A Constitutional Agenda for Social Conservatives

January 9, 2012

by Gary North

(Editor’s Note: I don’t believe you can find a better definition for true conservatism that Gary’s article. Curiously, there appear to be no conservatives remaining in the Republican Party that meet this definition. And I heard old Bob Schieffer of CBS News say that “Ron Paul is too far to the right and not in the mainstream.” Bob is spot on. But the mainstream is not conservative.)

I am an Old School Presbyterian Calvinist, a position so conservative within Presbyterian Calvinism that it was relegated to the fringes after 1870. And if you ask me, they were kind of squishy.

With respect to politics, I voted for Goldwater in 1964. In 1966, I voted for William Penn Patrick instead of Ronald Reagan in the race for the Republican nominee for governor of California. I thought Reagan was too liberal.

I was a speaker at the National Affairs Briefing Conference in Dallas in 1980, which launched the New Christian Right.

I sent my children to Christian day schools.

With this as background, I want to present my case for Constitutional social conservatism.


I begin with a premise: “If a federal law is not in conformity to the judicial principles and precedents in American colonial law in 1788, it is unconstitutional, unless a Constitutional amendment has authorized it.” This is simple to understand. It means that the Constitution was intended by the Framers to be the source of fundamental law restricting politicians and judges who hold office in the United States government. The Constitution was ratified by voters on that basis in 1787-88. That which is not authorized by the Constitution is prohibited.

Conservatives say they believe this. But do they?

The Constitution of the United States does not authorize the following:

1. Federal laws against pornography
2, Federal laws against alcohol
3. Federal laws against drugs
4. Federal laws against homosexuality
5. Federal laws against abortion

Social conservatives must decide: federal laws prohibiting any of the Big Five vs. Constitutional law.

The Constitution of the United States also does not authorize the following:

1. Federal laws legalizing local pornography
2, Federal laws legalizing local alcohol
3. Federal laws legalizing local drugs
4. Federal laws legalizing local homosexuality
5. Federal laws legalizing local abortion

Social liberals must decide: federal laws legalizing any of the Big Five locally vs. Constitutional law.

The two groups are generally agreed: Violate Constitutional law. This is the problem for American liberty. American politics is a contest over which group gets to decide which Constitutional restraints to ignore.

This is not how the two groups come to their donors. Each group pledges to extend justice. Each group blames the other for undermining the Constitution. Both groups are correct.

The social conservative says he favors local initiative. Then he votes for Washington politicians who interfere with local practices.

The social liberal says he favors national justice. Then he votes for Washington politicians who interfere with local practices.

The social conservative is inconsistent. The social liberal is consistent. So, the social conservative politician, when in office, attempts to pass laws that set legal precedents for the social liberals to use in the next election cycle: extensions of federal power. Then, in some future election cycle, the social liberals repeal the conservative laws by passing new laws that extend the power of the federal government. The new laws make illegal local practices that social conservatives favor. What the politicians do not do in this regard, the federal courts do. In both views, the federal government becomes messianic. It becomes a means of implementing federal control over local practices. We have seen this in action ever since 1788. It has done what the opponents of ratification said it would do, but on a scale undreamed of by the Anti- Federalists.

The social conservative goes to Washington vowing to bang heads locally. So does the social liberal. This question does not occur to the social conservative: “How much federal power must we consent to in order to bang heads locally?” This question occurs all the time to the social liberal. He has an answer: “More.” When push comes to shove, this is the also the traditional social conservative’s answer.

So, the social conservative finds himself defending the extension of federal power. He insists that this is for a good cause.

Yet here is the great irony: the word “social” means “voluntary.” The historic position of American conservative political theory is this: The state is not society. The historic position of the social liberal is this: The state best represents society. We hear of “social justice.” This is a code phrase for “welfare state.” We hear of the Social Gospel. This is a code phrase for “welfare state.” Liberals say “social,” but the really mean “state.”

In practice, so do social conservatives. Officially, they defend free association, but when push comes to shove, they join with liberals to vote in favor of an expanded federal government. When it comes to assessing the power of the state, both groups say “more.”


