Flash Editorials December 17, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

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The Nation: Neocon hand puppet Sean Hannity interviewed pollster Frank Luntz on his radio show Friday afternoon during the 4:00 hour. Luntz actually said that Ron Paul has a chance to win the Iowa caucus in a few weeks. He said that Doctor Paul’s organization has raised more money than Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum combined. He said that if that happens, it will throw the Republican race into chaos. Come on, chaos. We’re rootin’ for you.

The Nation II The Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act this week. This bill will allow the Federal government to incarcerate any American citizen on absolutely no charges whatsoever, and detain them indefinitely if the Feds determine that the person is a terrorist. And the Feds get to decide what that means. Goodbye Bill of Rights. Chances are good that Obama will sign it into law if it reaches his desk. But will the Republican-controlled House of Representatives go along or kill this bill? Stay tuned, friends.

The Nation III The US Justice Department released a report this week about Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. The report alleges that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, under Arpaio’s leadership, has committed a large number of civil rights violations against Latinos. Just after the report was released, Former Arizona Governor and Heinrich Himmler (head of Hitler’s SS and Gestapo) devotee Janet Napolitano cut the Sheriff’s Department out of a Homeland Security program that helped local law enforcement match fingerprints. Let’s think this through. Arizona passed laws restricting immigration in their state, and the Feds went bat shit crazy about it. The people just across the Arizona border don’t look like they are from Scandinavia or Japan. They are Latinos. Only a blind man would not notice, even though the act of noticing is called “racial profiling” by the Feds. The Feds have a bunch of dumb-assed laws about racial profiling that are being broken by Arizona law enforcement. They are actually doing the exact opposite in Maricopa County that the TSA is doing in every American airport. I see now. If Joe and his boys would just stop noticing that Mexicans cross the Mexican border illegally, all would be hunky dory.

International: Vladimir Putin was President of Russia. Then he got term limited and had to leave the office. He worked a deal with Dmitri Medvedev so that Medvedev ran and won the Presidency, and Putin got to be Prime Minister. Now he is running for President again. But now, Russians are not in a Putin mood. His popularity is at its lowest point ever. And just this week, Russian billionaire and New Jersey Nets (NBA) owner Mikhail Prokhorov, has announced that he will run against Putin in the coming race. This should be great political theater.

Business: On December 12th, commodities broker and liberty-loving firebreather Ann Barnhardt posted that if you have money in a 401K you should get it out immediately, even if you cannot get it all, suffer penalties and taxation. She makes the point that if you can’t get your money, it’s not really your money. Here is the link: Ann Barnhardt. Spend some time at her website, and scroll down to the 12-12 posting. You’ll have to scroll past her Catholic rants to pick up the goodies.

Economy: The unemployment claims dropped to 366,000 this week. Remember that holiday hiring is mostly responsible for the drop. We’re all glad for lower numbers of unemployment claims, but retail ain’t manufacturing. And although the numbers are gratefully lower, don’t forget that 366,000 people lost their jobs and filed unemployment just this week. And this level of weekly unemployment has been occurring for most of 2011. Just 300,000 a week multiplied by 50 weeks is 15 million lost jobs and new claims. And Washington wants us to believe that the unemployment rate is just below 9%.

Sports: Baseball Slugger Barry Bonds stood for sentencing on a Federal conviction for obstruction of justice today and got two years probation. Then the Judge suspended the sentence, freeing Bonds during his appeals. No way in hell that Barry Bonds will ever see the inside of a prison cell for “juicing.” And an obstruction of justice conviction is what the Feds settle for when the rest of their case is bogus. Part of Barry’s scalp was better than no scalp at all. A person can get an obstruction rap simply by proclaiming your innocence and not bending over the couch and spreading your cheeks for a Federal prosecutor.

Entertainment: Christopher Hitchens, the raconteur and writer for Vanity Fair, died this week at age 62 of esophageal cancer. A heavy smoker and hard drinker, Hitchens had a biting wit and was never without a clever quip. He railed against all he saw as inequitable and hypocritical, and recently wrote and spoke eloquently against organized religion. So, I’m looking for the quote from a member of the religious community that God popped a cap in his ass…so to speak…as a revenge hit.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

2 Responses to Flash Editorials December 17, 2011

  1. Chaos.

    It is always waiting for us, just beneath the surface.

    It’s a constant, omnipresent and eternal, obscured by a thin, artificial veneer of order. Just as darkness is covered up temporarily by light.

    Whether it has our support or not, it is, and I believe we will know it soon.


  2. Richard says:

    HR1540 National Defense Authorization Act already passed the House. Next stop I believe is committee to adjust the language between Senate & House versions. If ok the bill goes to Obama. Obama promised to veto, but personally I doubt he’ll do that if he knows what’s good for him.

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