Flash Editorials October 15, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

Business: The Democrat-controlled US Senate voted down the Obama “Jobs Bill” on a procedural vote. This certainly doesn’t create stability and predictability in the business community, but at least another nearly $500 billion will not get spent by Washington any time soon. See “Economy” below. The business world will not move forward when DC has a target painted on their chests.

International: France and Belgium nationalized Dexia SA, a bank that defaulted this week. This is very, very bad, and simply one of the first to go belly-up. The big problem in the EU is that the biggest sovereign debtholders are the mid-sized banks like Dexia. They will go first.

International II: The House of Representatives approved a Free Trade Agreement this week with Panama, my fave foreign country. The Panamanian economy is growing above 8% per year…Central America’s best kept secret. The new canal is scheduled to be completed by 2014, and is on time and on budget. The big disappointment is that the Panamanian government gave up its tax advantages by signing a tax treaty with DC.

International III: Foreigners are quietly dumping US Treasury bonds as fast as they can. This is a story you will not see in the Main Stream Media. I told you this would happen. Go to Zerohedge.com for more details.

The Nation: America has a nascent protest movement now known as “Occupy (your fave city here).” Mostly these groups are just camping out in the cities and making one hell of a mess that someone else has to clean up. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out what they are protesting. Are they against the wars, the economy and corporate corruption of our political system? They should be against the political corruption of the capitalist system. But that would require them to actually understand the capitalist system, and almost no one who has attended a public school or state university has a clue what capitalism is. I’ve seen some against Wall Street, and some against having to pay back their student loans. Anybody notice that there are NO PROTESTS encamped in front of the White House or the Capitol Building?

The Nation II: The old saying is, “when your opponent is burying himself with his own mouth, shut up and get out of his way.” In the Republican “debate” this week, (a) Michelle Bachmann compared Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan to the mark of the beast…666…found in the Biblical book of Revelation, (b) Rick Perry states that he has no economic plan whatsoever, and in a film clip of Perry that’s floating around, Perry places the Revolutionary War in the 16th Century. This bunch is the best that the Republicans can offer for president. I weep for this nation.

The Nation III: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie removed his corpulent self from consideration for this election cycle. Then he called a press conference and publicly endorsed Mitt Romney. I predict that Christie will be named Romney’s VP candidate when Mitt gets the Republican nomination. You saw it here first.

The Nation IV: The US Department of Justice announced that it prevented an Iranian-planned assassination in DC of the Saudi ambassador. The mainstream media dutifully reported exactly as they were fed info from the Feds. I expect that this story will unravel as time goes by.

Religion: Rev. Robert Jeffress, senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Dallas, got the chance to introduce Texas Governor Jim Dick Perry (his real name is James Richard) at a recent event. Later, the Reverend became pretty irreverent when he labeled Mitt Romney’s Mormonism “a cult.” The term often suggests “extreme beliefs and bizarre behavior” (from The American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy). Of course, Baptists believe that God speaks to them, that full immersion water baptism has redemptive qualities, that Satan walks the earth and hates them, and that one day they will float up into the sky and meet Jesus. Nothing bizarre there…

Religion II: And speaking of cults…A breakaway Amish group in Bergholz, Ohio recently carried out attacks on other Amish men by cutting off their beards. Apparently Amish men stop trimming their beards when they marry and are quite proud of their facial hair. This was an act of retribution against men who would not obey church rules. I swear I did not make this up. Google the term “Amish Beards” and read the stories yourself.

Economy: In the last SEVEN DAYS, 404,000 adults filed new unemployment claims. And there is a Saturday and a Sunday in there when the unemployment office is closed. So it’s really 404,000 new claims in FIVE DAYS. It’s not getting any better out there.

Sports: The NBA cancelled the first two weeks of the new season after the owners and players found themselves far apart in their attempt to divvy up the billions of earnings of the NBA. Don’t forget that the AVERAGE salary of an NBA player is about $5 million. The players want to point to the NFL as an example. But NFL players play 18-game seasons, and the average career of an NFL player is three years. The NBA season is 82 games, then playoffs. There’s no comparison of the intensity of the two sports. NBA players…and owners…are candy-assed crybabies.

