The False Idol Of American Democracy

by Michael Hill
League of the South

(Editor’s Note: The author is calling for secession…just in case you miss the point of this article.)

Democracy is an idol in America, and most Americans worship devoutly at its altar. Majorities marshaled every two or four years have become our gods. They dictate to us how we shall live and die. Most say they wouldn’t have it any other way. That would be un-American. To be patriotic citizens, we must live with the results of the ballot, be it in a general election, a Supreme Court ruling, or a Congressional vote. The verdict is sacrosanct because it was reached through the democratic process of majority vote. We can grouse and complain about it but we see ourselves bound by it. Otherwise, how could we claim to be “good Americans?”

But our classroom civics books did not tell us that majority rule only works where there is already a consensus of sorts on the fundamental issues within a particular society. For instance, in a Christian nation that enjoys a high degree of homogeneity in its racial and ethnic make-up, language, institutions, and inherited culture, most matters up for a vote are largely superficial policy issues. They don’t tamper with the agreed-upon foundations of the society. However, in a multicultural and multiracial polyglot Empire such as ours is today, the concept of majority rule is often fraught with dire (and even deadly) consequences for the losers, especially if the winners bear a grudge.

As I write in 2012, there are projections that these United States—and our beloved Southland–will have a white minority by 2040 (or before, depending on immigration policy). Simply put, that will mean the end of society as we know it. You and Bill Clinton may be OK with this, but I’m not.

Who stands to lose by this devil’s bargain? The descendants of America’s founding stock will be the losers. As a native white Southerner, I’m primarily concerned about the future of the South. Our ancestors bequeathed us a republican society based on Christian moral principles, the English language, racial (and some degree of ethnic) homogeneity, and British legal and political institutions. All this will be gone with the wind if we don’t stand as united white Southerners against the unholy leftist trinity of “tolerance, diversity, and multiculturalism.”

Perhaps Americans in other regions outside the South are quite happy with the idea of giving their region of the country away to minorities and their white leftist enablers. But if the rest of the country is determined to go straight to hell, is the South obliged to go along for the ride just so “democracy” can be upheld?

I say it’s time we put aside our reverence for the sort of majority rule that allows people such as Mitt Romney, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, et al to determine the South’s fate. If this were merely a superficial policy matter it might be different. As it is, the South’s fetish for liberal democracy is literally a matter of life and death for our society. We are told that we must abide by decisions that could destroy our very way of life. Only a fool would consent to do so.

Again, democracy will not work in a multicultural, polyglot Empire. I shudder to think what will happen to our progeny when they become the numerical political (and actual demographic) minority. The “Revenge of Trayvon Martin” will be a commonplace occurrence as whites are attacked and robbed of life, liberty, and property with impunity in the name of Social Justice. Will the rights of our children and grandchildren be protected by the new regnant majority who are not products of Western Christian civilization? Or will a majority of wolves vote to devour a minority of sheep? I think you know the answer.

If, in the cause of furthering America’s democratic institutions, you place your future in the hands of those who have already betrayed you, then you and your children will ultimately be dispossessed in the name of democracy (and other dubious ideologies). You will have meekly acquiesced to the whim of a temporary majority because you did not have the nerve to walk away from the holy ground upon which you were commanded to kneel and worship this false idol of democracy.

So what is the answer for us stubborn and contrary Southerners? For our self-preservation dare we cast aside voting and the idea of the “consent of the governed” for a monarchy or dictatorship? No. We must simply re-define the political and social entity to which we belong. To wit, we need an independent Southern Republic in which our interests and moral principles hold sway. No more being ruled by Massachusetts, New York, and California. In my eyes, such a course is not only desirable, it is necessary for our survival.

Michael Hill is President of League of the South.

28 Responses to The False Idol Of American Democracy

  1. Roger Young says:

    What a bigoted moron. Liberty knows no color. Liberty knows no ethnicity. The lust for liberty is ingrained in the human psyche. It merely needs prodding. It’s value and necessity for human prosperity and advancement need only to be communicated by those who understand this concept towards those who are still mentally and spiritually imprisoned by their OWN culture’s ignorance, bigotry, and collectivist thought. And most certainly, any allegiance to any political entity will not bring this about.

