The Principle Of The Gold Standard Part Five

Editor Notes:

I discovered a remarkable thinker and author recently. Antal E. Fekete is a Professor at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. He has written outstanding articles and does compelling lectures about money. This is a ten-part series on the gold standard. Ladies and Gentlemen, the first thing that a state must do at secession is invent a monetary system…that is the Power of the Purse. Creating gold money is a lot easier than you think.

The Fifth Pillar of Sound Money And Credit

3 Responses to The Principle Of The Gold Standard Part Five

  1. Hey You says:

    We are hearing of the possible break-up of the Euro-Zone because of excessive sovereign debt. Why is there very little consideration of a break-up of as highly an indebted USA union?

    • dumpdc says:

      The most obvious reason is that the nations of Europe are still nations, only tied to each other by the Euro. The states of the USA are basically owned by Washington. Russ

  2. rjp34652 says:

    Hey HeyYou:

    The Euro-Zone economy is tied to the IMF <- a US institution that feeds the American financial cartel. If the Euro-Zone collapses, then incredible economic pressure will be exerted upon the IMF.

    Will US taxpayers be required to bail out the IMF if this happens?
    Would it create a domino effect upon the American economy?
    If DC says "jump" how high will its 50 vassal states leap?

    We shouldn't worry about things like that, because Washington can always be trusted to do the right thing for its citizens. (If you accidently imbibe poison, read this sentence to stimulate your gag reflex.)

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