The Fourth Reich: Germany Rises Once Again

October 10, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

”Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles.” Germany, Germany above all. The stirring words of the German National Anthem, written by Joseph Haydn in 1797, will soon take on greater meaning in Europe.

By the way…think about the words in the anthems of other countries. The French want to fertilize farms with their enemies’ blood, Britannia wants to rule the world’s oceans, the US wants to see a flag at dawn after a battle. This anthem says: Forget petty regional squabbling, unite for the common good and do nothing that would shame the name of your person and thereby your country. Work with pride to earn and keep the admiration of the world.

Germany is rumored to be printing and storing Deutschmark notes and coins against a soon-expected day when they regain their full sovereignty as a nation by forsaking the feckless, hapless Euro currency in favor of their own Marks. And when they do, that will be the death knell for the Euro.

Reports are being posted by such news sources at:


The Telegraph

Karl Denninger’s

Philippa Malmgren, a former economics adviser to George W. Bush, has stated openly that Germany is already printing Deutschmarks.

I only found one article against the re-introduction of the Deutschmark, and that appeared in a major German news source, Der Spiegel. But if you read the article, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion I did…that no matter what complications Germans might face in switching back to the Mark, those complications and costs will pale into insignificance compared to what the inevitable collapse of the Euro will cost. And, don’t forget that most of the EU bailouts of late have come at the expense of German banks. It seems that der Spiegel believes in throwing good money after bad with no end in sight.

Bottom line for a secessionist looking at this situation is this: It’s ALL about the Power of the Purse. Germany and the European Union mimicked Washington and built their economies on fiat money. Eventually, fiat money fails. There has never been a fiat currency in the history of the world that has not failed. The question is: When Germany reissues the Mark, what will they use to back it? If they choose hard money, they will go through a very short, very severe deflation of their economic bubble. But better to act than to react. The Deutschmark will come out strong against other world currencies…if it’s not simply more fiat money. All the Keynesian economists today advocate a race to the bottom, keeping fiat currencies weak against each other. And they’re all criminally wrong.

Few things catch me by surprise these days, but the re-emergence of a sovereign German nation sets my little heart a-fluttering. Your Editor admits to a soft place in his heart for his ancestral homeland. In 1742, Johann Jacob Langhaar, his wife and infant son took a boat down the Rhine from Rengsdorf to Rotterdam. They boarded a ship bound for America, the Phoenix. They stepped off the boat at the Port of Philadelphia, and settled in Sussex County, NJ.

Of course, I could be wrong about all this. It’s happened before.

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Flash Editorials October 7, 2011

October 7, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

Business: One of the most creative people in human history died this week at too-young 56. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computers, CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, and Disney’s largest shareholder, died of pancreatic cancer. While corporate CEOs are universally reviled, Jobs was America’s favorite CEO. His life’s work products changed the worlds of communication, computing, animation and film. But who knew that he was a practical theologian too? Here is what he said to the graduating class at Stanford in 2005:

“No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

International: There are widespread rumors that Germany’s government is already printing Deutschmarks, and will be prepared to leave the Eurozone and return to national sovereignty with the Deutschmark as the national currency. The German economy cannot be expected to continue propping up the European Community, the Euro and bailing out Euro banks. But even if it’s true, remember that they will be trading one fiat currency for another.

International II: Washington is picking a fight with Pakistan. But Pakistan has a very seasoned military…and they have nuclear weapons. Does DC really think that China and Russia are going to stand by and let the US keep messing with one of their allies? Ten years of the American military getting its ass kicked by peasants with AK47s is not enough for Washington. Now they take on the Pashtun tribe…all 40 million of them. DC, you don’t have enough drones.

The Nation: By Thursday evening’s news broadcasts, Herman Cain had tied Mitt Romney in a CBS poll at the top of the herd of Republican presidential candidates. His 9/9/9 plan for economic change is still stupid and has no chance to be enacted. Polls like this, at this point in the race, are only good for fundraising and have no basis in reality. Remember at this point in the last presidential election cycle, Former Senator Fred Thompson was in the lead. How did that turn out?

The Nation II: The House of Representatives is taking up legislation to punish China for protecting its own money against the Dollar. Let’s see…the debtor presumes to lecture the lender on money management. All China has to do to put DC in its place is sell off a few Treasury bonds…or even better, stop buying Treasuries…and DC panties will wad up. China is eventually going to lose patience with DC, and DC doesn’t seem to understand the Eastern tradition of “saving face.”

