Happy Third Anniversary, DumpDC.com

May 9, 2012

Turn Out The Lights, The Party’s Over

by Russell D. Longcore

This week marks three years since I began posting my thoughts about personal liberty, property rights and secession here at DumpDC.com. From then until now, I have posted 885 articles on a wide variety of subjects. It was my goal to make the greatest number of my postings related to secession. Occasionally I strayed from the path, and most of those times were either into religion or humor.

But recently, I have come to the realization that I may not have any more to say. I feel like I have taken secession just about as far as it can go right now…that is, prior to the economic meltdown that is assured for America when the US Dollar ceased to be the world reserve currency. At that time, millions of growling stomachs will awaken the slumbering minds eighteen inches above them, and secession will come to the fore.

Many, if not most of my fellow travelers in the Patriot movement still embrace a return to those thrilling days of yesteryear when it is believed (erroneously) that the US Constitution held sway. They convince themselves and each other that if we can just get Washington to obey the Constitution, all will be well once again. But the 2012 Constitution is not the Constitution of 1789. The Bill of Rights has been laden down with amendment after amendment, few of which are good for America. And the entire document is entirely ignored by DC. A Constitution written for thirteen nations with just under 4 million inhabitants (1790 Census) between them is entirely inappropriate for 50 states and 315 million people.

What is needed is not strict Constitutionality. What is needed is for the states to return to being sovereign nations, and if they want to confederate, then join with just a few others for mutually beneficial reasons. Small confederations of nation/states comprised of 3…6…10 nations would be good, or just simply 50 individual little nations all competing for survival in a big world.

Frankly, I am tired. I spend many hours each week on DumpDC. Just the Flash Editorials takes about three hours to write, and then another two hours to do the video production. And when I look at my traffic stats, and see how few people look at DumpDC, I have to look inward. Am I just doing this for my own entertainment? Am I just stroking my own ego? Does anybody give a shit?

My introspection about DumpDC is also influenced by money. I am building a fast-growing energy business, and I should take the time I spend on DumpDC and invest it in my own future. After all, none of you readers are going to take care of me in my dotage, and I don’t expect you to. And when the shit hits the fan in America, you’ll be a little busy with your own survival. But my family expects ME to provide and leave a legacy. Writing is fun, but earning is funner. And residual income from my energy customers all over the nation is the funnest of all.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you a fond farewell…for now. You have said some very kind, complimentary and gracious things to me over the last three years, and I am grateful to you. DumpDC will continue to be live, and our Archive will continue to be available. But for the foreseeable future, your gentle Host and Editor Russell D. Longcore will be laser-focused on his business. That is my kind of “prepping.”

Adieu. Guten Tag. Adios. May you be Happy. May you be Well.
May you be filled with Kindness and Peace.

Secession is still the only solution for individual liberty and property rights on the North American continent.

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