State Sovereignty: America’s Final Solution to Tyranny

by Ron Holland

(Editor’s Note: It’s nice to see that some of today’s thought leaders are thinking about state sovereignty. And the reason I’m running this article today is so you can see the thought process that Mr. Holland is following. But his article presumes that the best solution is for states to remain in the Union. I have asked this question over and over: Name ONE benefit that any state enjoys as a state of the American Union. To date, no one has offered the first benefit. Secession is the only solution to Federal tyranny, and no further laws or legislation need be enacted. A seceding state need only LEAVE.)

At the end of this article is a copy of the proposed state sovereignty amendment that Ron and Donnie Kennedy are promoting as the final solution to federal abuse. They believe that anything less will only continue the course of federal supremacy and the ultimate destruction of real American liberty. I sadly agree with them.

Just following Congress, the 2012 presidential campaign and the inability of citizens to influence government policy makes it clear to every American how broken the US political system has become. A few powerful interests run the entire show and the American people are being forced down a dark road to economic destruction. History shows us that Washington is immune to conventional national political action under the present system. What can freedom loving Americans do?

• We can’t change Washington because Congress is owned and controlled by special interests.

• Neither can we take over the establishment control of either political party as the media elites can break, sideline or ignore any candidate that threatens the elite interests.

• Third party efforts at the national level are doomed to failure and an ineffective tool for promoting freedom principles when compared to the successful Ron Paul campaign effort inside the GOP.

• Finally, education, although important, is not a fast enough solution to save our nation when more than 50% of the electorate lives off the looting of taxpayers through government benefits or make-work jobs.

So do freedom advocates just give up or wait for the eventual collapse of the economy and the US political system? While this is a prevalent view in freedom circles, hyperinflation and economic collapse even if you are invested to financially benefit from this outcome is certainly not a recipe for restoring limited government and liberty to our country. Fascism and wealth confiscation are the probable result, just look at what followed the failed German Weimar Republic in the 1930’s.

There is only one effective, democratic and peaceful tool left to Americans to defend their liberties and restore the original republic of our founding fathers. It is the right of state sovereignty and nullification, so effectively explained by Tom Woods in his book Nullification: How To Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century. Nullification

Many other freedom advocates have proposed nullification and state sovereignty, including the Kennedy Brothers who have developed a State Sovereignty Amendment strategy that should be launched in all 50 states. Although the elites ruling our nation have total control over the federal government and the two-party system nationally, they have neglected to extend this top-down control to the state level. This is because over the last 50 years states have become mere powerless appendages of Washington without influence – and this is an opportunity for the Freedom movement.

Americans can, of course, continue feeling important and wasting time, money and efforts on establishment candidates for Congress and presidential campaigns claiming to represent our free-market views. But if we do, we are just playing in a rigged game to keep productive Americans busy at doing nothing that matters and does not threaten those in charge.

A decentralized national movement focused state-by-state at the legislature level is the only game left for us to play if we wish to be effective. When a state or states vote to nullify a congressional bank bailout, the sovereign debt of Washington or the Fed’s dollar policy, this will attract media attention, especially uncontrolled foreign journalists and the alternative freedom media. Media coverage attracts investor and market attention and as we see today in the European sovereign debt crisis originally born on Wall Street with Goldman Sachs, markets move politicians and governments.

This is our last and final solution available to restore freedom and limited government to these United States. Following the 2012 elections – regardless of whether Romney or Obama win or which corrupt political party controls Congress – this is the only real game left in town that matters.

What do you think?

After reviewing the sample sovereignty amendment below, you can reach Ron and Donnie Kennedy on their website at Remember, a return to state sovereignty and nullification is our last chance.

Feel free to improve on the proposed amendment and make it more appropriate for the unique needs and situation of your state, but do something now before it is too late! – Ron Holland, email: skironholland [at]


These United States of America are a Republic of Republics deriving its authority from the consent of the governed residing within their Sovereign State. Each Sovereign State is the agent of the people thereof. The federal government formed by the compact of the United States Constitution is the agent of the Sovereign States. Federal authority shall be supreme in all areas specifically delegated to it by the Constitution. All acts or legislation enacted pursuant to the Constitution shall be the supreme law of the land. The Sovereign State reserves an equal right to judge for itself as to the constitutionality of any act of the federal government.

Section I. The Sovereign State specifically reserves the right to interpose its sovereign authority between acts of the federal government and the liberties, property, and interests of the citizens of the state, thereby nullifying federal acts judged by the state to be an unwarranted infringement upon the reserved rights of the state and the people thereof.

1. State nullification of a federal act must be approved by a convention of the state.

2. Upon passage of an act of nullification, all federal authority for the enumerated and nullified act(s) shall be suspended.

3. Upon formal acceptance of nullification by three-fourths of the conventions of the states, including the original nullifying state, the enumerated federal act(s) shall be prohibited in the United States of America or its territories.

4. Upon formal rejection of nullification by three-fourths of the conventions of the states, the enumerated federal act(s) shall be presumed to be constitutional, notwithstanding any judgment of any federal or state court.

5. Until or unless there is a formal approval or rejection by the conventions of the states, the nullified federal act(s) shall remain non-operative as to the original and any additional nullifying states. A state that in its convention ratifies a particular act of nullification shall be construed to have nullified the same act as enumerated in the initiating state’s nullification.

6. No federal elected official, agent, or any individual working within or associated with any branch of the federal government may harass or attempt to harass, intimidate, or threaten a Sovereign State or the people thereof for exercising their rights under this amendment. No federal elected official, agent, or any individual working within or associated with any branch of the federal government shall attempt to influence or use their office to attempt to influence the deliberations of the people regarding the nullification of a federal act(s) or the acceptance or rejection of a nullified federal act(s).