    Secession need not be inspired and executed by strictly lily white instigators in order to succeed.

    I used to have a great amount of respect for the League of the South. No longer.

  2. koivwvia says:

    Roger –

    You can’t be serious! Despite every bell-weather give-away by the rest of America the last 45 years (to the tune of billions of bucks), blacks have (not yet, but !) refused to assimilate. Muslims refuse to assimilate. Hispanics are a mixed bag, but they view anyone not Hispanics with a great deal of suspicion.

    Claiming every human desires “liberty” is not even close to understanding or to define what EVERY human MEANS by “liberty.” That is the fallacy in your argument. But the most incredible, muddle-headed thought is that gummint plays any part in liberty. It by definition most certainly does not, and cannot.

    Gummint admits that fact, at least. It admits it means to control us.

    Now you close by saying “Secession need not be inspired and executed by strictly lily white instigators in order to succeed.” and that may or may not be true, since it has never been put to the test (proof is a handy thing), but the fact is that every immigrant or minority group has either made itself dependent quickly upon gummit tax dollars (mine and yours), or refuses to assimilate.

    There is absolutely no bigotry in recognizing reality, my man. Climb down from that impossibly high horse you pretend to corral each night, and deal with the reality the rest of us must deal with.

    Your explanation explains exactly why we have the problems that we do – you get the problem, but the solutions completely escape you. Do not call others “bigots” because you are missing a piece of the puzzle. That is intellectual vacuity.

    • David Snyder says:

      I feel the same way.It’s ironic how anti-white racism’s biggest defenders are white leftists.

    • Roger Young says:

      I see every individual as unique and sovereign. Only collectivist, Stalinist, ignorant, soulless, spiritually dead bigots see them as members of highly defined groups, conveniently grouped and categorized. Only intellectually lazy people view other individuals this way.

      Apparently, YOUR idea of “liberty” (and Mr. Hill’s) is murder, state initiated ethnic cleansing and racial apartheid. You claim that the state has nothing to do with liberty (and I agree), yet it is only state directed tyranny that can create the ethnically pure world you desire.

      The Non-Aggression Principle and Golden Rule can be easily understood, appreciated, and adopted by ANY rational mind. Those who reject it have minds poisoned by racial identity, group think, and bloody, slavish nationalism. Such individuals can be found in EVERY racial, ethnic, philosophical, or political group, including pale-faced, white supremacist, pseudo-Christian yahoos (many who are ALSO are guilty of suckling at the state teat). You appear to be making the classic mistake- blaming a problem on the symptom (government largesse) rather than the disease itself (the state). You are short changing human potential and the ability of diverse individuals to live peacefully WITHOUT a vertically structured, command and control authority. You are still living in the matrix of state-induced myopia!

      Perhaps you view humans as all statists do- as livestock to be managed and herded by those who claim superiority and the divine right of kings, and are emboldened by a depraved lust to rule. “Assimilate” or die! I personally reject such a viewpoint.

      I see state secession only as a necessary stepping stone to INDIVIDUAL secession and the final abolishment and burial of the demonic state. Most folks are too indoctrinated with a false fear of anarchy to live that way immediately. A gradual reduction in state control will allow people to finally realize that this slave holding institution, that has held back human development for centuries, is certainly NOT desirable and absolutely unnecessary.

      However, if I have to work side by side with the likes of those who think like you and Mr. Hill, I may have to rethink my strategy.

      Hey, Russell- what’s your take on this and your KKK readership? Have I parked my car in the wrong garage?

  3. rjp34652 says:

    “There is no such thing as a black racist.”
    -Rev Jesse Jackson

    The evidence presented by koivwvia is clear and consistent, none of which has been successfully repudiated by Mr. Young’s rather vehement rhetoric against secession. Non-whites refuse to integrate while whites are required to sacrifice much. What’s wrong with this picture?