This is the representative case. Would a socially conservative Congressman vote for a law restricting pornography? After all, it crosses borders.

The question that I raise today is this: “How can you regulate pornography and leave the Internet free?”

The pornographic materials on the Web are close to unlimited. It costs nothing to upload it. It costs nothing to download it. This is driving the pornographic movie industry out of business. As the afficionados say, “Smut yearns to be free.”

How can the government stop the spread of essentially free digits? At what cost? I don’t mean financial cost. I mean cost of lost liberty.

Censorship was always based on control over the physical properties of the media. It took printing presses. It took paper and ink. It took distribution channels. It took retail outlets. The technique: Follow the money. But when there is no paper, no ink, no printing press, and the distribution channels are outside of the jurisdiction of any specific national government, what is the technology of censorship? Ask Hosni Mubarak.

The cost of prohibiting something that is highly demanded and is free to the customer approaches infinity.

So, how do we stop the spread of pornography? By self-government.


Nationally, we have been down this road. Prohibition gave the criminal syndicates the money they needed to finance their entry into the other areas of sin. It made the crime syndicates what they are today.

What stops the spread of alcohol? Self-government.

There are local laws against alcohol There are dry counties. I used to live in one in Texas. At the edge of the county’s borders on all sides were liquor stores. But the voters remained committed to prohibition.

What should Congress do about the legalization of alcohol? Nothing. What should Congress do about dry counties? Nothing.


What applies to alcohol applies to drugs — all drugs. The analytical principles are the same. So are the legal principles.

What should the federal government do to stop the spread of hallucinatory drugs? Shut down the Department of Education. The biggest drug emporium in any zip code is the public high school. I have written about this here”How to Win the War on Drugs.”


What does the Constitution have to say about sexual behavior? Nothing. About marriage? Only this: how to structure the tax code. My recommendation is simple: get rid of the graduated income tax. That would end tax discrimination for or against marriage.


Here, the federal government has a position: there can be no laws against abortion. That was a Supreme Court decision.

What is the Constitutional way to deal with this? Simple: have a 50% plus one vote in each branch of Congress to remove the issue of abortion from the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make (Article III, Section 2).

The President has no say in this. Neither does the Supreme Court. Anyone who wants to know if this is the correct view of this section should research Ex Parte McCardle.


Social conservatives need to decide: head-banging or the Constitution.

Social liberals want to free up head-banging in these five areas, so as to have more money to spend on head-banging in the areas of federal regulation of the economy.

The correct agenda for social conservatives is simple: vote for Congressmen and Senators who follow these rules: (1) Constitutional authorization of all laws; (2) reduced taxation; (3) budget in surplus; (4) debt reduction; (5) de-funding of the executive. In one phrase: Shrink the federal government. There is only one social conservative who favors this agenda.

It isn’t Newt Gingrich.

Gary North is the author of Mises on Money. Visit www.garynorth.com. He is also the author of a free 20-volume series, An Economic Commentary on the Bible.

Copyright © 2012 Gary North

Flash Editorials January 7, 2012

January 6, 2012

By Russell D. Longcore

The time for Secession is coming to your neighborhood very soon. Read on.

The Nation: The theater production called the Iowa Caucuses is over, with Romney winning by an eyelash over Rick “No Chance in Hell” Santorum. The vote tabulation was done in an undisclosed location, not in easy view of voters and vote watchers. Even though I suspect massive vote fraud, Ron Paul still got over 21%. The neocon leadership had been openly announcing for two weeks that they would not allow Ron Paul to win Iowa. They weren’t lying.

The Nation II: The right third party candidate could win this election. And I submit that the right candidate would be Ron Paul. It would be even better if he chose his son as his running mate, Senator Rand Paul. I also submit that any third party that does not offer a substantive anti-Washington choice would be a waste of time and money, and would likely place Obama back in the White House. But I believe that Ron Paul as a third party choice could beat both Republicans and Democrats. There is only one man that is an actual conservative, obey the Constitution, shrink the Federal government candidate available. Ron Paul. I believe that if a Ron Paul/Rand Paul candidacy emerged, they could take 35% in November 2012. The biggest problem is getting on the ballots. They could go write-in, but that’s unlikely. The state-to-state election rules have been written expressly to keep viable candidates out of the races. The other big challenge is the electoral college. Paul would have to take some pretty big states to win.

