Social Security and Medicare: Ponzi’s Dream Scheme

By Russell D. Longcore

Charles Ponzi, the con man of the early-1920s, was the man who perfected the financial “pyramid scheme” that now bears his name. And Washington, the theft and fraud capital of the planet, took the “rob Peter to pay Paul” blueprint and perfected it in the Social Security and Medicare systems.

Ann Barnhardt released two short videos this week about Social Security and Medicare. Her analysis is spot on, but her solution is completely wrong. She correctly states that ALL the politicians who support and want to save or fix the Twin Pillars of Ponzi are criminals.

But then Ann suggests that we all continue to pay into the systems, knowing full well that most of us will never get a dime. She says this is the only chance to “save the Republic.”

Bovine Merde.

First, we here at DumpDC don’t want the Republic saved. We want it to meltdown ASAP. We want secession and states to become nations.

Second, we cannot abide the notion that any of us should continue to fund the greatest system of fraud ever developed by the human mind. Not for one moment.

Ann offers two choices. The first is to “sunset” the two programs by continuing to fund them for a while. The second is to allow the United States economy to implode, thereby destroying ALL Federal spending.

The latter is what is going to happen. There is not enough time…or money…or political will in Congress or America itself to save the Republic.

Still, I want you to watch Ann Barnhardt make her case. Here goes. Enjoy.


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9 Responses to Social Security and Medicare: Ponzi’s Dream Scheme

  1. triker44 says:

    Someone needs to stuff a dirty sock in this woman’s mouth and shut her up! Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid were not intended to be ponzi schemes! They were originally set up as retirement funds. Then under the Johnson Administration, because the Federal Government cannot controll it’s desired to over spend on everything imaginable, the Law was changed and they raided the trust fund of nearly all the funds there in! Do your own research and stop listening to hysterical mouthpieces like this one!

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear triker 44: Miss Barnhardt is entirely correct. And it matters not what reason SS was set up. And Medicare was not a retirement fund, sir. What matters is what SS/Medicare is today, and it is a Ponzi scheme. It has always been a Ponzi scheme. Russ

  2. whitelocust says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Why save a nation that has discarded the people who built her, that’s like an abused wife going back with her abusive husband because she doesn’t want to face the unknown. The criminals and their parasitic pets must feel the pain and suffering that is coming to them for their crimes against our people, period. Giving these criminals more money to spend, allowing them to continue stealing is a worse crime, then allowing the system to crash. I’d soon as see this nation implode then to continue financing my own displacement.

  3. Don’t know how to end MediCare, yet, but we can end Social Security right now and give a proper payout to the folks not yet collecting. I’ll take LAND!!

    I’ll take a 160 acres of Federally owned land, in an unnamed State of my choice, with all rights to the land and everything on it and under it. I’ve got about $240K stolen from me for SS, so far. Where I’m looking I can get land for about $1500 and acre, so 160 acres is just about right. My only demand is that once they buy me out, I’m done with SS, no more payments. And I want the hidden tax I pay through my employer returned to me, not kept by my employer.

    The beauty of this is that it effectively cost FedGov NOTHING. The Great God FedGov owns hundreds of millions of acres of land, and tens of millions of houses, and tens of thousands of office buildings and many other assets (like NASA) that can be liquidated to pay out those of us who are more than willing to take a buyout.

    Note: a seceding State could do the same for it’s citizens once it confiscates all FedGov owned property within the State.

    BTW, a hat tip to the great Walter E. Williams as the originator of this idea.

  4. […] Social Security and Medicare: Ponzi’s Dream Scheme […]

  5. Wolf911 says:

    Due to inviolate natural laws, neither mechanical perpetual motion machines nor perpetual money schemes can ever be made to successfully function. All such Ponzi operation devices, or virtual machines, appear to the foolish to be possible and seem to work for a while. But to the inventors chagrin, their ‘machines’ always grind to a complete stop.

    The inventor(s), however; who are determined not to appear foolish always seek new investors to try again. But such inventors are so deluded, that they never mind telling lies to obtain additional investment money for their schemes. Moreover, it was the 1930’s socialistic federal government, which concocted the Social Security scheme in question.

    Oh but please, let’s just try one more ‘tweak’. Perhaps the Universe will lay aside the laws of physics for all such determined inventors of the Ponzi operation dream machines for making perpetual money. Consider SS-Ponzi and MC-Ponzi, which are guaranteed to be such good ‘investments’ for all future generations. LOL! However, modern supporters won’t admit the truth of federal government deception; but instead, continue to delude the American public with promises to “fix” these fraudulent schemes.

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear Wolf 911- I’m OK with having you post comments on this website, but I will not feature any links about your Social Security salvation scheme. SS and Medicare needs to be ended entirely, not simply reinvented. Russ

  6. Wolf911 says:

    Dear Russ,
    Thanks, but you misunderstand completely. I’d like to end both corrupt schemes today, but that is not possible. Social Security and Medicare must be ended permanently, which we can fully agree upon. However, my Plan establishes a proposal to transition away from Social Security and Medicare over to a completely privatized non-government plan.

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