Secession and the President/Overseer/Savior

(Editor’s Note: Reprint. I’m off this weekend.)

Over and over, I see the unrelenting search in the American populace for a President/Overseer/Savior, otherwise known as a “POS” (any resemblance of this definition of POS to the other definition that means “piece of s*** is entirely intentional as well as interchangeable). There appears to be a quixotic quest to find that one man or woman who has all the answers, and can be the newest, latest POS. I see:

“Ron Paul for President”
“Sarah Palin for President”
“Andrew Napolitano for President”
“Barack Obama…four more years”
“Mitt Romney in 2012”

What is it about the psyche of the American citizen that is constantly searching for a POS Messiah? Why does the average person invest so much emotion and belief (and money) in one person to solve all their problems?

Throughout human history we see a long list of kings, caesars, presidents, dictators and other potentates that have treated their subjects miserably, to the point that the people eventually overthrew them. But did those people learn? No! They usually just sat another person on the throne and started the process all over again.

In the Old Testament story of the children of Israel, they had God as their king. How could they improve on that? But they were so “ate up” to be like their neighbors and have a human POS that they began a monarchy that oppressed them for hundreds of years.

In the early days of our Republic, prior to the ratification of the US Constitution, the new colonies/nations of America governed themselves just fine with the Articles of Confederation. Under that document, there was no Chief Executive POS.

This American POS longing has its roots in the Hamiltonians of the late 18th Century. Alexander Hamilton was a staunch Royalist, desirous of an American king. He had many supporters in the new united States, and the reason that our Constitution made provision for an Executive Branch is entirely attributable to Hamilton’s tireless advocacy for a POS.

And just because it is the year 2010 doesn’t mean that Americans have learned anything about leadership and self governance. Quite the contrary.

I think that Americans, by and large, are a toxic combination of laziness and ignorance of the workings of a constitutional republic. These evil twins residing in their minds make them incapable of accepting the responsibility of self control that comes with self governance. It’s much easier to “hire” or elect a POS than to lift and carry the weight of your own liberty…even if it doesn’t work.

Day after day, I read all kinds of websites and blogs about political issues and political events. There are candidate debates, primaries, elections, state secession movements, Tea Party Rallies, Money Bombs, political leadership conventions (CPAC) and major party rallies. The traditional media outlets are the propaganda machines for Big Government, focusing American attention on the four-year cycle of electing the newest POS. The cycle now never truly ends.

Listen to the next radio news broadcast of your choice. Nearly every newscast, no matter what network, leads with a story of what the President is doing or has done. Doesn’t matter who is in office…the lead story is the same.

But do the media simply provide the populace with the info-tainment they demand, or do the media create the demand for the info-tainment that the populace is force-fed? Are the American people led by media or do they lead the media? Which comes first, the chicken or egg?

Alternatively, there is (close to my heart), Campaign for Liberty, Second Vermont Republic, Texas Nationalist Movement, Tenth Amendment Center,,,, The Abbeville Institute and the list could go on and on. In these forums, the quest to find a new POS is conspicuously missing. These thought leaders strive to lead individuals into a love of the law…specifically Natural Law…not the blind following and worship of a POS.

It’s not even reasonable to think that a national POS can solve our problems. Contrary to the image projected, a POS is one person with very limited power. There are 535 junior POS Congress critters that also must be bought off. Then there are the political favors that must be doled out after an election to all the big campaign contributors. The American POS has degenerated into a carnival barker front-man who reads prepared speeches from a TelePrompTer to provide sound and video bytes for public consumption. A POS is an empty suit.

It is axiomatic that the present system of electing a POS guarantees that the newly-anointed POS will have made so many compromises to attain the office that he/she is the least qualified person to accept the office of POS. Integrity and compromise wage unending war with each other, and compromise wins the battles and the war. Leadership toward a return to liberty is antithetical to the world view of a POS.

So, what is the point of this diatribe about our American process of electing the person who will occupy the office if the President/Overseer/Savior? Simply to point out that the American political system is so hopelessly broken that it cannot be repaired. It must be replaced. Secession is the method whereby broken governments are replaced in a lawful, non-violent manner. At least we hope secession will be non-violent.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

One Response to Secession and the President/Overseer/Savior

  1. Secession is more about asserting individual legal standing than any of the political activity we see, today. A good starting point of study would be . We need to know who we are, what we are, and where we are. The next time someone asks you about voter registration and being active in political campaigns, you have to question the need to appoint a proxy to make your decisions for you. Either we are competent to speak for ourselves, or we are wards of the state. It is impossible to force a slave to be free.

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