    A single word can suffice as an example of the social dynamic that plagues our country. It’s a single small word. You know, the “N” word? Blacks use it constantly. If a white man does he can be severely punished. It’s a perfect example of non-conformity and the double standard to which whites are required to adhere, but other ethnic groups are not.

    BTW Mr. Jackson and his organizations are well known for cheating on business deals with white folk. Kind of makes the title ‘Reverend’ a little phony doesn’t it? Hypocrisy, it seems, knows no ethnic barriers.

    That’s what we’ve got here; the hypocrisy of Federal law and the natural desire of honest men and women to extract themselves from a subversive environment.

    but that’s just me, hollering from the choir loft…

  4. I would agree, but I doubt that right now, any geographical segment of America has the cohesion necessary. To pull secession off.


  5. koivwvia says:

    Roger –

    I must give you credit – seriously.

    While you purport to support the concept of secessionism, and do advocate your desire to see the gummint out of our lives, you display – not a utopian view of possibilities (which would at least be forgivable), but a grossly dystopian view of what should be afterward.

    To that I should add that you seem to be offering your resume as the one who should instruct the rest of us how to think and feel and reason afterward.

    A point in case – I have had others “ad hominem” me before, but to your credit, I have never had anyone string together a list as long as you did. That, in itself, is to be expected from someone who makes arguments without facts behind said arguments. As my dear departed Dad used to say:

    If you can’t bedazzle them with facts, baffle them with bullshit.

    I tip my hat to you at your most sincere efforts to do so.

    That you managed to take your mangled reasoning so far as to accuse me, and others, of being members of the Democratic Party’s now thoroughly discredited Klu Klux Klan speaks volumes about your ability to converse and argue in any intellectual capacity.

    I merely stated facts that have yet to be disproven regarding groupings of people according to race or affiliation.

    Since you have determined that you, alone, are correct in that we can all be melded (gelded?) into one homogeneous dream world where we will all dance among the lillies and take everything in stride – I simply reject your simplistic, and totally UNPROVEN fantasy.

    Call me all the names you want – that is one thing you have managed to “PROVE” thus far – you can throw the stones. But –

    The real question is . . .

    Do you have any of your own?

    • Roger Young says:

      I ‘m glad you were entertained by my post. Too bad you didn’t even make an effort to refute any of it. I don’t know how you get the idea that I’m somehow telling you how to live. I’m merely countering your argument. Don’t be such a wuss!

      NOWHERE in my posts have I called anyone a name. Instead I’ve very ACCURATELY identified particular ideologies represented by your comments. An “ad hominine” attack? Hilarious! Claiming victim hood is a common tactic used by those who see their world view smashed to bits and blown out of the water by reason, logic, and FACT.

      Your mistake #1: You have painted members of a particular race or ethnic group with a broad brush as pertains to what they believe or how they think. This is the height of arrogance. It also, in part, defines bigotry. There is this large, thick book with a lot of words called a dictionary. Look up “bigotry.” Therefore, “if it walks like a duck, sound like a duck.., etc.” You need proof that “groupings of people according to race or affiliation” is BS? I hereby offer Walter Williams. I also hereby offer Jesse Jackson. Do these two black men share the same ideology? So much for your argument. I would LOVE to see you stand before a room full of non-white libertarians and anarchists and even min-archists and tell them that they are ALL welfare sponging bums who have no right to live. It should be quite funny to watch your knees shake while you shit your pants.

      Your mistake #2: You are falling for the state farmer’s oldest trick- pitting one group against another so the human livestock is distracted and does not recognize who the REAL predator/wolf/threat is- the state! In fact, your adamant defense of this point of view makes me suspect you may be a USG operative, trolling the internet to fan the flames of racial divisiveness.

      It is the statists who are the “utopians”- the lost folks who continue to believe, despite centuries of murderous failure and millions of victims, that an institution based on force and violence can protect ANYONE’S liberty.

