Flash Editorials December 31, 2011

December 30, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

The Nation: The mainstream media all have their panties in wads because Texas Congressman Ron Paul is surging in Iowa polling. Even in polls that are unfriendly, with carefully crafted poll questions, Doctor Paul is at the top of the list of Republicans. The GOP bosses cannot abide this, and will do whatever it takes to derail Paul’s candidacy. As I have said previously, if Ron Paul continues defying the power brokers and winning, he had better stay out of airplanes between now and November 2012. The power elite have no compunction about arranging an airplane crash to look like an accident. Ask John F. Kennedy, Jr. or Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone or Georgia Congressman Larry McDonald. Oh, wait. They died in highly suspicious plane crashes.

The Nation II In San Francisco, a group of strippers donated $20,000 to a local firefighter’s toy program. Of course, they had to deliver the donation in a garbage bag since it was 20,000 one-dollar bills. (just a joke. The girls presented a check)

International: This one’s kind a blend of national and international. Remember seeing the news stories of the last of the American military personnel leaving Iraq last week? Well that was just eye candy. The largest American embassy on the planet is in Baghdad, and who do you suppose is guarding it? Mercenaries! Or, “security contractors,” as they like to be known. There are still thousands of “mercs” on the ground in Iraq. But America’s perception is that the troops came home. Washington is incapable of telling the truth in any subject.

International II: Another blend. Washington announced that it is selling Saudi Arabia $30 BILLION worth of upgraded F-15 fighter jets. Think about this. Boeing delivered the first F-15s in 1972. So DC is selling fighter jets of a 40 year-old design to our buddies in the sandbox. Just how many planes in this deal is not known. Does Saudi Arabia have any enemies? Can’t think of any. But you do realize that this has little to do with Saudi security concerns and is primarily a planes-for-oil deal. I wonder if either side feels like they got a good deal? Arabs love to haggle, and Americans don’t.

Business: First, big banks announce that they are going to assess fees for using debit cards. Then this week Verizon announced that they planned to charge their own customers a $2.oo fee to pay their bills online. When the customers howled loudly enough, both banks and Verizon cancelled their plans. Even though the free market ain’t free anymore, it still speaks. Would to God that Washington listened to taxpayers like business listens to its customers. What’s the difference? The number one difference is violence. Government gets its money from you with a gun in your ribs. Businesses have to compete.

Economy: The new unemployment claims jumped back up to 381,000 this week. Last week Washington and the media were crowing that a two-week drop in new claims was the beginning of a trend. You didn’t hear dick about the increase this week, did you?

Sports: The college football bowl games have gotten entirely out of hand. This year, there are 35 bowl games between December 17th and January 9th. Have you seen the hilarious sponsorships for these mediocre matchups? Some of my favorites are: Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, R+L Carriers Bowl (a trucking company), The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, Beef O’Brady Bowl, Belk Bowl (department store), Valero Alamo Bowl (chain of gas stations), Mieneke Bowl (auto repair shops), MAACO Bowl (body shop chain), GoDaddy.com Bowl (webhosting company), Kraft Bowl (mac ‘n cheese)…and my favorite, the Taxslayer.com Gator Bowl. When I was a kid, there were the Cotton, Sugar and Rose Bowls, and they all were played on New Year’s Day. Those were the days.

Entertainment: Pop singer Katy Perry and British stringy-haired not-funny beanpole Russell Brand have announced that they are ending their barely-one-year marriage. Brand is the one who actually filed for the divorce. This is a perfect example of the inherent downside in a life of pursuing women. What do you do once you inadvertently catch one? Kind of like a dog that chases cars. Actually, they are divorcing for religious reasons. Brand thought he was God and Katy didn’t.

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Create Wealth With A Home-Based Business

December 26, 2011

How Independent Contractors Make More Money For Everyone

by Bill Rounds Esq.

(Editor’s Note: Do you have a “Plan B” for your life? What I mean is another stream of income to supplant or even replace your present income source. With America sliding into depression and massive layoffs, what will you do if your present situation changes? Multiple streams of income are best, and give you peace of mind. People who are employees are getting bled dry through taxation. The IRS tax code is written to benefit those who own businesses. There are hundreds of tax deductions and tax credits for businesses that are not available for wage-earners. Go to: MasterpieceEnergy.com to learn more about a nearly recession-proof business YOU can own.)

