They belong to Washington. Russ

  3. Sean says:

    Uh, since I achieved middle class status, around 1994, according to the monetary ledger, I have paid federal income taxes, with a partial return, every year since then. SS and Medicare taxes as well. State taxes, both yearly and daily. City and county including property taxes. Try and get your story straight, if you have one to tell.Every time I flush a toilet, turn on a stove, a light, an appliance of any kind, live in my house, use my car, eat food, take out the trash, sleep, get sick, get well, exercise, and fornicate, I pay somebody somewhere a tax. I realize the fedgov is in deep stuff, and probably won’t be able to get out, and that politicians and bankers have been at the trough so long they’ll never leave, BUT I DIDN’T MAKE THIS MESS WE’RE IN. And I pay fucking taxes, mate.

    • Tom Pearson says:

      I agree with Sean! Now being retired for 10 years, I still pay income taxes despite fitting the model of “Middle Class Status”. I and my family have been middle class since the early 1960s by most definitions and have paid a fairly healthy Federal and State tax each and every year. I started working when I was 12, (53 years working total) setting pins in a bowling alley after grade school and worked constantly until retiring in 2002. During even my youthful years I paid taxes, especially Social Security every year. Just a rough calculation on Social Security – at a annual 1% investment rate on the SS money, I and my employers paid in over $1,000,000 into Social Security. Today, retired, I get a bit under $20,000 annually from Social Security so at that rate the SS money I paid the system would have a payout period for something like a 50 year period during which time I will die and the payment end prior to the 50 years.

      So I don’t know where Russell gets his brain fart that the middle class does not pay taxes.

  4. Dombrot says:

    I don’t see how secession solves the entitlement issue. Will a seceding state say, “Too bad, go collect from DC,” to its residents on Social Security and Medicare?

    • dumpdc says:

      Mr Dombrot- Stop thinking like that. If you are a member of my club, and you leave the club, you are no longer responsible for what the club does. The club cannot keep sending you bills. You quit. And yes, when a state secedes, the people that live within the boundaries of that state that collect money from Washington will either have to forfeit it or they will have to move out of the seceded state and back onto USA soil. IF you can talk DC into continuing to send you your money for SS or Medicare, OK. Good luck with that. How is this hard to understand? Russ

  5. says:

    Middle class don’t pay taxes? Seriously, what boat did you just fall out of? Been middle class for the last ten years or so and I have paid every year since then.

  6. Jimmy the Saint says:

    “Missing Americans: The Roe v. Wade decision happened in 1973. Even by the most pro-abortion count from the Guttmacher Institute, over 54 million people were murdered before birth in America over the last 39 years. That is a lot of people not living, and not earning, and not paying their taxes.”

    There’s a counterbalance, though – the groups most likely to abort their kids are on the left. Most kids follow the politics of their parents, so the majority of those aborted would likely have been leftist/statist/socialist voters.

    Demographically,one the biggest groups that has abortions is the urban black group. Not only do they strongly tend to vote left/statist/socialist, but they tend to work in government and/or be on the dole in pretty high percentages.

    Thus, most of those babies who were aborted would only have exacerbated the current problems, not corrected them.

    It’s ugly, but there it is….

  7. Jim Klein says:

    I notice debate about the opinion stuff, but not a word about this…

    “It is fiscally IMPOSSIBLE to fix the Washington budget debacle.”

    Maybe if we ignore this fact, it’ll just go away. Is that the plan? I can see disagreeing with Russell about State secessions–I know I do–but I can’t see pretending that this isn’t a fact. NOTHING can ever fix this problem, not ever. Obviously we can (and likely will) inflate our way out of it, but that’s the same as not paying it.

    So what does everyone believe, that maybe this isn’t a fact? Maybe the numbers lie? Maybe we CAN squeeze blood from a rock? WHAT, exactly?

    And Jackson, $15 trillion??? You gotta be kidding. An unfunded liability is a liability. It’s nice to speak of “honoring one’s debts;” but what’s your proposal when it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do that?

  8. a_random_guy says:

    It is not “impossible” to fix the budget debacle. Look at the three categories of spending. One of them is larger than the other two, and is labelled “mandatory spending”. The “mandatory” part is nonsense. It’s just that these are programs no one has the cuts to touch: social security, medicare, and medicaid.

    Cut these programs, and the budget is balanced. Leave them, and we are bankrupt. It really is just that simple. Maybe we will never have the guts to do it, but this is the only possible solution.

    • dumpdc says:

      Mr Random- Sorry, but impossible is exactly what I said and what I meant.Are you asserting that Congress will shut down agencies like Energy or Homeland Security? Do you think that the Ryan plan, which didn’t balance the budget until 2030, have a chance to save this nation? Do you think that Congress will bring home all the troops from across the globe, and downsize the military? Do you think that DC will axe military technology budgets? And exactly how is Congress going to change the undeniable FACT that the Baby Boomers are retiring en masse now, thereby bankrupting SS and Medicare? As the video said, even if Congress cut out EVERY penny for government, the SS and Medicare will still take every dollar of tax revenue now collected. I know you don’t like this, but its true. Wake up. Thanks, RUss

  9. Hey You says:

    Doesn’t seem impossible at all. What the deficit is counted with are just pieces of USG printed paper. What’s impossible about printing up trillions of pieces of paper? Of course, one at a time printing might be very difficult, but put a few zeros after the one’s and the impossible becomes easy. – – And is not that’s what being done?

  10. RICHARD says:

    A question:

    The IRS can continue to collect taxes from Americans who live and work in foreign lands including but not limited to seceeded states.

    US citizens who live in Costa Rica, for example, can collect their social security there. In addition, the Euro-American financial cartel strictly regulates the flow of currency between nations.

    My question is – if the Republic of Texas seceeded from DC wouldn’t it still have international banking regulations to comply with as well as IRS agents breathing down its citizens’ backs.

    There might be one less star on the flag, but no less taxes coming in to Washington. Yes or no?

    but that’s just me, hollering from the choir loft…

    • dumpdc says:

      Richard – It depends upon how the seceded state organizes itself. If it agrees to allow DC to collect taxes from American citizens, those citizens have no protection. But remember that the new nation’s citizens will have to give up their American citizenship or maintain dual citizenship if the new nation allows it. The new nation’s constitution could be written to make it easy for an American citizen to say goodbye to DC. And finally, if the New Texas seceded without a war, it could negotiate tax treaties with DC to free the new Texans from tax liability to DC.

      But that’s just me, hollering AT the choir loft. Russ

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