7. Any United States military officer, non-commissioned officer or federal official or agent who carries out or attempts to carry out any order by a federal official, officer or agent to deny or hinder the people of a Sovereign State from exercising their rights under this amendment shall be subject to the offended state’s laws and may be tried accordingly. Jurisdiction in such cases is specifically denied to all federal courts, military courts, or any other court other than the courts of the offended state.

Section II. The government and people of these United States approve the principle that any people have a right to abolish the existing government and form a new one that suits them better. This principle illustrates the American idea that government rests on the consent of the governed and that it is the right of a people to alter or abolish it at will whenever it becomes destructive of the ends for which it was established. Therefore, the right of a Sovereign State to secede peacefully from the union voluntarily created by the compact of the Constitution is hereby specifically reserved to each state.

1. An act of secession shall be executed by a convention of the people of the state.

2. The seceded state shall appoint representatives to negotiate settlement of all debts owed the federal government, the purchase of federal properties within the Sovereign State, and the removal of federal military installations and personnel.

3. Upon acceptable arrangement for the payment of sums owed the federal government, the representatives may negotiate treaties of friendship, common defense, and commercial relations. Said treaties are subject to the same constitutional ratification as other treaties.

4. Readmission of a seceded state shall follow the same constitutional requirements as for any new state.

5. No federal elected official, agent, or any individual working within or associated with any branch of the federal government shall attempt to influence the people of the Sovereign State regarding their decision to secede from, remain with, or join this union.

6. Any United States military officer, non-commissioned officer, or federal official or agent who carries out or attempts to carry out any order by a federal official, officer, or agent to deny or hinder the people of a Sovereign State from exercising their rights under this amendment shall be subject to the offended state’s laws and may be tried accordingly. Jurisdiction in such cases is specifically denied to all federal courts, military courts, or any other court other than the courts of the offended state.

7. The inalienable right of the people of each Sovereign State to govern themselves is a right that existed before this formation of the federal government, and therefore nothing in this amendment shall be interpreted in such a manner as to deem the federal government to be the donor of the rights enumerated herein.

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7 Responses to State Sovereignty: America’s Final Solution to Tyranny

  1. […] Read the article at […]

  2. Richard says:

    Ah secesssion. I’m all for it, but where’s the action? So far all I’ve seen is words words words. I grant the point that education is needed, but some sort of flag needs to be waved too. By that I mean action.

    Folks need to SEE SOMETHING going on before real changes take place. So far all anybody sees is the usual political dog and pony show – smoke & mirrors.

    The majority of Americans really believe that “something is wrong” with the system, but they are as yet unwilling or unconvinced or uneducated as to the direction we need to take. Mr. Obama was elected under the banner of ‘change’, but that turned out be bogus.

    We need active leadership and public demonstration of intent. Where is it?

    Secession needs traction before it can lead us to liberty.
    So far all I see is a slippery slope to tyranny.

  3. Louisiana Steve says:

    The last time we had secession the federal government declared war on us, killed an estimated 258,000 southerners, seized our property, destroyed the economy of the South, and looted our resources. What assurances will we have that history will not repeat itself if secession happens once again? I’m not entirely convinced that a piece of paper will carry any weight. What’s different about today? Heck, the feds are already destroying the economy and we haven’t even seceeded yet. Just thinking out loud, that’s all.

  4. Richard says:

    “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
    – Winston Churchill

    Chaos will not save us from authoritarian rule because human society abhors a vacuum. In the shadow of disaster totalitarianism awaits.

  5. Screw that Devil’s Asswipe, warmongering Zionist stooge Churchill. That aside, the Wheel of History moves like a long-delayed earthquake; no apparent movement for decades, even centuries, as discontinuities and tensions build. Then: Cataclysm. Looks like a 3-way Prez election coming up, with a R/L split Repub Pty giving Zero a narrow win in the EC with not much more than 40% of the popular vote. Now add in economic collapse, and the Iran War with all that implies. Make it simple for ‘ya: First Tuesday in November, 2012. Then: 60 days to Fort Sumter. .

  6. Mt Top Patriot says:

    Nullification is a fine idea.

    The reality is it might transpire in a few States, it surely would be a paradigm if so, what of the in the bag tyranny States like Mass., the lefts test bed state of California, Maryland, Illinois etc. These states are in effect an extension of the feds. What is to be done with these places so entrenched with statist and Nomenklaturer class elites? They ain’t much different than the federal tyranny breathing down our throats.

    You got to ask yourself the real possibility of the fight that the elites are cruising for. These are people who will never give up the power and wealth they have acquired. It is easy to see that there is nothing beyond the pale in regards to holding onto this tyranny.
    Look all around, at every corner they are staking the deck in their favor. Peaceful redress is a fucking joke. States rights and nullification? Right. Can’t even get states election commissions to follow the rule of law and require the illegal immigrant usurper in the white house to provide the legal documentation to prove he is fit to be president per the most simple constitutional requirement imaginable. Which if you just crawled out from a rock on the backside of Mars everyone knows he has not met.
    How with things rigged like this six ways to Sunday does nullification happen?
    Who you kidding Mr. Holland?
    It is a real question if you will.
    It is pretty apparent the only thing left for it is a blood soaked dirty ugly nasty fight between despots and the gospel of Liberty.

  7. David Snyder says:

    Great idea,no way the Demicans or Republocrats will consider it,however.

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