Flash Editorials September 3, 2011

September 3, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

International: Spain’s Prime Minister and its Congress change Spain’s constitution to work in a debt limit. Who knew that Spaniards had bigger cojones than the jugheads in Washington? Answer: everybody. A male mosquito has bigger balls than the DC criminals.

The Nation: Hurricane Irene…the apocalypse that never was.

The Nation II: Next in line for a major flooding…Louisiana. Tropical Storm Lee will bring 15-24 inches of rain to the Gulf Coast. New Orleans might be underwater once again. That would suck…a lot.

The Nation III: Rick Perry jumps into the lead of the Republican beauty contest. Must piss off Romney, Bachman et al after they’ve spent all that money. Remember that there is only ONE candidate in the race…Ron Paul…that is committed to ending entitlement Ponzi schemes like Social Security and Medicare. All the rest only want to tweak them and keep ’em going. All but Ron Paul are criminals, vying to be the head criminal.

Economy: Thursday’s national unemployment report showed a spike in new claims at 412,000 new claims. NEW. CLAIMS. IN. ONE. WEEK…another week of over 400,000 new claims after 20 straight weeks. You do the math. The real unemployment rate is 23%.

Economy II: Not. One. Job…created in America in August, according to the US Department of Labor’s monthly jobs report. Why? No predictability in corporate America.

Business: The US Justice Department files suit against AT&T to prevent them from merging with T-Mobile, alleging that the merger will result in less competition and higher prices. A quandary. Who do you believe? A for-profit corporation that provides a valuable service to consumers in voluntary transactions…or a government that extracts money from you at the point of a gun? Gee…tough choice.

Sports: Michael Vick, late of a Leavenworth, Kansas prison, now starting QB of the Philadelphia Eagles, inks a new contract that could pay him up to $100 million over only six years. Nothing like the free enterprise system to reward excellence. Remember that Vick makes the Eagles a profit, or it wouldn’t make sense for them to pay him that much.

Entertainment: Entertainment Tonight names Charlie Sheen “Hollywood’s Number One Bad Boy.” Gee…what a surprise.

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