Religion: A spokesman for the Westboro Baptist Church used an iPhone to twitter a message that church members would picket Steve Jobs’ funeral. Said the spokesman, “He had a huge platform; gave God no glory & taught sin.” God help me I love irony mixed with hypocrisy.

Economy: Sorry, folks. In the last SEVEN DAYS, 401,000 adults filed new unemployment claims. When you see this number below 100,000, you can BEGIN to believe that the economy is improving.

Sports: ESPN…ABC’s sports feed…has been using Hank Williams Jr.’s “Are Your Ready For Some Football?” on Monday Night Football for 20 years. But no more. This week, ol’ Hank compared the president golfing with House Speaker John Boehner “like Hitler playing golf with Benjamin Netanyahu,” (Israel’s PM). Even has-been country stars should know that when you front for ABC/ESPN, you should mind your manners. See ya, Hank.

Entertainment: See Business above. Steve Jobs began with “Toy Story,” most recently Cars 2.” Thirteen animated films, each better than the last.

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A Fatal Self-Absorption

October 6, 2011

The Tea Party and American Exceptionalism

by Fred Reed

If I were to speechify to a conclave of Tea Partyers, “America is the free-est…the most democratic…the best educated and most dynamic country the world has ever known, an example to all mankind,” the assembled would hoot and hooroar and applaud in dizzy exaltation. Here is the soul of the American approach to existence, bottomless self-admiration devoid of knowledge or curiosity, wrapped like a psychic burrito in the patriotism of overwrought middle-schoolers. And there are many, many of them.

We face rule by pajama party. Saints preserve us, someone with the foregoing understanding may become the president of the (for a few moments more) most powerful, erratic, and ignorant country on the planet. Among presidential possibilities we now have Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and, in the Great Double-Wide on Pennsylvania Avenue, Precedent Obama—political epiphytes all, fantasists, tent-revival Christians, provincial governors, inward-looking certitudinous naifs. The difference between Americans and Mohammed Ali is that when he said, “I am the greatest!” he was.

Suppose, though, that realism intruded its ugly head. Suppose that to the Tea People I spoke as follows. “Yes, you are right. We are most astoundingly democratic. I cannot doubt it. Just to satisfy my thirst for understanding, can you give me three ways in which America is more democratic than, say, Japan, Germany, or Australia? More free than France, Switzerland, or Uruguay, wherever that is?”

But I am cross, and a curmudgeon.

Are Americans the “best educated”? Or do they just think that they are? I submit, and could back it up with countless surveys of “college graduates,” that the US is not nearly as schooled as it thinks it is, and doesn’t come close to Japan.

From the Wikipedia on functional illiteracy, “In the US, 14% of the adult population is at the “below basic” level for prose literacy… and 22% are at that level for quantitative literacy. Only 13% of the population is proficient in these three areas—able to compare viewpoints in two editorials; interpret a table about blood pressure, age, and physical activity; or compute and compare the cost per ounce of food items.”

To our burgeoning boobitry, this doesn’t matter. More accurately they aren’t aware of it. They got As at USPs (university-shaped places) happy to take their money. The boobs cannot compare themselves with people of other nations, since they know nothing of remote places and are not interested.

This complacent insentience can bite. A work force that reads poorly and counts on its fingers will not compete well against a work force that went to a real grade school. (When I was a kid in West Virginia, we didn’t have shoes and counted on our toes, in base-twelve.) (OK, maybe I made that part up.)

Worse—maybe worse—America bumbles about the world like a blind man, and doesn’t know it. Its contempt for everywhere else, its inability to conceive that maybe other peoples and places don’t want to be like America, leads to disaster after disaster. Washington was going to invade Iraq, which with gratitude would go all democratic and be like Massachusetts, and the other Arab nations would follow suit, and so we would remake the Arab world according to Fox News.

Americans believe this stuff. There is probably no one in France, and here I include asylums, drains, and morgues, who could be so narcissistically stupid.

Is America the most dynamic of countries? Time was, yes. It still is when Ivy techies invent such things as Facebook. Otherwise, not recently, or ever again. America breathes heavily in an economic coma while China grows at a tad below ten percent per annum.

