Marines In Somalia: Obama’s Newest War

World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis in Somalia: U.S. Sends in the Marines and More Drones

by Glen Ford at

(Editor’s Note: Libya…South Sudan…now Somalia. America, how and when are you going to stop Washington from expanding more and more wars? Secession won’t stop the wars, but it will stop the tax money from the seceding state from paying for them.The inevitable economic collapse will stop the wars.)

A U.S. Marine task force is about to be deployed in the war against Somalia, where American drones are stepping up their predations. For the second time in four years, U.S. aggression threatens the lives of multitudes in the Horn of Africa. “A United Nations spokesman describes the food and refugee emergency in Somalia as the ‘worst humanitarian crisis in the world,’ with millions at immediate risk.

Even as U.S. militarization of the Horn of Africa has contributed massively to the threatened starvation of millions, the Americans have announced an escalation of drone attacks against Somalia and the establishment of a Marine task force for the region. A United Nations spokesman describes the food and refugee emergency in Somalia as the “worst humanitarian crisis in the world,” with millions at immediate risk. Not coincidentally, the epicenter of the disaster is the area where Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia meet – which is also a focus of U.S. Special Forces, surveillance and logistics activity.

The Americans blame the al-Shabab resistance for exacerbating the drought emergency, but for at least two years the Americans have used food as a weapon of war in Somalia, in an effort to starve out those who might be supporting the Shabab. The U.S. has armed an array of militias operating near the Ethiopian and Kenyan borders, making normal agricultural pursuits all but impossible, and the current world-class catastrophe, inevitable.

Whenever the U.S. rachets up its armed interventions in Somalia, disaster follows. Four years ago, after the Americans instigated an Ethiopian invasion of Somalia to overthrow an Islamist government that had brought a semblance of peace to the region, it set off what the United Nations then called “the worst humanitarian crisis in Africa – worse than Darfur.” Today, many of those same refugees are confronted with the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet – once again, largely courtesy of the United States.

The original crime – the one from which all the other horrors flow – was the theft of Somalia’s government, and the crushing of its people’s dreams for peace. The American proxy aggression, largely conducted through Ethiopia and now Kenya, and much of it directed from Djibouti, the actual headquarters of the U.S. Africa Command, AFRICOM – is the root cause of the social disintegration of Somalia, which has pushed much of the population to the edge of extinction. These are the crimes against humanity that international courts should be prosecuting. Instead, the International Criminal Court has become a tool of the aggressor, and even proposes to deploy the U.S. military as its deputies, to enforce its warrants: justice turned upside down.

The newly activated Marine task force will augment America’s stepped up drone attacks against the Shabab, an escalation of Obama’s second shooting war in Africa, and war number 6, globally.

In addition to the Marines and the drones, the U.S. recently committed $45 million to equipment and training for the Ugandan and Burundian soldiers that are all that props up the puppet Somali government in Mogadishu, the capital.

The Obama administration has upgraded Somalia and Yemen as hotspots in its endless war-making, claiming al-Qaida operatives in the region are even more dangerous to the U.S. than their counterparts in Afghanistan and Pakistan – which essentially tells us that al-Qaida isn’t really all that relevant to why American is spreading war and misery all over the planet. What is clear, is that the world’s greatest humanitarian threat lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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7 Responses to Marines In Somalia: Obama’s Newest War

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  2. RJ Paracka says:

    The U.S. Navy began bombing Somalia in March… just wasn’t in the papers.

  3. Jesse Mathewson says:

    While the differences between the Republicans and the Democrats are not clear and really do not exist, it seems interesting that the Democrats enjoy sending troops to Somalia and other third world nations that no one cares a lick about, while Republicans enjoy starting more prominently fixed conflicts (obviously not the rule- just an observation!)

  4. Mike says:

    I guess this site is for the socialistic, ill informed American idiots. This article was the worst I have ever read and I am very disappointed I came to this link. Have you spoken with anyone from this war torn part of the world or did you just pull this crap off of CNN? I speak with a man, Pastor Jestus of Nairobi Kenya, from Nairobi Kenya, on a daily basis and he tells me the Somali nomads are blessed to have Americans on their side. Us and several other countries are all the drought strickened, ill nutritioned citizens have. If you can’t stand our government then move to Somalia and see how those people live on a daily basis. Hear the stories of the women and children being raped and tortured. Hear the stories of their young men being forced into the terror regime, Al Shabab, only to be doing disgusting things to their own people. I am so sick of hearing people complain and cry like little children in this country when they have no idea, or have never experienced anything like other people have in the world. Its people like you who are apart of the problem and not part of the resolution. Was your mother, father, sister or brother murdered by any terrorists? Do you know how it feels to lose a loved one or a best friend from an act of violence? Probably not! And if so, I am sorry for the loss, but we as Americans can not stand by and let people die from power hungry regimes or not having enough food. There are thousands upon thousands of refugees traversing across the drought strickened region everyday to Kenya because that is where the food, water and medical supplies are. Do you think it is better to stand by and let a country do nothing to help its people? Should Americans turn their backs on these people only to let them parish in the dusty fields of Somalia? Why should these people meet their demise? This is rediculous and the people of America who believe this crap should just move else where to a place where people are whiney hippies who are drain on society and government and the well being of its people.

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear Mike- This is not a site for socialists, this is a site for those idiots who love liberty and not government. No one is ignoring the suffering in Somalia. But that is a problem that should be handled by the free markets and worldwide charities. And, if you and your kind want military intervention, grab your rifle, your own sons and your money and get your ass over there. Don’t send American boys and girls over to Somalia under military orders. Contrary to your protestations, Congress or the president have NO AUTHORITY to send troops outside America. It always tightens my colon when you limp dicks start shouting that “we should do something” and that always means that somebody other than YOU should do the sacrificing. Grow up, Mike. The only socialist you’ll see is when you look in the mirror. Russ

  5. rjp34652 says:

    Question: Third paragraph from the bottom. A line reads “…war number 6, globally.” I count 5; Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. Where is war #6?

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