Bill Buppert Interviews Russell Longcore

William Buppert and his homeschooled family live in the high desert in the American Southwest. Bill is a frequent contributor at You can find Bill’s articles in the LRC archive.

Recently, Bill interviewed Russell D. Longcore and posted the interview at his website at: It is a worthwhile read, if I do say so myself.


4 Responses to Bill Buppert Interviews Russell Longcore

  1. I am really offended not to have been invited to join. So I’m going to bed with a volume of Sci Fi. So there. LBT

  2. Richard says:

    Cute. Fantasy, but cute. All Mr. Longcore’s projections are based upon an America that isn’t conditioned to being herded and milked like cattle. The truth, the hard honest truth, is that Americans are gullible, gutless and illiterate. Like 1930’s Germans they WILL do whatever their masters in Mordor tell them to do.

    Remember the lessons of WWII? When a civilian population is subject to extreme disaster they rally around the flag even if that flag stands for war, persecution and political oppression.

    Human nature will not allow a vacuum to exist. As conditions deteriorate, autocratic rule increases in direct proportion. Freedom dies – every single time. Secession is a dreamer’s solution. Anyone who tries to lead a serious movement will be “disposed of” by the Feds. Every reader here knows what I’m talking about.

  3. Harley Urbatsch says:

    Perhaps a gentle tsunami could rid of the undesirables in DC…maybe up and down both coasts, and slightly inland. Will feel bad about the loss of scenery, however, better could come of it. Harley

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