Money is one of the biggest ways that we lose privacy. We must report our income and where it comes from for tax purposes. Our banking records are monitored and our identities vigorously identified. Employees and employers must reveal vast amounts of information to state and federal labor regulators and tax collectors.

Whenever information is disclosed, even if it is to bureaucrats, there is a huge risk of abuse, accidental disclosure and fraud. Plus, the employee-employer relationship has become a cash cow for governments. Employees and employers are low hanging fruit for taxes, fees and regulations because they are easy to monitor, record, control and collect from. Both employers and employees must share a piece of their economic pie with state and federal government officials, increasing the costs to businesses and lowering the benefit received by employees. Governments impose these costs and regulations to take care of employees and employers, whether they want to be taken care of or not.

There is a way for both workers and businesses to free themselves of many of these burdens, reduce costs, keep more money and protect their privacy. Becoming an independent contractor instead of being an employee, or hiring independent contractors instead of employees, does all of that and reduces the amount of regulation that must be complied with, reduces legal risks, and can reduce taxes for both. This means there are more resources to share between workers and firms.

Employees Suffer

Even though most of government regulation claims to protect employees, it has had the opposite effect. The marketplace changes much faster than government regulation. Government regulation is designed for a business world that existed 50 years ago. There is no way that regulation by a slow moving, democratic government that has to make weekend deals just to keep from being shut down can keep pace with a 21st century information age economy.

Healthcare has been designed around a system where employees work at the same company for most of their life. Today, the average worker will change jobs many times in their lifetime. Minimum wage and overtime pay was formulated when there was no competition from overseas labor. Even the way that companies account for and fund their benefits and pensions makes them extremely expensive for employees with diminishing value. One of the worst parts of all is that employees have little control over the taxes they pay.
Employees Have Little Control Over Their Own Life

There is no doubt that some of these protections benefited employees overall at one time. Some may even be helpful today. But an employee has no choice whether they want to participate in these systems, even if they could get the same benefits elsewhere for less. Employees have no control over their economic life.

Control over your own economic life is valuable, not only in terms of mental health and a feeling of self worth and independence, but also economically. Something as simple as being able to control more of the taxes you pay can have a dramatic impact on your financial well being.

How A Worker Can Pay $0 In Federal Income Taxes

The Wall Street Journal recently did a case study showing how an independent contractor can earn $150,000 in gross earnings in a year, take a few very common tax deductions, and have a federal income tax liability of $0.

Here’s how it breaks down:

$150,000 income as a self employed independent contractor.

– $7,000 business start up expenses ($10,00 max first year, $5,000 in subsequent years)

– $10,000 legitimate business expenses

– $9,500 Medicare and Social Security tax (half of $19,000 paid)

– $43,100 401k contribution (you deduct both employee and employer portion)

– $10,000 IRA contribution ($5,00 for you, $5,000 for a spouse)

– $10,000 state and local taxes (estimated)

– $10,000 mortgage interest

– $10,000 health insurance premiums

– $6,150 Health Savings account

– $2,500 interest on student loan

– $4,000 kid’s college tuition

– $1,500 tax credits (buy hybrid vehicle, install solar panels, etc.)

– $200 Lifetime Earning Credits (community college class)

= tax liability of $0 on $150,000 income.

Independent Contractors Pay Less Taxes Than Employees

This entire strategy is premised on a very important issue. To take advantage of these Huge tax benefits you cannot be a regular employee. You can take advantage of every one of these tax benefits as an independent contractor. A regular employee would pay taxes on close to the full amount of that $150,000 of income.

Employers Pay Extremely High Labor Costs

Employees cost their employers a lot more than their hourly wage. Unemployment tax, ERISA, and Medicare costs alone are 15% of the total salary paid to employees. Employers also pay an average of $7,500 per employee in health insurance every year, something required when the firm has 50 or more employees.

