The Illegals: Another Angle

by Fred Reed

From many Americans, though from fewer who have any idea what they are talking about, you could get the idea that illegal immigrants are brown sludge, the lazy and shiftless, the least intelligent of their countries, those unable or unwilling to make a living at home, who therefore go the the US to live on welfare. A certain paucity of logic informs much of this. If they come to live on welfare, how do they take the jobs of Americans, a crime of which they are regularly accused? But I note this only in passing. I do not mean to suggest that logic or knowledge have a place in politics.

The fact is that the illegals come to work, and do, well and hard, which is why conservative patriotic busnessmen block attempts to restrict immigration.

Which would be easy to do. Again, they come to work. Don’t hire them, and they won’t come. Illegals don’t take jobs from Americans. Americans give them the jobs.

But, whatever you think of the Latin hordes, it may be interesting to know a little about them. Let’s wing it.

Consider a man of twenty living in the slums of , say, Tegucigalpa with his wife and two small children. The local economy is a disaster. He can barely feed his kids, much less send them to school. “Barely feed them” is not a concept many Americans understand. It means that their stomachs hurt, that their physical development is threatened, that they cry and ask for food. Any parent who doesn’t do anything possible to feed them, to include robbing banks, is irresponsible. Ask yourself what you would do.

So Pablo and Maria talk it over, and decide that the only way out is for him to go to the US, work, send money home and, just possibly, eventually bring the family to America. There are good reasons why Americans might not approve his plan. From Pablo’s point of view, watching his kids starve, it is the only plan.

Getting from Honduras to San Francisco or South Carolina is dangerous, very dangerous. Crossing the Guat border means braving the Mexican police, who are brutal and corrupt. Typically the migrants go north through Mexico by riding on the roofs of cargo trains. It is not for the weak. On the trains they are subject to attacks by gangs, as for example Mara Salvatrucha, products of Reagan’s romantic meddling of El Salvador. The “Mara” is from “marabunta,” a swarm of army ants. The Maras are savage, sadistic, and live by robbing migrants of the money they have saved for the coyote, often beating them into cripples and raping the women. I would much rather do a tour on the ground in Afghanistan than ride those trains. It is safer. In Afghanistan you eat, do not have to drink from filthy pools beside the tracks, and do not spend nights on top of a box car in jeans and tee shirt during a sleet storm. Call the migrants anything you like, but leave out

Women also make this trip, for the same reason: to send money home for their kids. Don’t, please, tell me about oppressed co-eds at Dartmouth.

So Pablo, perhaps months later, gets to Laredo. Let us say that he started out with $2000 US, which is roughly what a coyote costs, and has managed not to be robbed of it. If he has it, it was probably put together by his extended family by forgoing shoes, food, what have you. He now finds himself in a city that preys on people like Pablo. He has little idea what he is doing. Twenty years in a slum in Teguce doesn’t make you wise in the ways of the Mexican-American frontier. The police will rob him, perhaps torturing him to find out where he has stashed the money, if indeed he has any, and send him back to Honduras. Nasty gangs will do the same, except for deporting him. Migrants drown trying to swim the Rio Bravo.

Several ways exist of crossing into the US. You can find a desert crossing poorly guarded and hope not to be killed by rattlesnakes or get lost and die of thirst. In the Mexican press I have read of tunnels thorough which 150 illegals pass per night. At $2k each, that’s $300,000 a night in a great tax bracket. Or a coyote can get you across and, if he doesn’t just take your money and disappear, he may put you into a van, and off you go. Bingo.

Once away from the border, things get easier for Pablo. He may work a few days to get bus fare to Raleigh-Durham, where he has a friend. With the friend’s help, he gets a job in construction. Here the American national hypocrisy works to his advantage. The construction firm of course knows perfectly well that Pablo is undocumented. Companies love illegals. It means that they can pay him dirt, no benefits, no Social Security, and he can’t complain without getting deported. In any contest between money and patriotism, money wins. American immigration officials catch just enough Pablos to keep the rest intimidated, but not enough to reduce the supply of cheap labor. It is a sweetheart deal for businessmen.

Pablo may or may not be a model uncitizen, may drink too much, may use drugs, or go into crime. Or he may not. He is very likely to send money, substantial amounts of it, back to Tegucigalpa. In Jalisco, where I live in Mexico, remittances from migrants are a crucial part of the economy. Pablo also is not unlikely to begin planning to bring his family to the US.

Family values. Putting his life on the line for his children. The work ethic. All that.

Is massive immigration good for the US? I doubt it. Are all the illegals wonderful people? No. In the long run will there be a happy ending? I don’t know; to date there hasn’t been.