The Nation III: My prediction of the presidential election in November 2012 is that no matter which candidate the Republican Party chooses, the Republicans will win in an astonishing landslide. Barack Obama may not win in a single state. This will be the widest margin of victory in American history. In addition, a wave of Republicans will win in Congressional and Senate races. But don’t think for a moment that this will divert the American train from the economic derailment ahead. Just a different crew on the train when it crashes.

International: The insane nations of the West continue to threaten Iran with economic sanctions to punish Iran for having a nuclear fuel program. Of course, it’s OK for thirty other nations to have nuclear power reactors, and OK for 10 nations to already have nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, Iran sells the West oil and natural gas. All Iran must do is to stop delivering to the West and sell it to China. Oil prices will quickly hit $400 per barrel and a gallon of gasoline will cost $15-$20.

International II: A Japanese restauranteur paid over $736,000 for ONE single Blue Fin Tuna caught off the Japanese coast this week. This 592 pound fish, once cut up, could cost 5,000 Yen per slice.

Business: Ann Barnhardt posted articles this week that showed how the MF Global debacle is beginning to cause huge waves in the commodities markets. Here’s the problem. A grain farmer sells his harvest to a grain dealer who keeps it in a grain storage facility, like a grain elevator. The farmer gets paid as the grain sells over time. And the grain broker sells or buys futures contracts, which are nothing more than bets on what prices will be like in the future. If the broker is right, he makes money. But if he’s wrong, he’s got to settle a margin call. Recently, futures brokers are finding it tough to find those who will play the game. And if a broker goes bankrupt, the farmer cannot just back his truck up to the elevator door and take back his harvest. The stored grain becomes assets of the broker to be liquidated. The farmer stands at the back of the line of creditors, hold his warehouse receipts and futures contracts in one hand and his balls in the other.

MF Global was one gigantic futures bet that they lost. And MF was using its own customers’ segregated funds to bet with, which is worthy of jail time or death.

The commodities marketplace is so leveraged that it will not be able to meet margin calls (or collateral calls) if futures contracts implode. This is yet another financial market that is likely to collapse, and with its collapse, could trigger the complete economic collapse of the US economy and the Dollar. It is inevitable, friends. When the system is built on debt, fiat money and fractional reserve banking, those three things will take it down. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Business II: More about MF Global. The Feds have turned the bankruptcy proceedings upside down, and set the stage for the confiscation of YOUR money in bank accounts, retirement accounts, and stock market accounts. In the MF bankruptcy, the Feds are placing the other big banks at the front of the line of creditors. The customers of MF who had their money invested through MF, and in escrow accounts, are not even being allowed to stand in line. That means the customer’s money is going to be used as assets to pay off the other big financial institutions, not the assets of the corporation. This sets a precedent previously unknown in Bankruptcy law. That also means that when the other big financial institutions fail, depositors and investors will have their assets confiscated to pay off other people’s debts. If you have paper assets in any financial instrument whatsoever, you now have a new market risk. That is the market risk of no Rule of Law. The very government agencies that you would run to for protection are now the agencies dedicated to screwing you. You will have no recourse. Your only option is to get your assets changed from paper to hard currency and take delivery at home or at a local depository.

Shameless Plug: Heard about SOPA yet? The Stop Online Piracy Act purports to protect intellectual property on the Internet, but critics say the bill will give the entertainment industry the power to censor your website if THEY deem that you are infringing somebody’s copyright. They could actually block your domain name or Internet Protocol (IP) address. Don’t expect your Congressman to read this bill. They don’t read bills anymore. Bob Parsons, Founder of GoDaddy.com, took an early position in favor of SOPA. But the “free market” spoke to him, and he pulled his support. We here at BigGenieDomains.com are completely opposed to SOPA, and we know that the law is unconstitutional. Come see us for all your domain registry and webhosting needs.