High Administrative Costs And Risks For Employers

On top of these direct costs, there are numerous other regulations that must be complied with, even if it does not make economic sense. Employers are required to give family leave under certain circumstances, have detailed record keeping requirements, and many other things that raise the cost of having employees and decrease profitability, without actually paying workers more.

Employers are also exposed to lots of litigation risk. Whether it is an employee discrimination suit, failing to comply with regulation, harassment, overtime, even a conscientious employer can find themselves in an expensive, often frivolous, lawsuit. A lot of these costs and regulations are preventing businesses from hiring employees.

Independent Contractors Reduce Labor Costs And Increase Productivity

Businesses can still get the work done that they need to get done without incurring these huge costs by hiring independent contractors instead of employees. Independent contractors are also easier to train, more productive and provide a lot of flexibility in changing economic times.

IRS Scrutiny

These economic benefits have attracted a lot of workers and firms to try independent contractors instead of employees, but beware. The IRS and the Department of Labor have begun cracking down on those who do it wrong. Doing it wrong could mean having to pay back taxes and interest owed, or even paying penalties or overtime.

Follow The IRS 20 Factor Test

There is a way to do it right. The IRS has a 20 factor test that they use to determine if the worker is an employee or an independent contractor. This list is very fact specific and the weight given to every factor will depend on what other factors may reveal.

Independent Contractor Should Control Their Own Work

One of the most important things to consider is the amount of control that the firm has over the worker. An independent contractor will have control over their schedule and how they perform the work. The firm will control what they want the outcome or finished product to be. Suggestions are permitted but they must be suggestions. This is becoming much easier with the ability to work remotely over the internet.

Independent Contractor Can Do Work For Others At The Same Time

Another important factor is that the independent contractor is free to do work for others as well. This can be a critical factor that the IRS or Department of Labor look at. It is much better if the independent contractor is doing jobs for other clients, or at least advertising in places like Craigslist for other clients.

Independent Contracting Is A Win-Win

Independent contractors allow workers and firms to share more money between themselves. The government is entitled to much less of the money that flows from firms to independent contractors than employers and employees. Businesses become more profitable, individuals keep more money and everyone increases their privacy. Independent contractors can also have more control over their tax domicile, a more advanced but much more powerful tax saving strategy.


This is only scratching the surface of how to properly take advantage of this powerful strategy. Secrets of Independent Contractors, from HowToVanish.com is a simple and complete guide to help businesses and workers properly structure their relationship so they can take advantage of the huge tax savings.

All I Want For Christmas Is Secession

December 25, 2011

by Russell D. Longcore

(Editor’s Note: This is a reprint and rewrite from Christmas 2010.)

Today is Christmas Day. Boy, do I have a firm grasp of the obvious. But I thought I’d write something you could use today.

In the story of the birth of Yeshua ben Yoseph found in the Gospels, you’ll find the visit of the Magi. The modern nativity crèches show the Magi in attendance at the birth, but it was probably months later when these fellows showed up. These men presented the family with expensive gifts…gold, frankincense and myrrh. I get the gift of gold, but what are the other two gifts? And why would they be considered valuable gifts?

Frankincense is a fragrant gum resin obtained from the Boswellia trees — that grow in Abysinnia and Somalia in Africa, southern Arabia, India and the East Indies. Frankincense is produced much the way rubber is produced…by cutting the bark of the tree and allowing the resin to ooze out. Once collected, it burns easily and gives off a balsam-like fragrance, and was widely used in worship.

Myrrh, also a fragrant gum resin, is obtained by similar methods from
the Commiphora shrubs in Abyssinia, Somalia and Arabia. Their bark and wood have a strong fragrance. Myrrh was one of the ingredients of the holy anointing oil and also of incense. It served as a fumigant in the temple and was a burial spice. In the story of Yeshua’s burial, it says that myrrh and aloes were used to prepare the body.

Because the story says the Magi came from the east, either Arabia or India are the likely homes of the Magi. But trading was common in these valuable products, so the Magi could have been from anywhere east of Israel, simply bringing the gifts with them.

So, if you want to give a gift that will make the house smell nice, give frankincense or myrrh.

For the people you REALLY care about, forget trinkets, electronics, clothing, games…everything that gets old, breaks down and depreciates.

