The Resistance Is Growing

by Chris Dates

“Ideas are bulletproof”

(Editor’s Note: The first secession must take place in our minds.)

The resistance is growing. The revolution taking place between the ears is beginning to swallow up more of the market share. Millions of humans have begun to shake off the sleep of their Statist slumbers, and more wake up by the minute. They are beginning to see Politicians for who they are; paper tigers who point to pieces of parchment as proof of their perverse powers. They are beginning to see governments for what they are; nothing more than dens full of these pitiful, petty paper tigers who promise peace, prosperity, and progress, but only deliver debt, destruction, and death. For these reasons the light of liberty is blinding for such starving eyes, and too bright for some, but there are those who stand ready to usher in this dawn long overdue.

Ideas have been the weapon of choice in the struggle for freedom, but the common man has stumbled upon something else to compliment his weapon; the Internet. Now, information is passed around in the cyber world faster than ammo was passed around to those brainwashed boys in the Government trenches of any given needless war. The Pandora’s Box that used to harbor the ideas of freedom and liberty has been flung open like so many double doors on the last day of school. It is too late to stop the virtual stampede. Governments around the world now find themselves in a catch-22. If the internet is shutdown, governments risk immediate revolution. If the free flow of information is allowed to continue unfettered, revolution will eventually come. Humans have gotten a taste of the truth, and they seem to like it.

The stranglehold that was placed on truth and information is slipping away. State propaganda and disinformation is being rendered useless. Tyrants are like children who hold clay in their hands, the harder they squeeze, the more they lose. This is what every government has failed to understand throughout their tragic and horrible 10,000 year history. Pure tyranny brings with it pure liberty. As awful as it sounds, my desire is that the grip of tyranny continues. Coercive, violent governments have proven to be the best recruiting tool for those who long for liberty, and if liberty is what lies on the other side of this tyranny, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

I write this partially for my friends who live in Northern California, who I know will read this. You are already living like there is no government; you live like you are free. You stand on the edge of mental emancipation, all you need to do is take that last step. I know thinking about Anarchy is frightening at first, but this is only your mental falling back on the years of indoctrination that was spoon fed to you in government school. We were all taught that Anarchy is chaos, and only government can deliver law and order. The fear is always the same; the other guy will turn into a monster. Just stop for a second and examine what YOU would do. Stop worrying about what the other guy would do. This is the source of your mental slavery. The government has us so scared of our neighbors, that we now are to the point where we beg for coercive government. Ask yourself this question; would you turn into a murderer without the State? Try this one; would your mother be a whore without the State? Government has robbed us of our humanity, and if there is one thing this wretched institution has been successful at it’s pitting neighbor against neighbor.

Centralized power is the midwife of chaos. If this body dies wrapped in chains and shackles, my mind will not.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds.”
~Bob Marley

© 2011 Zero Gov

3 Responses to The Resistance Is Growing

  1. Buppert, I was starting to wonder if you were dead, since you haven’t answered my last two letters. I told a friend recently, “I expect to die in a hail of large caliber gun fire, while the nightly news reports casually that there was a “shocking home intrusion,” or “an unidentified source said that the SWAT team misread the address…” I’m too dangerous to let live, you know: I think, I write, and I have truly reprehensible friends like you and Russell! Or, I’m in the flight path of a small semi-private air port…such a pity the engine failed just when it did…”Eyewitnesses report that the pilot bored in almost as though landing…” How silly. We don’t have kamikazis in Texas, well, not counting the one who whacked the IRS in Austin.

    You always make me think, dear one. Nothing would turn me into a murderer. Being willing to defend myself is another thing entirely. I had a little difficulty with envisioning my mother as a whore, and I had to decide (regretfully) that between my years and my girth I wouldn’t make a good Mata Hari (neither did she), but whatever patriotism demands, that I will do.

    As a very dear friend wrote once, “I’m not going to start this war but I know which side I’m going to be on.”

    What’s the matter with New Mexico? You’d think they’d be with us, even if they don’t have much “border.” Hope all is well in Northern Mexico. Hugs, Linda

  2. Travis McCrea says:

    Someone is a fan of alliteration 😉

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