Economy: Friday night’s network news broadcasts were all a dither with the announcement that the unemployment rate had dropped to 8.5% just since last month. What they did not speak about is the 372,000 NEW unemployment claims in the last seven days, or the fact that the new unemployment claims numbers were above 400,000 WEEKLY for the last six months. Folks, if you do not see how stupid Washington thinks YOU ARE, you’re lying to yourself. These monthly unemployment numbers are entirely fabricated by this Administration. Remember that when an unemployed person’s weekly benefits expire, Washington stops counting them in the numbers. They also do not count persons who are unemployed but have part-time jobs. The REAL unemployment rate is above 18% nationally, and in certain places like Detroit, is FAR HIGHER.

Sports: I predict that the 2012 Superbowl will be the New Orleans Saints against the Green Bay Packers, and the Saints will win. But for this weekend…playoffs, Baby.

Entertainment: This weekend, I am filling out my final ballot for the Grammy Awards. Your editor has recorded 17 CDs on the Telarc label with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. Five of those CDs have won Grammy Awards. I am a First Tenor in the Chorus. I joined the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in 1998 after winning the first Grammy and have been voting for the Grammy Awards ever since. Some hobby, eh?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

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Look Behind The Curtain

January 3, 2012

Russ Longcore here, thanking you very much for visiting us here at DumpDC.com. I thought you might like to look behind the curtain and see the annual report on our visitors. It give a global view of who visits and why. Maybe I’m the only one who cares. But it’s gratifying to know that the world is coming to DumpDC to learn about secession.

Go to: DumpDC Annual Report

Thanks again, my friends. Keep preparing for TEOTWAWKI. Get your money out of paper investments and into precious metals. Buy lots of ammo, make sure you have at least six months of food and home needs in storage. Read. Research. Don’t believe anyone…even me…without doing your own research.


Famous Urinals I Have Known

January 2, 2012

Understanding Priorities

by Fred Reed

It was getting late in Ajijic when Vi and I headed for the Camaleon. The narrow streets were empty and somber. Gringos do not go out as much as they once did now that the narco wars have reached the town.

Light and music poured from the door. For some reason I thought of what the country must have been like in 1900, a wilder and cruder time with dirt streets and few people. Not much law, less schooling, raw tequila and suchlike bust-head in adobe cantinas, horses, guns, and rattlesnakes. Not a great world, but I would love to have seen it.

We took our usual table next to the fireplace. It is seldom lit. When it gets really hellishly cold here, you might need a light sweater. We ordered drinks and I wondered at the strangeness of life. (I know, I’m the only one who has ever done that.) I mean, what am I doing with an exotic Mexican woman in a town in Jalisco? (The exotic part is absurd, but I like saying it.) I communicated this to Vi. She responded that I wasn’t exactly what she had expected when she was fifteen either.

Which will interest nobody. But it supports my view that living wisely is a bad idea. I’ve seldom done anything sensible that wasn’t boring. Maybe my only contribution to the sum of human knowledge is that if you get sick of being a news weasel in Washington, Gualalajara isn’t Washington. By a long shot.

Ajijic is pretty much Mexico as conceived by sappy drones at Disney and gelded by expats who don’t really want to live here but don’t have the money for Lauderdale. Still, traces of Mexico remain among the boutiques. This is especially true at night when the bleakness of blank walls and cobblestones—actually empedrado—hold the modern world at a distance and hint at Mexico as it was. And, in many places, still is.

Mexico still has bars that are bars, joints where if the owner’s dog, or a customer’s, or the dog belonging to the bar down the street wants to come in to see what is happening, no one cares. So far as has been recorded, no one has died of dog poisoning.

The Camaleon is such. The jukebox bellows and rumbles perpetually. The place does not look to have been designed at corporate and when you order you don’t get a very nice waiter who says, “Hi! I’m Bruce and I’m going to be your waitperson and I hope you have a wonderful dining experience.” When you take a leak you do not feel as if you are profaning a surgical suite. The urinals have character.

A nation’s character is embodied in its whizzenzimmers, loos, and johns. From this example, at the Camaleon, one sees that Mexicans are stark mad. It is a pleasant condition, and I hope that it spreads northward.