      No “stones,” you say? Take the time to read my columns at LRC, STR, and other sites. See how I challenge the state and its illegitimate claim of rule over non consenting individuals. I can you send you some of the stone-throwing emails directed my way by hateful, bootlicking nationalists. I’m still here, still at it, and my stones are thriving!

      I will commend you for admitting that you know very little about the world or the human organism. I encourage you to keep learning and searching. Enlightenment is a life long journey. Best wishes!

  6. Dick B says:

    Proof lies just across the water. The former Republic of South Africa, and the former Rhodesia.

    There lies your future, boys, unless we contain the beast somehow.

    Education, in the current liberal context, has failed utterly to instill any semblance of ‘citizenship’ in our black tribes;
    trillions in welfare and other
    benefits have not bought us peace.

    Official Preferences have not tamed the savage.

    One may claim that everyman is Colin Powell or Herman Cain, but even they know it’s a lie.

    • Roger Young says:

      Don’t forget the white tribes, as well, Dick- all that white trailer trash, seething with envy and anger in trailer parks throughout the continent and the millions of boot licking, white yuppies who relish an authoritarian master. Not to mention thousands of soldier trash, occupying our land in their large fortresses, willing and able shoot down any dissenters to the DC Death Cult.

  7. koivwvia says:


    There was nothing to really for me to refute. I can go to a gazillion sites and read the same stuff. Folks telling other folks what they must do.

    “Only collectivist, Stalinist, ignorant, soulless, spiritually dead bigots see them as members of highly defined groups, conveniently grouped and categorized.”

    “Those who reject it have minds poisoned by racial identity, group think, and bloody, slavish nationalism. Such individuals can be found in EVERY racial, ethnic, philosophical, or political group, including pale-faced, white supremacist, pseudo-Christian yahoos (many who are ALSO are guilty of suckling at the state teat). You appear to be making the classic mistake- blaming a problem on the symptom (government largesse) rather than the disease itself (the state).”

    Those are your words, Roger, and “ad hominem” they are. Do not pretend I am one of your mindless minions who read your site and nod my head in likewise agreement. I did not set out to disprove anything you said – there was nothing to disprove.

    And before you knew about Strike-the-Root I had numerous posts there – years ago! And if you had the least bit of a clue, you would have known that.

    I was just giving you credit for your unique abilities at ad hominem.

    That is all.


    • Roger Young says:

      I think it can be finally be concluded by all- you’re a fucking moron and not worth my time. You might want to refrain from using such big words. Believe me, you can’t handle them.

      I first published at STR in 2002, so please don’t make more of an ass out of yourself than you already have. I would very much like to read what you’ve supposedly written (a courtesy you won’t give me) but, unfortunately, you’re too much of a pussy to list you name.

      Adios, oh babbling one with NO stones!

  8. koivwvia says:

    Roger –

    I appreciate your emphatic proof of what I said.


    • Roger Young says:

      And I thank you, ma’am, for proving you’re a liar that’s never written or published shit!

      • koivwvia says:

        Yo, Wizard . . .

        You only show up on Rob’s site since 2009. Now maybe he has you edited wrong and all . . .

        My over-20 are there – since 2002. If you were such a genius at ferreting out matters as you claim, you would know that. But as it is, you play the usual, and juvenile game of name-calling whenever you are not quite getting your way.

        The funny thing is – we are both on the same page as is Russ, but you go off on other people the instant what you say is not accepted.

        And that, stones or not, is YOUR problem. Me? I find your flailing to be hilarious. You really should stop doing it. Few converts to your point of view come from such an adversarial mentality and approach.

        P.S. Sorry for using those big words and all . . . 🙂

      • Roger Young says:

        When he remodeled the site a few years back, he didn’t include all previously published material. I believe he did that for all the archives. I appreciate you taking the time to look. You’ll have to do a name search at LRC, where the better stuff is.

        I genuinely feel your reading comprehension skills need sharpened- seriously. We should charge Russell for all the traffic we’ve brought his blog.

  9. Gary Smith says:

    Roger you are the guy that get kicked in the head in tomorrows
    American Kaosovo, because it is cheaper than shooting you again.

