Look Behind The Curtain

Russ Longcore here, thanking you very much for visiting us here at DumpDC.com. I thought you might like to look behind the curtain and see the annual report on our visitors. It give a global view of who visits and why. Maybe I’m the only one who cares. But it’s gratifying to know that the world is coming to DumpDC to learn about secession.

Go to: DumpDC Annual Report

Thanks again, my friends. Keep preparing for TEOTWAWKI. Get your money out of paper investments and into precious metals. Buy lots of ammo, make sure you have at least six months of food and home needs in storage. Read. Research. Don’t believe anyone…even me…without doing your own research.


One Response to Look Behind The Curtain

  1. Richard says:


    From the choir loft:

    Once again we’re reading a hoof-in-mouth statement of divine intent from one of our favorite clerical comedians, Pat Robertson. Mr. Pat believes that God has spoken to him about the future of the united States. His words come as no surprise to the rest of us, but may shed some light on the man’s limited awareness of life, specifically life under DC authority.

    Robertson’s quote in part follows:
    “Your country will be torn apart by internal stress. A house divided cannot stand. Your president holds a radical view of the direction of your country which is at odds with the majority. Expect chaos and paralysis. Your president holds a view which is at the odds with the majority — it’s a radical view of the future of this country, and so that’s why we’re having this division. This is a spiritual battle which can only be won by overwhelming prayer. The future of the world is at stake because if America falls, there’s no longer a strong champion of freedom and a champion of the oppressed of the world. There must be an urgent call to prayer.”

    Those of us who have witnessed more than four decades of prayer for our nation have seen it answered. Answered in the form of personal gain attained by a very few at the expense of the many. Answered in the form of constant global warfare. Answered in the form of the usurpation of our liberty. Answered in the dumbing down of the general population evidenced by lower educational standards, a high level of gullability, a fickle public and a general disregard for authority at every level.

    Have we prayed for this end? Perhaps it wasn’t our intent when we offered our petitions in high ceremony, pomp and circumstance. Outwardly we phrased our requests in high minded principles, but in our hearts minds and everyday actions we desired something quite different. We asked not what we could do for our country, but what our country could do for us. “Be careful what you really pray for,” a wise man once said, “for in the end you may get it.”

    In truth, God has given us what we really wanted and the government we deserved.

    Robertson was also quoted as saying that God told him the nation’s downfall would be triggered by an economic collapse. He suggested that God told him this would come about if Obama was elected to another term.

    Robertson is a religious Republican neocon, if you will accept such a label. As such his spiritual perceptions appear to be somewhat skewed, even tardy. Clerics, especially the electronic variety, are generally the last to grasp the meaning of social/political trends. Pat Robertson is no exception. Both he and his supernatural sources seem to have forgotten that our national economic distress began in 2007 under the administration of GW Bush, a Republican president.

    In truth the nation’s downfall is already a matter of historic record. It ended on October 26, 2001 when the Patriot Act was signed into law. On that date the old American republic came to a sudden suicidal end. The heart of our constitutional form of government ceased to beat, crushed to death by those entrusted with its care. At the time, most of the population was unaware of its meaning or effect. Ten years on, the stench of our dead and rotting government body fills our collective snout. Most Americans can smell it and can even tell where the stink is coming from, but few still fail to understand the real meaning of what happened in the autumn of 2001, including our esteemed TV prophet.

    The bad news, the real ephiphany, is that the republic is already dead. We now witness the process of decomposition.

    The good news, is that dead bodies make fertile ground for new plantings.

    It is my personal hope that a new crop will see many trees of liberty instead of just one. The world’s hope for freedom has never pivoted upon a single government. It springs from the desire and the hunger of people, inspired by high principles and enabled by divine providence, who seek it for themselves and their children. That’s a prayer I think is worthy of twenty first century Americans. That’s a prayer I think can be truly realized.

    But that’s just me hollering from the choir loft.

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