Yet men and women who will claw and save for a coyote, and ride that godawful train, at dead serious risk of being raped, robbed, tortured and beaten into medical curiousities left beside the tracks, who will cross into a hostile country whose language they do not know, and live in constant fear of being caught, all to feed their families and just maybe give them a better life in a better place…I think they deserve other than utter contempt.

All original material © Violeta de Jesus Gonzalez Munguia

7 Responses to The Illegals: Another Angle

  1. Sebastian says:

    This is an interesting analysis, but ultimately the only relevant question, in what pertain to this “brown sludge” (to quote your term), that Americans should be asking is:

    “Is having all these millions of browns coming into the country (regardless of how or why) beneficial or detrimental to the overwhelming majority of White people in America; in both the short, medium and long term?”

    Unless the answer on all accounts is a deafening “Yes! It is beneficial.”, no American who hires illegals or those that aid and support them can, in any way, shape or from, be classified as “Patriotic”.

    It is not the duty or responsibility of Americans or their government to resolve Pablo and Maria’s stomach aches. That is a job for the Honduran government. If the Honduran government is too incompetent or corrupt to do so…tough luck.

    In fact, there are Americans with rumbling stomachs today, and that doesn’t prevent the Federal Government from robbing millions from Americans at the point of a gun and sending it to Honduras or a hundred other places.
    Where is the foreign aid from the Honduras to the USA, to help curb the problem of 40,000,000+ Americans who can’t afford to eat without food stamps? A clear cut case of hypocrisy, if you ask me.

    And notice I am not dismissing Pablo’s bravery. Rather, I simply admit the fact it is irrelevant for White people in America just what the exact size of Pablo’s stones is. After all, Taliban snipers, Imperial Japanese Kamikaze pilots and German SS operatives certainly didn’t lack courage. But their actions were detrimental to Americans.

    Extend to Pablo and Maria, and their pair of little useless eaters, the same courtesy. Respect them as the brave enemies they are, then get to the business of vanquishing them from the nation.

  2. Bill Yancey says:

    Tell Fred that I’m sick of paying taxes for his Mexicans to consume in social services, and my children can’t afford to go to Dartmouth. And that the only reason poor Pablo and Maria are able to keep bringing their unwelcomed asses here is because Americans are still intimidated by the charges they would face for putting a stop to it. As the country deteriorates, Americans will be less likely to worry about being prosecuted for defending their society. I hope I live to see the day when Fred’s countrymen are high-tailing it across Mexico’s SOUTHERN borders ahead of Anglos fed up with filth, gangs and general ugliness.

    RL, what in the world does Fred have to so with secession?

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear Mr. Yancey- Fred is my friend and I like his writing. I will not run only secession-related articles here because most folks like a little humor on occasion. Russ

  3. Roger Young says:

    Leave the migrants be. Eliminate your goddamned, bankster run, welfare/warfare state, as well as your reverence and allegiance to it. God bless America- F*** the US!

  4. Bill Yancey says:

    No reverence or allegiance to bankster-run America or I wouldn’t be reading this site daily. F*** Israel and the boat it came in on. But I have no love for brown ‘migrants’.

    Two of my ancestors were killed by yankee artillery. NONE were killed by negroes. Fourteen were killed by Indians: Three in the 19th century, none in the 20th century and ELEVEN in the 21st century. And Indians=Mexicans.

    If we don’t seek to escape the race-replacement that is now US policy, what the hell does secession mean?

  5. Richard says:

    From the choir loft:

    The column is great at telling a sad story or two, but misses the basic premise of our national argument, as do most in the popular press.

    The issue, mentioned in a previous comment here, isn’t labor cheap or otherwise. It’s the drain on community tax based resources such as schools, healthcare, etc. If some equitable method could be employed to fill these gaps, then I’m sure much of the debate would be diffused.

    Such ‘methods’ were once an ‘outreach’ of the church. Today as we all know, God’s shepards are too busy developing their own particular form of spiritual empire (as well as real estate-building projects) to worry about the disenfranchised, the poor, the illiterate, or the homeless.

    I’m sure God knows this. I’m sure the godless know this. I’m sure the godly don’t. It’s a sign of the times, I suppose. Certainly not a pretty one, but then that’s just me hollering from the choir loft.

  6. Cry me a river. These people are not immigrants. They do not come here to assimilate, and become part of us. They are colonists. They bring with them the third-world attitudes, customs, culture and language of wherever they came from. They have no intention of become part of America. Just look at the areas where they live. Moreover, most of them are net consumers of taxes (welfare, medicaid, schools, etc.). They do not add to this country, they detract from it.

    My father was an immigrant; my mother’s parents were immigrants; my wife is an immigrant. They all learned English, adopted American customs and culture, and became Americans I’m all in favor of immigrants who come here legally and intend to join us. I’m opposed to anyone who comes here expecting us to accommodate to them, and especially to those who come here illigally

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