Flash Editorials December 3, 2011

December 3, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

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The Nation: Twelve Congress idiots, hand picked by the Obama Administration, were given the task of looking at the Federal budget and finding $1.5 trillion dollars of spending cuts OVER THE NEXT TEN YEARS…$150 billion a year. Washington plans to spend over $25 trillion over the next ten years, probably more. There were no rules for the idiots. They could have simply agreed on various spending programs that they would prevent from spending increases, and that would have counted. But they could not even do that. I have stated over and over again that Washington is a runaway train that cannot be stopped. Are you beginning to realize that DC cannot be fixed? It must collapse under its own weight.

The Nation II Really, Herman Cain? Another bimbo? But this time, Atlantan Ginger White…who is also white…states that she had an affair with Cain that lasted 13 years. I have not seen photos of all the women that have “outed” Cain, but all the ones I have seen are Caucasians. Herman, why not chase some Black or Latino skirt too? Don’t ALL the women deserve your charm? Cain told the New Hampshire Union Leader that his wife didn’t know of their “friendship” until the story was published far and wide. What a surprise. Normally, wives do not like to be humiliated by their philandering husbands. Then Cain actually said…with his own mouth…that he could not guarantee that no more women would come forward. Can you imagine seeing Gloria Cain standing on a podium with her husband in some campaign photo op. Everyone in the crowd, and every person that sees the photos would pity the woman for enduring such humiliation. She would join the ranks of the Dead Kennedys, John Edwards, Bill Clinton and other rakes in politics. I wonder if Mrs. Cain knows any good attorneys. If not, I’ll wager she is going to find one real soon. America has never had a man running for president during a divorce proceeding. This could be our first. Nothing says family values like Herman Cain.

The Nation III Newt is kicking Mitt’s ass in New Hampshire. Go figure.

International: The European Union and the Federal Reserve are going to work together to solve the problems of the Euro and debt. What that means is massive printing of new money and flooding the world with dollars and Euros. They only have one bullet in the gun, and they are holding the end of the barrel against their heads.

Business: The US Postal Service is going to announce that they will no longer guarantee that your first-class mail will be delivered next day. This is only the first in an inevitable flood of cuts, since the USPS will run out of money before next summer. I predict that the Post Office will eventually settle on Monday, Wednesday and Friday deliveries. They don’t have much choice, other than allowing the free market to deliver the mail. Never happen.

Economy: The unemployment claims jumped back up above 400,000 to 402,000 this week. Remember that last week the Labor Department offices were closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. But men are getting more jobs than women, and lots of women are leaving the work force. According to CNN, there is getting to be a big disparity between men and women on the job front.

Sports: The NBA owners and players settled. Big f**king deal. But Kris Humphries needs a paycheck to get shed of Kim Kardashian. Which leads us to:

Entertainment: NBA player Kris Humphries wants to get an annulment from his two-month wife Kim Kardashian instead of a divorce. Go for it, Kris. You’re six-foot ten, Kim is five-foot-two. Sexual incompatability. You on top of Kim must have looked like a monkey humping a football.

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