Give gold or silver to the ones you love. I suggest silver first, since it’s more affordable.

You can buy gold coins as small as one-twentieth ounce. Silver coins come in common sizes of a half-ounce or a full ounce. Only buy coins of 99.99% purity. Do not buy coins that are collectable, because collectibility means nothing when the coin is being used as money.

Think about your gift-giving like this: Would your rather give someone a gift that grows old and loses its value, or would you rather give someone a gift that will appreciate in value over time? Sure, costume jewelry looks nice, but is worthless when that person is trying to trade it for food.

When the shyt hits the fan (SHTF) and the economy collapses, the people you love will need hard money to survive. Maybe you can’t support them, but you can at least give them gifts of true value rather than junk.

Then, when you give them precious metals, and they flash a weak smile and thank you, you can tell them about the impending economic collapse and why state secession is the only real workable solution for individual liberty and property rights.

Beats the hell out of drinking eggnog heavily spiked with rum. Wait…let me think about that.

Secession is the hope for mankind. Who will be first?

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Flash Editorials December 24, 2011

December 24, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

To view this article in an entertaining animated video, click below.

The Nation: The President and the Senate threw the House Republicans under the bus and rolled them, making them look ridiculous this week. Granted, that wasn’t terribly hard to do, but the Republicans asked for it. Sure, they crafted a bill that solved the problem of the expiring payroll tax cut for an entire year, which is what Obama said he wanted. But then they loaded on other issues, like the Keystone XL pipeline. Even the Republicans in the Senate voted Obama’s way. Boehner is a moron, and has no idea how to play rough like the Dems do.

The Nation II The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that since June 2009, 54% of all jobs created in all sectors of the economy were jobs through temporary agencies and staffing companies. Apparently, with the lack of predictability about business regulation and taxation coming from Washington, temp jobs are the new normal. And how can you blame employers? Washington now lives a month-by-month existence and that forces the business community to protect themselves against Washington.

International: Vaclav Havel, the shy playwright and poet who helped take Czechoslovakia out of communism to become the first President of the Czech Republic died this week at age 75. He won the Gandhi Peace Prize and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He was also a jazz enthusiast. Think about a President that doesn’t have his army invade other nations, tell other nations what to do, try overthrowing other governments and minds his own nation’s business. Guy like that can go to late-night jazz clubs without a motorcade and Secret Service guys to keep him from getting assassinated.

International II: “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il, North Korea’s crazy dictator, died this week. Do you think the world will ever outlive hardline communists like Brezhnev, Mao, Khrushchev, Kim Jong Il, Boris Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Pelosi, Reed, Obama, Boehner, Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, and Perry?

Commercial Message Do you have a “Plan B” for your life? Having multiple streams of income gives you peace of mind. With an economy sliding into depression and massive layoffs, how will you make ends meet if your situation changes? Don’t wait until you’re in crisis. Join me in a segment of the economy that is nearly recession-proof. Energy. Visit my website at: www.MasterpieceEnergy.com and watch “The Ignite Opportunity” video.

Business: AT&T dropped their efforts to buy T-Mobile this week, as they couldn’t structure the deal in any way that the Feds could approve. Once again, fascism reveals itself in Washington and negatively affects the American economy.

Economy: The unemployment claims dropped to 364,000 this week. At least the numbers have been lower for two whole weeks running. But no one can point to anything Washington has done that accounts for the drop. In my opinion, Washington is simply cooking the numbers in a different way. They already cook the numbers, and the official unemployment rate is a cruel joke.

Sports: Two NFL quarterbacks are competing for MVP. Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay and Drew Brees of New Orleans are putting up amazing numbers. Which one do you think will come out on top?

Entertainment: I saw the trailer for “The Hobbit” this week. The film is scheduled for release December 2012. Looks AWESOME. I’d rather think about this for a year than think for one second about Alvin and The Chipmunks, released a week ago. Jason Lee should shoot himself.

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December 20, 2011

by L. Neil Smith

On Thursday, December 15, 2011, the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights, members of the United States House of Representatives betrayed their oaths of office and voted overwhelmingly to follow in the felonious footsteps of their criminal accessories in the Senate, by attempting to pass the so-called “National Defense Authorization Act”.

