Ron Paul Ends Presidential Bid, Resigns From Republican Party and Congress

April 1, 2012

Paul Will Lead State of Texas To Secede From Union

By R. David Murphy
Royters News Service

LAKE JACKSON, TEXAS – Congressman Ron Paul announced today that he is ending is bid for the Republican Presidential candidacy for 2012. But the rest of his speech today was shocking and holds serious ramifications for himself and the State of Texas.

Congressman Paul called a press conference at a makeshift podium in the driveway of his Lake Jackson, Texas home. With his wife Carol at his side, and his son Senator Rand Paul standing to his left, next to Daniel Miller, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Paul quietly but forcefully read from a prepared speech.

Doctor Paul said, “It has become clear to me that the election system in America is hopelessly corrupt and broken. In every caucus…in every primary…in every state where we worked tirelessly to spread our message of smaller Constitutional government, we found widespread vote counting fraud. We won many caucuses and primaries outright, but the Republican political bosses would have none of it. Continuing to campaign between now and the Republican convention would be an exercise in futility, and a betrayal to the hundreds of thousands of Ron Paul supporters. So, effective today, April first, my quest to become the Republican presidential candidate is ended.”

“Now, I would like to speak to all the faithful men and women, old and young, who have been so supportive of my candidacy over the last eight years: Thank you so much for your faith in me. To quote the writer Victor Hugo – ‘There is nothing that is stronger than an idea whose time has come.’ The goal of smaller, manageable, lawful government is that powerful idea. But the remaining presidential candidates do not hold to this idea. Each one, it his own way, embraces big government and endless wars. So I hereby release all delegates to the Republican convention with the hope that each delegate will refuse to vote for either Romney, Santorum or Gingrich.”

“In addition, I hereby announce that effective immediately, I resign from my position as Congressman from the 14th Texas Congressional District. I can no longer participate in what I have come to see is a government entirely out of control, which is running headlong toward economic and political collapse.”

“Further, and finally, I will continue to fight for accountability, small government, individual liberty and property rights. But not in the way you might think. I have come to a crucial philosophical conclusion. The only way that our goals and commitments can come true on the North American continent is through state secession. Nullification of Federal law will be ineffective because the states have neither their own money nor their own militias. Fighting in the courts takes too long, and we could not reasonably expect a Federal court to rule against itself. The only way left to do what the Declaration of Independence called us to do – to throw off such government, and provide new guards for our future security – is to secede from the Union.”

“I ask all the people who have supported the Ron Paul candidacy to join me in a commitment to liberty, and to the dream of secession. Toward that end, I hereby announce today that I will lead the fight in my home state of Texas for Texas independence. Texas was a sovereign nation before statehood, and in order to wrestle control away from the Federal government and merely survive as a people, Texas must secede from the Union and become a sovereign nation once more. I will gladly seek the office of President of a New Texas as soon as Texas is once again a nation.”

“Thank you for your attendance at this press conference. We will not be taking any questions at this time. Goodbye and God Bless Texas.”

And with his signature wide grin, Ron and Carol turned and walked back to their front door.

Daniel Miller, remaining at the podium, stated: “This is an historic day for Texas. We will move forward with all haste and urgency to lead Texas to independence. Ron Paul is the perfect man to lead Texas to sovereignty, and Texas will take its place among the nations just like Sam Houston predicted.”

Senator Rand Paul had these words: “I grew up being taught by a man who is a servant leader. I completely support my father’s decisions, and will do whatever I can to help him achieve his goals.”

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