  10. koivwvia says:

    Perhaps Russ might be in a generous mood, or perhaps we should both thank him for letting us air the underwear publicly.


    I read LRC every night at 11pm CST when Lew has his site automatically updated. I don’t know why Rob’s site did not grab all of your stuff when he updated. Mine was left untouched.

    Roger – I can argue with anyone, but I really don’t like arguing. We’re on the same page regarding gummint and its incredible burden upon us citizens. I am thinking you mis-read my original post, which got us both going (I bet you are Type A, too!). 🙂 And it is true that I might have put matters better – at least in a way that didn’t set all your bells and whistles off as they did.

    Call it a truce?


  11. Roger Young says:

    Oops, check that, Wizard- my STR archive goes back to 2003. I tried sending the URL but this blog won’t accept it.

  12. Speaking only for myself, *ANY* man who desires Liberty is welcome at my campfire and in my tent or foxhole regardless of his ancestry.

    Anyone who wishes to enslave me, mine, or anyone else within my ability to assist – which (since property is merely a life’s work made tangible) includes taking by force any property we may have – had best be prepared to pay the ultimate price for his evil.

  13. The Apple Islander says:

    Can ROGER YOUNG simply favour us with a single solitary moment in history when a multi-ethnic populace rose up TOGETHER against the government of the day and, after winning, did something OTHER than proceed to battle their former multi-ethnic allies?

    I’m having difficulty with that one, but then again, I’m not *published*…

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  15. leonard says:

    I like Roger Young’s argument. It’s to bad the two of you can’t come to an agreement. I think you are both saying essentially the same thing.

    Dedicated Dad speaks what I think as well.

    A friend of mine once said the color of the skin is the ultimate uniform. I don’t want that. Even if it is reality.

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear Roger and Koi- that is enough. i have let this go thinking you both would man up and seek common ground. Once the naughty words start to fly, that’s it. The only one who gets to be potty mouthed on this site is me. If you two want to keep thowing shit at each other like monkeys, do it on your own email addresses. Russ

  16. RegT says:


    We know that the Left is actually comprised of a small minority of individuals, relative to the total population of this country. Others have stated – and I believe they are correct – that the black racists who foment violence between black and white are also a minority. Thanks to the media, and an administration trying to benefit from drumming up anti-white feelings in the black community, we are all led to believe _most_ blacks (or at least a significant number) are anti-white.

    Do we have any real reason to believe this is true, or are we allowing ourselves to be manipulated by Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, the media, etc. into believing this?

    Yes, there are many blacks who benefit from the entitlement culture who have climbed on board the hate train, but aren’t those still a minority? How would the South deal with keeping those blacks who exhibit a good moral compass, in the event of secession? Those Hispanics who worked hard to become citizens and paid their dues? Depriving them of their rights as Americans – the ones that demonstrate a love of America (as opposed to the Obamas) – would seem to be in violation of everything we stand for.

    How would you address this? Thanks for whatever you feel like posting in reply.

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear Reg: pretty simple solution here. Any human being that lives a life in which he commits neither force or fraud against any other individual would be eligible to be a citizen in a seceded nation/state. I care not what race pimps say. When their behavior crosses the line, they will have a bad day. Thanks, Russ

  17. Andrew says:

    The notion that Aryan men should band together to sever their bonds from a tyrannical central government or to separate themselves from other racial groups is not inconsistent with Libertarian thought. Absent initiatory aggression (though lethal self-defensive violence is ethically permissible – ethically required IMO), we all have an inalienable right to associate with, or disassociate from, whomever we want, for any reason.

    His theocratic convolutions and reparations demands notwithstanding, Louis Farrakahn’s desire for a separate homeland for Negroes, for example, should be supported, at least in principle…though, as with any form of secession, property rights issues would be complicated and difficult.

    America was a beautiful idea while it lasted. But it does not now exist. I for one would like to see a separate homeland for White Americans of European ancestry established in the Pacific Northwest.

    Thank you, Mr. Hill, for your essay.

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