Flash Editorials IV

By Russell D. Longcore

The Nation: Congress and The One agree to spend now and cut never. The debt ceiling issue proved that Republicans are the stupidest, worst negotiators ever. Most of the time, Republicans were bidding against themselves. Boehner has no testes and no backbone. America, I hope you can now see how hopeless DC is. Nawwww…..what was I thinking?

War: Anybody but me find it strange that Saturday’s news reports quoted DC puppet Afghan President Hamid Karzai (not a US military press release) as HE announced the deaths of 31 US troops in a chopper crash? These young men are dead because Barack Obama promised in his campaign to end the Afghan war. But he lied. And it’s probably only a coincidence that Fox News reports that Seal Team Six, the team that allegedly whacked bin Laden, was on that Chinook helo? Y’all remember that guy that was shot in Pakistan and dumped at sea? Move along, folks. Nothing to see here…

Economy: New unemployment claims topped 400,000 for the 17th straight WEEK. That’s 6.8 million more people out of work in less than five months. And DC releases an unemployment number at 9.1%, DOWN from 9.2% last month. Smoke and mirrors. But can you blame employers? The gross uncertainty in Washington makes employers unwilling to commit, and companies are sitting on piles of cash, waiting to see what happens in DC.

Economy II: The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost about 1,000 points this week, lost 513 points on Thursday alone. The talking heads call this a “correction,” which infers that the market was incorrect. Remember that all those stocks were SOLD…they didn’t just evaporate. What should be corrected is people’s tendency to watch the Dow daily and make investment decisions based on it.

International: Italy and Spain are on the brink of economic collapse. It was nice of them to wait in line behind Greece for their turn to have Germany pay their bills. When will Germany say “genug ist genug?” (enough is enough)

International II: Norway – White boys can be kooks, too. But why kill a bunch of white people if you hate Muslims? At least the warring factions inside Islam bomb each other. Ted Kaczinski, you have a new BFF.

Sports: The NFL inks a ten-year contract with players. Thank you.

Entertainment: New “Planet of the Apes” movie: Anybody but me see the trailer for this film? Monkeys jumping out of buildings, highjacking helicopters, running wild in streets…ALL BUILT BY HUMANS. Somebody show me the first structure built by an ape. And these simians are going to take over the world? This movie doesn’t rely on the temporary suspension of disbelief. It relies on the temporary suspension of brain function. Perhaps the sequel to the newest “Planet of the Apes” movie could be “Starve The Monkeys,” taken from Tom Baugh’s book.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

One Response to Flash Editorials IV

  1. WILDFLOWER says:

    we already taken over…

    look under your bed yet?

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