The Fourth Reich: Germany Rises Once Again

By Russell D. Longcore

”Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles.” Germany, Germany above all. The stirring words of the German National Anthem, written by Joseph Haydn in 1797, will soon take on greater meaning in Europe.

By the way…think about the words in the anthems of other countries. The French want to fertilize farms with their enemies’ blood, Britannia wants to rule the world’s oceans, the US wants to see a flag at dawn after a battle. This anthem says: Forget petty regional squabbling, unite for the common good and do nothing that would shame the name of your person and thereby your country. Work with pride to earn and keep the admiration of the world.

Germany is rumored to be printing and storing Deutschmark notes and coins against a soon-expected day when they regain their full sovereignty as a nation by forsaking the feckless, hapless Euro currency in favor of their own Marks. And when they do, that will be the death knell for the Euro.

Reports are being posted by such news sources at:


The Telegraph

Karl Denninger’s

Philippa Malmgren, a former economics adviser to George W. Bush, has stated openly that Germany is already printing Deutschmarks.

I only found one article against the re-introduction of the Deutschmark, and that appeared in a major German news source, Der Spiegel. But if you read the article, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion I did…that no matter what complications Germans might face in switching back to the Mark, those complications and costs will pale into insignificance compared to what the inevitable collapse of the Euro will cost. And, don’t forget that most of the EU bailouts of late have come at the expense of German banks. It seems that der Spiegel believes in throwing good money after bad with no end in sight.

Bottom line for a secessionist looking at this situation is this: It’s ALL about the Power of the Purse. Germany and the European Union mimicked Washington and built their economies on fiat money. Eventually, fiat money fails. There has never been a fiat currency in the history of the world that has not failed. The question is: When Germany reissues the Mark, what will they use to back it? If they choose hard money, they will go through a very short, very severe deflation of their economic bubble. But better to act than to react. The Deutschmark will come out strong against other world currencies…if it’s not simply more fiat money. All the Keynesian economists today advocate a race to the bottom, keeping fiat currencies weak against each other. And they’re all criminally wrong.

Few things catch me by surprise these days, but the re-emergence of a sovereign German nation sets my little heart a-fluttering. Your Editor admits to a soft place in his heart for his ancestral homeland. In 1742, Johann Jacob Langhaar, his wife and infant son took a boat down the Rhine from Rengsdorf to Rotterdam. They boarded a ship bound for America, the Phoenix. They stepped off the boat at the Port of Philadelphia, and settled in Sussex County, NJ.

Of course, I could be wrong about all this. It’s happened before.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.


3 Responses to The Fourth Reich: Germany Rises Once Again

  1. Long Hair, you have a beautiful character, but I doubt that bussing pretty girls and doing quaint ethnic dances were what the anthem had in mind by Deutschland uber alles.

    I was offended today. I checked my 1966 Cassals and discovered a word had been removed. Yes, of course I think I can spell “standartenfuhrer” correctly without assistance, but did the editors think any of us would forget? How 1984. I checked “Sturm” and there aren’t any interesting titles following. If we’ll all just be nice to each other, perhaps in time people will believe that the proper translation of Fuhrer is “leader, guide, head, manager, conductor, driver, or pilot.” Still, it may come in handy when speaking to the TSA. Snicker. First one to try “Heil TSA” probably wins a trip to scenic Guantanamo.

    However, I learned a new word. May I please have my Fuhrungszeugnis if I never mention Nazis again? That is a certificate for good conduct.

    Donnerwetter! I thought Angela had wimped out so thoroughly,,,can’t wait to check out all your sources, but not at 12:43 a.m. Somehow I don’t think the proposed exchange rate is going to be 4:1…

    • dumpdc says:

      Linda- Haydn of the 1790s probably didn’t have much mayhem on his mind, any more then Ludwig had any Third Reich on his mind when he put Schiller’s poem An Die Freude to music for his 9th Symphony. And, the little paper hanger also spoiled use of the name Adolph too. Bastard. Cheers, Russ

  2. Richard says:

    You are talking about the wrong game. This a game of musical chairs, not dominos.

    Greece tries to sit in a folding chair, which has folded in upon itself, and hits the floor.

    Everyone else simply continues to park their derry aire upon their favorite chair, or bank as the case may be.

    What’s the problem? The world banks do not traffic exclusively in paper or gold. There’s a lot of drug money too. For example Bank of America, Citi Bank and Leman Bros. (before the fall) all use drug monies to support their deficits. Nobody mentions the trillions of dollars (or euros) in drug money that circulates around the world. Until that factor is acknowledged, every single equation you use to figure things out will be wrong.

    Government agencies such as the CIA also use drug money to finance a lot of their adventures (google iran-contra and stop worshipping Ronald). Take a look at Operation Fast & Furious. Attorney General Eric Holder & company are supporting Mexican drug lords. Why? Money, money, money. What’s it all for, that’s the $64 question.

    The problem with Greece is that they don’t have adequate drug connections to balance the equation. All they have is Greek arrogance and that won’t buy you a cup of Starbucks.

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