Could Tuesday 9-27 be False Flag Day?


ATLANTA, GEORGIA September 26, 2011 5:00 pm Eastern

Dear Readers-

Never since the inception of DumpDC in May 2009 have I posted a link like the one you’ll find below. But I just received this link from a VERY TRUSTED SOURCE.

It may be nothing. Absolutely nothing may happen Tuesday the 27th.

But if you read this story, you might notice that way too many “coincidences” are scheduled to happen tomorrow.

I recommend a defensive strategy between now…whenever you read this..and Tuesday morning at 9:00 Mountain Time, 11:00 Eastern. Get as much cash out of your bank accounts as you can. Leave only enough money in the account to keep it open, even if that is only a dollar. Take your cash home. Then wait to see what happens on Tuesday. If nothing happens, re-deposit your money Wednesday. It only cost you your time. But if TSHTF Tuesday, you’ll be glad you’re in a strong cash position.

CLICK HERE!!! I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About Tuesday

7 Responses to Could Tuesday 9-27 be False Flag Day?

  1. Very interesting and I guess I should post this.

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  3. Nunc says:

    Hey, thanks for carrying the blog article! Just want to wholeheartedly agree with your observation; absolutely NOTHING might happen. That’s what I’m hoping, and I’ll be MORE than happy to say the observations came to nought. I just don’t like the number of ‘coincidences’; know what I mean? Fingers crossed, this day will pass like any other day.

  4. jamie says:

    I’ll be topping off the gas tank in the AM. I have a little cash on hand to see me through. I emptied most of my bank account ordering a Solar panel or 3, I’ll be a bit peeved if the PTBs decide to blow up the world and my panels are not delivered. All other basic needs are covered.

    It’s strange that my Mom has an anxious feeling the last few days. I’m the “tinfoil hat” data gatherer, but her “intuition or gut feeling” is something I respect.

  5. rjp34652 says:

    How did you gather and collate that information? Event or no event, there are a lot of reasons given for cautions. Mr. Longcore isn’t the only person gathering reasons for caution these days. GB does it too.

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