This act, among other obscenities, allows the military—who will also be betraying their oaths—to kidnap and “indefinitely detain” any American citizen on American soil or anywhere else, for any reason they wish, without due process under the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or a thousand years of precedent under English law which is at the core of our legal culture. It is, in fact, a stab at terminating the rule of law in America, and with it, America’s unique civilization.

There are many things that can be said of this event. One wonders why the cretins, criminals, and crazies in both Houses bothered to wrap it up in false respectability, rather than simply continue to let the state rule by decree, which it has pretty much been doing anyway, under the splendid excuses provided by the events of September 11, 2001.

But why do you suppose I said “attempting to pass” in my initial paragraph? Because one thing is absolutely certain: the NDAA is not the law, since it contradicts a higher law—the highest law of the land—the first ten amendments of the Constitution, commonly known as the Bill of Rights. Americans have fought and bled and killed and died believing—often falsely—that they were preserving the Bill of Rights. The current crop of politicians can’t conceive of such dedication to an idea. It’s what frightens them witless, spitless, and shitless about Muslims, or anybody else (gun and religion “clingers”, for example) willing to offer their lives in the defense of a “mere” concept.

There is indeed a legal process for amending the Constitution, one that might theoretically make this recent travesty possible, but its problem is that it requires the explicit consent of a great many more individuals than the few hundred simpletons, saboteurs, and psychotics infesting Congress who voted for the NDAA, and it probably wouldn’t pass.

And get this: even if it did, as I have been pointing out for more than thirty years, that would nullify the Bill of Rights, which was an absolute precondition under which the Constitution—from which these low-lives claim to derive their authority—was ratified in the first place. Put as simply as I can (somebody may need to read them the big words): no Bill of Rights (under the NDAA or anything resembling it), no Constitution; no Constitution, no government; no government, no them.

It isn’t just a good idea, it’s the law.

But the crimes against the Constitution keep on coming. As a measure of the administration’s confidence and arrogance, the “Federal Emergency Management Administration”—FEMA—concentration camps that the government used to deny exist are now being openly stocked with supplies, and the hiring of future concentration camp guards has been announced in certain military circles. I suppose that’s one of the benefits of having deliberately engineered the worst unemployment in American history. People will do anything—even pry the fillings out of murder victims’ teeth—if they think they’re feeding their families.

It’s more than a job—it’s an adventure!

The next step, of course, is the United Nations’ Agenda 21, under which—by their own admission—the countryside will be “cleared” of its human “infection”, and the populace reduced to a “sustainable” ten percent of what it is now. If you’re reading this, you won’t be part of that ten percent—unless you’re a government spy, and even then …

The ironic, shameful thing is that Republicans, who could have taken the 2012 election in a landslide at every level have revealed themselves, instead, as belly-crawling traitors. I wish I didn’t believe it’s because George Soros or someone like him offered them dachas in the empty countryside and lots of pretty, grateful peasant boys and girls from the crowded, dirty arcologies to do what they want with.

Now I understand Gingrich, Romney, and the rest of our would-be Slave-masters tacitly approving the NDAA as the beginning of the fulfillment of all their most cherished secret desires. Maybe Limbaugh and Hannity, as well. But where in bloody hell was Ron Paul to vote against this mess? I mean to ask the question again and again, right up to next November, until I receive a satisfactory answer. Get ready, Ron.

So: the anticipated “October Surprise” has turned out, almost a year early, to be raw treason. Will there even be a 2012 election? I wonder what odds-makers in Las Vegas and Atlantic City are saying about that.

I suppose we can all take heart of some kind in the fact that this is not the first time that this sort of idiotic criminal insanity has happened. Just ask the Japanese-Americans in the 1940s who, for the unforgivable crime of simply being who they were, found themselves sent to illegal concentration camps—with scarcely a voice raised against it—by Democrats and Republicans who had no more regard for what America is supposed to be than the Democrats and Republicans of today.

Oath-breakers, liars, and perjurers every one, then and now.

