Glenn Beck and Texas Independence

August 22, 2011

by Russell D. Longcore

I wrote an open letter to Glenn Beck back a year ago.

I wrote another article about Glenn Beck’s show cancellation on Fox News.

Now we learn that Mister Beck has escaped the liberal gravity field of Death Star New York and landed his craft in Dallas, Texas!!! He still continues to broadcast his nationally-syndicated radio show Monday through Friday on a station near you. And he has formed GBTV… Glenn Beck TV…to continue his quest for truth. GBTV begins September 12th.

Glenn has been excellent at researching and showing America all of the problems and threats to liberty. In my opinion, there is no one better.

I’m going to stick my neck out here and make some observations and predictions.

The Texas culture is a formidable influence in the lives of those who live in Texas. Democrat or Republican, Libertarian or socialist…Texans like being Texans. They like their history and heritage. They like the success and occasional ostentation of Texans. Texans truly believe that they do EVERYTHING better. Hard to argue. If the Texas economy was a nation, it would be the third strongest economy on earth.

A couple years ago, Beck had Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller on his Fox News show, where he belittled Miller and the concept of secession. Recently, Glenn stated openly on his radio show that while he does not presently support Texas Independence, he does not oppose it either. That in itself is a big substantive swing of opinion.

I suspect that the Texas culture will seep into Glenn Beck’s psyche over time…and not that much time, either. And national events will occur that will cause Glenn to look at how Texans react and respond. Now that Beck is 1,500 miles from New York, and what he says on his shows is not heavily influenced or censored, the monolithic culture of the Main Stream Media will be absent from his daily existence. Now the Texas culture has the same chance to influence Beck for the good like the Main Stream Media influenced him for evil. I believe that the transformation of Glenn Beck to secessionist is inevitable now that he lives, not just 1,500 miles from New York, but lives in Texas.

At the point that Glenn Beck considers himself to be a Texan, not just a guy who happens to live in Dallas, Texas independence and the concept of secession may gain a convert and cheerleader. Glenn may see it as the only logical choice for preserving liberty in North America. He will be right.


I predict that within one year, Glenn Beck will speak in favor of the concept of secession generally, and Texas Independence specifically. He will agree that Nullification is for Sissies, and reject Tenth Amendment remedies that will not work.

I predict that, when Beck begins to promote secession, his audience will grow exponentially, becoming larger than he as ever experienced in his career.

I believe that with Beck’s support and media influence, Texas Independence will be on the lips of most Texans, and his promotion of Texas Independence will help galvanize Texans to secede from the Union.

Of course, I could be wrong. It’s happened before.

Secession is the Hope for Mankind. Who will be first?

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© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.