Entertainment: Sparse news in this category this week. Chynna Phillips was the “star” eliminated this week on ”Dancing With The Stars.” She tied the bearded lady Chaz Bono for worst of the week, but watching Chaz dance is like watching a train wreck…you just can’t look away. Chynna was super hot in 1990 as a pop singer in the group Wilson Phillips. Still easy on the eyes.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

2 Responses to Flash Editorials October 15, 2011

  1. obiwan says:

    Dear DumpDC-

    The Occupy_____Streeters aren’t looking for a handout even though they certainly deserve one. These aren’t welfare recipients or illegal aliens. Many would love to work and be a productive part of the community, but unfortunately there are literally 500 applicants for every job opening in the US. The ranks of the unemployed have been growing by 400,000 per week for several years with no end in sight. When Herbert Cain Tells the crowd that it’s not Wall Street fault, it’s Washington’s fault, he’s right, but when he tells them to go get a job, he’s either terribly stupid or just another intentional, lying voice of our corrupt government as there are no job openings for 98% of the unemployed here. The official rate of unemployment is 9.2%, but that only includes the rolling past 6 months, not the hundreds of thousands that have just stopped looking after numerous attempts with no success. It’s not that these job seekers have no skills, in fact, many are highly skilled, but those jobs aren’t available anymore. Richie works part time as a bagger at a local grocery store here in Carlsbad. He works right beside a recently hired, former engineer who is about 50 years old. Millions of jobs have disappeared due to the fallout from massive derivative losses/bailouts caused by lax regulations on wall street and main street (the housing fiasco enriched wall street and impoverished main street). All this from the very people, Republicans and Democrats that we voted for to protect us, and by our unelected banking contingent, the FED, a few elite people who purport to understand what is going on, which coincidentally are government insiders and the academicians who foster their agendas.

    So who are these Occupiers? They are, among other things, people like me who learned that it was not hope and change waiting behind the curtain on November 3, 2008, but a permanent government of hedge-fund traders and CEOs. They are people like me who are aware of the fact that last two administrations (particularly) have been responsible for destroying the economic hope and dreams of 99% of hard working, honest Americans. The power brokers have blatantly abused their responsibilities in order to further enrich themselves at the expense of the 99%. They’ve been caught red-handedly committing egregious felonies that continue to mushroom daily with no one guarding the hen house — and to think that Martha Stewart spent a year in jail for selling 900 shares of stock on an insider tip from her broker. Why have these crimes continued to flourish? Because WE THE PEOPLE no longer matter. Think about it –these protests are not very different in principle than those previously in Egypt and beyond, and I think they will probably end in a similar manner. Peaceful efforts for change aren’t likely to affect the greed and corruption so well ingrained in Washington, Wall Street and the FED. But now the hinges on the door are loosening.

    The die is cast!

    Anyway, what the the Occupiers are, are a “highly diversified group of people including disgruntled Iraq and Afghanistan vets, college students who see their debt clock ticking even as they’re told it could be years before the economy creates jobs for them, retired union guys and weekending farmers…So many of the people here in the park were drawn here by a force, one that’s difficult to put into words, but has a lot to do with fighting injustice. There’s Mr. Lewis, age 29, saying his time in the Persian Gulf made him realize that he was protecting a corporate empire overseas, and not the American people. Mr. Panelli is here, struggling to articulate the modern cause other than “I don’t like how the political system is funded by corporations.”

    There’s broad consensus for ending corporate personhood and getting their buckets of dollars out of the U.S. political system, and for throwing the worst of the banksters in jail, but Occupy Wall Street — and the sister movements springing up all across America — is about something much more existential than one or two political issues. They are The Other 99 Percent who’ve been stripped bare of any real influence in a supposed democracy, and so taking back their country starts with the simplest of steps — re-occupying America, physically.

    And what do the Occupiers want? In a nutshell, it’s justice. Unfortunately, the damage has been done. Revolution may be the only end, and I don’t think it’ll be peaceful as I doubt Washington will listen to us without seeing blood in the street; however, our unscrupulous leaders in high places will topple and unfortunately take the innocent of us with them. It’s time to clean house and begin again until next time!

  2. Richard says:

    Doesn’t it seem odd to you that practically on the same day as the Iran assassination story broke, Attorney General Eric Holder was issued a subpoena to appear before congress regarding his coverup of “Operation Fast and Furious”?

    Local sources here (including Representative Gus Bilirakis) claim that Holder and the bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms smuggled over 30,000 automatic weapons to leaders of Mexican drug cartels. Also involved to some degree is NY Representative King (who proudly supports American torture tactics and secret prisons).

    The investigation of the Attorney General, appointed by Obama and also invovled in the pardon of convicted terrorists under Clinton, has somehow been lost in the smokescreen of the Iran thing.

    What do you think? Coincidence or Con?

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