If Guatemalans were utterly ignorant of history, geographically witless (they are, actually) and vain as runway models, it would be of no importance. What Guatemalans do doesn’t matter, except perhaps to Guatemalans. The US is another thing. A militarily aggressive America having no idea of how the rest of the world works, not understanding that there is anything to understand, concerned only with matters domestic—this is not good.

It is what we have, though. The Tea Partyers and their brethren and cistern apparently just can’t imagine what there could possibly be in those funny little countries worth knowing about.

Someone once said (me, actually) that the Brits fought for empire, the French for la gloire de la France, the Russians to steal watches from the wounded, and Americans for vague moral platitudes. Exactly. There’s no need to know what you are doing, only to have good intentions, or say that you do, or believe it when someone who wants military contracts says it. Policies are not about results, but about feeling good about oneself, purple mountains’ majesty.

It is most strange. The world globalizes, but American doesn’t, living in surreal isolation. People in Germany speak French and English, often better English than Americans. The US has a lengthy border with a country of well over 100 million, yet how many Americans speak Spanish? But then, why should they? Hey, buncha narco-beaners drinking burros and riding tequila.

And now Rick Perry, governor of Texas, whose IQ suggests that his family must have interbred with armadillos, wants to invade Mexico. (If I were an armadillo, I’d watch who my daughters dated.) Here we have another example of delusional Reader’s Digestery, the endlessly repeated assertion that the US has the Greatest Military Ever. Gonna whup up on them Messicans.

Uh, yeah. In ten years the Pentagon can’t beat a few tens of thousands of peasants armed with AKs. Nobody else’s army could do it either. Thing is, everybody else has figured out that such wars don’t work too well. Not us.

And now, Mexico, another place ignored by the national solipsism. Godawful terrain, people intensely hostile to more American invasions, a country loaded with American expat hostages. Another splendid military idea. To sleep, perchance to dream….

Someone estimated that fifteen percent of Americans are becoming more cosmopolitan, traveling, living and doing business abroad, while most turn ever more inward and view the rest of the earth, if at all, as hostile and unwashed. It’s a bad time to do it. We no longer live in the heroic age of American technology, of Elvis and the lindy-hop and the lakepipe’s roar, of Apollo Thirteen and Detroit iron and unchallenged American supremacy. It’s getting dark out there.

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It’s The Money, Stupid

October 3, 2011

“A criminal is a person with predatory instincts who has not sufficient capital to form a corporation.” — Howard Scott

(Editor’s note: I have written over and over and over about how secession cannot be successful without The Power of the Purse. But what you may not have noticed is that Washington is dying for EXACTLY this reason. The Washington criminal class staged a financial coup d’etat in 1913 when they gave control of the dollar to the Federal Reserve. And ever since, nearly 100 years now, Washington and its banker have been stealing from the people of the earth.

Think about this. One of the most important duties that a government has is to protect individual property rights. And money is property. The government has a moral duty to protect the value of money…whatever money is being used. The Coinage Act of 1792, specified in section 19, established the death penalty for fraud or embezzlement by officers or employees of the mint, or of debasing or making the currency to “be of less weight or value.” No further remedy need be sought than through the criminal courts and prosecuting offenders for fraud or theft.

But when the government itself commits the acts of fraud and/or theft, it’s worse since they will do it and call it lawful. To allow money to be debased is to suborn fraud or theft. To perpetrate the fraud/theft, like Washington has been doing now for nearly 100 years, should be subject to the death penalty for the perpetrators. That’s you, Washington.

The American government is going to die because they screwed up the money. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. IT’S THE MONEY,STUPID. And it’s DC’s greed that will be its undoing. Fiat currency…the dollar…is an nonredeemable debt instrument. The dollar-based monetary system is 100% based in debt. Precious metals are money. They are 100% based in value. Redeemability provides stability, which produces predictability. THAT’S how you run an economy.

In the article following, Ron Hera of writes about how states are beginning to seek ways they can survive in a post-dollar world. It’s almost like the states have been in a drug-induced coma, and are beginning to come back into consciousness. But we here at DumpDC applaud states like Utah. Liberty’s got to start somewhere.

U.S. States Seek to Break Financial Connection with Federal Government

Dear David,

I hope you don’t mind receiving this note. Let me say that I am not given to hyperbole. This is the most important message I have ever sent. I urge you to read it and to share it with others.