The question to have asked back then was why were we Americans even bothering to fight the Nazis, since our leaders wanted so much to be just like them? Why did we bother to fight the Communists? And why are we fighting now? The answer is that, over its 220-year history of conniving, corruption, and conspiracy by politicians, the Bill of Rights has survived, more as a tattered ideal than as an everyday actuality.

As a science fiction writer and an observer of history and human nature, I’ve successfully predicted a great many things, but I don’t have any idea what’s going to happen now. I do know the only rational, reasonable alternative to simply giving up and trying to hide is to pledge ourselves, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor, to change things, now and forever, and among those changes, to enforce the Bill of Rights as if it were what it is, the highest law of the land.

We might start with something like this …


Any official, appointed or elected, at any level of government, who attempts, through legislative act or other means, to nullify, evade, or avoid the provisions of the first ten amendments to this Constitution, or of the Thirteenth Amendment, shall be summarily removed from office, and, upon conviction, deprived of all pay and benefits including pension, and sentenced to imprisonment for life.

After December 15th, I’m willing to discuss extending the penalty.

Now I know—so please don’t bother to write to me snide messages about it—that the chances of passing this proposal are vanishing and slight at the moment. But at the moment, this nation’s grafters, grifters, and grabbers are trying to put the Bill of Rights itself on hold (as I clearly remember—but can no longer prove—Gingrich proposed doing back in the 1980s “for the duration of the War on Drugs”).

My proposal sets a standard for the future, on the assumption that there will be one. And since, in addition to being criminals, cretins, and crazies, these creatures are all cowards, once they—or their network spies—start seeing it everywhere on line, they may be inclined (if my dealings with the pusillanimous punks and poltroons of the Libertarian Party are any indication) to back off, at least for a while.

There are already measures in place, of course, in the second paragraph of the Fourteenth Amendment, for example, which removes from authority anybody convicted of “rebellion against the Constitution”, forbidding the perpetrator ever to hold public office again. I would call the NDAA an act of “rebellion against the Constitution”, wouldn’t you?

And there are much-neglected provisions under Title 18 of the federal code, Sections 241 and 242, which provide harsh punishment for cops and politicos who try to violate anybody’s rights “under color of law”. Me, I’d make it one count for each and every paragraph in the legislation.

Whatever happens over the coming year, afterward—provided that there is an afterward—we must strive to see that all the maniacs, miscreants, and morons responsible for this atrocity are brought to justice, to my preference, in the little Rust Belt town of Nuremberg—Pennsylvania.

Afterward—provided that there is an afterward—they will be placed in solitary confinement for the remainder of their miserable, unworthy, treacherous lives, to my preference, on a little rock called Alcatraz.

Nancy should feel right at home.

Courtesy of The Libertarian Enterprise

First Principles And Politics

December 19, 2011

by Karl Denninger

(Editor’s note: Karl is not a secessionist…that I know of. But this short article is where a secessionist must begin in the alteration of a world view. This is where YOU begin to crystallize your understanding of personal liberty and property rights. To wit: whose property are you?)

Let’s have a simple conversation folks.

It’s going to be focused on just one thing: First Principles.

Just one of them, in fact. It’s this: Who owns your physical person as a legal adult of 18 or more years age?

No weasel words, no ifs, ands, buts or maybes.

There are two broad possibilities, one of which is an absolute and the second leaves us to have a different discussion. They are:

* You, personally.

* Someone else.

If your position is the second, then please so admit and we’ll discuss that in the comment section. Be prepared to explain how this is not tantamount to slavery (for openers.)

If your position is the first then I challenge you to examine whatever grant of authority over your personal sovereignty you claim the government has a right to assert.

We can go into any level of detail you wish on this, but my posting of this Ticker isn’t intended to focus in any one particular area. Rather, it is to challenge you to examine your first principles and then place against them the policies you support as pertain to the political party and government actors who you support and are willing to submit to in whole or part, and the conditions under which you are willing to do so.

If you can’t square your position on First Principles with your political affiliations, I would argue that it is time for you to re-think those affiliations, and that it is impossible to take the first position as a matter of First Principle and still call yourself either Republican or Democrat.

Copyright 1993-2011 Karl Denninger. All Rights Reserved.

Flash Editorials December 17, 2011

December 17, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

To view this article in a humorous animated video, click below.