In the United States real bars still exist, corner joints in blue-collar Chicago, the Last Chance Saloon at the top of the Florida Keys, maybe the Sunset Grill in Washington, a million others. Yet the trend is toward the unpleasantly clean, obsessively controlled, capriciously regulated, and over-policed with cops lurking outside with Alkasensors. However spelled. From a Commie under every bush, America has moved to a Mommy behind every bush. Can I have my Commies back?

An air of predatory virtue diffuses across the US, of passive-aggressive goodness by do-gooders taking out their unhappy lives on others. I would rather be left the hell alone. This isn’t what the country was. It is what the country is.

Mexico used to be stranger than it is now. I think I was nineteen when I first dropped down into Saltillo from Laredo. In those days bars were for men only, except, in Saltillo, for the Arizpe Bar in a hotel. I found myself one night in a murky working-class mescal chute where your mother definitely would not want you to go. I was probably the first Caucasian the place had seen. A fellow came in with a wet-cell battery and a step-up transformer slung over his shoulder on a strap, with two cables leading from it to silvery hand-grips.

Los toques. The idea, if it rose to that level, was that to demonstrate your toughness, you held one contact in each hand while the proprietor of the things gradually turned up the voltage. Your muscles would begin to spasm and at a certain point you would not be able to release the toques. Or so I was told. I didn’t make the experiment. The wisdom of applying a voltage across my chest did not leap to what mind I had at that age.

There is in segments of the American population a sniffish sense that bars are vicious places, ridden by Demon Rum and productive of drunkenness and maybe even billiards. In the parlance of those limited souls afflicted by these notions, one doesn’t drink, but “uses alcohol.” One should therefore seek help from a therapist. I think therapists need to go to bars.

In fact bars are places of philosophy, of conviviality and conversation. Yes, any town has its drunks, chain smokers, and people dependent on Prozac. They are few, except for the Prozac gobblers. In any event, I prefer the occasionally sozzled to the Depakote zombies, the Xanax-disabled, and the Valium-dependent.

Mexico still has bars that by custom though not law are for men only. This works no hardship on women since bars integrated by sex are everywhere, and in any event the male-only establishments are not such as to be attractive to women. It apparently infurates a subset of the American women here who, having a sort of Rosa Parks complex, go barging into traditionally male cantinas to integrate them. This creates considerable ill-will.

Which is curious. If women started an all-female bar, men wouldn’t care at all.

A horse galloped past outside. I love it. Mexico is nothing if not motley. Teen-agers rush around with smart phones and build websites and engage in the cyber-larceny of music. And yet horses—real ones, with feet, ears, tails, all the credentials—clop about. It isn’t really primitivism. If you are going to raise cattle and goats in the rocky hills hereabouts, a horse is the only practical vehicle. I like hosrses. They eat grass and mind their own business. I can think of countries that might try the approach.

So much for searching insights. Actually there are probably only a dozen or so insights to be had, and everybody has already had them. We paid and left. The streets were again empty and silent. A cat saw us and ducked around a corner.

All original material © Violeta de Jesus Gonzalez Munguia

I Need A Hero

January 1, 2012

Is The Spirit of ’76 Dead?

by Russell D. Longcore

Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where’s the street-wise Hercules
To fight the rising odds?

Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need

I need a hero
I’m holding on for a hero ‘til the end of the night
He’s gotta be strong
And he’s gotta be fast
And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I’m holding on for a hero ‘till the morning light
He’s gotta be sure
And it’s gotta be soon
And he’s gotta be larger than life…larger than life.


Americans keep looking for a hero. That’s what every Presidential election is about.

Americans are bathed in government from the moment of conception until long after death. Government surrounds us like the water in a fish bowl surrounds the goldfish. Government is so much apart of our every living moment that we often scarcely recognize it. But think about the goldfish. After a while of living in this closed ecosystem and shitting in the atmosphere in which it lives, the water becomes toxic. The fish will gradually become sicker and sicker. To save the life of the goldfish, somebody must change the water.

Secession changes the water.