Earlier this week I attended the Utah Monetary Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. As you may know, the state of Utah passed a Legal Tender Act earlier this year authorizing the use of federally minted gold and silver coins as money in the state of Utah. Now, legislators in other states, many of whom attended the Monetary Summit, are evaluating similar legislation.

Among other things, this means the United States is approaching a Constitutional crisis because states are beginning to financially break away from the federal government. This is no less serious than the American War of Independence or the War Between the States. The Utah Monetary Declaration (below) is a financial declaration of independence whereby states are beginning to opt out of the Federal Reserve System. A major confrontation seems inevitable.

The issues underlying this historic development include:

1. The unsound condition of large U.S. banks, which have inaccurate and crumbling balance sheets along with $250 trillion in high-risk OTC derivatives contracts;

2. The unstable nature of the U.S. and world financial systems, characterized by unworkable levels of sovereign debt and private debt and by over $600 trillion in OTC derivatives liabilities;

3. The excessive levels of federal government debt and unfunded liabilities combined with falling federal tax revenues prior to the start of the double-dip recession that began in the second half of 2011;

4. The radically inflationary monetary policies of the federal government and of the Federal Reserve, which promise high inflation or hyperinflation in the future;

5. The worsening condition of the real U.S. economy outside of large banks, multinational corporations, and Wall Street firms, where federal government bailouts and Federal Reserve monetary easing (money printing) transfer wealth from proverbial Main Street to literal Wall Street;

6. The rapidly escalating polarization of the distribution of wealth, which threatens not only the economic stability of the United States but also its social and political stability; and

7. The current, highly inflationary monetary system is plainly unfair and fundamentally immoral.

As a consequence of these grave, ongoing and growing problems, which are being largely ignored by the mainstream news media, state governments must take immediate action to ensure the functioning of local economies and of state governments, should the federal government / Federal Reserve System break down. Specifically, there is an urgent requirement for an alternative currency to the privately issued Federal Reserve Note, which is erroneously referred to as the “U.S. dollar.”

Replacing a stable form of money with ever expanding debt and inflation undermines capitalism and destroys jobs. The monopolistic monetary system of the United States today is inherently inflationary because it must continually expand in order to prevent a deflationary collapse. The underlying structure and root cause of the monetary system’s inherent and inescapable inflationary bias is the legal construction of money as debt with no direct link to real economic activity. Debt levels in the economy and bank profits are simply out of line with reality.

In addition to the unsustainable and unstable nature of such a system, an inherently inflationary monetary system destroys savings by devaluing the currency. Savings, which are the result of excess production, precisely define the term “capital.” Replacing capital with debt, while highly beneficial for banks that create money out of thin air (through lending), is a deeply flawed concept responsible for the systematic and ongoing breakdown of capitalism in America. This deep, structural problem is the absolute root cause of chronic, irremediable unemployment. As a consequence, there will be no genuine economic recovery in the U.S. and jobs will not return unless and until the monetary system is fundamentally reformed.

An ultimately more important issue is also garnering attention among state legislators, prominent (non Keynesian) economists, religious leaders, political activists and voters. Inflation, particularly if it is systematically understated by the federal government or Federal Reserve, robs savers of the proceeds of past labor and robs workers of the spending power of their wages, living standards and financial futures. Inflation robs the elderly of their retirement and robs investors of their capital by facilitating taxes on alleged gains created solely by currency debasement. Legal tender, created as debt, results in ever larger debt burdens thrust upon innocent future generations that will experience progressively lower living standards and reduced economic opportunity. Generations to come will be born into debt bondage, thus the monetary system is at the center of a profound moral crisis.

The morally and literally bankrupt nature of the current U.S. financial system is transforming America into a dog-eat-dog society where every person seeks to live at the expense of someone else rather than by producing wealth, because production is systematically stolen by the federal government and by banks through the clever device of an inflationary monetary system. The monetary system operates by exchanging fictitious “wealth” (debt based money created out of thin air by private banks) for the real wealth of borrowers, i.e., the proceeds of their labor. In effect, the monetary system is a massive scam purported to be legal but lacking any demonstrable legal authority. Specifically, there is no Constitutional or other legal basis upon which the federal government can force a private monetary monopoly on the states. In fact, the Constitution of the United States explicitly establishes the exact opposite.

