Flash Editorials November 19, 2011

November 18, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

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The Nation: “OK…Libya.” That’s what Herman Cain said to the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal when asked about America’s involvement in the overthrow of Libya. You’ve likely see the video of Cain stumbling and mumbling, completely clueless about what to say about Libya. It’s almost as if he was waiting for a download like in The Matrix. This idiot wants to be President of the United States. Also, look at him. What other candidates have a pencil-thin mustache? What other candidate insists on wearing a pimp hat everywhere he goes? I’m all for personal style, but how about some substance too? God help us.

The Nation II While visiting Australia this week, Barack Obama casually announced that he was going to deploy at least 2,500 Marines permanently at Darwin, a city in the Northern Territory of Australia. Ostensibly, this deployment is supposed to show the Chinese that he means business. I cannot believe that the Aussies want a Marine base in their country, but it looks like it’s going to happen.

The Nation III Now it’s Newt Gingrich’s turn in the box. Newt sold his influence for millions after he left office. Curious thing, lobbying. This is how elected officials get rich. This process is standard procedure in Washington, but the media inadvertently tell the truth about the way lobbying is done, and the stories have the natural odor of corruption wafting from them. What’s the difference between Newt and Jack Abramoff, who went to jail for lobbying? I contend that the only difference is in the shading.

The Nation IV: The news media ran a story about how Congress Critters get wealthy AFTER coming to Washington. Seems that the Capitol whores have exempted themselves from insider trading laws, so they can buy and sell on information as much as they want. Remember…there’s the Ruling Class and the Country Class. Guess which class you are?

International: Europe hurtles toward the cliff of financial ruin. Folks, the only tool the banksters have in their toolbox is printing more and more worthless money. Europe does it…Washington does it. It is mathematically impossible for the debtor nations of the world to pay off the debts the owe. The whole world economy is based on debt. It will eventually self-immolate. Those with hard currency will survive.

Business: The clothing company Benetton rolled out a hilarious ad campaign showing world leaders kissing each other right on the mouth. Kudos to Benetton! The best thing that we can do to all these criminals is LAUGH AT THEM. They can’t take it. In the ad you’ll see:
Obama kissing Chinese President Hu Jintao (Obama’s smooch is two feet too high and on the wrong side), Pope Benedict bussing a Muslim imam, Obama again liplocking Hugo Chavez, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and South Korean President Lee Myung Bak, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Economy: 388,000 new unemployment claims this week, down from last week. Don’t consider this a trend until it happens for another month or two in a row.

Sports: Penn State University, week 2. Another lying bastard emerges from the scandal. Assistant Coach Mike McQueary told the grand jury that he caught Sandusky in flagrante delicto with a boy about ten years old, in the shower, screwing the boy in his anus. (I read the entire grand jury indictment of Jerry Sandusky.) But McQueary didn’t stop the rape. Can you imagine a scenario in which you catch an adult male that you know personally, performing a sex act on a child…and you don’t stop it? What kind of man would not stop a rape in progress? It ain’t like Sandusky was armed…he was naked and wet in the shower. Hit the sonofabitch with a chair. Snap him in the ass with a wet towel. TACKLE HIM!! Later this week, McQueary said he HAD SOMEBODY ELSE stop the rape AFTER he left the locker room, then later he spoke to the police. But campus and city police deny that Mcqueary ever talked to them about the rape. McQueary is on administrative leave. He should be fired immediately and run out of Pennsylvania. What a coward.

Entertainment: Demi Moore announced that she is divorcing Ashton Kutcher. Seems that Ashton needed some “strange”, even though he is married to one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. There’s an old saying, though. “No matter how beautiful she is, there’s someone out there who is tired of her shit.” Silly me. I just figured she had watched Two and a Half Men.

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