Here at DumpDC, we incessantly beat the drum for secession. We believe that state secession is the only possible solution and the only hope for personal liberty and property rights here on the North American continent. We hold the opinion that there is presently no stomach among the adult population generally for state secession since the adult population has been mis-educated for 100 years to believe in “one nation, under God, indivisible.” Most Americans were taught that the concept of secession was settled by Lincoln’s War. We believe that only a nationwide economic collapse will provide the sufficient impetus to move many people to seek an alternative to the failed American experiment. We believe that the hunger, crime, disease, death and destruction that will be the result of the American economic collapse will cause millions of Americans to finally awaken from their stupor and embrace secession. And we also believe that when secession becomes a viable choice, Washington will have dissolved also and will not move to prevent secessions, but will cease to exist like the USSR did in 1989.

But at the same time, we acknowledge the reality of the nation in which we presently live. Over 311 million souls call America home. The vast majority of the populace got their education in government schools, where they were programmed to be good little citizens willing enough to pay their taxes and trust their elected leaders to know best. And most of those who got their education in private schools may have gotten higher SAT scores, but the stuff they learned was about the same as the general population. I dare say that home-schooled children likely learned an entirely different curriculum and gained an enhanced sense of individuality. So I expect that most of the American population, suffering under extreme privation after TSHTF, are not equipped mentally to bear the responsibility of personal liberty. They will clamor for a hero to save them from their doom.

Perhaps I underestimate the appetite for liberty here in America. If we looked at America as a bell curve of political thought, you’d have 10% on the left tail as pure socialists, then 80% of the populace, spanning from nearly socialist to nearly anarchist, then finally the 10% right tail as libertarian anarchists. 10% of 311 million is 31 million. Are there truly 31 million people living in America today that are committed to individual liberty and property rights? I doubt it, even if some of the right end of the 80% of the bell curve are counted in the number.

But perhaps it doesn’t matter. I submit to you that 1% (or less) could band together and secede, establishing a new nation on new principles and new forms of governance. The present populations of Alaska, New Hampshire and North Dakota do not exceed 700,000 each. On the other side, my favorite state, Texas, which has the most vibrant independence movement in America, has over 24 million people. I submit that a few thousand individuals committed to secession could lead Texas into nationhood once again.

BUT…it WON’T be a hero that brings personal liberty and property rights back to the North American continent.

Individual liberty cannot be delegated to another. That’s why it’s called “individual.” And individuals may band together to do amazing things. But the moment it becomes about one person…one hero…one Savior…the end is inevitable. The Founders of the First American Secession in 1776 were not seeking a hero. They thirsted for FREEDOM. The very idea that they would trust their liberties to a far-away despot had already borne bitter fruit. They threw off such government and established thirteen new nations, each with a commitment to protect individual liberty and property rights.

Nothing like that exists today in the United States of America.

What we see in the daily news is a litany of hero-worship. The Republican candidates are mostly small people who love big government. And I am not singling out the Repubs, as the Democrats already have their candidate or they would be doing the same traveling theater of the absurd. Inherent and hidden in every news story, no matter if the story is a puff piece or an attack piece, is the desire for a new hero.

The American presidency was NEVER meant to be such a position as it has become today. Listen to some radio news broadcasts. Most lead with a story about what the American president is doing that day. The US Constitution, as old, worthless and ineffectual as it is, started with Congress choosing the president from among its own members. It was essentially a group of managers choosing a head manager for specifically designated duties and no more.

Today, the American presidential candidate is the embodiment of the sought-after Savior. He (or she), replete with various personality flaws, try to be everything to everybody. So, they tend to drift to the lowest common denominator. Every four years, Americans hold their noses and vote for what they usually call “the lesser of evils.”

Some hero, eh?

Most of America is still looking for that superhero in the red cape to fly in and make everything all right once again. And most of America has only the hope of a hero as its plan for the future. Kind of like the guy who never saves a dime but spend $20 a week buying lottery tickets. But those who will actually experience individual liberty and property rights in the future will not be wishers…they will be the ones who forsake hero worship and accept the wild ride that true liberty entails.

As Thomas Jefferson said, “Most men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.”

Secession is the only hope for humanity. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Bonnie Tyler- “I Need A Hero”