I Am Not A Patriot, But I Am A Patriot

March 14, 2012

By Russell D. Longcore

DumpDC started as my personal blog, with the intention of giving myself a forum for exploring thoughts and information about liberty. It rapidly gained an audience. More and more readers came to the website and joined me as I wrestled with how to define true liberty. In May, DumpDC will be three years old. We’ve made some pretty amazing progress in exploring and defining secessionist thought.

I spend a lot of time in reading and research. And my searching takes me to “Patriot” websites of all stripes. Almost exclusively, “patriot” websites extol the virtues of wresting political control away from the scoundrels in power, and returning America to Constitutional principals and lawful governance. From websites dedicated to the Republican Party to the Tea Party, to the Tenth Amendment to Oath Takers, patriots love the Constitution.

But as a proponent of secession, those goals are the furthest from my mind. I take the position that (a) the US Constitution is fatally flawed, (b) is written to create a strong central government, and (c) is unenforceable as a legal document. And as such, the United States of America is speeding toward a complete collapse from which there is no escape.

Patriots, no matter how sincere or dedicated, cannot change America’s fate. But when we use the term “Patriot,” may we reach operational definitions?

Dictionary.com defines the word “patriot” thus:

1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

I am not a man who loves, supports and defends his country and its interests with devotion. So this separates me from those who wave the flag and participate in the political/electoral processes. This country, the United States of America, is not the amber waves of grain, the purple mountain’s majesty from sea to shining sea. That’s merely the geography of North America. The USA is its people. Unfortunately, the greatest majority of American people have blindly accepted politics as reality, and allowed the treasonous criminals of Washington to redefine the republic.

The elections always seem to break like this: of those who vote, 40% of the people vote Republican; 40% vote Democrat; 20% call themselves Independents. The Independents think they think better than the party faithful. But the Independents are actually so bereft of the ability to think that they become the flotsam and jetsam of the American election process, simply washing up on whichever political shoreline is at the lowest elevation.

America is in its present terminal condition because its people have basically no societal memory of what liberty looks and feels like. The scoundrels of two centuries have fundamentally transformed a loose confederation of sovereign states into a completely uncontrolled, massive central government that subsumed the states. And because it happened over a couple hundred years, the transformation was barely noticeable…one new law here, another new regulation there. Most of the time not enough to get riled up about. Then academia took the side of the scoundrels and re-educated the masses with new definitions and explanations about civics so citizens would be subservient worker bees. Think about this…if you’re the government, and you’re supposed to be controlled by The People…what’s the easiest way to change that system? Un-teach The People about the structure of the government. Then run things any way you like.

The scoundrels have come from among the American populace, so we can’t blame anybody but ourselves. No foreign power conquered America…we gave it away.

So, now Americans agree that:

• Lincoln’s War was about ending slavery
• WWI and WWII were “just wars.”
• Voting matters
• Social Security and Medicare are entitlements
• Our military should occupy the world and invade countries indiscriminately
• Washington should run the health care industry
• Washington should regulate every second of our lives
• We should sit still for Washington to steal about 40% of our incomes
• Washington runs the states, not the other way around
• Business is bad, and government is good
• Inflation is OK and it’s normal for our money to lose purchasing power
• The Supreme Court can make law through judicial decisions
• It’s OK to kill babies while they are inside their mother’s wombs
• Romney, Santorum and Gingrich are “conservatives,” and Ron Paul is “outside the mainstream” and too extreme to be President.

So I have nothing in common with “first-definition” Patriots. I cannot align myself with the Patriots of the first definition.

The “second-definition” Patriots are dedicated to regaining individual liberty that has been lost, but they borrow from the other guys and still want to defend their country and keep the USA together. So it looks like Russ and DumpDC are not a second-definition Patriot either.

That doesn’t mean that I wish to distance myself from Patriot websites. They ardently defend individual rights, but still wish to return America to Constitutional control. But they are chasing a dream that cannot happen. I actually look to these Patriots as my eventual allies, but they will not embrace secession until they are forced to by world events. So I am not a Patriot.

So, how about we create a third definition? To wit: a defender of personal liberty and property rights who recognizes that America cannot be saved from destruction, and looks to secession and the establishment of a new nation as the only solution.

I am a “third-definition” Patriot who regards himself as a defender of individual rights and a man against presumed interference by the federal government. My solution to an overarching Federal tyrannical regime is to wait until the US Dollar collapses, which will take Washington down. From the ruins of the American experiment, a few new nations will arise, former states rising like phoenixes from the American ashes.

Come join me as a Third Definition Patriot.

Secession is the only hope for individual liberty and property rights on the North American continent. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2012, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.