Flash Headlines III

By Russell D. Longcore

Economy: New unemployment claims topped 400,000 for the 15th straight WEEK. That’s over 6 million people that lost their jobs in less than four months. But the jobless rate calculated by the Labor Department stays about 9 percent. Sorry, DC. You’re cooking the books. Real unemployment is above 23%.

Economy II: Gold tops $1,600/oz., Silver tops $40/oz. Buy silver.

DC Crimes: Google the term “Gunwalker Scandal” and learn what The One and his BATFE minions are doing behind America’s backs.

International: Oslo, Norway – The whole thing may be a false flag operation, not Islamist like it first appeared.

International II: Anybody remember that Japan’s worst earthquake and tsunami happened March 11th? That sure fell off the front page fast. Death, destruction and nuclear disaster withers in the face of the Casey Anthony trial.

The Nation: A clutch of Six Senators make vague promises about the future, which are accepted by The One (Pres. O) as The Big Compromise. Meanwhile, the Senate defeats the ill-named “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill. 535 criminals cannot agree on how to steal more money. And, after it all, no one suggests that spending cuts happen in this year’s budget. It’s all theater, folks. Enjoy the show. (By the way, a clutch is a nest of baby turkeys.)

The Nation II: Congress already ignores the entire Constitution and does whatever it wants. Why does anyone think that a Balanced Budget Amendment would have any effect on Congress? Don’t you think that the writers of a Balanced Budget Amendment would write in loopholes?

The Nation III: The gridlock in Washington bodes very well for secessionists. No matter what Congress and The One agree on, it guarantees a swifter collapse of the Federal government and the Dollar. DC will kick the can off the cliff.

The Nation IV: Boehner walks out of Friday’s negotiations. More theater. Here’s hoping that the House of Representatives rejects his sorry ass and throws a monkey wrench in the Federal works and refuses to pass ANYTHING. Let Washington default, then slash and burn the budget.

Elections: Herman Cain, Repub wannabe, actually says it’s OK to discriminate against Muslims, proving that he may love the Constitution but can’t read it.

Business: Would YOU hire people in your business when you can’t be sure what Washington is going to do to screw with your business? Economic uncertainty lies at DC’s doorstep.

Sports: I guess we’ll see if the NFL millionaires and billionaires want to play nice or act like Congress.

Sports II: Looks like we suck at predicting soccer matches.

Entertainment: The last installment of Harry Potter is amazing. Good stomps bad’s ass.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

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