The Nation: Neocon hand puppet Sean Hannity interviewed pollster Frank Luntz on his radio show Friday afternoon during the 4:00 hour. Luntz actually said that Ron Paul has a chance to win the Iowa caucus in a few weeks. He said that Doctor Paul’s organization has raised more money than Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum combined. He said that if that happens, it will throw the Republican race into chaos. Come on, chaos. We’re rootin’ for you.

The Nation II The Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act this week. This bill will allow the Federal government to incarcerate any American citizen on absolutely no charges whatsoever, and detain them indefinitely if the Feds determine that the person is a terrorist. And the Feds get to decide what that means. Goodbye Bill of Rights. Chances are good that Obama will sign it into law if it reaches his desk. But will the Republican-controlled House of Representatives go along or kill this bill? Stay tuned, friends.

The Nation III The US Justice Department released a report this week about Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. The report alleges that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, under Arpaio’s leadership, has committed a large number of civil rights violations against Latinos. Just after the report was released, Former Arizona Governor and Heinrich Himmler (head of Hitler’s SS and Gestapo) devotee Janet Napolitano cut the Sheriff’s Department out of a Homeland Security program that helped local law enforcement match fingerprints. Let’s think this through. Arizona passed laws restricting immigration in their state, and the Feds went bat shit crazy about it. The people just across the Arizona border don’t look like they are from Scandinavia or Japan. They are Latinos. Only a blind man would not notice, even though the act of noticing is called “racial profiling” by the Feds. The Feds have a bunch of dumb-assed laws about racial profiling that are being broken by Arizona law enforcement. They are actually doing the exact opposite in Maricopa County that the TSA is doing in every American airport. I see now. If Joe and his boys would just stop noticing that Mexicans cross the Mexican border illegally, all would be hunky dory.

International: Vladimir Putin was President of Russia. Then he got term limited and had to leave the office. He worked a deal with Dmitri Medvedev so that Medvedev ran and won the Presidency, and Putin got to be Prime Minister. Now he is running for President again. But now, Russians are not in a Putin mood. His popularity is at its lowest point ever. And just this week, Russian billionaire and New Jersey Nets (NBA) owner Mikhail Prokhorov, has announced that he will run against Putin in the coming race. This should be great political theater.

Business: On December 12th, commodities broker and liberty-loving firebreather Ann Barnhardt posted that if you have money in a 401K you should get it out immediately, even if you cannot get it all, suffer penalties and taxation. She makes the point that if you can’t get your money, it’s not really your money. Here is the link: Ann Barnhardt. Spend some time at her website, and scroll down to the 12-12 posting. You’ll have to scroll past her Catholic rants to pick up the goodies.

Economy: The unemployment claims dropped to 366,000 this week. Remember that holiday hiring is mostly responsible for the drop. We’re all glad for lower numbers of unemployment claims, but retail ain’t manufacturing. And although the numbers are gratefully lower, don’t forget that 366,000 people lost their jobs and filed unemployment just this week. And this level of weekly unemployment has been occurring for most of 2011. Just 300,000 a week multiplied by 50 weeks is 15 million lost jobs and new claims. And Washington wants us to believe that the unemployment rate is just below 9%.

Sports: Baseball Slugger Barry Bonds stood for sentencing on a Federal conviction for obstruction of justice today and got two years probation. Then the Judge suspended the sentence, freeing Bonds during his appeals. No way in hell that Barry Bonds will ever see the inside of a prison cell for “juicing.” And an obstruction of justice conviction is what the Feds settle for when the rest of their case is bogus. Part of Barry’s scalp was better than no scalp at all. A person can get an obstruction rap simply by proclaiming your innocence and not bending over the couch and spreading your cheeks for a Federal prosecutor.

Entertainment: Christopher Hitchens, the raconteur and writer for Vanity Fair, died this week at age 62 of esophageal cancer. A heavy smoker and hard drinker, Hitchens had a biting wit and was never without a clever quip. He railed against all he saw as inequitable and hypocritical, and recently wrote and spoke eloquently against organized religion. So, I’m looking for the quote from a member of the religious community that God popped a cap in his ass…so to speak…as a revenge hit.

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