The oversized banking system and federal government have grown in an unholy alliance in lock-step and now consume so much of the U.S. economy that, together, they not only pillage the real economy but threaten to kill, once and for all, what is left of the free country founded by the Declaration of Independence. The moral precedent and example set at the highest levels of the federal government and of the banking cartel is that profit, fame, success and wealth are (either directly or indirectly) rewards for immoral acts rather than for honesty in business. Moral corruption at the top–embedded in the very structure of the monetary system–has slowly spread its gangrenous effect, undermining totally the founding principles of the United States of America, enshrined in the Constitution of the United States and in the Bill of Rights. Rather than liberty, America’s legacy is fast becoming one of moral turpitude enshrined in financial injustice and oppression.

The challenge before our nation today–our moment in history–is not merely a financial or economic or political or legal / Constitutional crisis. It is also, and primarily, a moral crisis that could literally destroy the United States of America and all that it has stood for in more than two centuries. A stable society requires sound principles. A moral society requires sound money. Today, the United States of America has neither.

This message is a call to action. In the words of poet Dylan Thomas, let us say for America “Do not go gentle into that good night / Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

I am personally asking you to read the Utah Monetary Declaration (below), which I, among many others, signed on Monday evening, September 26, 2011, in the Post Chapel on the University of Utah campus at Salt Lake City, and to forward it to all, especially to your state officials. Time is of the essence. Although its duration and pace are as yet unclear, the crisis is already upon us. Please act now and do not delay.

Ron Hera

Utah Monetary Declaration

WHEREAS, money, as a medium of exchange, a store of value, and a unit of measure promotes economic activity, growth and productivity by facilitating specialization and trade, the accumulation of wealth and its long-term investment, as well as accountability in setting prices, tracking progress, and settling accounts;

WHEREAS, natural money – precious metal coin – by virtue of its inherent qualities of recognizability, measurability, uniformity, divisibility, durability, portability and scarcity has reliably retained its purchasing power, notwithstanding periodic fluctuations, over the centuries and millennia of human history, serving as an effective medium of exchange and store of value often without any governmental declaration to require, legitimize or perpetuate its adoption and operation as such;

WHEREAS, sound money, by retaining stable purchasing power over time, best serves societal needs by substantially reducing the uncertainty of inflation risk for creditors and deflation risk for debtors as well as encouraging saving and investment among the general populace and benefiting the economic zone in which it circulates by stimulating the economy and by attracting foreign capital and commerce to the region;

WHEREAS, history attests that monopolistic monetary systems frequently engender currency debasement, resulting in serious consequences such as lost purchasing power, inequitable wealth redistributions, misallocation of productive resources, and chronic unemployment, and that, as the cornerstone of a free market and society, the right to choose, whether between suppliers of goods and services, political parties and candidates, or between alternative media of exchange, effectively promotes the general welfare;

WHEREAS, for the equal protection of all people, rich and poor, the open circulation of complementary and competing currencies should be fostered and promoted by every sovereign state, including those of The United States of America pursuant to their monetary powers (expressly reserved in article 1, § 10 and in the 10th amendment of the United States Constitution) to monetize gold and silver coin as an alternative, voluntary medium of exchange, and as an effective check and balance against debasement of the national currency by the national government which is constitutionally precluded from demonetizing state legal tender, through disparate tax treatment, discriminatory regulation, the threat of suppression and seizure, or otherwise;

NOW THEREFORE, we the undersigned hereby declare and affirm that:

1. As an essential element of true liberty and of the pursuit of happiness in a free society, all people enjoy the inherent and unalienable right to lawfully acquire, hold and use as a medium of exchange whatever form or forms of money they may prefer, including especially gold and silver coin.

2. All free and sovereign states bear the moral, political and legal obligation not only to refrain from debasing their own currencies (except under the most exigent circumstances) and from erecting barriers to the unfettered circulation of monies issued under the authority of their sovereign trading partners, but also to affirmatively defend and protect against fraud, counterfeiting, uttering, passing off, embezzlement, theft or neglect by requiring full transparency and accountability of all state chartered financial institutions.

3. No tax liability nor any regulatory scheme promoting one form of money over another should apply to: (a) the holding of any form of money, in a financial institution or otherwise; (b) the exchange of one form of money for any other; or (c) the actual or imputed increase in the purchasing power of one form of money as compared to another.

