What Are Liberals Liberal About?

By Russell D. Longcore

The world of politics in America seems to be all about the fantasy that there is a substantive philosophical difference between Conservatives and Liberals. I have already written an article about conservatism, entitled “Conservatives Aren’t.” You can find that article posted on April 18th.

Today, I’m going to pick on Liberals.

Let’s start with my definition: Liberalism is a political philosophy that promotes the infinite growth of the State until it ultimately becomes totalitarianism. Liberalism is the antithesis of individual liberty.

Liberals are threatened by true liberty and the freedom of the individual, preferring the grouping of people into special interests that need protection by the State.

Today’s political liberalism is not to be confused in any way with Classical Liberalism, which emphasizes individual rights, natural law and equality of opportunity. Today’s liberalism is exactly the opposite of Classical Liberalism.

Liberals believe that the State knows better how to spend the individual’s money than the individual does. Therefore, Liberals support ever-increasing levels of taxation.

Liberals believe that the Constitution is a “living document,” and for the most part, should not be interpreted strictly like the writers intended. Consequently, the Amendments in the Bill of Rights beyond Amendment Ten are efforts at social engineering. But at its truest foundation, liberalism understands (better than conservatives) that the Constitution has no authority whatsoever, and that liberals and conservatives may both ignore it at will and do what they please.

Liberals believe that tax policy should be used to promote certain societal behavior, and punish other behaviors. That is why you see tax credits and tax deductions sprinkled throughout new legislation.

Liberals are not content to allow the individual States to exert control over the Federal Government, but wish to see an ever more powerful Federal Government controlling the States.

On the social issues like abortion, civil rights, “gay” rights, gun control, etc., liberals are not found embracing individual rights, but once again, believe in the power of the Federal Government to force society to change under the threat of death.

And, finally, Liberals and Conservatives believe the same things. Just look at what they have done to America over the last 100 years. Ever encroaching and growing Federal Government and ever shrinking individual liberty are their legacies.

In the end, the only fight that truly exists between Liberals and Conservatives is who gets to write the checks. It is NEVER about whether the checks should be written, only about who writes the checks.

Dump DC: Six Letters That Can Change History.

Copyright 2012: Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

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