4. Except in the case of governmentally assessed taxes, fees, duties, imposts, excises, dues, fines or penalties, the authority of government should never be used to compel payment of any obligation, contract or private debt in any specific form of money inconsistent with the parties’ written, verbal or implied agreement, or to frustrate the intent of contracting parties or impair contractual obligations by invalidating the application of a discount or surcharge agreed to be dependent upon the particular medium of exchange or method of payment employed.

5. The extent and composition of a person’s monetary holdings, including those on deposit with any financial institution, should not be subject to disclosure, search or seizure except upon adherence to due process safeguards such as requiring an adequate showing of probable cause to support the issuance by a court of competent jurisdiction of a lawful warrant or writ executed by legally authorized law enforcement officers.

We hereby urge business leaders, educators, members of the media, legislators, government officials as well as judicial and law enforcement officers to use their best combined efforts to reinstate and promote the legal and commercial framework necessary to establishing and maintaining well-functioning, sound monetary systems based on choice in currency.

The signatories hereto concur in the general principles expressed in the foregoing declaration notwithstanding specific reservations some may have as to how such principles should be interpreted and applied in practice.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

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Flash Editorials October 1, 2011

October 1, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

International: The German Parliament voted overwhelmingly to authorize more bailouts for European Union members. What the hell are they thinking? Germany’s economy is just about the only one of the 17-member EU whose economy isn’t in the toilet. But that won’t last long at this rate. Remember…16 leeches…1 host.

International II: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was rushed to a hospital with reported kidney failure. Hugo’s also been battling cancer lately, and it looks like he might be assuming room temperature soon. What will happen to communism in Venezuela without Chavez?

The Nation: Alabama’s strict immigration law was upheld in the court of Chief U.S. District Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn. Her ruling will begin requiring public schools to determine the legal residency of children. She also gave authorization for police to detain people, stopped for any reason, if they are suspected of being in the USA illegally and can’t produce proper documentation. The Obama Administration’s collective panties are in a wad. They certainly don’t want to handle immigration, but they can’t stand anyone else doing it. Kind of like a girl with a stalker ex-boyfriend.

The Nation II: Anwar al Awlaki, an American citizen and Muslim cleric, was assassinated IN YEMEN by a CIA drone. Barack Obama personally ordered this murder. Three others were killed in the attack. Awlaki was afforded no due process as any American citizen deserves. No effort to arrest this man was made. Barry became this man’s judge, jury and executioner. Children, can you count all the ways that this is wrong? Last time I checked, ordering a hit on another person is First Degree Murder. But I guess when you’re in the DC government, it’s OK. By the way, just exactly when is it OK for military personnel to disobey an unlawful order? If this incident doesn’t qualify, nothing does. Are there any Oath Keepers in the military?

Religion: Next Wednesday, the US Supreme Court will hear an argument about a religious organization’s exemption from “anti-discrimination” laws. It started when a teacher at a Lutheran school fell ill and was out of work for seven months. The school hired a replacement and asked the sick teacher to resign. She sued. The religious school holds that it should not be held to the terms of the American With Disabilities Act. Why should THEY get a special break? ALL of us should get to ignore DC more.

Economy: For the first time in over five months, this week’s new unemployment claims DROPPED to only 391,000. Whew!! The recession must be over now. Oh wait…391,000 people lost their jobs and filed new jobless claims since last Thursday. Guess they don’t think the recession is over. For them, it’s just beginning.

Business: In a stunning display of cowardice, Ford Motor Company pulled an ad at the suggestion of the White House. In the ad, customer Chris states that one big reason he bought the F150 pickup is that Ford had not accepted TARP money like the other American carmakers. The White House wants the TARP bailouts to be perceived as good public policy, not a move worthy of shame and criticism. So Ford bent over the couch and took one for Barry…maybe FROM Barry.

Sports: In late August, the Atlanta Braves were 8 ½ games out in front in the quest for the National League wild card berth for the MLB playoffs. Since then, the Braves lost 13 of 18 games and their season is over. This was a collapse of mythic proportions. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the Braves lost this on purpose…and I don’t know better. By the way, the Boston Red Sox also collapsed just like the Braves. With the socialist way that the MLB owners run their businesses, nothing would surprise me.

Entertainment: Dr. Conrad Murray, physician to dead pop star Michael Jackson, goes on trial this week in LA on charges of Jackson’s “murder.” Don’t expect justice in this trial, no matter what you think that means. But the trial is serving as a boon for DC, since the trial diverts the attention of the American sheeple away from the criminal activity of the president and Congress.

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